fun things to do in Rome, Italy

A shining beacon of Roman history and a melting pot of some of Europe’s — scratch that, the world’s most delectable food, it’s no wonder that the Italian capital welcomes over nine million visitors each and every year.

Thanks to its eclectic mix of past and present, fast-paced and slow, and its proximity to places like the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii, there’s no shortage of things to do in Rome, Italy.

Explore the distinctive sites like the historic Colosseum – a magnificent place that in its heyday amassed up to 65,000 spectators at a time to watch all sorts of events take place, to the timeless beauty of the Pantheon, and the overall Old World flair at the turn of every cobblestone street.

Walking through Rome is like walking back in time, with its glorious architecture, stunning and social piazzas, and exquisite restaurants, while also learning to co-exist with its future as a culture and creativity hub.

Need help deciding what to do first? Then read on! to see the best things to do in Rome, Italy.

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1 – See Michaelangelo’s Last Judgement at the Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums

This labyrinth museum has over five miles of corridors and breathtaking art ranging from Ancient Egypt to contemporary paintings, with themes of divinity and spirituality running throughout.

Often the fresco art is literally plastered on the walls! Visitors love the exciting and chaotic Last Judgement, depicting the Second Coming of Christ.

Beat the crowds, and make sure to pre-book your skip-the-line access to The Vatican museum, starting at $25 USD.

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2 – Stare at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel, Vatican

Ever complained about how long it took to paint your house? Well, this ceiling took four years to paint!

The artistic apex is Michaelangelo’s The Creation of Adam — elsewhere, Michaelangelo paints people both clothed and nude to flex his skill in depicting people in different poses.

The entire Chapel is a living, breathing masterpiece!

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3 – See the blood-soaked sands of The Colosseum and the heart of Ancient Rome

Colosseum, Rome

As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome!

The crown jewel of the ancient world is the roaring Colosseum – just imagine the lions and the gladiators battling it out!

A Colosseum tour will show you the well-preserved great city which once controlled the world as you get a glimpse of Roman life!

Explore even further into the Colosseum Underground where the gladiators would wait to go on stage and see exactly how the animals used to be brought up to the stage from this area.

Another sight to catch is the Roman Forum, an area that will truly take you back in time, to see the social spaces for public life, and buildings used for political and religious use.

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4 – See the macabre Capuchin Crypt and Roman catacombs

Roman catacombs

During years of Roman oppression 2,000 years ago, Christians were forced to practice in secret under the streets.

Fast forward to today, and the maze of secret, underground tunnels — which doubled as a place of worship and a sacred burial ground with solid rock tombs — remain mostly intact.

Don’t forget to check out the Capuchin Crypt, a chapel lined with the bones of 3,700 monks.

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5 – Glimpse the spectacular views of Orvieto & Assisi on a day trip

Orvieto day trip from Rome

Orvieto’s magnificent 14th-century cathedral and surroundings are the pinnacles of Gothic architecture, then at the foot of Mount Subasio, the green slopes of Assisi in the ancient city walls are amazing to explore!

In between, taste the local Umbrian wines and local dishes for lunch! Wind through the Umbrian hills from Rome and discover what makes this region so popular with visitors from around the world.

6 – Design your ultimate holiday house on a day-trip to Tivoli

Villa D’Este, Tivoli

Looking for a holiday house?

See two of the best on a Tivoli trip! When Hadrian’s Villa was built it was larger than Imperial Rome with its own temples, theaters, and baths.

The Villa D’Este is renowned for the Hundred Fountains among pristine gardens, trees, and artificial waterfalls.

The perfect place to escape the busy city!

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7 – Be blessed by the Pope

Papal audience

Every Wednesday, Pope Francis I graces either St Peter’s Square or Nervi Hall for the weekly papal audience.

He greets pilgrims and groups in each language, imparts some divine wisdom onto the crowd, then leads the audience in collective prayer.

Less-religious visitors love the opportunity for reflection and spirituality.

Consider booking a Pope Audience Experience ticket, ensuring the best possible view of the Pope during his blessing for an inspiring moment of contemplation.

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8 – Channel your inner art-lover at the Borghese Gallery

Borghese Gallery, Rome

Along with the huge collection of swanky art by the likes of Raphael, Bernini, and Caravaggio are grand statues of famous Roman Emperors for you to come face-to-face with on a guided tour!

After wading through this petri dish of fine fresco, paintings, and sculpture; head to the Villa’s remarkable gardens for views over the Piazza del Popolo!

Ensure that you get to see the incredible Borghese Gallery without waiting for too long, by pre-booking a Fast-Track ticket inside, including access to the temporary exhibits.

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9 – Climb the dome at St Peter’s Basilica

St Peter's Basilica, Rome

The soul of the world itself resonates from the Basilica, a product of the Renaissance’s finest artists including Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Bramante.

The Pope’s local church took 120 years to build and is brimming with spirituality as well as incredible fine art.

At the top of the dome are unparalleled views of Rome itself, which you can see when you book a St. Peter’s Basilica guided tour that includes climbing up to the dome for the privileged views, amongst access to other parts of the holy space.

10 – Go on a pilgrimage to Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome

The resting place of Bernini, whose architecture is found all over Rome, this is one of just 7 pilgrimage basilicas anywhere in the world!

It was built on a pagan temple where the Virgin Mary appeared to the Pope, bringing instructions to construct the basilica.

Its decor is varied but all beautiful, showing different artistic periods from the Romanesque facade to the Baroque interior.

11 – See the Sacred Steps at the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran

Archbasilica of St. John Lateran, Rome

Rome’s oldest basilica is a real stunner!

It has relics dating back to Ancient Egypt, giant mosaics, marble statues, Renaissance artwork, a Gothic altar, and the Sacred Steps where it’s said that Jesus climbed during the Passion!

