TourScanner Editorial Guidelines

About TourScanner

TourScanner is on a mission to simplify the way people travel. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience their dream destinations and create lifelong memories. No more trawling through countless pages. We place your next adventure right at your fingertips.

Besides organizing tours and travel activities in an easily-navigable search engine on our product catalog, which is available on our homepage, we also produce content on our blog about these experiences to not only inform our users but also inspire them to seek out new travel adventures.

Our product catalog includes a wide range of travel experiences organized by destination. Whether the user is searching for attraction tickets, sightseeing tours, outdoor adventures, gastronomic experiences or day trips to other cities, TourScanner has got it covered.

To help our users choose the best offers for their needs and preferences, they can scroll through our product catalog to easily compare prices from different booking platforms for similar activities.

In addition, each product category includes a useful guide written by one of our expert content writers to help users quickly understand how each offer differs from one another. Instead of visiting dozens of websites, users can find all the information they need in one place and more conveniently choose the best value tours and travel activities for their trip.

TourScanner Travel Blog

In the blog, TourScanner goes beyond the product catalog and focuses on inspiring travelers with suggestions for fun things to do and unique places to visit in and around their travel destination.

The blog includes many places, attractions and activities that are not sold via TourScanner to give users a more complete picture of everything that awaits them at their travel destination. Our expert content writers accompany each travel suggestion with engaging and practical content to help users make the most of their trip.

Find out more about the TourScanner team and mission in the About Us and FAQs sections.

Editorial Process

TourScanner utilizes the experience and expertise of a diverse team of content writers, editors and managers, who have set foot in every continent of the planet (except Antarctica, but we’re working on it!).

The first step during the content planning stage is to find the best match between writer and destination. This is to ensure that our content is written by someone who can draw upon first-hand experience when sharing tips and descriptions about local tours and travel activities. Please refer to our content writer bios to see all the places we’ve been.

Next, our writers complement their first-hand experience with extensive research on the destination and its travel activities to confirm their own impressions and consider advice from other travelers that could be useful for our users.

After the writing process is complete, the writer submits the content to our team of editors, who revise the text not only for spelling and grammatical errors but also to fact check and ensure the accuracy of the writer’s tips and descriptions.

Then, our team of content managers publish the final version of the text, along with related multimedia and appropriate linking to optimize the user experience during their research and potential purchase of tours and travel activities in a specific destination.

This summarizes the editorial process TourScanner follows for the content on all our pages, including blog articles (94 Things to do in Las Vegas, 66 Fun Things to do in NYC) and the product catalog guides found on our product pages (Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour London, Amalfi Coast Day Trips from Rome), city pages (Dubai, New York City) and category pages (Day Trips from Las Vegas, Oahu Sightseeing Tours).

Later, our team of localization managers translates the content into six other languages (Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch). Each manager is a native speaker and is responsible for the translation of the text into his native language and the localization for the specific audience and region. The process is carried forward by one translator and one localization manager who is responsible for the final editing, proofreading and publication. For some specific cases, the content can be created directly in one of those languages

Quality Control

Our content editors and managers regularly review our published content to ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date.

However, we greatly appreciate feedback from our users to help verify this information. If you see anything that you think is incorrect or outdated, please contact us.

Attribution & Sources

Freelance and in-house expert travel writers produce all the written content on TourScanner, as can be confirmed in the byline for each blog post.

Our multimedia comes from the real travels of real people — including our team members, TourScanner followers and those who’ve booked tours through our partners. This is supplemented by high-quality photos and videos taken by talented travel photographers.

Transparency & Integrity

TourScanner primarily creates independent editorial content. Any advertisements or sponsored content is clearly marked and separated from our own expert tips, opinions and advice.

Affiliate Links

TourScanner’s product catalog and blog include affiliate links to tours and travel activities listed on our partners’ online booking platforms. For each booking directed to our partners, we receive a small commission at no extra cost to our users.

Most links on the blog direct the users to specific search pages on TourScanner website, in order to help the users to discover more, check the products and availability, compare the prices and filter and sorting in a numerous ways. Once the user has chosen the product, he will be redirected to the selected trusted partner to proceed with the booking and payment (in this redirection, an affiliate link may be placed).

Affiliate links are central to TourScanner’s business model. However, our primary goal is to guide and inspire users to discover the best places to go and things to do at their next travel destination, regardless of whether or not we receive a commission.

We provide links to enable our users to easily book these travel experiences. Sometimes these links direct users to the attraction or tour provider, without any affiliation or compensation involved. Sometimes they direct users to one of our affiliate booking site partners through an affiliate link.

Generative AI Policy

Humans write and edit the content on our site. We believe that expert, local writers are best able to produce high-quality content that our users will find informative, engaging and inspirational when planning their next traveling adventure.

Meanwhile, TourScanner doesn’t rule out the possibility of using generative AI as a tool to assist our writers and editors improve the grammar, style and accuracy of their work to produce the highest quality and most useful content for our users. However, humans are in the driver’s seat of content generation while AI sits as a helpful companion in the passenger’s seat.

We’re currently testing how generative AI tools can leverage our human written proprietary content to provide the best answers to user queries. We envision that AI tools can be effective in helping the user navigate our content, analyze texts, summarize the most important information or serve as a starting point to generate ideas, organize content and create useful travel itineraries.

In the localization process, TourScanner employs AI tools to generate a basic translation of the content from one language to another. However, a human editor proofreads and revises the text to optimize it for engagement and readability while a localization manager localizes the language and content to their regional audience.

In any case, TourScanner does not publish text or multimedia content generated or edited by AI without a human editor having the final say.

TourScanner not only publishes content for travelers by fellow travelers but also for humans by fellow humans.