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Trevi Fountain: Tours and Guided Visits

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most iconic attractions in Rome. It is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome and arguably one of the most well-known fountains in the entire world.

Visitors travel from far and wide to throw their coins while making a wish, in hopes that it will come true. Experts estimate that people throw approximately €3,000 in the fountain every day.

The next time you are in Rome, you can learn more fun facts on a Trevi Fountain tour!

Where is the Trevi Fountain located?

The Trevi Fountain sits in the heart of Rome, near many of the city’s other main attractions. It is about a 10- to 15-minute walk from the Pantheon, Giardini del Quirinale, Piazza Navona and the Foro Romano.

You can easily access the fountain on foot or on public transportation. Multiple bus lines have stops near the fountain, including 150F, 160, 492, 51, 52, 62, 63 and 85. You can also take the FL3 or FL5 train lines, as well as the A Metro line.

Driving yourself is also an option, but parking may be challenging due to large crowds. You can opt to take a taxi or rideshare, and have the driver drop you off near the fountain. The fountain sits in the Piazza di Trevi, and this area is usually extremely congested due to large crowds of visitors.

What are the best things to do at the Trevi Fountain?

Perhaps the most popular thing to do on your visit to the Trevi Fountain is to make a wish while throwing a coin in the water. Thousands of people line up every day and wait for their turn to make a wish.

When it is your turn, don’t just throw the coin over any shoulder with either hand. Use your right hand to throw it over your left shoulder.

You can also take in the beauty of the largest Baroque fountain in the city. It is mostly made out of Travertine stone that came from a city about 35 kilometers outside of Rome.

Various architects have influenced the design of the fountain and inserted their personal touches among the statues of gods and tritons. The fountain surely is something to marvel at!

Plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants also surround the fountain. After making your wish, you can head to one of them to enjoy some Italian delicacies!

What are the best tours to visit the Trevi Fountain?

One of the best ways to see the Trevi Fountain and learn about its history is on a guided tour. Tour operators throughout the city offer a wide variety of tours that provide you with a unique Roman experience.

Some of the most popular Trevi Fountain tours include the underground guided tour, a food tour and wine tasting, a walking tour, a fast access tour and an evening/nighttime walking tour.

Underground guided tour

When it comes to the Trevi Fountain, there’s more than meets the eye. The fountain was part of the city’s ancient aqueduct system that still provides water to this day.

These tours take you below ground to visit recently discovered archaeological sites. Some of the underground tours include additional stops at Piazza Navona and its underground ruins along with the Pantheon.

Food and wine tour

Italy is known for many things including its wide variety of delectable dishes. You can explore some of the city’s most famous sites while making food and drink stops along the way on these tours.

Most of the Rome food tours also stop at the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and Campo Dei Fiori. These tours are the perfect combination of food and history!

Fast access tour

These tours take you to some of the city’s most famous sites, including the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum & Roman Forum, the Pantheon and the Sistine Chapel. Perhaps the best part of these tours is that you don’t have to wait in line at most of the attractions.

The fast access tours let you skip the line at the attractions so you can spend more time exploring and less time waiting!

Nighttime walking tour

Many of the city’s famous attractions are close enough that you can walk between them. You can participate in an evening/nighttime walking tour to see the sites while the sun sets.

These guided tours lead you through the Eternal City, as it sparkles in the dark. You are likely to avoid the large crowds of people that congregate for the day, providing you with an overall pleasant experience.

Walking tours require a decent amount of physical activity, so we do not recommend them for people with serious health conditions. Contact the tour operator in advance to see if the tour is wheelchair or stroller accessible.

What are the prices of Trevi Fountain tours?

The cost of a Trevi Fountain tour varies based on how long it lasts, what stops it makes, whether or not it is a private tour, whether or not it includes entrance fees and which tour operator you select.

You can expect to pay anywhere from €3 to €399. An underground tour costs between €35 and €42, a food and wine tour costs about €89, and a fast access tour costs €189 to €369. You will pay between €31 and €100 for an evening or nighttime walking tour.

You have many options to choose from, so you can surely find something that fits your budget!

Where do Trevi Fountain tours start?

The departure point for your Trevi Fountain tour will depend on which tour you book. Most tours make stops at multiple attractions, so the starting point could be at any of them. The tour operator will communicate these details with you when you book your spot.

For the sake of planning, you will probably meet at Campo Dei Fiori, the Pantheon, the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain. Make sure you confirm with your tour operator ahead of time to avoid confusion.

Most tours do not provide transportation to the departure point.

When is the best time to visit the Trevi Fountain?

The Trevi Fountain continuously runs, so you can visit it at any time of the day. You will have a completely different experience if you visit at night than you would in the morning and vice versa.

You can attempt to avoid large crowds by visiting early in the morning. The fountain is extremely crowded for most of the day. If you visit in the afternoon, prepare for massive crowds and intense sun.

Visiting the fountain at night is a whole new experience because it gets completely lit up. The lights put the magnificent architecture on display.

You can expect crowds whenever you visit, but you can try and avoid them by visiting early in the morning or late in the evening. It's better to visit the fountain towards the beginning of your stay in Rome, so you can get acquainted with your surroundings and some of the city’s history.

Travel tips

  • Arrive at the fountain early to try and avoid massive crowds.
  • Wear comfortable shoes on your walking tour!
  • Make sure you carry a coin with you to make a wish at the fountain.