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Do you want to know what is the best way to get your Colosseum tickets? Find out what is the price for each kind of ticket, how to skip the line, who is eligible for discounts, special combos including other attractions and more!

On this page, you will find a comprehensive guide to getting tickets for the Colosseum.

How much do Colosseum tickets cost?

There is no one answer to this question as there are several ways to access the Colosseum thanks to different ticket types. While they all include access to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, some may also offer access to restricted areas, such as the Arena, the Underground or the Belvedere.

You can read the description below and decide which one you prefer. Or you can also use TourScanner to compare all the tickets and guided visits available.

1. Standard Ticket

Purchasing a ticket at the Colosseum entrance costs €16 per person (from 1st November 2019). If you opt to buy the ticket online, it will cost €18.

While you can book tickets at the entrance, however it should be noted that queues at the entrance are often incredibly long and so it is advisable to book your ticket in advance.

You can book the standard tickets online on the official website. By booking online, you will be able to skip the main line at the entrance, but you will still need to go through the security check, which cannot be avoided.

The standard ticket includes the access to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. The ticket is valid for 24 hours, and only with one entrance to the Colosseum and one entrance to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

The reduced price is 4 € (2€ for the ticket and 2€ for the online reservation). The reduced tickets must be picked up at the entrance.

You also have the option to opt for an audio guide, which costs 5 € additional or rent an iPod Touch, for 6 € more.

2. Forum Pass Super ticket

The Forum Pass Super ticket does not include access to the Colosseum, but only the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill plus Seven Unique Places to Experience in Rome.

The price of the Forum pass Super ticket is 16 € at the entrance or 18 € when purchased online on the official website.

The ticket includes the entrance to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill plus 7 additional places:

  • House of Augustus
  • Aula Isiaca – Loggia Mattei
  • Palatine Museum
  • Neronian Cryptoporticus
  • House of Livia
  • Santa Maria Antiqua
  • Santa Maria Antiqua with the Oratory of the Forty Martyrs and the Domitian Ramp

3. Full Experience Ticket: Colosseum tickets with access to the the 3rd, 4th and 5th tiers

Belvedere means a ‘beautiful view’ in Italian and this is exactly what you will enjoy from the top floors.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th tiers were opened to the public only in 2017. However, only a limited number of visitors are allowed, which is why you must choose a tour and a single entrance ticket is not enough. But it’s worth it thanks to the 360 degree view of the skyline from the top.

The price of the tours depends on the provider and you can decide whether to opt for a group tour or a private visit. There are also tours that includes the other restricted sections of the Colosseum, such as the gladiator’s Arena and the Underground.

There are many options to compare and the use of TourScanner can be very helpful.

4. Full Experience Ticket: Colosseum tickets including the gladiator Arena

Colosseum’s Arena is another restricted section. As for the Belvedere, the entrance to the Gladiator’s Arena is available only with special tickets, which are very often included in the tours. The guide will take you to the other side of the amphitheater and walk you through the Gladiator’s entrance.

Some tours include only the ticket and a host who will lead you to the Arena, while others will include the guided visit as well.

5. Full Experience Ticket: Colosseum tickets including the Underground chambers

Colosseum Underground Tickets

Pick this option and you will be with an expert guide who will tell you all about history. This is a tour that’ll take you to the Underground Chambers. You can read more specific information in our guide about Colosseum underground tickets. These tours also include a visit to Palatine Hill and Roman Forum.

The price of the Underground tours depends very much on the provider, the duration of the tour and whether there are other sections included.

6. The Colosseum by night tickets

Colosseum night tickets

You can enjoy exclusive tours when it is dark outside. This thrilling experience will give you access to the Underground Chambers and Gladiators Arena for an incredible experience. You can visit the Colosseum at night only with guided visits. The number of tickets is limited per day; so, if your only option is visiting the Colosseum at night, be sure to book in advance.

Who are eligible for discounts?

You can get a discount if you’re between the ages of 18 to 25 and come from the European Union.

Other than this, you can also get a discount if you teach in a school in a country that’s a part of the EU.

The discounted price is 4€.

Is it possible to visit the Colosseum for free?

Yes. You can visit the Colosseum for free if:

  • You are under the age of 18.
  • You are a fixed-term or permanent teacher in Italy
  • You visit the Colosseum on the first Sunday of the month

You will have to present a proof of profession in order to avail discounts or free entrance. Also, free tickets can only be booked at the entrance on a first come first serve basis.

What is included in the Colosseum ticket? What will you see?

