things to do in London with teens

We get it, you’re on vacation with Mom and Dad in London, and the last thing you feel like doing is tons of historical sightseeing and endless family activities (unless that’s your vibe of course).

Well, there’s no need to fear in a first-world city as captivating as London, and its lists of fun, imaginative and unusual things to do in London with teens are mind-bogglingly incredible — we’re talking to the parents here too!

Whether you’re a sporty kid, science buff, creative soul, outdoor fanatic, or a tech-driven adolescent that lives and breathes all things digital, the capital city of England promises something for everyone.

Walk in the footsteps of Harry Potter, visit world-class art museums, join an immersive experience and be transported into alternative realities, scale down the side of city structures and buildings, catch a football match, go abseiling, or see your favorite musical on the West End.

Dine at some of the top restaurants around the world, shop til you drop at the markets, and don’t forget to sweep in some exploring to marvel over globally renowned landmarks and monuments from Buckingham Palace to Big Ben.

1 – For the fans, join an enchanting Harry Potter locations tour

Harry Potter locations tour in London

Put on your wizard hat and cape, snatch up your wand, and journey off on a magical Harry Potter locations tour!

Fun fact: The storyline is set in Britain during the 90s, and many of the scenes from the movies were filmed around London. Furthermore, J.K. Rowling was inspired to write Harry Potter on a train ride from Manchester to London …

Now, walk in the footsteps of Harry, Ron, and Hermione during spectacular trivia walking adventures. Be shown the exact locations where filming happened and spots that are featured in the movie series.

Snap selfies of Platform 9¾ (at King’s Cross Train Station), stop by Leadenhall Market and hunt down the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron, and find out if you’ve got any animal-communication gifts of your own on a visit to the London Zoo’s Reptile House.

Certain Potter excursions include other fan-fanatic trivia. For example, veer past Trafalgar Square where all of the Harry Potter movies premiered in London, and visit the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition.

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2 – Ride the multiple award-winning London Eye

London Eye

Whether young or old, feel absolutely giddy with excitement as you soar 135 meters above the River Thames on one of the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheels (and Europe’s tallest), i.e. the London Eye.

Also called the Millennium Wheel, this family-friendly attraction is one of the most unforgettable things to do in London with teens. Boasting 32 gondolas in total, as you move around the wheel through the sky, lap up the 360-degree views of London town below you — cue the epic photographs!

Instead of a regular ride, there are special experiences to book. Choose a private pod (for up to parties of 25 people) for you and the whole family, with fast-track boarding included in the ticket. You can also opt to include a food and drinks package for snacks to enjoy onboard.

Moms and dads; upgrade to a Champagne Experience which comes with a glass of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne (obviously not for the little ones). For couples, there is a romantic ‘Cupid’s Pod’ option too.

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3 – Relive childhood dreams at the Cartoon Museum

Cartoon Museum, London

Watchmen, The Beano, Princess Tina, and Rupert the Bear … Deep dive into the world of all things comics and cartoons and trace the animated drawing style’s earliest history at the fantastical Cartoon Museum.

Did you know that the very first cartoon ever published was back in 1843, but it was only during the 20th century that the stylized imagery began employing its funny-bone characteristics?

Discover fascinating facts like this, and more, at the museum, as well as a collection of over 6,000 British cartoons and comic artworks.

One of the coolest aspects of a trip here is to see the evolution of cartoons throughout the decades, from line drawings to full-on color strips.

There are also various workshops at different times of the year, like ‘Create a Comic Strip’ and ‘Advanced Manga.’

Relaxed Mondays sessions are specifically catered for children with learning disabilities or those with ‘autism spectrum conditions or sensory processing differences.’

4 – Come full circle and watch The Lion King

The Lion King, London
credit to Disney

Looking for fun things to do in London at night?

Iconic, award-winning, and goosebump-inducing are just a few ways to describe the Disney musical, The Lion King. Showcasing for over 20 years (and counting), this is one London experience you don’t want to miss.

Chronicling the same heartfelt tale as the Oscar-winning movie (premiering on screens in 1994), the stage is set and immaculately designed; full of life, color, and excellent craftsmanship.

Get this; the musical production features over 232 handcrafted puppets and masks, as well as nearly 40 indigenous African instruments.

