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Are you wondering which of the many Colosseum tours is right for you? On this page, you will find a comprehensive guide to Colosseum Tours, including: private tours, group tours, night tours, tours for kids & family, and more.

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Colosseum tours – Is it worth taking a tour?

The Colosseum is wonderful and it is the symbol of Rome. The Colosseum cannot be missed if you are visiting Rome and traveling through Italy. The Colosseum is one of the most visited places in the world with over 4.2 million yearly visitors.

You can visit the Colosseum by booking:

  • Tickets – Many people prefer to visit the Colosseum and explore it on their own. If that is what you prefer, then book a ticket and get started. You can read our guide about the several types of tickets for the Colosseum.
  • Tours – If you prefer a guided tour, read ahead. We have covered all that you need to know about how to choose the best Colosseum tour.

There are several reasons to book a tour:

  • Access to exclusive areas: the Colosseum has private areas that can only be visited as a part of a tour. These includes: Underground Chambers, Gladiator’s Arena, and Belvedere (3rd, 4th and 5th floors).
  • You get a guide!  
    • Your guide will make everything easy. You will just need to show up at the meeting point and your guide will make sure that everything goes well.
    • Your guide will answer all your questions and will enrich the experience by telling the history of Ancient Rome.
    • You will be sure that you will not miss anything important.
  • Guaranteed access: the Colosseum can only accommodate 3,000 people per day. Therefore, Colosseum tickets can be sold out. If they are sold out, you still have a chance to visit the Colosseum by booking a tour.

Which kind of Colosseum Tours are available?

The Colosseum can be visited in several ways. When you select a tour, there are 3 variables:

  1. The type of tour:
    • Audio-guided tours
    • Group tours
    • Private Tours
    • Express tours
    • Virtual Reality tours
    • Tours for kids & family
  2. The sections that you will see:
    • Colosseum tours with access to 1st and 2nd floor (basic tour)
    • Colosseum tours with access to the 3rd, 4th and 5th tiers.
    • Colosseum tours including the Gladiator’s Arena
    • Colosseum tours including the Underground Chambers
  3. The moment in the day
    • Colosseum by day
    • Colosseum tours by night

Of course, the additional variables are the price and availability (date and time).

All the tours include the skip the line tickets and the ticket for the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Decide what type of Colosseum tours you want to book

Colosseum audio-guided tours

Audio-guided tours are the cheapest option. You can rent an audio-guide at the entrance together with your basic ticket. Audio-guides are available in multiple languages.

The audio tour will provide you with a lot of information regarding the Colosseum, but it cannot fully substitute the human interaction. The audio guide, after all, will not answer your questions.

Colosseum group tours

A group tour is a classical tour in which there are a guide and a group of people attending the tour. Usually, there are between 20 and 30 people in a group, but there are also options in which the total number of participants is limited to a lower number, such as 12 or 15. There are also semi-private tours with a maximum number of participants between 6 and 10.

Of course, group tours are cheaper than private tours, but the experience can be more dependent on who are the participants in your group.

There are many tour operators offering group tours and it’s smart to compare the prices through TourScanner.

Colosseum private tours

Private tours are a perfect option if you want to experience the most of your visit to the Colosseum. In private tours, you will have a guide fully dedicated to you (and your family).

Private tours are suggested in particular if you are looking for:

  • Privacy: private tours offer great privacy. You do not have to rub shoulders with others and no other person will interrupt you as you speak.
  • Customization: your guide will take into consideration your inputs when deciding for the itinerary. The tour will also proceed at your own pace.
  • Enhanced experience:private tours usually guarantee a higher quality of the experience, because the guide is fully dedicated to interacting with you.

If you are a large group or a numerous family, private tours may also be cheaper than group tours.

Colosseum virtual reality tours

If you love technology and want to get close to history, then this should be your go-to option. Virtual reality Colosseum tours will take you to ancient Rome as you wear the Oculus.

Watch the Colosseum come to life and Gladiators put on a show for you. With the VR set on, you can explore the Colosseum in real-time, surrounded by VR lions and life. It can be a unique experience and the best choice for tech lovers.

Virtual reality tours are available with the support of an audio guide or with a human guide, who will guide you through the experience.

Colosseum express tours

If you are in a hurry, then book these tours. They usually cover only the Colosseum in about 1 – 1.5 hour. The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, included in the ticket as well, are left to be explored by yourself alone.

Express tours are the cheapest option.

Colosseum tours for kids & family

Colosseum tours for kids & families

The Colosseum has something to offer for everyone. If you’re planning to go with your children, you should consider booking a tour customized for kids and families.

These tours are specially designed for kids: they are more interactive and they require minimum effort. The guides are also extremely professional and will take care of your entire family.

Check out available Colosseum tours for kids & family through TourScanner and compare all options before you pick one. The cheapest one goes for only 30 €.

Decide which section you want to see

Colosseum tours – 1st and 2nd levels (Basic tour)

Visitors booking a basic ticket or a tour which does not include any special section of the Colosseum will get access to these levels. From the second level, you will be able to see the interior of the Colosseum, but you will not be allowed to enter the Arena, the Underground or take a view to the outside of the Colosseum (such as from the Belvedere).

