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79 Fun & Unusual Things to Do in Bangkok

Adorned by luscious natural scapes, while simultaneously centered in a beautiful urban landscape, crisscrossed by large and small rivers and canals, Bangkok is a must-visit destination for everyone looking for something a little outside the box. From its fabulous floating markets to its stunning architectural works of art intermixing modern design and traditional influence, Bangkok […]

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10 Best Boat Tours in Cyprus

A melting pot of Cypriot, Greek, and Turkish cultures, with a history that is as complex as it is fascinating, Cyprus is an island that has something for everyone. The southern side of the paradise island – what we know today just as ‘Cyprus’ – is full of Greek heritage. Along the coast, whether that […]

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6 Best Boat Tours in Capri you Shouldn’t Miss

An island renowned for its dramatic coastline and chic celebrity visitors, Capri is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Its rugged mountainous landscape brilliantly contrasts its colorful and quaint fishing villages, while its azure waters and white sandy beaches beckon travelers from all over. Just across the Tyrrhenian Sea from Naples – and […]

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10 Best Boat Tours in Bali you Shouldn’t Miss

Book one of the best boat tours in Bali today and revel in the impressive beauty of this unique destination! Whether you’re looking for a leisurely day trip, an action-packed adventure, or something in between, there’s a boat tour to suit your needs – be it a private charter, group tour, or transport boat out […]

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33 Fun Things to Do in Cape Canaveral, Florida

It’s blessed by warm rays year-round, made all the better with the cool Atlantic sea breeze. Yet still, Florida’s Cape Canaveral is far more than merely a beachy getaway; it’s a treasure trove of nature, science, museums, and history, all rolled into one – and served with a hefty side of rocket launches thanks to […]

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30 Fun Things to Do in Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy sits on the southwestern coast of the country. With its stunning sea views, delicious cuisine, and charming architecture, it’s among the best places to visit in Italy. And thanks to its proximity to such popular attractions as Pompeii and the city of Naples – not to mention tons of lovely little towns and islands […]

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40 Fun & Unusual Things to Do in Cyprus

Tucked in the Mediterranean Sea between Turkey, Greece, and Syria, Cyprus boasts a rich history and culture spanning millennia, as well as some truly stunning natural scenery. Although the island – which is also the third-largest and third-most populated island in the Mediterranean – may not always get as much attention as its neighbors, it […]

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33 Best Places to Visit in Spain

Brimming with cultural charm, stunning architecture, world-class cities, and small,  picturesque villages – Spain is undoubtedly a country that is often a must-visit for many travel lovers all over the world. Taking the title as the second most visited country in the European Union with approximately 82.7 million travelers, right after France, Spain’s numerous UNESCO […]

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