Follow a young Simba as he navigates life after his father (the King of the Pridelands) is killed by his uncle Scar, and he moves into his teen years and adulthood. With Timone and Pumba by his side, join him on his journey as he returns to the Pridelands as a young adult to claim his rightful place as king.

Sing along to all of your favorites like The Circle of Life, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, I Just Can’t Wait to Be King, and plenty more, plus a few new tracks composed especially for the musical.

5 – Believe in magic during a Harry Potter studio tour

Harry Potter studio tour in London

Calling all Potterheads, the world of wizardry doesn’t end with just a regular tour around the city of London, and you can actually visit the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio, stepping onto the real-life sets where Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint acted out their scenes.

With everything kept immaculately intact, visiting the actual sets is incredible, allowing your imagination to really run wild!

Gather your friends from House Gryffindor or Slytherin in the Great Hall; “dodge” Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest; board the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 ¾; run through Diagon Alley; marvel over the interiors inside Gringotts Wizarding Bank; and pull your own screaming Mandrake in Professor Sprout’s Greenhouse.

These bewitching sets aren’t the only spellbinders … Dozens of real props and costumes are on full display around the studio. Explore 950 potion jars inside the Potions Classroom, 900 memory vials and labels from the Memory Cabinet, and Professor Dolores Umbridge’s collection of plates inside her pink office in the Ministry of Magic.

Bringing the Harry Potter story to life, during tours learn more about the special and visual effects envisioned and employed for the movies.

Hot tip: Tickets are sold out for your desired date? Learn how to book last minute Harry Potter Studio London tickets.

6 – Relive some of Britain’s eerie past at the Tower of London

Tower of London

Once a grand palace then converted into a prison and now home to the Crown Jewels, the Tower of London is an icon in its own right.

Brush up your kid’s history knowledge during a trip to the 11th-century complex housing the White Tower and its Inner Ward on the banks of the River Thames.

Constructed under the rule of William the Conqueror to symbolize Norman’s conquest of England at the time, it’s a prime example of medieval “Norman architecture.”

At the center of the fortress is the original White Tower, and within the inner hold, 13 more towers were built in the proceeding years. A fort wall was erected around the inner complex, as well as a moat that is no longer used. Along the defense wall are a series of cannons and modern artillery — which are still fired on special occasions!

Spanning seven hectares in total, a tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the fun and unusual things to do in central London.

Inside the Tower of London marvel over the Crown Jewels in person (guarded here for safekeeping since 1661 by the Yeoman Warders), visit the Bloody Towers, and see the Tower Green where prisoners faced execution, and the Traitors’ Gate where they entered from. Check out the Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula and learn something new at the Fusiliers Museum.

7 – Go bowling!

bowling in London

First invented in the 1890s, bowling has remained a popular sport, and it’s one activity that always guarantees fun and laughter as you show off your crazy bowling moves. If your family is seriously competitive, determine who is the bowling champion amongst you with a few rounds of friendly matches at one of the alleys in London.

All 12 lanes (each with an individual seating booth) at Queens are lit up in a flurry of dazzling neon lights and tunes constantly pump out the speakers. (There is an indoor ice skating rink here as well as an arcade for extra fun times.)

Challenge your siblings to the highest score at Bloomsbury Lanes, equipped with eight playing lanes. There is live music here too on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and grab a bite to eat from the classic American Diner after match time.

All Star Lanes has multiple locations around London (in Brick Lane, Holborn, Stratford, and White City), and the alley specifically has a retro, old-school alley feel.

It offers teen, kids, and family packages where you can bowl using extra lightweight balls, and there are bowling ramps and bumpers to help aid the little ones with their rolls, aim, and strikes!

8 – Enjoy The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience London

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience LondonBased on the 1990s British game show with the same name, just because you’re not a 90s baby doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the thrilling Crystal Maze LIVE Experience London version.

With 75 minutes on the clock, your Maze Master will lead you through a set of non-trivial games and challenges spread out across four different zones: Medieval, Industrial, Futuristic, and Aztec.

Conquering each challenge (based on the categories: mental, physical, mystery, and skill), you will gain a new crystal. The more crystals you earn, the more time you will eventually have in The Dome.

Here, with a mega fan blowing, try to snatch as many flying tokens as possible. The team with the most tokens at the end wins so you can challenge your parents, or work together as a team to beat the existing high score.