If you’re really lucky you’ll be visiting when the divine Holy Door is opened, which is only once every 25 years, with its next opening in 2025!

12 – Party with the locals at Rome’s most Popular festivals

popular festivals in Rome

Whatever time of year you can visit, Rome is a lively city. Visit during one of the city-wide festivals though and you’re in for a real treat.

Many of the biggest celebrations center around religious festivals such as Lent – which is when the colorful Carnevale happens, Easter and Christmas.

In the Summer months, visitors can enjoy Republic Day (June 2nd) and Festa dei Noantri (late July) in the Trastevere neighborhood.

13 – Light up with joy at a candlelight concert

Candlelight concerts in Rome

Feel illuminated with pure happiness as you enter the candlelit concert venue, presenting your favorite music, whether it’s contemporary music or classical renditions.

Taking place in more than a few music venues throughout Rome, check out the Candlelit Concerts in Rome and choose from a variety of concerts offered, from a tribute to Queen’s music to viewing an intimate, candlelit Ballet concert, and Italian classic singers like Lucio Battisi.

Tickets start at 27 euros.

14 – Hit all Rome’s must-see sights on a hop-on hop-off bus tour

Rome hop-on hop-off bus tour

Overwhelmed by all the things to see  in Rome? Why not relax and visit them all on a hop-on-hop-off bus tour?

This open-air bus is a great way to explore with bus stops at all the city’s major tourist attractions, audio-tours in a bunch of languages, and buses leaving so often there’s always another one just around the corner!

The bus even has free Wi-Fi!

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Sip and paint in the dark at this unique workshop!

This retro-futuristic experience combines the thrill of painting with a fluorescent twist, offering a brush in one hand and a choice of drink in the other. The musical backdrop adds to the atmosphere, making it a perfect outing for friends. By the end of the night, not only will you have had an unforgettable experience, but you’ll also leave with a personal masterpiece to proudly display at home.

15 – Explore the eerie streets of Pompeii

Pompeii day trip from Rome

After a sudden and fiery volcanic eruption at nearby Mt Vesuvius, the great city of Pompeii was buried and preserved forever in volcanic ash.

Today you can walk the streets of the ill fated city, go inside houses, and enter restaurants which were frozen in time 2,000 years ago on that fateful day!

Discover Ancient Rome as it was. It’s eerie, immersive, and simply unforgettable!

Hot tip: Experience a journey back in time with the best Pompeii tours from Rome and read everything you need to know about Pompeii skip-the-line tickets with our guide.

16 – Take your seat at Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus, Rome

Imagine 150,000 spectators cheering and jeering at the chariot races — that’s the wild atmosphere at Circus Maximus.

Take your seat where so many others have at the Circus Maximus, or feel like Ben Hur as you step out onto the track!

Nowadays, if you’re lucky, you can catch an opera here too — a much better spectacle than some darker events in its history.

17 – Ride Rome’s ancient Appian Way on a super-modern e-bike

e-bike tours in Appian Way, Rome

Ready to feel the wind through your hair on a 2,000-year-old country road?

The scenery will leave you breathless — but if you don’t want to be out of breath pedaling, let the electric bike do its thing!

The color contrast of green fields alongside golden-brown soil between ancient ruins is unmissable, so take a few snaps before riding by Rome’s most famous sites on a bike tour starting at $62 USD!

Hot tip: learn about the best bike tours in Rome that offer a unique perspective on its famed art and history.

18 – Try a fried artichoke at the Jewish Ghetto

fried artichoke at the Jewish Ghetto, Rome

Get a taste of real Rome by going a little off the beaten path in this historic area.

Starting at the bank of the Tiber River, you’ll see remnants from ancient through to modern times, all perfectly layered like an onion – or perhaps like a fried artichoke?

If you have a little time, try the local delicacy!

Be sure to book a Jewish Ghetto walking tour, to further deepen your knowledge of the Jewish influence in Rome as some of the first citizens of the city, as well as learn about the culinary scene that remains a large part of the Jewish Ghetto today.

19 – Hear the tales of the town on a segway tour

segway tour in Rome

Gliding past the major tourist attractions and hidden gems while a local guide delivers great anecdotes about the city and advice on things to do in Rome is an ideal way to start your journey!

Don’t be worried about the segway either, they’re fun and easy to ride… jus a quick lesson and you’re on your way!

Nervous about Roman traffic? Segway tours of quieter and trendy neighborhoods are available as well, such as segway tours of Trastevere, and if you’re interested to explore a bit outside of Rome, check out segway tours of Villa Borghese, passing by peaceful gardens and parks.

20 – Do a walking tour around Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona, Rome

Make a wish and throw a coin in the gorgeous Trevi Fountain!

Nearby, the pitter-patter of Piazza Navona is the heartbeat of the city with the Fountain of the Four Rivers is similarly beautiful.

Then round off your tour with a rich Italian coffee and Rome’s famous ‘dolce far niente’; the sweetness of doing nothing!

With dozens of different walking tours and routes around the city, you’ll be delighted to be able to choose from getting to know the city overall, or focusing on a specific neighborhood, concentrating on the details that make the city as attractive as it is.

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21 – Have a picnic at the Villa Doria Pamphili gardens

Villa Doria Pamphili gardens

The gardens around the 17th-century Villa Doria Pamphili earn the title of the largest public park in the city!

The gardens are a sea of greenery with statues and fountains throughout. It is a great place to settle down and relax on a sunny afternoon. Perhaps, enjoy a rustic Italian picnic lunch, before touring the opulent villa to marvel at its magnificent collection of sculptures.

22 – Cruise the streets in style on a Vespa sidecar

Vespa tours in Rome

Avoid the crowded tour buses. Get into a quaint and charming Vespa built for two, plus your driver who will take you around the Eternal City and her beautiful sights.

