Borghese Gallery last minute tickets

Did you forget to get your tickets for the Borghese Gallery in advance? You will be in Rome in a few days and all the days are sold out for the time you are there?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Read below our suggestions for getting Borghese Gallery last minute tickets from other sources than the official website.

Are you ready to book your Borghese Gallery ticket right now? Don’t feel like reading ahead? Book now your ticket.

How can I buy Borghese Gallery last minute tickets when it is sold out on the official website?

buy Borghese Gallery last minute tickets when it is sold out

As you have probably seen already on the official website of the Borghese Gallery, entrance tickets sell out very fast, and it is almost impossible to get a ticket last minute. Usually, you need to book the tickets in advance, often 2-3 months ahead.

However, there are a lot of resellers where you can buy Borghese Gallery tickets; some may have some tickets still available for your preferred date.

You are also in the right place to avoid checking tens of websites: TourScanner aggregates all of them so you can quickly check which website has still some availabilities.

If you still don’t find any Borghese Gallery tickets, then, it’s probably really sold out. The only way to visit the Borghese Gallery will be to book a guided tour.

Borghese Gallery last minute tickets

How much do Borghese Gallery tickets cost?

Borghese Gallery tickets cost €13.

Discounted tickets cost €4 (for citizens of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland aged between 18 and 25 years old, and regular teachers in state schools).

Tickets for visitors under 18 cost €2.

Travel tips

Borghese Gallery last minute tickets travel tips

If you are an art lover, the Borghese Gallery is a must visit in Rome. Currently located in the fantastic gardens of the Borghese Villa, it is one of the most fascinating art museums in the world.

  • The Borghese Gallery limits the number of visitors per day (only 360 people are allowed to enter the museum at once), and the duration is limited to two hours (entry times are 9-11am, 11am-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm or 5-7pm). We advise you to book your tickets in advance.
  • The ticket reservation for the Borghese Gallery is mandatory and must be made online.
  • On the first Sunday of the month, the Borghese Gallery entrance is free (you still have to make a reservation).
  • Art historians often lead group tours, which add context to the artwork you’re admiring.
  • The Borghese Gallery is located in the Villa Borghese, the largest urban park in Rome. You will find a lake, temples with fountains and statues, and several other museums. You will be amazed by the combination between nature and Roman art.
  • How to get there? Catch the Metro Linea A to Flaminio station in the Piazza del Popolo, from which the museum is located up the hill. Check map.
  • What are the opening hours? The Borghese Gallery is open from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm (closed on Monday).
  • When to visit? The Borghese Gallery can be extremely busy in summer. It’s recommended to book your ticket for early in the morning to avoid large crowds.
  • For Rome Pass holders, Borghese Gallery is free.
  • Wi-Fi is free

Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions regarding Borghese Gallery last minute tickets.

We wish you a great visit 🙂

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