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Free Walking Tours in Rome

The historical city center of Rome is a fantastic scenario to take a free walking tour. All the main monuments and attractions of Rome can be reached on a walk. With a free walking tour in Rome, you will admire the architecture of the ancient buildings and learn about the city's history.

Here's all you need to know about free walking tours you can choose from the best sightseeing tours in Rome.

How do free walking tours in Rome work?

Free walking tours in Rome are available for all travelers who want to discover the city in a cheap and fun way. These walking tours are named free tours because the tour price is not defined upfront, but the traveler is free to pay the price that he wishes.

The online reservation of the tour is entirely free of charge. At the end of the tour, the guide will ask for your feedback and for a tip: here is when you will decide how much the tour was worth.

How much should you tip for a free walking tour in Rome?

You will be free to decide the price that you prefer. But, take into account the guide's work and the typical range for this kind of tour.

There will be travelers paying €50, while others will pay just €5. However, the most common value of the tip ranges between €10 and €15 per person. If you are a couple or a family, take into account that you are more that one person.

To decide how much the tour is worth, you can think about how much you enjoyed the visit, if you learned and had fun, and how long the tour was.

What are the best free walking tours in Rome?

There are several types of free walking tours in Rome that will lead you through the ancient history of the city.

Classical Free Walking Tours in Rome: Squares and Fountains

This is the most popular free walking tour in Rome, featuring the squares and fountains in Rome. The tour includes the most famous Baroque monuments and squares of Rome, such as Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona.

Your guide will lead you through the city center of Rome, explaining to you the history of Rome from the Roman empire to the Reinassance, adding exciting stories and details.

Vatican and St. Peter Free Walking Tours

Another part of Rome which is popular for free tours is the Vatican. The main attractions of the Vatican are the Vatican Museums, Saint Peter's Basilica and its Dome, and Saint Peter's Square.

The tour starts in Piazza Venezia and goes all the way until Vatican City. The itinerary covers Campo de' Fiori, Ponte Sant'Angelo, Castel Sant'Angelo and St. Peter's Square.

Since the tour ends in the Vatican, it's a good idea to continue your day in the Vatican by visiting the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica.

Trastevere Free Walking Tours

Trastevere is the most charming quarter in Rome. A trendy food destination, Trastevere, should not be missed on your visit to Rome.

The free walking tour of Trastevere will focus on the secrets and interesting facts of this district, a symbol of the Italian Dolce Vita in Rome.

The itinerary includes Portico d'Ottava, Piazza Mercanti, Santa Maria in Trastevere, Santa Maria della Scala and Piazza Trilussa, among other monuments on the route.

You will have opportunities to grab some street food along the way.

The Ancient Rome Free Walking Tours

Roman history is an integral part of Rome. You will see ancient monuments and temples in most of the city. But this tour is specially focused on the ancient history of Rome, when the city was the capital of the Roman kingdom, republic and empire.

The itinerary of this free walking tour covers Circus Massimo, the Aventine Hill, the orange garden, the Truth Mouth and Tiberina Island.

The itinerary of some free tours includes other famous landmarks of Rome, such as the Pyramid, the Caracalla Bath, Boario Forum, Venice Square and Traiano's Tower.

Rome's Dolce Vita Free Walking Tour

Head back the famed Roman lifestyle of the '60s with this free walking tour. The 1950s and 1960s were the golden decades for the Italian capital, when the economy boomed and the lifestyle dramatically improved after World War II.

Through this free walking tour, you will get through Via Veneto and its famous bars, hotels and clubs where the VIPs were gathering during the Roman Dolce Vita.

You will continue your tour through via Condotti, famous for the modern luxury shopping. The free tour ends in Villa Borghese, where you will appreciate one of Rome's best panoramic views.

In which languages are free walking tours in Rome operated?

Free walking tours are operated in several languages. English is a very common language and you will find enough options available. Of course, there are free walking tours available in Italian as well.

Many free tours are operated in Spanish, while just a few of them are available in French or German.

Where do free walking tours in Rome start?

The meeting points are spread across the city center. Check precisely the tour that you book for exact information.

As a general rule, most classical free tours of Rome start from Piazza di Spagna or Piazza Venezia. However, some of them start from the Pyramid or Circo Massimo as well.

How long do free walking tours in Rome last?

Most free walking tours last around 2 and a half hours. There are also some free tours lasting 4 hours or just 2 hours.

When is the best time to join a free walking tour?

It is better to join a free walking tour in the morning. The weather is cooler and you will enjoy the tour more. Walking in Rome can be a bit tiring; therefore it is better to avoid the warmest part of the day if you visit the city in summer.

Some tours are offered in the evening. Those are a perfect occasion to see the illumination of the city's artistic fountains and squares.

If you have to decide which day is better for a free walking tour, we recommend to do it on the first day after arrival.

In this way, you will get a cheap and fun introduction to the city and you will learn where the monuments and districts are located. Moreover, the guides always have useful local tips about restaurants and bars.

Should free walking tours in Rome be booked online?

Free walking tours are becoming increasingly popular in the Italian capital. By booking online, you will be sure to reserve your spot for the time and day that you prefer.

There is also a maximum size for the group, to be able to move easily through the city. Therefore, by booking online, you will not risk that the tour is sold out.

Some free tours only accept online reservations. Therefore, make sure to do it in advance. The online booking does not require a credit card and there it is free of charge. Of course, there is free cancellation as well.

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