The narrow Vespa is perfect for getting into those narrow cobblestone-paved streets where other vehicles could only dream of entering!

To sweeten the moment, even more, many Vespa tours include stopping by for a cappuccino or some gelato!

Travelers choice: 11 Best Vespa Tours in Rome for an Exhilarating Urban Escape.

23 – Stroll through the Vatican Gardens

Vatican Gardens

For almost a thousand years, the lush gardens have been a place of retreat, relaxation, and recreation for the Pope and those in the know!

Visitors love coming on a sunny day, putting the phone away, and taking a moment to reflect among the hustle and bustle of the Italian capital.

Though the gardens are free to enter, tours of the grounds are available to explore the botanical beauty in depth, which will in many cases, also include access to Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica.

24 – Follow Professor Langdon on a Angels & Demons tour

Angels & Demons tours in Rome

Calling all Dan Brown and Tom Hanks fans! Here’s your chance to follow Professor Langdon’s footprints around the eternal city.

The Illuminati tour brings Brown’s “Angels and Demons” novel to life in front of your eyes, with the added bonus of a coffee-pitstop at around the halfway mark.

Discover the lost symbols, riddles, and secrets sprinkled throughout Rome which would take a detective’s eye to spot!

25.Discover Rome in comfort and style in one of the most recognizable vintage cars Europe has to offer, a classic Fiat 500!

The benefit of these tours is that travelers can customize their trip to their own preferences!

Want an overview of the major sites? Want a deep dive into historical sites? Want to see all the fine art and shopping? Just let your driver know!

25 – Choose-your-own-adventure in a Fiat 500 tour

Fiat 500 tours in Rome


Discover Rome in comfort and style in one of the most recognizable vintage cars Europe has to offer!

The upshot to this tour is that travelers can customize their tour!

Want an overview of the major sites? Want a deep dive into historical sites? Want to see all the fine art and shopping? Tell your driver!

26 – Say Saluti at the best rooftop bars

best rooftop bars in Rome
credit to Cielo Terrace

Pop into Cielo Terrace near the Spanish Steps, which offers small bites along with an extensive list of craft cocktails, as you lean back on the lounge chairs to take in the Roman views.

Be in the middle of historic Rome at the Terrazza Nainer, where aside from a great list of drinks and house-made cocktails for night fun, they are also open for lunch.

Get all of Rome in one panoramic shot at Singer Palace Hotel’s rooftop bar. Open all day, you can expect to find a great selection of lunch and dinner, that pair especially well with their craft cocktails.

27 – Get your Money Heist on in a escape room

escape games in Rome

The world-famous, adrenaline-pumping escape rooms are a thrill no matter where you are!

Your team enters the room and, when the door bolts behind you, you have just one hour to solve the Puzzle. You can only escape by scouring the room for answers.

Check out Rome’s best escape rooms and enjoy themed experiences, including prison escape, bank assault, insane asylum, and more. Good Luck!

28 – Play a scavenger game across Rome

scavenger hunts in Rome

If a walking-tour isn’t fast-paced and exciting enough, explore Rome and the Vatican on an exciting scavenger hunt – like contestants on the Amazing Race!

Collect 16 sealed envelopes, which will lead you to challenges across the city and guide you through all the major attractions. See the city in a whole new light over the course of an adventure packed day  – so, are you ready?

29 – Step inside the spectacular Pantheon – temple to the gods of ancient Rome

Pantheon in Rome

One of the most underrated historical things to do in Rome is this 2,000-year old temple dedicated to the gods – one of the city’s best-preserved and most influential buildings!

The stunning design inspired Michaelangelo and others while the sun beaming through the oculus basks the temple in a spiritual glow.

Let the history of the Pantheon inspire you too by learning more about it on a guided tour, express tour, or even by downloading an audio guide app to your phone for as low as $2 USD.

30 – Take a street-art tour in Ostiense

street art in Ostiense

Rome isn’t all fine art and Renaissance sculpture, the street-art scene is vibing too!

The lively Ostiense neighborhood is packed with hip bars and nightclubs and you’ll find streets here that are like a bohemian canvas, as well as great food to match.

Look out for Blu’s colored faces in a former homeless shelter and ROA’s Jumping off Wolf – the wolf being the symbol of Rome!

31 – Lights! Camera! Action! at the Cinecitta Studio Tour and Museum

Cinecitta Studio Tour and Museum

Hollywood on the Tiber is Europe’s largest film studio!

The studios and backlots have been graced by some of the world’s most legendary directors, including Sergio Leone, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, and Mel Gibson!

See sets from the television show Rome and from  films The Two Popes and Gangs of New York!

A studio and backlot tour will delight any film buffs, that’s for sure.

32 – Escape reality at the Museum of Illusions Rome

Museo delle Illusioni, Rome
credit to Museo delle Illusioni

Immerse yourself in a fascinating fantasy world at the Museum of Illusions Rome. This is a place for all ages, offering sensory, educational and exhilarating adventures into a world of awe.

From the dazzling vortex tunnel to the mysterious clone table and the endless wonders of the Infinity Room, get ready to challenge reality.

Along with holograms and optical illusions, the museum also has a playroom full of tricky games and puzzles. Don’t forget to charge your camera to take these impossible pictures.

33 – Explore Trastevere on a foodie tour

food tours in Trastevere, Rome


It’s hard to think about Italy without its incredible food.

The Trastevere neighborhood will dazzle your eyes with marble fountains, and cobblestone streets; while delighting your tastebuds with wine, cheese, prosciutto, gelato, and of course, pizza!

On the way, learn the legend of Margaret of Savoy and the famous dish named after her – the Margherita pizza!

Hot tip: If you are a foodie, don’t miss our selection of the best food tours in Rome.

