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Sagrada Familia: Tickets and Tours

The Sagrada Familia, meaning the Holy Family in Spanish, is considered to be the most modernist church in the world. With its stunning interior construction, the Sagrada Familia has become a symbol of Barcelona, reflecting the splendor of Catalonia.

The Sagrada Familia is one of the most iconic sights in the whole of Barcelona, and despite the fact that it is still unfinished, construction continues to this very day. From humble beginnings, the imposing church has grown to its impressive height witnessed today by millions of visitors every single year.

Book your Sagrada Familia tickets and get straight into Gaudí’s unfinished masterpiece - one of the most ambitious and eccentric architectural projects of the past century.

How much do Sagrada Familia tickets cost?

There are several ways to experience the Basilica. You may find below all the different options including tickets price.

Sagrada Familia standard ticket

This ticket include basic entry to the Sagrada Familia without any additional services.

  • Adults: 20 € (US$ 23)
  • Students: 18 € (US$ 20)
  • Youths under 30 years old: 18 € (US$ 20)
  • Seniors: 16 € (US$ 18)
  • Disabled: FREE
  • Children under 11 years old: FREE

Sagrada Familia standard ticket with audioguide

This ticket includes entry to Sagrada Familia with an audioguide. Please note this ticket is not available to children under the age of 11 years old.

  • Adults: 26 € (US$ 29)
  • Students: 24 € (US$ 27)
  • Youths under 30 years old: 24 € (US$ 27)
  • Seniors: 21 € (US$ 24)
  • Disabled: 8 € (US$ 9)

Sagrada Familia standard ticket with Gaudi House Museum

The ticket includes access to both exhibits. Explore the place where Gaudi resided along with the church he inspired to create.

  • Adults: 28 € (US$ 32)
  • Students: 26 € (US$ 29)
  • Youths under 30 years old: €26 (US$ 29)
  • Seniors: 23 € (US$ 26)
  • Disabled: 8 € (US$ 9)
  • Children under 11 years old: FREE

Sagrada Familia tickets with towers access

The ticket includes an audio guide and access to the highest part of the Basilica. Please note the towers are not open to children under the age of 11 years old.

  • Adults: 33 € (US$ 37)
  • Students: 31 € (US$ 35)
  • Youths under 30 years old: 31 € (US$ 35)
  • Seniors: 27 € (US$ 30)

How do you book Sagrada Familia tickets online? How do you skip the line?

Sagrada Familiar tickets are available through the official website and online travel agnecies such as Viator, Headout, Tiqets and Getyourguide to name a few. Make sure to use our search engine and compare all the offers, you may find some discounted tickets for your desired date.

If you wish to skip the line, purchasing tickets in advance is the best way to avoid queuing at the entrance. All Sagrada Familia tickets booked online include fast-track access. Also be aware that tickets bought at the gate are more expensive than booked online.

Are there any combined tickets including Sagrada Familia tickets and other attractions?

There are a few ways to package access to Basilica de la Sagrada Familia with other attractions in Barcelona. You may find below the most popular combined offers.

Sagrada Familia + Park Güell: Visit the two most famous landmarks of Barcelona in the same day. Park Guell features outstanding views of Barcelona along with fabulous gardens.

Sagrada Familia + Casa Batlló: Explore the Sagrada Familia along with Casa Batlló, another masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi.

Sagrada Familia + Montserrat: Enjoy a combined tour of Montserrat monastery and Gaudí’s basilica of the Sagrada Familia.

Are there any Sagrada Familia guided tours? Are they worth it?

There are several reasons to book a Sagrada Familia guided tour:

  • Priority Access: Basilica de la Sagrada Familia is one of the most popular attractions in Spain. Guided tours ensure you have a timed slot ticket to visit and see the Basilica for your desired date. Skip the line and enjoy the tour.
  • Exclusive access to the facilities: Visitors receive rare treats like access to places in the Basilica that may not be open to the general public.
  • Opportunity to learn more: Sagrada Familia is one of the finest architectural examples of Antoni Gaudi. Learn more about the brilliant designer through a knowledgeable guide.

Are Sagrada Familia tickets included in any attractions city passes?

Sagrada Familia skip the line tickets get included with the Barcelona Pass, Barcelona City Pass and the Iventure Card.

City passes are a worthwhile investment for those visiting Barcelona for an extended amount of time with availability to see multiple attractions.

Is it possible to visit the Sagrada Familia for free?

If you are traveling on a tight budget, you may visit the Sagrada Familia for free by attending the Sunday mass. Since October 2017, the public can attend the mass every Sunday morning starting at 9 am.

Make sure to arrive 30 minutes earlier and dress appropriately.

What will I see?

The Sagrada Familia is without a doubt one of the most impressive and popular places to visit in Barcelona, and it is the building which everyone thinks of when they picture the city. Still unfinished, yet highly impressive, the Sagrada Familia has a real fairy-tale and gothic feel to it when you set eyes on it, with huge towers shooting high into the sky, and jaw-dropping detail on the outer facades.

Gaudi was very aware that a construction of this scale was going to last years, centuries even, which is why the outer and front sections were first to be constructed. It was hoped that the sheer wonder of the starting point of construction would encourage building to continue throughout the decades and centuries to come. It worked!

Visiting Sagrada Familia gives you an idea of how much it means to the modern splendor of Catalonia. It is among the most visited attractions in Spain for its stunning design and construction. Very few places on earth leave you awestruck like gawking up at the massive basilica.

Regarding the architecture itslef, you will admire four separate bell towers which are dedicated to four saints, St Matthew, St Jude, St Simon, and St Barnabas. The Passion façade is another very popular section of the church, completed in 1976. As this was after Gaudi’s death, the building was guided by his detailed drawings. The overall feel is extravagant and detailed. The façade of Glory is still under heavy construction, and construction began only in 2002. This section is dedicated to the glory of Jesus, and there are to be four more bell towers, dedicated to a further four saints. The interior of the Sagrada Familia is truly mind-blowing, with a huge religious significance which is based mainly on the Gospels as well as the book of the apocalypse. The arches, the keystones, the main vault, the stained glass windows, the naves, it is all designed to be one of the most opulent of its kind and it certainly is.

The towers of the Sagrada Familia can be visited as well. However, be aware that the entrance tickets to the towers of the Sagrada Famila are different from the main entrance. It is recommended to book the tickets ahead cause they sell out very fast. The view from the top of the towers is breath-taking.

What is the best time to visit Sagrada Familia? How to avoid the crowd?

You should visit Sagrada Familia early in the morning. The views of the early sunrise are spectacular, as are the views in the evening during dusk. The biggest crowds are usually mid-day, especially on weekends and holidays.

What are the Sagrada Familia opening hours?

The opening hours of Sagrada Familia depend on the season. The winter hours are normally from 9 am to 6 pm. During the summer months, closing hours generally get extended to 7-8 pm. Different hours get reserved for holidays and special events.

Travel Tips

  • Buy tickets in advance: Sagrada Familia tickets sell out fast.
  • Book online: Tickets are cheaper booked online than on site.
  • If tickets are sold out on the official website, use our search engine. Some tickets may be available with some of our partners.
  • Make sure to arrive on time. Your Sagrada Familia tickets will include a time slot, you will need to reach the entrance in time to receive admission.