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Leonardo Da Vinci Experience: Tickets and Tours

Discover the genius of the world-renowned painter and inventor when you purchase tickets to the Leonardo da Vinci Experience in Rome.

See life-sized reproductions of over 50 machines invented by Leonardo da Vinci more than 500 years ago, as well as 20 reproductions of his most famous paintings, including “The Last Supper” and “The Mona Lisa.”

A visit to this interactive multimedia attraction is guaranteed to make your time in Rome exceptionally memorable, especially when paired with a guided audio tour.

How much do Leonardo da Vinci Experience tickets cost?

The price for Leonardo da Vinci Experience tickets is €12 per adult. Visitors can also choose to pay more for a skip-the-line ticket to avoid long queues.

General admission tickets (including audio guide)

  • Adults (16 and older): €12
  • Children (6 to 15): €10
  • Students (15 to 26): €10
  • Infants (under 6): Free

Tickets include a guided audio tour in eight different languages. You can also download the free app “Pop Guide” to listen to the audio guide directly on your phone without any extra charge. At the end of the tour, visitors will receive a free gift to commemorate their time at the Leonardo da Vinci Experience.

Who is eligible for discounts?

Students can visit the Leonardo da Vinci Experience for a discounted rate of €10 per person. This reduced price only applies to those aged between 15 and 26. If you purchase your tickets to the museum in advance online, you might be asked to present your ID on arrival.

What are the best Leonardo da Vinci Experience tours?

Leonardo da Vinci Experience with guided audio tour

Fully experience the genius of Leonardo da Vinci with this guided audio tour, which walks you through life-sized creations of over 50 of his inventions over five exhibition halls.

You will also see reproductions of his masterpieces, including “The Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper,” the controversial painting in the bestselling novel “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. Your ticket includes entrance to the exhibition, free Wi-Fi and an audio guide.

Tours for the Leonardo da Vinci Experience are available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

Skip the line tickets for the Leonardo da Vinci Experience

Avoid the queues with this skip-the-line ticket to see the amazing interactive inventions and paintings of the Italian polymath. This is the perfect choice for those short on time in Rome.

If you’re planning to come to the Leonardo da Vinci Experience at noon on a weekend, the price of these expedited tickets will be worth it.

Leonardo da Vinci Experience guided tour and optional workshop for kids

This Leonardo da Vinci Experience guided tour for kids gives them a great introduction to Da Vinci’s vast body of work. Little ones can interact with 50 replicas of his inventions and join a child-friendly workshop to create art inspired by his work.

They will also be introduced to replicas of Da Vinci’s paintings, recreated with the same materials and techniques.

A guided tour in Italian is also included in the ticket price. Children can be accompanied by one adult who can visit the Leonardo da Vinci Experience without having to pay for a ticket, while additional adults need to pay the regular €12 entrance fee.

Should you book Leonardo da Vinci Experience tickets in advance?

It is highly advisable to book Leonardo da Vinci Experience tickets in advance. This is one of Rome’s most popular tourist attractions, and spaces fill up fast. You can purchase tickets to skip the line if you have limited time or choose your timeslot in the morning or afternoon to suit your itinerary.

What will you see inside the Leonardo da Vinci Experience?

On your Leonardo da Vinci Experience visit, you will see 50 recreations of his brilliant inventions which inspired many modern-day objects, such as the sewing machine and the bicycle.

You can interact with the machines and even try to build your own versions. The emphasis on education and interaction makes the exhibition great for kids but just as enjoyable for adults.

The experience splits Da Vinci’s work into five exhibition halls which tell the story of his life’s work in a comprehensive way.

In the first hall, you will discover life-sized reproductions of his designs for flying machines which were modeled after the anatomy of birds and bats. You can also see a scale reproduction of his work “The Last Supper,” which depicts Christ and his disciples, famously featured in Brown's novel “The Da Vinci Code.”

The second hall features his designs and reproductions of war machines, such as the machine gun and the armored tank.

The third hall includes the Instagram-able Room of Mirrors, an octagonal mirrored chamber that allows you to see any object within it entirely and all at once. Here you will learn about how his studies inspired the invention of photography and projection.

The fourth hall, the Hall of Principles, includes designs and life-sized recreations of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous inventions, which are still used today. These include the bicycle, the sewing machine, underwater breathing equipment and solar energy equipment.

Finally, in the fifth hall, you can marvel at 20-to-scale certified reproductions of Da Vinci’s most famous works of art. These were created by restoration professionals from the Vatican Museums who used the same techniques as the original creator, producing masterpieces.

Reproductions include “The Mona Lisa,” “Lady with an Ermine,” “Ecce Homo,” and two versions of “Virgin on the Rocks.” The originals are located at the Louvre and the National Gallery in London.

How to get to the Leonardo da Vinci Experience?

The Leonardo da Vinci Experience is located on one of the most historic roads in Rome, the Via Della Conciliazione, which is a five-minute walk from St. Peter’s Basilica or a 15-minute walk from the Vatican Museums.

The large Roma S. Pietro Station is a 15-minute walk from the Leonardo da Vinci Experience. Alternatively, there are several nearby bus stations. If you’re in the city center of Rome anyway, it’s highly advisable to walk, which will allow you to experience everyday life on the busy streets.

When is the best time to visit the Leonardo da Vinci Experience?

Book your Leonardo da Vinci Experience ticket early in the morning or in the evening to avoid bigger queues. It’s usually quieter if you visit on a weekday instead of the weekend. The Leonardo da Vinci Experience is open from 9 AM until 7:30 PM every day, with the last entry at 6:30 PM.

Which other musems can be visited in the city?

Travel tips

  • If you’re looking to escape the midday heat in Rome, visiting the Leonardo da Vinci Experience will provide the perfect activity for a hot day. Just be aware that the lines may be longer during this time, whereas the mornings are much quieter.
  • Don’t forget to ask for the free Leonardo da Vinci Experience guided audio tour on arrival. This will not only make your time there more educational but also a lot more interesting.
  • Allow approximately an hour for the experience and longer if you plan on interacting with each one of the exhibits. Two to 2.5 hours is the maximum time the majority of visitors spend here.
  • The Leonardo da Vinci Experience is a great activity for families with children, allowing them to be introduced to art in a fun and playful way. Solo visitors can expect this attraction to be a different experience from a traditional museum with more noise and interactive activities going on.