Colosseum tours with access to the 3rd, 4th and 5th tiers (Belvedere)

In Italian, the word Belvedere means beautiful view. It is easy to guess why the visit to the top levels of the Colosseum has got this name.

The 360 degrees view over Rome that you can enjoy from the top of the Colosseum is breathtaking!

The 3rd, 4th and 5th tiers were opened to the public only in 2017. Only a limited number of visitors per day are allowed to visit this section of the Colosseum. And, the only way to get access to it is by a guided visit which includes this section.

Colosseum tours including the gladiator’s arena

The Arena is also a special section and it can be visited only through a guided visit or special tickets. From the Arena floor, you will see the Colosseum from the eyes of the gladiators. Your guide will also add many details about the spectacles, which were including the gladiators fighting against each other or wild animals such as lions and tigers.

Colosseum Underground tours

Colosseum Underground Tours

The dungeons of the Colosseum are also a special section which requires a tour to be visited. The tours will lead you to visit the Underground Chambers where the gladiators were training and preparing themselves for the fights. You will see also the sections in which there were the cages of the tigers and lions.

Most of the Underground tours include the access to the Arena as well. The price depends on the provider and you can easily find the cheapest Colosseum underground tours by using TourScanner. Colosseum underground tours are probably the best option to visit the Colosseum.

Decide when to visit the Colosseum

Colosseum morning tours

A massive number of people visit the Colosseum every year as it is one of the most magnificent tourist spots in the country. This is why it can often be crowded, which may prevent people from being able to explore it fully.

Most of the people are on holiday and don’t wake up so early. Therefore, the crowds start to arrive at the Colosseum during the late morning and early afternoon. Your best chance to avoid the crowds is to book the first slot of the morning tour, usually, at 9 am.

Colosseum by night tours

Colosseum night tours

The Colosseum looks amazing when the night falls. Pick these tours and enjoy access to Underground Chambers and the Gladiator’s Arena for an incredible experience.

The tours typically last for 2.5 hours and are worth the time.

The night tours include:

  • Exclusive, fast-track entry to the Colosseum by night
  • Access to exclusive areas (Gladiator’s Arena & Underground)
  • Access to Palatine Hill/Roman Forum
  • An experienced guide to answer all your questions

The cheapest tour is only 33 €. Check TourScanner to compare all the options.

Are there any Colosseum tours combined with other attractions?

Yes, some tours combine the Colosseum with the other two main places that you should visit in Rome: the Vatican museums & the Borghese Gallery.

Colosseum & Vatican Tours

The Vatican Museums are located in Vatican City and they host one of the largest collection of artworks in the world. The Vatican Museums are visited by 30,000 people per day. If you would like to visit these two attractions in one day, it is wise to book a tour that includes both of them.

Through these tours, you will visit the Colosseum in the morning and the Vatican in the afternoon (or the other way around), making it the perfect day in Rome. Having a guide and skip the line tickets, you will be sure to optimize your day in Rome. The visit to the Sistine Chapel is included in the Vatican Museums.

If you are planning your visit to the Vatican museums for another day, on TourScanner, you can get quickly compare tickets and tours for the Vatican Museums as well.

Colosseum & Borghese Gallery Tours

The Borghese Gallery is a beautiful art collection hosted in Villa Borghese, in the city center of Rome. The Bernini’s marble sculpture The Rape of Proserpina is the most famous artwork that can be admired in the gallery (our guide for the Borghese Gallery).

If you are planning to visit the Colosseum and the Borghese Gallery on the same day, it is a good idea to join a combo tour, through which you will optimize your time spent in Rome.

Are there any free Colosseum tours?

There are no free tours. The cheapest one (audio-guided tour) costs 5 € + entry ticket. You can walk outside the Colosseum for free and enjoy some views, but you must pay to enter the area and other sections.

However, if you wish to not pay for any tour and experience it for free of cost, make it a point to visit the magnificent Colosseum on the first Sunday of the month and enjoy free access. But, you cannot reserve for it: there will be a long line, unfortunately!

The entrance to the Colosseum if free for under 18 (ID needed) and full-time teachers in Italy.

Cancel/modify your Colosseum tour?

Some providers allow free cancellations while others charge a cancellation fee based on when the tour was canceled. Check in detail the conditions of each deal. If you have already reserved a tour, the terms and conditions should report whether you are allowed to get a refund if you cancel the visit.

Are any Colosseum tours included in the Roma Pass?

The Roma Pass includes access to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Forum. However, it does not include guided tours.

Colosseum tours tips

  • It’s best to book your tickets online. This will keep you safe from scams and also let you avoid long queues. Avoid random ticket sellers, they typically sell at a higher rate.
  • Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your timed visit. The area around the Colosseum is crowded and sometimes you can spend a few minutes to identify your guide at the meeting point. There are no refunds if you miss the meeting point at the correct time.
  • The security is tight so make sure to be ready for a check and keep dangerous items away as you may not be allowed to enter the Colosseum with such items.
  • There is no cloakroom so be careful about what you carry.

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