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Assisi tours from Rome

Assisi is a quaint hill town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Umbria region of Italy. It's located a little over 175 km from Rome and offers the perfect escape from the chaotic city life found in Italy's capital.

Assisi tours from Rome encourage you to embrace the countryside and soak up sweeping sights, historic churches and a charming town center.

How to get to Assisi from Rome?

Assisi is a town and commune in the Province of Perugia, located in Italy's Umbria region, and is a short enough journey for a day trip. Consequently, many tourists visiting Rome head to Assisi to discover its beauty.

The time it takes to get to Assisi from Rome varies based on your method of transportation. But you should give yourself around three hours to arrive in the town from Italy’s capital.

Assisi by car from Rome

Renting a car and driving to Assisi from Rome gives you the freedom to go at your own pace, though it is a little more expensive than taking other forms of transport. You can reach Assisi via the A1, with journey times taking around 2h to arrive from Rome.

Assisi by bus from Rome

Bus services to Assisi from Rome are available and take around 2h 15m to arrive, with buses leaving hourly from Rome Tiburtina station. Many tour companies operating day trips to Assisi from Rome also use a coach, which takes a similar time to the public bus. Taking a bus or coach means you can enjoy the scenery while someone else does the driving.

Assisi by train from Rome

Taking a train from Assisi to Rome is the fastest method of transport. Around 19 trains per day leave from Roma Termini, with the fastest one taking just under two hours to arrive. The high-speed Alta Velocita is the fastest train, while the Regionale Veloce train takes a little longer.

Assisi tours from Rome

Many tour operators offer exciting day trips from Rome to Assisi, meaning you'll have plenty of options to find a tour that suits your needs. There are also joint tours that include visits to popular destinations like Orvieto and Perugia.

How much does a tour to Assisi from Rome cost?

Assisi tours vary in price and depend on the type of trip that you book. A guided tour is your best bet if you want to see the primary highlights of Assisi while learning about its history. You can also combine your tour with another area to get a more complete tour.

Day trips to Assisi from Rome start at around 125 € and include a full-day tour with transport to and from Italy's capital. Private tours are more expensive and can cost around 350 € up to 600 € depending on the type of service.

What kinds of tours are available to go to Assisi from Rome?

  • Small-group guided tours: Small group trips are the most popular tours and are often the cheapest. Numbers are kept relatively low so that you can enjoy an element of personalisation during the tour.
  • Private guided tours: A private tour is ideal if you want to go on a bespoke trip catered to your tastes. You’ll have a personal driver, who will also act as a tour guide and suggest the best things to do and see in Assisi.
  • Assisi  + Orvieto combo tours: Orvieto is another famous town in the Umbria region thanks to its proximity to Rome. There are many Assisi and Orvieto combo tours available that let you see the best of both towns.

When deciding on Assisi combo tours from Rome, Orvieto is the most popular option. But there are other joint tours available that let you see more than one of these historic towns. Some trips include a visit to Florence, stopping off at Assisi and Orvieto along the way.

You can also visit the city of Perugia, which is the Italian capital of Umbria. A guided tour will take you around the city, detailing its history, culture and people, as well as showing you regional art from the 13th century onward.

What will you see during your Assisi day trip from Rome?

Assisi is famous for the town where St Francis lived throughout his life. There's plenty of religious history in Assisi, and pilgrims have been visiting since the 13th century. But the postcard-perfect town attracts people from all walks of life, religious or not.

Its hilltop location means you can enjoy panoramic views of the Umbria region, and it's one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the world. The whole town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which gives it instant recognition and makes Assisi in demand with those visiting the Umbria region.

Assisi's UNESCO status mostly comes from art and historic buildings, such as the Basilica di San Francesco, which features frescoes and paintings that are the envy of many world-famous museums. The town is a bit hit with culture vultures.

Basilica di San Francesco

The primary attraction in Assisi, Basilica di San Francesco is one of the most well-known basilicas in Italy. The stunning site must be seen to be believed, and it’s visible from miles around the town. It comprises two churches and the Cripta di San Francesco. Marvel at the cycle of Giotto frescoes and witness works by Cimabue, Pietro Lorenzetti and Simone Martini.

Rocca Maggiore

Located just outside of the town, Rocca Maggiore is where day-trippers from Rome can combine unrivalled views of the local area with a visit to another historic building. Rocca Maggiore is a castle which dominated the citadel of Assisi for more than 800 years.

Santa Maria degli Angeli

Just a couple of kilometres from Assisi is where you will find Santa Maria Degli Angeli, a domed Renaissance church built between 1569 and 1630. Visit the small attached garden that features suspected thornless roses, which are believed to be an act of penance by the saint.

Town Centre

Wander the town centre and navigate narrow and steep lanes to the picturesque backdrop of stunning buildings. Try local restaurants and admire the olive groves dotted among the stairways and rooftops.

Roman Forum and Museum

Visit the Roman Forum and Museum and discover Roman capitals, sarcophagi and other ancient artefacts. Located through the Piazza del Comune, the Romanesque entrance crypt offers you the chance to see another type of civilisation from Italy’s past.

Cathedral of San Rufino

The Cathedral of San Rufino offers an insight into the 12th and 13th centuries with its examples of early medieval stone carving. St. Francis is known to have prayed in the crypt, which dates from the 11th century. Today, you can admire a third-century Roman sarcophagus carved in marble.

Travel tips

Assisi is one of the most beautiful places in the Umbria region, hence its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are some travel tips to help you get the best out of your Assisi tour from Rome.

  • Wear comfortable shoes as there will be plenty of walking, most of which takes place on hills
  • Protect yourself with sunscreen and a hat if you're visiting in the summer months. Temperatures can reach 30-plus degrees
  • The summer months see peak pilgrimage in Assisi
  • Buy local products and food from the many artisan shops in Assisi. These include medieval weapons, ceramics, Umbrian meats, and arts and crafts
  • There are many churches in Assisi, most of which you'll want to visit. Therefore, it's important that you dress appropriately, covering your knees and shoulder.