34 – Head to the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast day trip from Rome

Picture colorful houses perched on rocky cliffs plunging into azure waters and you’ve just pictured Amalfi Coast!

On the stunning shoreline lies the dynamic waterside villages of Sorrento and Positano – two gastronomic giants with gorgeous views and charming piazzas perfect for lunch and a limoncello.

If you have time, go on a nearby hike or enjoy the scenic view from one of the Amalfi Coast boat tours.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our selection of fun things to do on the Amalfi Coast.

35 – Let history come alive at Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome

If these walls could talk you’d be in for a story!

The resting place of Roman Emperors, a fortress and Papal residence; and now a Museum which has seen sackings, deaths, and where the Archangel Michael descended to end the plague of 590!

The view of Rome from here is also top-notch.

Step inside to see the wonders that are the murals, the intricate details of the designs on the walls as well as the ceilings that you simply cannot imagine what it could look like from the outside.

36 – Discover the hidden gems of Tuscany

Tuscany day trip from Rome

There are a million things to do in Tuscany on a short trip from Rome!

Pair wine and cheese in the vineyards of the rolling Tuscan countryside; explore the artistic and architectural haven that is Florence; see the leaning tower of Pisa; and catch the medieval Palio horse racing in Siena!

While touring the Italian Tuscan region, stop by and fall in love with the picture-perfect landscapes of Montepulciano – including a stroll through the Centro Storico, specifically the Piazza Grande for an eyeful of Medieval architecture.

Hot tip: Read more about the best things to do in Tuscany.

37 – Gaze over Rome at Belvedere del Gianicolo

view from the Belvedere del Gianicolo

For one of the best photo opportunities to update your profile or post a jealousy-inducing selfie, make sure you stop by the Belvedere del Gianicolo!

Being on the second tallest hill in Rome has its perks, like spectacular panoramic views of the Eternal City.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as it is a bit of a hike!

38 – Set your alarm clock for a sunrise hot-air balloon ride

hot air balloon rides from Rome

What better way is there to see Rome than from the sky?

Take a scenic flight in a Hot Air Balloon as you glide over the beautiful city and countryside at sunrise.

It is a truly unique experience with added glam as you celebrate with a complimentary wine toast with salami as you land!

Be sure to book your hot-air balloon ride with anticipation, especially if you are planning on celebrating something special, or would like to book a private experience. Other than that, prices start as low as $110 USD.

39 – Wine and dine on a Tiber River cruise

Tiber River dinner cruise, Rome

When in Rome, why not head out onto the River Tiber to enjoy a romantic boat ride with that special someone!

Taking a riverboat cruise through the heart of Rome is a fabulous and unique way to see the sights.

Enhance the experience with a glass of Italian wine and some appetizers, with that perfect playlist in the background as the sun sets over the Eternal City.

40 – Witness the stunning illusions of Museo della luce

Museo Della Luce, Rome

Located in a historic palazzo in the center of the city, you can find the super-modern Museo della Luce, or Museum of Light.

This mind-bending attraction is packed with optical illusions, hi-tech light displays and interactive installations to inspire wonder in visitors of all ages.

The exhibitions offer a fascinating combination of science and art that are both puzzling, enticing and visually beautiful.  Don’t miss this!

41 – Walk the footsteps of the ancient Romans at Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica, Rome

Experience a day in the life of a Roman at Ostia Antica – Ancient Rome’s harbor city!

Your guide will bring the history around you to life as you walk the Decumanus Maximus thoroughfare to the Baths of Neptune, before you cheer and take your seat at the amphitheater for chariot racing — bizarrely, if it tickles your fancy, you can also try out the ancient public washrooms!

42 – See the shimmering sea caves of Capri at the Blue Grotto

Capri Island

Only a short jet-boat ride from the coast of Naples, the Isle of Capri is an island of treasures!

The vibrant houses, artisanal merchants, and luxury boutiques add to the stunning colors and sights of the island itself.

Many Travelers love to explore the island’s sea caves, including the famous Blue Grotto, but try rowing a boat along the shoreline for another equally impressive view!

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43 – Shopping bags at the ready!

Galleria Alberto Sordi, Rome

This chic Galleria Alberto Sordi mall is the first stop for shopaholics. Named after a popular Roman actor, its elegant Art Nouveau style fits wonderfully in the center of Rome!

The design of the building is almost as beautiful as the designer clothes you can pick up from retailers like Calvin Klein and Massimo Dutti. This is a must for fashion aficionados.

44 – Explore the Roman countryside on horseback

horse tours roman countryside

Don’t let the country views pass you by through the window of a tour bus. The countryside here is absolutely stunning — and just a stone’s throw from Rome!

Why not tour the ruins of Ostia Antica or the hills of Tuscany on horseback? Enjoy the fresh air,  unobstructed views, and most importantly the peace and quiet of nature!

Complete your tour with a traditional breakfast or lunch from local produce.

45 – Wander Rome’s streets lit by moonlight

Colosseum by night

When the streets and squares are bathed in the gentle glow of street-lamps and moonlight, Rome will really take your breath away!

The Eternal City’s glorious monuments (don’t miss the Colosseum night tour) are lit for dramatic effect and look stunning during the evening. The streets are also quieter with fewer tourists blocking the way so you can really enjoy their beauty at your own pace.

See also: best Rome night tours.

46 – Don’t bring a towel to Caracalla Baths

Caracalla Baths

See the weird and wonderful ways the Romans would relax, study and play sport at this ancient spa!

Among the colorful mosaics and equally colorful gossip of the day, the engineering and architectural ingenuity to keep the water hot and the building standing is thoroughly impressive.

A welcomed change from the tourist traps, the Baths give a glimpse into ordinary Roman life.

47 – Ride the world’s longest, fastest zipline at Rocca Massima

zipline at Rocca Massima
credit to Flying in the Sky

The quiet, medieval village of Rocca Massima is an unlikely home for a thrilling zipline.