Think of it like a cross between an escape room and a scavenger hunt, with the inclusion of super immersive and interactive features using modern technology. The experience is suitable for children over the age of nine years old.

9 – Feel like a real magician at The Wands & Wizard Exploratorium

The Cauldron, London UK
credit to The Cauldron London

If your kids grew up playing imaginary games pretending to be witches and wizards, bring them to The Wands & Wizard Exploratorium (presented by The Cauldron Co.) where they can concoct their own potions or build their very own wands.

There are three activities to choose from — or book tickets for all.

It’s time to craft your staff in the Wandmaker’s Workshop. First, select your wand’s medallion and its type of power, and decide on your wand’s design and style. A Wandmaker will then show you how to use your wand and cast magic spells!

Prepare a magical elixir during a Potion Making class, combining molecular mixology, science & technology. The experience includes three potions (drinkable mocktails or cocktails for moms and dads).

Or, opt for Wizard Afternoon Tea and brew up two enchanted teas of your own, with a side of scones, “sand-witches,” and other yummy treats.

Run by the same company as The Cauldron London but in a different city location. It focuses purely on potion-making cocktail classes — with the option to mix mocktails for the under-18s.

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Step into a Century of Magic with Disney100!

FotoLab, Manhattan, New York City

Put on those mouse ears and start your magical journey with the Disney100: Exhibition in London! Immerse yourself in a century of Disney stories, from the classic Snow White to the recent Encanto. Marvel at rare artifacts, costumes, and treasures from Pixar Studios and the iconic Star Wars films among others.

10 – Enjoy an adrenaline rush at Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures, London

Flashback to the year 1348 and it would be pretty hard to imagine at the time that a country house mansion would one day be a full-on buzzing theme park filled with over 40 attractions and rides. But alas, it’s the 21st century and pretty much all of the above did come to fruition.

The park is divided into 12 different zones: Wild Asia, Land of the Dragons, Wild Woods, Land of the Tiger, Forbidden Kingdom, Mexicana, Adventure Point, Shipwreck Coast, Wanyama, The Rainforest, Chessington Zoo, and the World of Jumanji.

Amongst them discover rides and attractions to suit all ages and thrill levels!

Plummet 25 meters to the ground on the Croc Drop, ride the only Jumanji-themed rollercoaster in the world (Mandrill Mayhem), spin around in all directions at speeds of 69 kilometers per hour on the Kobra and make it out of an Ancient Egyptian labyrinth during a round of laser tag inside the Tomb Blaster.

Meet over 1,000 magnificent creatures at the Chessington Zoo and SEA LIFE center, or encounter the animals up close during a VIP Experience. For example, an African Animal Safari, Carnivore Keeper, Giraffe Feed, Junior Zoo Keeper, and plenty more!

Spend the night at Chessington in a themed room at the Resort Hotel or go glamping under twinkling stars.

11 – See the coolest murals during a street art tour

street art tour in London

Renowned as being a city of creativity and freedom, street art tours hit the spot with all the alternative kids. Posing next to mega murals and street art by some of the biggest names in the game will also get your social feeds buzzing! Uh, Banksy anyone?!

You’d best believe there are tons of varying tours, even street art workshops in London to choose from for you to leave your mark (get to stencil, spray, and tag your very own artwork).

A regular route spans between two and 2.5 hours, ambling your way around the trendy East End to Shoreditch, Brick Lane, and Spitalfields. Scope out at least  40 works, keeping your eyes peeled for urban art and graffiti by well-known street artists like ROA, Shepard Fairey, Invader, Borondo, Eine, Stik, and of course, Banksy.

Certain street art expeditions focus on art and photography, with your tour led by a professional photographer — ideal for influencers.

12 – Whizz your way down the Thames on a jetboat

jetboat tour in London

Most water activities in London revolve around the Thames. An exciting jetboat ride is awesome for both experiencing the historic river and sightseeing the city at the same time. Cruising at high speeds, this excursion is far from boring — which is why teenagers love it!

How much time do you have? There are tours lasting 20 minutes to just over one hour — but remember, traveling rapidly on a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) means you gain more ground in a shorter space.

Revving the 880-brake-horsepower engines up to speeds of 56 kilometers per hour, hold on tight as you zoot off down the river, passing by some of the most important landmarks.

