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Vatican Gardens: Tickets and Tours

Tucked away behind the imposing walls of the Vatican, the Vatican Gardens offer visitors a peaceful oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city. The gardens are beautifully manicured, with colorful flowers, statues and fountains dotting the landscape.

Although they may not be as well-known as some of Rome's other attractions, the Vatican Gardens are a hidden oasis of tranquility. Their location makes them an ideal starting point for exploring all that Vatican City has to offer.

Vatican Gardens tickets allow you to experience a different side of the world's smallest country.

Here's all you need to know about Vatican Gardens, which are among the most enchanting attractions in Rome.

How much do Vatican Gardens tickets cost?

It can be puzzling to figure out how to access the gardens. Unlike other sites in Vatican City, you cannot simply visit Vatican Gardens without pre-planning your trip.

Tickets can be purchased via the official website and all passes include a guided tour. Access to the Sistine Chapel is included in all tickets.

The different Vatican Gardens entrance fees are listed below.

Guided tours for individuals

This tour includes both the gardens and the Sistine Chapel with a group of up to 30 people.

  • Full price: €17
  • Reduced ticket: €8

Guided tours with an exclusive guide

This is a VIP tour for a group of up to 10.

  • Full price: €17
  • Reduced ticket: €8

The tickets for this tour are charged per person, but the cost of the tour guide is an additional €320 for the group, regardless of group size. One person may choose to cover this.

Alternatively, if you choose to split the cost, it's an additional €32 based on a group of 10. This works out in total to €49 each for a full price ticket and equal split of the tour guide service fee.

Open bus tour

This Vatican Gardens ticket includes an open bus tour of the city and entrance to the Sistine Chapel, as well as the Vatican Museums.

  • Full price: €37
  • Reduced ticket: €23

The booking fee is €4 for all Vatican Gardens tickets.

Who is eligible for discounts?

Reduced tickets are valid for children between the ages of 6 and 18 inclusive, as well as students under the age of 25. To qualify for the student rate, you need to show an International Student Card or another form of student identification.

Children under 6 can visit for free and don't require a ticket.

What are the best Vatican Gardens tours?  

All tours to Vatican Gardens are combined tickets with other sites in the city. It's not possible to take a tour that only includes the gardens.

Vatican Gardens open bus tour and Castel Sant'Angelo entry

This tour takes place by minibus and drives through the scenic gardens with an audio guide to explain the history. You'll also visit the mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian — Castel Sant'Angelo and be able to skip the line once there.

Vatican Gardens and guided tour of St. Peter's Basilica

On this guided tour of the Vatican Gardens, you'll discover the manicured lawns and gushing fountains from the comfort of an open-top bus.

You'll have an audio guide on hand and once you've viewed the expansive grounds, you'll explore the famous St. Peter's Basilica. The famous church is home to a number of incredible artworks, such as Michelangelo's Pieta.

Papal Audience and Gardens of Vatican City bus tour

If you want to make your experience of Vatican city truly unforgettable, choose a tour that includes a visit with the Pope. You'll attend the daily Papal Audience where you'll be blessed by Pope Francis before continuing on your tour with a visit to the spectacular gardens.

Vatican Gardens and Vatican Museums exclusive VIP walking tour

This walking tour of the Vatican Gardens takes a leisurely journey by minibus, allowing you to view all of its Renaissance-inspired features.

Included on the tour are skip-the-line tickets to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel where you can learn about the history of this sacred country.

Should you book Vatican Gardens tickets in advance?

It's not possible for individuals to visit the garden alone, which is why you should pre-book Vatican Gardens tickets online. In order to access the ground, you'll need to be accompanied by a guide and you can do so in one of three ways.

You can take a group tour, a private tour or an open bus tour of the gardens. For all of these options, you should book in advance online.

What will you see inside the Vatican Gardens?

The Vatican Gardens are some of the oldest and most aesthetic gardens in the world. Spanning over 50 acres, the gardens cover half of the city and are home to a wide variety of plants and sculptures. Visitors can explore lush lawns, peaceful ponds and tranquil groves of trees.

There are also several buildings to discover within the gardens, such as the Governor's Palace and Vatican Radio. Saint Therese of Lisieux is the official patroness of the Vatican Gardens and there is a chapel dedicated to her on the grounds.

The gardens date back several centuries, and much of the architecture has a heavy Baroque and Renaissance influence. From the site, you'll have a clear view of St. Peter's Basilica — the most iconic landmark in Vatican City.

The gardens were opened to the public in 2014 by Pope Francis and are now one of the most popular attractions in the city.

How to get to the Vatican Gardens?

Vatican Gardens are located in the center of Vatican City, behind St. Peter’s Square. You can access them via bus, tram or metro.

Bus numbers 46, 64, 916 and 982 make the closest stop to Vatican Gardens from Rome.

If you're traveling by metro, take the line A train to the Ottaviano station, which is around 15 minutes walk from the gardens.

Tram line 19 will bring you within a short walk of the gardens. You'll depart at Piazza Risorgimento and then travel for seven minutes by foot.

From St. Peter's Square, there are signs to direct you to the entrance of the gardens.

When is the best time to visit the Vatican Gardens?

Unlike other attractions in Vatican City, entry to the gardens is limited, allowing you to enjoy a respite from the sea of tourists.

Even so, it's best to visit the gardens early in the morning, before the Vatican becomes crowded. Vatican Gardens are closed on Wednesdays and Sundays, and because of this, tickets are often sold out on Mondays.

Italy can become very hot in the summer months, and visiting early in the day also enables you to enjoy the site in milder conditions. Vatican Gardens open at 9 AM.

If you'd like to catch a glimpse of the pope, plan your trip to the Vatican Gardens to coincide with his annual summertime visit.

Which other attractions can be visited in the city?

Travel tips

  • There are a limited number of Vatican Gardens tickets available per day. Purchase your tickets online as far in advance as possible to secure a visit.
  • All Vatican Gardens tours are combined with other landmarks. Check that you can get skip-the-line access at other attractions on your excursion to avoid queueing.
  • While in Vatican City, you'll need to abide by the dress code. Shoulders and knees must be covered at all times, and low-cut shirts are prohibited. Men will also need to remove their hats upon entry to the buildings, although women are allowed to keep theirs on.

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