Those who feel the need for a little white knuckle adventure can find it here! Zip through 2 kilometers of zipline at dizzying heights of 730 meters above the picturesque village. You’ll hit speeds of 160 kph and enjoy stunning views of the village and nearby slopes!

If you need to hold someone’s hand, you can ride as a tandem.

48 – Eat at Michelin-star restaurants

michelin star restaurants in Rome
credit to La Pergola Restaurant

Molto benne! 23 Roman restaurants own at least one Michelin star — three of them belong to La Pergola, where the views are as delectable as the carbonara sauce!

There’s nothing funny going on at Il Pagliaccio (‘the Clown’), where the eight-dish set menu is a journey through the head chef’s career. Wherever you dine, just make sure to book ahead.

Get the dreamiest views of The Eternal City as you dine at Antico Arco, offering some of the best dining experiences in Rome, with popular dishes like a fresh plate of Carbonara with spaghetti and black truffle.

Enjoy an inclusive menu offering gluten-free options, as well as the Japanese-Italian fusion at Bistrot 64 that meshes classic ingredients with a modern, international twist.

Relish the beautiful display of Italian food on every plate at Enoteca La Tore. Offering elegance and tradition, you’ll surely enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant, as much as the meal itself.

49 – Paraglide through the Central Apennine mountains

paragliding in Rome

Ever dreaming of flying through the sky?

Da Vinci and many others sure did, and there’s nowhere better to do it than in these mountains – the Wild Heart of Italy!

Admire the views from a vantage point you could only dream of as you soar like an eagle through the mountain tops.

When you book your paragliding adventure, keep in mind that the price also includes hotel pick up and drop off, as well as safety instructions by the professionals, and some experiences will even include professional photography and video taken of you gliding around.

50 – Step into the fairytale Ninfa Gardens

Ninfa Gardens, Italy

Breathe in the fresh, aromatic air of the stunning Ninfa Gardens.

Presenting over 100 hectares of bountiful green space, monuments, forests, perfect gardens, quaint bridges, and lush trees, to visit Ninfa Gardens is to explore another side of the beloved expression, La Dolce Vita.

See the stunning sights of quaint beauty when you book a day trip tour to Ninfa Gardens from Rome, in a comfortable coach bus, with a lovely lunch in the garden.

51 – Understand the mind of history’s greatest genius at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum

Leonardo da Vinci Museum, Rome

Inventor. Scientist. Artist. Engineer. Architect. Renaissance man. Da Vinci is definitely on the podium as one of history’s greatest brainiacs!

Follow his story and step into his mind at this museum to see just how much he did, including 65 working wooden models of his inventions created by the da Vinci codes!

Whether you opt for a museum visit, exhibition tour, or VIP experience, an insightful day is guaranteed.

Digging more Da Vinci? Don’t miss out on visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition and the Leonardo Da Vinci Experience, two separate activities that offer a technological presentation and immersive experiences like nowhere else of Da Vinci’s personal life and inventions.

52 – See the Marcus Aurelius statue at the Capitoline Museums

Capitoline Museums, Rome

Said to be the oldest archaeological museum in the world, the Capitoline Museums are like an exciting history book brought to life, but there’s so much more around here too!

The nearby Piazza del Campidoglio was designed by Michaelangelo and is so beloved it was used on 50-cent coins, whereas Piazza Venezia contains the Vittoriano monument dedicated to unified Italy’s first king — and fitted with a glass elevator!

53 – See the owls of the Casina delle Civette

Casina delle Civette, Rome

Plenty of tourists overlook the rustic ‘House of the Owls’, home of former Prince Giovanna Torlonia Jr., but it’s a hidden gem certainly worthy of a visit!

There’s a simple explanation as to where the building gets its name; the owl motif appears everywhere: stained glass windows, in the furniture, and in the decor!

All up, the decorative house is a petri dish of experimental artistic expression with mixed aesthetics.

54 – Taste wine in the Frascati region

wine tasting tours from Rome

Want to try an Italian wine?

The grapevines and olive groves of the Frascati region are a peaceful oasis to relax away from the busy city – they also have some of the world’s best wine and bruschetta available to taste!

Your sommelier will make you into a true connoisseur, or maybe just a wine lover!

Hot tip: Experience the best wine tasting tours in Rome, where you can savor the excellence of Italian vintages from every wine regions in Italy and learn about the winemaking process from expert sommeliers.

55 – Take an Italian cooking class

cooking classes in Rome

For all you culinary artists, add this to your list of things to do in Rome.

Join local chefs for a hands-on cooking class and capture the true flavors of Italian cooking. Learn to make classic Italian dishes from authentic recipes. over a glass of wine, or two!

Soon you will be making authentic pizza, pasta, and delicious tiramisu to impress your Nonna back home.

Hot tip: Our guide highlights the best cooking classes in Rome for a truly authentic culinary experience.

56 – Get dressed up for an evening at the opera

Opera concerts in Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

The locals love their opera and build their opera houses to match.

You will fall in love with the facade and interior design of the 17th century Palazzo Santa Chiara before the show even starts, while Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is known for its legendary acoustics!

Catch a performance and enjoy a night out in style during your time in Roma!

57 – Meet all the animals at Bioparco Zoo

Bioparco Zoo, Rome

A sanctuary for exotic animals to marvel at in the heart of Rome!

This great escape is loved by kids and adults alike with plenty of cuddly (and not-so-cuddly) creatures calling the Bioparco Zoo home.

While you’re there, be sure to check out the park’s endangered animals, including white rhinos, komodo dragons, Sumatran tigers and lemurs, and learn a little about the important conservation efforts taking place.