From the London Bridge to the Tate Modern, the Houses of Parliament, The Shard, Canary Wharf, the London Eye, the Globe Theatre, HMS Belfast, the Execution Dock, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, the Golden Hinde, and Billingsgate Market … These are just some of the places to see from out on the water.

If there is a particular sight that you want to pass by, check out the tour route prior.

Hot tip: The best London Thames River cruises provide an unforgettable journey along the river, showcasing the stunning skyline and cultural highlights of the city.

13 – Enjoy a night of music with a candlelight concert

candlelight concerts in London
credit to Candlelight Experience / Fever

Music is a powerful instrument, with the ability to transport you to a memory in time or brighten your mood in an instant. If music rules your kids’ lives, one of these spectacular and unique candlelight concerts will leave everyone feeling inspired.

Picture this setting … Entering an unconventional concert venue, the chosen space is dimmed in soft lighting and hundreds of candles flicker all around you, dazzling audiences entering the building.

Once seated, revel in the moment as you listen to a special tribute concert to one of your favorite artists usually performed by a quartet.

Dance along to Shake It Off and Love Story at the Central Hall Westminster during a Tribute to Taylor Swift; sing your heart out to Single Ladies, Crazy in Love, and Irreplaceable during a Tribute to Beyonce at Glaziers Hall; or fill your ears with classics like Don’t Stop Me Now and Bohemian Rhapsody at Kenwood House with a Tribute to Queen.

Or, if you’re besotted with all things movies, there’s a 100 Years of Warner Bros. concert at Southwark Cathedral featuring tracks like Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz, I’ll Be There for You (Friends), and the iconic The Lord of the Rings Suite.

14 – Defy reality at Gravity

Gravity, London

Kids these days grow up with technology from before they can even walk and talk. The immersive Gravity activity arena decked out in a flurry of neon lights and futuristic-styled playing zones will totally grab your attention!

Fusing VR technologies with all-time favorite classic games, there are nine interactive challenges, courses, and battles to make your way through. Plus, each zone is uniquely themed!

Face off zombies, join a pirate ship, or dance your heart out in the Hologate Vr Arena zone; fight off phantoms and learn how to trap a ghost at the Ghostbusters VR Academy; try your hand at a round of AR Digital Darts; or see if you can come out a champion at the Esports Gaming Arena with its dedicated PlayStation 5 Co-op zone.

Get hands-on and transport yourself to Japan in the GT E-Karting area, strike out at the SPARK AR Bowling zone (incorporating interactively-themed technology), or travel to NYC putting around Urban Street Golf.

There are also classic zones like the Funbox Arcade and Shuffleboard playing station.

15 – Test your mind with cool city scavenger games

scavenger games in London

Reckon you’re the next Enola Holmes? Put your detective skills to the test as you venture through the ins and outs of London town, trying to solve a mystery or learning hidden city secrets encapsulated in its walls during scavenger games!

Given a set of clues (either digitized via mobile or as a self-guided activity booklet), work your way through cracking each riddle, bringing you closer to the end game. You’ll be granted your next clue as you solve the previous one.

Ensure you don’t become too involved in the game, because you’ll miss out on the sightseeing to do in between all of the fun. Being London, the scavenger games to choose from are tenfold!

Travel back in time to the roaring 20s and solve the ‘Mystery of Who Pushed Molly May,’ discover London’s Roman settlement dubbed the ‘Secret City,’ or adventure around Little Venice

Learn the secrets of the town squares through central districts of London, follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest writers with a Shakespeare’s City Exploration Game, or simply enjoy a classic scavenger game visiting London’s top landmarks.

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Laugh like a little kid inside Bubble Planet

FotoLab, Manhattan, New York City

Bubble Planet is an immersive virtual reality journey that invites guests to cut loose and laugh like never before. Find yourself playing with bubbles, as you walk deeper into the different rooms, to find yourself surrounded by changing different landscapes, while you fly on a bubble, or splash around in a giant tub of bubbles!

16 – Explore all of Leicester Square

Leicester Square, London

Traditions stay strong in a country like England and since the 17th century, Leicester Square has remained a hub of cultural and social activity.

Throughout the decades, fancy hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs have shot up here, and so the surroundings feel rather regal. Back in its heyday, aristocrats and the who’s who of England built their elaborate homes around the square.