When you visit the Colosseum, you will have access to three main corners with each having mini sections. You will, however, have to purchase separate tickets to get access to certain corners – most of which can only be visited in a group (Arena, Underground, Belvedere).

The Colosseum

The world’s largest amphitheater ever built rests in the middle of Rome. It’s an oval-shaped structure built of concrete, tuff and travertine. Built in AD 80 under Titus, the Colosseum could hold over 70,000 people who came to enjoy spectacles such as animal hunts and mock sea battles.

While a large part of the Colosseum has been destroyed, about half of it is still well preserved and offers history lovers a chance to see the past. Visitors also have the option to go in tours to see blocked areas including the Gladiator Arena, Underground Chambers and top floors.

You can pick a tour that includes one, two or all of these options. The Gladiator Arena is a must-visit if you want to see how the Gladiators fought. It will walk you through the exclusive entrance. Underground chambers are pretty nice as well and have been well preserved. This is where the wild animals were kept.

Similarly, top tier floors, which opened recently, can be visited as well for a nice view of not just the Colosseum but the city as well.

The Palatine Hill

When you visit the Colosseum, pay a visit the Seven Hills of Rome as well. A visit is included in all tickets and will give you access to many monuments including the House of Augustus, House of Livia, Domus Flavia, Farnese Gardens, Palatine museum, and Hippodrome of Domitian. It’s also a nice place to enjoy breathtaking views of the Roman Forum.

It’s free for seniors (65 or more) and can be visited from 8am to 7pm.

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum used to be the hub of the Roman Empire and is surrounded by the ruins of official buildings. The entrance to the Roman Forum is included in all tickets to the Colosseum.

Visit it to enjoy temples and know how one of the world’s oldest civilizations lived.

Skip the Line Tickets – How do you avoid the queue?

If you’re in a hurry or do no want to waste hours standing in a queue for tickets then opt for skip-the-line tickets that can only be purchased online.

The official site sells these for a higher fee (2 €) but you also book tickets from online agencies. The best option is to compare all available options through TourScanner so you can pick one that’s the most affordable and offers the best features.

Cancel/modify your Colosseum tickets?

Some providers are flexible and allow free cancellations or modifications. It’s best that you check terms and conditions and ask the provider about such policies.

Is the Colosseum Ticket included in the Roma Pass?

The Roma Pass includes the access to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Forum, but you will need to reserve the time of the entrance into the Colosseum.

What are the Colosseum opening hours?

You can visit the Colosseum any day – except for festivities (Jan 1st, May 1st and Dec 25th).

It opens at 8:30 am but closing hours change from season to season. Typically, the Colosseum closes one hour before sunset:

Opening: 8:30 am everyday


  • 4:30 pm: until February 15
  • 5:00 pm: from February 16 to March 15
  • 5:30 pm: from March 16 to last Saturday of March
  • 7:15 pm: from the last Sunday of March to August 31
  • 7:00 pm: from September 1 to September 30
  • 6:30 pm: from October 1 to last Saturday of October

You will not be allowed entry if there is less than an hour to close.

Avoid the crowd – What is the best time to visit the Colosseum?

The Colosseum is one of Rome’s busiest attractions. If you do not wish to wait queuing for a long time, booking a tour is a great option to skip the line. But if you wish to enjoy your visit without huge crowds of tourists around you, you can opt to visit the Colosseum either in the early morning or in the evening. Tickets and guided tours designed for those specific time slots are great option to avoid the crowds.

Early Morning options

Visit the Colosseum early in the morning and beat the crowds. Skip the line to get inside with your priority entrance ticket. You will discover Rome’s key ancient landmarks before the crowds and the heat are at their peak.

Night options

It is also possible to visit the Colosseum by night after regular closing time. However to enter the Colosseum by night, you will need to book a guided tour as you need to be accompanied by a tour guide.

Colosseum tickets tips

  • While you can purchase tickets from the entrance, it’s best to book online. It will cost you a little more (2 € if you book through the official site) but can save you a lot of time and effort as you will not have to stand in queues.
  • Do not purchase ticket from random ticket sellers on-site. Also, buy through reliable online sellers.
  • Expect high security. Also, you will not be allowed to enter with backpacks and other such items so be careful about what you carry.
  • No cloakroom. Take care of the coat and carry a water bottle, too.
  • Make sure to ask about terms and conditions when you book online. Plus, some tickets may be dated and you must visit on consecutive days. Be clear about such factors to avoid inconvenience.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you may have to walk a lot.
  • Carry an ID proof at all times, and don’t forget your school document in case you wish to avail discounts or free entrance.

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