58 – Browse MAXXI contemporary art museum

MAXXI contemporary art museum, Rome

The extravagant MAXXI Contemporary Art Museum building is an award-winning architectural marvel, totally inkeeping with Rome’s reputation for grand and awe-inspiring buildings!

Visitors can see the best of the city’s modern art scene, with the gallery displaying contemporary works by local and international artists. It also hosts classes and talks for artistic and cultural innovation.

See, there’s more to Roman art than ancient artifacts and Renaissance portraits.

59 – Float through the skies on a thrilling helicopter tour

helicopter tours in Rome

Take to the Roman skies on a helicopter tour of the city’s beauty and magic from above.

For the duration of 30 minutes, you’ll be flying with a professional pilot, learning about the sights from a unique perspective that will truly take your breath away.

Aside from seeing the scene of Roman landmarks like the Colosseum, Tivoli, and the Castelli Romani, you’ll also see the countryside just outside of Rome come alive like nowhere else.

60 – Find a bargain at Castel Romano Designer Outlet

Castel Romano Designer Outlet in Rome
credit to Castel Romano Designer Outlet

What do you get when you cross 156 leading designer stores, 9 restaurants, and one credit card?

You get Castel Romano Designer Outlet, which is home to lots of famous Italian and international labels offering as much as 30-70% off their stock! What better excuse to shop till you drop.

For a little help carrying those bags, arrange for an air-conditioned minivan to take you to/from your hotel!

61 – Feel the rush of your life with an exhilarating skydive at Nettuno

skydiving in Rome

Skydiving is at the top of everyone’s bucket list.

Hop on board a plane, climb up to 4000 meters and take a deep breath before you get the adrenaline-hit of a lifetime and views of Rome to match – all you have to do is be brave and jump!

You’ll also get a DVD of your jump to show off to your friends and a participation certificate.

62 – Don’t get spooked on a Ghost Tour

ghost tour in Rome

The legends and mysteries of the Eternal City which saw it all give rise to plenty of folklore and ghost stories!

See the house of Rome’s most notorious murderer, the bridge haunted by the female Pope, and learn Rome tried to tackle crime and the plague by burning heretics and hanging pictures!

With a history spanning thousands of years and tickets as low as $0 USD, a ghost tour of the Eternal City is an absolute must on your itinerary.

63 – Watch the Rome derby at Stadio Olimpico

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

When the two local football teams do battle here (Lazio and AS Roma), Stadio Olimpico is the modern Colosseum!

On derby day, 70,000 fans will pack the stadium, creating a charged atmosphere unlike anything else. The stadium regularly hosts matches by both teams and watching either side play is a treat.

If football isn’t your thing, the stadium also hosts rugby union games, athletics, and concerts.

64 – See the Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo

Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo

The Pope’s summer holiday house is a great place to escape.

The ancient villas overlook a crystal lake with landscaped gardens on either side and contain art, a theater, and a circus!

On a guided audio tour of the facility, keen visitors will learn a little about the politics, stories, and controversies of the different Popes who inhabited it in decades gone by.

Don’t miss out on the other fun with kayaking tours available at the lakes nearby, as well as taking a tour through the splendor of the Pontifical Villas, overflowing with aromatic, manicured gardens.

65 – Ride through Rome on a golf-cart

golf-cart tours in Rome

Roam past palaces, churches, monuments, fountains, and galleries on a family-friendly and well-covered golf cart!

Save your legs from the seven hills of Rome as you get acquainted with Italy’s beating heart and the long-time capital of the Western world.

Cruise through city’s Centro Historico, past the Colosseum and Arch of Constantine before you head for photos at the Spanish Steps.

You even have the option of customizing your tour’s itinerary in line with your interests!

Hot tip: Discover the Eternal City’s famous landmarks in style with the best golf cart tours in Rome.

66 – Check out the Gladiator School Museum

Gladiator School Museum, Rome

Sharpen your sword and don your tunic in an Ancient Rome-style gladiator school!

Learn the basics of authentic gladiator sword-fighting and wield your weapon in a gladiator tournament with the other students. If you’ve ever pictured yourself in the Colosseum face-to-face with a lion and in front of thousands of screaming fans, now’s your chance to try!

You’ll be sure to give this a thumbs-up.

67 – Drink up Rome’s craft beer scene on a beer tasting adventure

craft beer tastings in Rome

With the growing scene of craft beers in Rome, a beer tasting is an absolute must!

Join a group of avid travelers and a professional tour guide to take you to the best breweries in the city, including the oldest brewery in Rome, Birreria Perroni, and learn about the beer-making process in between sips.

Whether it’s visiting the Roman countryside’s breweries, or it’s checking out the trendy breweries in Trastevere, the Beer-tasting tours start at $25 USD.

68 – See three countries at once at the Garden of Oranges

The Orange Trees Garden, Rome

The romantic walks through Parco Savello’s orange trees lead to beautiful panoramic views of Rome and the Vatican City!

The third country — one seldom known by tourists or locals — is the mini-state of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta.

Find the door with the keyhole to see all three countries at once!

69 – See Van Gogh’s Gardener at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome

What do artists like Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet, and Jackson Pollock have in common?

Their works are among the 1,100 on display here at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome! Here, visitors will find Italy’s largest collection of 19th- and 20th-century art.

Fun Fact –the museum, is sometimes referred to as ‘the teeth’ due to the  intimidating columns of the building’s grand entrance!

See also: best museums in Rome.

70 – Catch a movie at Villa Medici’s open-air cinema

Villa Medici’s open-air cinema, Rome

The fantastically preserved 16th-century French villa and gardens wouldn’t look out of place around Versailles, but lucky for travelers to Rome it’s just around the corner!

Parts of the elegant Villa Medici are only accessible by private tour, which usually last around an hour and a half,  but it also holds regular events and exhibitions in its rooms and gardens for art, film, and music.

