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Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums are the outcome of the art enthusiasm of the Popes. The basis of the museums was constituted when Pope Julius II started collecting the art pieces. As one of the most important and the most visited museums in the world, Vatican museum hosts millions of tourists a year and give them unforgettable times. St. Jerome in the Wilderness, the Stefaneschi Triptych, and the Pieta are considered as the most famous pieces in the museum.

Located in the heart of the Vatican City, the Vatican Museums contain some of the most ancient and important pieces of art throughout history. Also, some of the most iconic and famous artistic rooms are also housed in the same area. Dating back to around the time of Nicholas V, in 1447, the Vatican Museums showcase life during this time, as well as artistic revelations, such as the Acts of the Apostles. As you would expect, the Vatican Museums are extremely popular, and that means that you may need to stand in line for a considerable amount of time if you don’t book ahead of time for your tickets. It can be annoying during the peak summer months, as there is little shade to be had outside. Try and get there as early as possible to avoid crowds, and to be able to explore the museums properly.

The Vatican Museums are one of the most popular attractions in the whole of Rome, and a definite must visit. As well as the sheer number of iconic pieces of art on display, there are also several masterpieces which deserve time to stand and stare. There are too many things to mention in detail, but the must visit areas include the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, the Belvedere Torso, Da Vinci’s St Jerome in the Wilderness, and the Round Room (Sala Rotonda). Each one is worth a visit to the museums alone, but together they create the perfect day out.

The Sistine Chapel is probably the most iconic and famous of them all, and here you can expect the largest crowds. Look up and gaze at that iconic and simply beautiful ceiling decoration, and gaze upon the various frescoes. The Raphael Rooms are a series of four different rooms which are situated in the part of the Pop’s apartments which are open to the public. The frescoes which span the entirety of the walls and the ceilings are jaw-dropping. The Belvedere Torso is an iconic sculpture, which was known to be the inspiration for many pieces of art by iconic names such as Michelangelo. St Jerome in the Wilderness is actually unfinished, but it is a beautiful picture to stand and adore. The final one of our must-visits is the Round Room, and the architecture and art in this room are amazing. Neo-classical architecture adorns the walls, ceiling, and floors, and it is designed to be a small pantheon, with statues and art on every centimetre of the walls.

As you can imagine, looking at these pieces of art and amazing sights can be difficult when there are many people inside, and apparently the most important pieces have roped areas around them, so you cannot get too close. In this case, getting to the museums early is the most important part of visiting this attraction. It is best to dedicate a whole day to the Vatican Museums, purely because if you rush, you are going to miss some of the subtle points, which really are the most amazing. You can easily spend a few hours in the Sistine Chapel, merely gazing at the ceiling!