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Casa Batlló: Tickets and Tours

Step inside Casa Batlló and visit Gaudí’s most creative modernist building. Casa Batlló is one of the many fine works of Antonio Gaudi, though some argue it is perhaps his finest achievement. Casa Batlló is situated in the center of Barcelona and, like other works of Gaudi, is known for its unusual presentation and modernist design.

Learn about the Gaudí’s approach to architecture and admire surprising details along the way. Gaudi always had a forward-thinking mind and therefore implemented features into the iconic building that no one had seen. It is a fantastic opportunity to marvel at its progressive splendor and snap countless photos to take home with you!

Book your Casa Batlló tickets and visit one of the renovated apartments that put Gaudi's unforgettable work in the spotlight. Casa Batlló is one of Gaudí’s masterpieces and one of Barcelona’s iconic landmarks.

How much do Casa Batlló tickets cost?

There are several Casa Batlló tickets available. Please find below tickets price and details.

There are 3 different packages for standard tickets: Blue, Silver, and Gold.

Casa Batlló Blue Ticket

This ticket includes Casa Batlló entrance ticket and the smart guide (augmented reality).

  • Adults: 25 € (US$ 28)
  • Seniors, students, juniors (7-18 years old): 22 € (US$ 24.50)
  • Residents: 15 € (US$ 17)
  • Children (under 7 years old): FREE

Casa Batlló Silver Ticket

This ticket includes Casa Batlló entrance ticket, the smart guide (augmented reality), and access to the Private Hall.

  • Adults: 33 € (US$ 36.50)
  • Seniors, students, juniors (7-18 years old): 30 € (US$ 33)
  • Residents: 23 € (US$ 25.50)
  • Children (under 7 years old): FREE

Casa Batlló Gold Ticket

This ticket includes Casa Batlló entrance ticket, the smart guide (augmented reality), access to the Private Hall, FastPass (skip the line), a vintage photo and free cancellation.

  • Adults: 35 € (US$ 39)
  • Seniors, students, juniors (7-18 years old): 32 € (US$ 35.50)
  • Residents: 25 € (US$ 28)
  • Children (under 7 years old): FREE

Casa Batlló Early Access Ticket

This ticket includes access to Casa Batlló at 8.30 am, before it opens its doors and the smart guide (augmented reality).

  • All visitors: 39 € (US$ 43)
  • Children (under 7 years old): FREE

Theatrical Visit

A unique way to experience Casa Batlló as you not only receive a guided tour, yet your tour guide is none other than Antonio Gaudi. Actors portray the iconic Spanish architect and his maid as you walk around the property.

  • All visitors: 37 € (US$ 41)
  • Children (under 7 years old): FREE

How do you find cheap Casa Batlló tickets online?

Casa Batlló tickets are available through the official website. However if you are looking for cheap tickets, we strongly recommend you to use our search engine. Compare tickets available on online travel agencies websites such as Tiqets, Getyourguide or Headout to name a few. You will often find discounted tickets.

Are there any combined tickets including Casa Batlló tickets and other attractions in Barcelona?

Absolutely. There are a few ways to combine Casa Batlló tickets with other attractions in Barcelona. You may find below the most popular options.

Casa Batlló + Sagrada Familia: Visit the Holy Family, another crucial work of art by Antonio Gaudi. The combined offer takes you to both attractions in a single day!

Casa Batlló + Park Güell: Another outstanding way to see two iconic works by renowned architect Antonio Gaudi that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Casa Batlló + Casa Milà: Visit the two most popular private residences ever designed by Antonio Gaudi through exclusive tours.

Are Casa Batlló guided tours worth it?

Booking a guided tour offers many advantage.

  • Skip the line: No need to queue, head straight inside Casa Batlló.
  • Learn more: Your guide will answer all your questions and will enrich the experience by telling the history of this stunning place.
  • Access to exclusive areas: Some tours offers the possibility to visit restricted areas.

Use our search engine and compare all the guided tours available. Note that some guided tours (night tours, theatrical visits) are limited in time and numbers of visitors. Book ahead of time to make sure to secure a spot. You don’t want to miss out on this special opportunity to learn more about the construction of Casa Batlló as well as receive a show following Gaudi around.

What will I see?

Visiting Casa Batlló is a unique sightseeing experience. You will discover one of the renovated apartments that put Gaudi's unforgettable work in the spotlight.

Casa Batlló is part of the Illa de la Discòrdia, or “Block of Discord” located in the center of Barcelona. The Block of Discord is a major highlight of the city center as it contains several prominent buildings designed by Modernist architects.

Casa Batlló is the most noteworthy of all the buildings on the block. It is considered as one of Antonio Gaudi’s finest masterpieces for its elegant yet unusual design. The private residence was erected in 1904 and has been refurbished over the decades.

Locals refer to Casa Batlló as the “House of Bones” because of its skeletal presentation. The ground floor is incredibly different and awe-inspiring. It features irregular oval windows and sculpted stone that seemingly appears out of nowhere.

The Art Nouveau structure features remote straight lines as Gaudi was always known for breaking traditions. A colorful mosaic dominates the façade with broken ceramic tiles that contribute to its overall appearance.

Visitors also appreciate looking up at the roof, which many locals believe has deeper meanings. The arched roof gets compared to a dragon, and some speculate that Gaudi used the roof to represent the lance of Saint George plunging into the dragon. Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia, where Gaudi was born and spent most of his life.

Explore this incredible landmark and come back home with stunning pictures. Casa Batlló is a must-visit on anyone’s trip to Barcelona.

Are Casa Batlló tickets included in any attractions city passes?

The Barcelona Pass does include admission to Casa Batlló. The city pass is a smart investment if you want to visit several attractions during your stay in Barcelona. It gives you free entry to over 20 top attractions in Barcelona, including bus tours, museums and other important landmarks of the city.

What is the best time to visit Casa Batlló? How to avoid the crowd?

Casa Batlló is one of the many popular works of art of Antonio Gaudi in Catalonia and one of the most visited attractions in Barcelona. Be ware that weekends and holidays are extremely busy. We recommend you to visit on weekdays and early morning from 9-11 am.

If you wish to avoid the crowd, booking an early access ticket is the best option. Every day, a handful of lucky visitors get the privilege of entering Casa Batlló t 8:30 am, before the doors open.

What are Casa Batlló opening hours?

Casa Batlló is open every day of the year from 9 am to 8 pm. Please note that the final entry of the day is available at 7 pm. We recommend allowing at least an hour to tour the facility.

Travel Tips

  • Make sure to book early. Tickets get sold in timed slots. The limited availability makes purchasing in plenty of advance very important to secure the day and time you want to visit Casa Batlló.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early so you make sure you don’t miss out on the tour. Refunds are not available.
  • Visitors in wheelchairs will be able to access the most important areas.
  • Pets are allowed to enter, as long as they are properly supervised by their owners.

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