71 – Have fun at Rainbow Magicland

Rainbow Magicland, Rome
credit to MagicLand

Rainbow Magicland amusement park with 180 factory shows nearby is a playground for older and younger travelers alike!

Dine on a medieval banquet in front of a live jousting show, or for thrill-seekers, the Cagliostro indoor roller coaster will turn you around and upside down. Ride in a virtual reality time machine, visit the spooky dungeons or hop on board the Wild Rodeo.

For the best bang for your buck, grab a ticket that also includes entry to ZooMarine.

72 – Tour the mansion of the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia

National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia

This beautiful 16th-century Renaissance palace and its lovely gardens would be worth visiting even if they didn’t have the most phenomenal exhibit on the Etruscans!

Discover the golden Pyrgi Tablets which feature multi-lingual texts from as far back as 2,500 years ago.

Visitors love the Sarcophagus of the Spouses where the lovers recline for all eternity along with pottery, art, funeral urns, jewelry, and sculptures — all of which combined bring the civilization alive.

73 – Explore the bustling Trajan’s Market

Trajan’s Market, Rome

Once home to over 150 shops and apartments, Trajan’s earns the title of the oldest shopping mall in history.

With its original appearance basically intact, it’s easy for visitors to imagine the place bustling with vendors, fresh produce, and buyers looking to bargain!

Complete your visit at Museo dei Fori Imperiali which synthesizes past with present to give a unique glimpse of Rome.

74 – Experience the white-water thrills of rafting in the Marmore Falls

rafting in Rome

Thrill-seekers and adventure lovers will be quick to add white water rafting to their list of things to do in Rome.

Europe’s highest waterfall flows through the Nera River and culminates in 2 miles of 4th-degree rapids, flanked by views of lush greenery and vegetation!

When you’ve enjoyed all the white-knuckle thrills you can take, the Marmore Falls Natural Park has lovely trails and picnic spots!

75 – Work on that tan on Ponza

Ponza day trip from Rome

Lose yourself on a day trip to the idyllic island of Ponza.

The peaceful island of Pontine Islands are a popular day trip destination from Rome and there are multiple boat tours to choose from. You can snorkel in the crystal blue waters of the Thyrrenian Sea, whilst discovering the secrets and history of the island.

With lunch provided on the private boat to enjoy alongside the views, you won’t want to leave!

76 – Eat to your heart’s content in Testaccio

food tours in Rome

Food, glorious food!

We all know that Rome is the home of some of the most popular dishes in the world – and the best way to experience it and find the most-loved local establishments is through a local food tour.

Be guided through the streets of blue-collar Testaccio, said by some to be the birthplace of Roman cuisine, tasting its rich history and authentic local treats.

77 – Race a chariot at Circus Maximus with a Rome VR Experience

Rome VR Experience

It would be awesome to travel back in time to Ancient Rome and see how the city’s iconic landmarks really looked. The next best thing is a Rome Virtual Reality experience which helps bring the past back to life.

Slip on your VR headset and visit the city’s most epic buildings. See The Colosseum as it would have been or take part in a thrilling chariot race at Circus Maximus.

78 – Get ready for a night of entertaining fun at Ellington Club

Ellington Club, Rome
Credit to Ellington Club

Whether you’re looking for a night of impressive Burlesque, a snazzy Jazz club, a musical, or a comedy show, you’re in for a fun night of surprising fun at Ellington Club.

Situated a little outside of the city center of Rome, and presenting shows all week long, Ellington Club offers incredible talent, and wonderful dinner and drink options where you can rub shoulders with the locals, and relish an evening of singing, spectacle, and performance.

Be sure to book your table ahead of time on their website.

79 – Ride the K2 at Hydromania water park

Hydromania water park, Rome
credit to Hydromania

Hydromania water park has something for everyone: water aerobics sessions, a jacuzzi pool and beach area to chill in the water, a restaurant, and waterslides of all kinds!

The pick for thrill-seekers is K2, where with two parallel slides, you and your mate can see each other one last time before a 3-second drop! Next, check out the deep dark thrills of Big River and the Black Lagoon if you dare!

80 – Hit up the best bars in Rome on a pub crawl

pub crawl in Rome

Explore the enchanting city of Rome at night on a fun and lively pub crawl. Check out some of the city’s best bars and enjoy the sophisticated vibes of Argot in Campo de Fiori, sample unique craft beers at Open Baladin, and sip elegant cocktails at Jerry Thomas Speakeasy.

Later on, visit some of the city’s coolest and most exciting clubs, including Alcazar — a theater turned live music venue, Spazio Novecento – a great place for house and minimal techno, and Art Cafe – located underneath Villa Borghese.

81 – See all of Rome’s iconic squares and fountains

Squares and fountains tours in Rome

The squares and fountains are the city’s lifeblood, so whatever things you do in Rome will involve them!

Take a tour to discover the coolest ones, including a fountain shaped like a half-sunken ship and the Campo de’ Fiori which had a medieval market. Visit the epic Trevi Fountain, and be sure to toss in a coin, so, as legend says, you’ll return to Rome!

The squares are brimming with life and tales for you to hear!

82 – Revel in the classic elegance of the Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps, Rome

Grab some gelato and savor the flavor on the Spanish Steps!

One of the most famous set of stairs in the world, located between the Piazza di Spagna at the Piazza Trinità dei Monti, it’s an essential selfie spot.

With a beautiful view of the Trinità dei Monti church at the top of the stairs as well, it’s definitely worth climbing.

See Also: Best Rome Tours.

83 – Plan your escape at Mamertine Prison

Mamertine Prison, Rome

If you think you’re too good to be behind bars, just remember even St. Peter was held here in Rome’s oldest prison!

These cells have held saints, emperors, and kings condemned to their fates — hear the fascinating fables of how they got into trouble, how they were treated, and how St. Peter escaped!

Learn the fascinating history of Rome’s Mamertime prison, likely one of the oldest in the world!

84 – Sip cocktails at sunset on the best rooftops in Rome

best rooftops in Rome

The locals know that Rome is a beautiful city and have created some amazing rooftop bars to enjoy the views from.

The Roof Garden Les Étoiles is a magical place to dine with views of St. Peter’s Basilica. Alternatively, enjoy a romantic meal overlooking the Trevi Fountain at Minerva Roof Garden, or chic decor and Japanese cuisine at Zuma.

For an unforgettable evening, the Hotel Capo d’Africa has views over The Colosseum to die for.

85 – Listen to the buskers at Terrazza del Pincio

Terrazza del Pincio, Rome

Take some time one afternoon to visit the Terrazza del Pincio and to listen to the talented buskers (don’t forget to throw them a coin or two!).

The Terazza is next to the extravagant Borghese Gardens, so is easy to find.

This is a great spot to round off an amazing day in Rome while watching an equally wonderful sunset. Sit down on the warm marble and enjoy the vibrant orange light spilling over this ancient city, magical!

86 – Watch the acrobatic divers show at Zoomarine Water Park

Zoomarine Water Park

Get up close and personal with the animals at the Zoomarine Water Park. Enjoy live shows featuring dolphins and sea lions; step into a green aviary at Parrots Forest, and strap in for adrenaline-pumping roller coasters and water slides.

There are a bunch of great shows to enjoy and visitors typically love the circus-style elements of the acrobatic divers’ show!

It is a fun-filled adventure for all to enjoy!

87 – Play a round or two at the best golf courses in Rome

golf courses in Rome
credit to Golf Resort Rome

If the first thing you do when booking a vacation is check out the local golf courses – you probably already know that Rome has some fantastic golfing opportunities.

Golf Resort Rome is one of the city’s premier courses and offers first-class accommodation to match.  If you would like to enjoy historic park surroundings, Golf Club Parco de’ Medici is an excellent choice.

Alternatively, the modern Parco di Roma Golf Club in the far north of the city is a perfect peaceful escape.

88 – Go bowling and become the city’s ten-pin king

bowling in Rome
credit to Bowling Brunswick

If you’re looking for fun activities to do with kids while visiting the city, there are some great games facilities to check out.

Bowling Brunswick is a good choice, with a modern bowling alley as well as outdoor games, including mini golf course, basketball courts and play areas for younger children.

If you’re travelling with a group of adults, Bowling Roma Tiam is also a good choice.

How to get to Rome?

Rome has 2 international airports – Fiumicino and Ciampino, each offering a variety of ways to get to Rome’s city center, including by train, airport shuttle bus, Taxi or even uber.

However, if you’re looking for an easier, more convenient mode of transportation that takes you straight to your hotel, consider booking a private transfer. Private car airport transfers in Rome usually starts at around €40 or $45 USD.

Where to stay in Rome?

Stay in the complete luxury and cleanliness of The Liberty Boutique Hotel, an 11-minute metro ride from the main sights like the Colosseum, and the Roman Forum. Continental breakfast is served fresh daily, and additional amenities are offered like an airport shuttle for guests only.

The Spanish Suite Campo de’ Fiori is a great option for those wanting to stay near sights like the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and of course, Campo de’ Fiore. Feel like royalty slipping into your cozy robe and slippers after a day of walking around, and wake up in the morning to fresh coffee and tea in the lobby.

Hotel Scenario is a wonderful hotel that boasts a modern style, with warm hospitality and an in-house restaurant not to miss. Stay minutes away from lovely sights like Palazzio Venezia and the Pantheon. Brimming with great services like airport shuttles, wake up every day to fresh coffee on your beautiful terrace.

Visiting Rome on a budget?

What’s the best way to explore the city? Free walking tours in Rome with a local guide, offer a chance to see the city’s best sights, plus a few places that don’t make the guidebooks.

To make your budget stretch, even further, consider purchasing the Go City pass or the Omnia Card – a tourist pass that allows you entrance into some of Rome’s most popular sights at a discounted price, as well as lower-price fares on public transportation.

You can save around 30% on full-price entry, with skip-the-line options available.

Where to go next?

If you can’t wait to see what else Italy has to offer, there are plenty more experiences to discover just around the corner.

Travel south for the best, and most authentic pizza in your life – one of the essential things to do in Naples.

Discover some of the best things to do in Sorrento, another wonderful Italian city not too far from Naples. Here you’ll find citrus fruits growing all over the city, adorning and adding a lovely fragrance to the air.

A tour of the stunning cliff-side villages is one of the best things to do on the Amalfi Coast. Soak up  the sea views, the charming houses perched on the mountain sides and the famous firey red sunsets.

Florence is a must-see city in northern Italy, dazzling visitors with its striking Renaissance architecture.  A visit to the Florence Duomo, The Ponte Vecchio and Giotto Tower, are some of the most popular things to do in Florence, just to name a few.

Be enamored by the romantic ambiance of Venice, and its winding canals, narrow bridges, and classic beauty. Don a mask for Carnival or enjoy a classic Gondola ride, just some of the many things to do in Venice.

Culture lovers will find lots of enticing things to do in Milan.  Italy’s fashion capital offers its visitors an eyeful of architectural beauty, gastronomic pleasures  and historic culture.

To travel well and comfortably, make sure to check out multi-day trips from Rome, taking you beyond the city to explore more of the Lazio region.

Final thoughts

To capture all there is to see in Rome, would be a tremendous task, but we hope that we inspired a few ideas to get your list of things to do in Rome started.

With its historic charm and romantic atmosphere that will always remain in Rome, no matter the era, we can bet you’re ready to start looking for flights.

So, what are you waiting for? The Eternal City awaits you.

Happy travels!

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