Situated in the heart of the West End (London’s official theater district), this is the area for all things entertainment, whether it’s a musical concert, film premiere, or an award-winning play.

There’s always something going on in Leicester Square, from exhibitions to events to free outdoor movie screenings.

Follow a trail of statues of entertainment’s greatest and most iconic forming part of the ‘Scenes in the Square.’ Spot Bugs Bunny, Harry Potter, Batman, Wonder Woman,

Paddington Bear, Mr. Bean, Mary Poppins, Gene Kelly, and even the Iron Throne — all in statue form.

17 – Climb the roof of The O2

The O2, London

Both inside and out; there is always something happening at The O2 — a massive events venue and adventure activities playground.

Known to host some of the biggest names in music, check out the monthly calendar to see who’s on stage, from the likes of Elton John to Hans Zimmer to Tenacious D to Kool & The Gang to The Black Keys … Or, see your favorite wrestling stars in action when WWE Smackdown comes to town.

No event on? No problem. There are loads to do indoors.

Go bowling at American-themed Hollywood Bowl, try Oxygen Freejumping in the trampoline park, feel the thrills of skydiving at the indoor iFLY London, spruce up your social feeds at the Selfie Factory, and fall into virtual realities at Immotion VR.

Shop from 60 designer brands at the Icon Outlet Shopping and there are plenty of dining options, including restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Hot tip: Raining? Check out the best indoor activities in London.

But perhaps one of the coolest things to do in London with teens is to climb up the roof of The O2! Choose between a daytime, sunset, or twilight climb with Up at The O2 — the views from this angle are priceless.

18 – Visit London’s extraordinary Science Museum

Science Museum, London

Some kids love sports, others appreciate art, and then there are those fascinated by the world of science — hello, left-brained thinkers.

With one of the world’s best right here on your doorstep, don’t miss the opportunity to visit London’s incredible Science Museum which has been building its collection since 1862!

Deep dive into universes of science (in the Linbury Gallery), mathematics (the Winton Gallery), medicine (Wellcome Galleries), space, the Information Age, and the Modern World in its permanent galleries.

Get lost in other amazing exhibitions such as ‘Technicians: The David Sainsbury Gallery’ where you can work a robotic arm; ‘Power Up’ (decked with 160 consoles to play); and the interactive Wonderlab with science shows and demonstrations.

Catch an educational documentary or film at the Imax: The Ronson Theatre and throughout the year there are insightful and immersive exhibitions and temporary galleries popping up every few months.

19 – Visit the “glass pyramid” i.e. The Shard

The Shard, London

It is a rocket ship? An Eiffel Tower from the future? Nope, it’s the mega-modern The Shard building, home to London’s highest public viewing gallery.

With its spire constructed completely of glass and steel, and protruding 310 meters into the air, it’s pretty hard to miss the structure which can be seen from across the city’s skyline.

Comprising a whopping 95 levels; the first stories up to level 28 are offices, the next couple of levels above are restaurants and bars, the Shangri-La Hotel starts from level 35 and spans up 19 more stories, and above the hotel are 13 floors of residential apartments.

Drum roll please … Floors 68, 69, and 72 are all dedicated to the viewing platforms, boasting limitless 360-degree vistas of London.

20 – Photograph, shop, and eat your way through Camden Town

Camden Town, London

An absolute melting pot of creativity, fashion, and culture, Camden Town is one of London’s coolest areas where hipsters come out to play and people are not afraid to express themselves in whatever shape or form!

Another area in the city that has been landmarked centuries before; circa the 18th century and Camden was actually rather an industrial district. But with years passing, its heave of retailer outlets and entertainment took over, and lest we forget about the famous Camden Market.

With more than 1,000 artsy and bohemian-inspired stalls and shops, as well as trendy cafes and bars, the market is the place to be. Just ask any punk rock-loving soul … There are also some smaller markets to browse here like Camden Lock Market and Inverness Street Market.

Hit the town at the hottest music venues and clubs, for example, KOKO, The Underworld, The Blues Kitchen, and Electric Ballroom. The street art game is strong in this part of London — naturally.

The Etcetera Theatre, Camden Art Centre, Jewish Museum London, The Cob Gallery, and Primrose Hill are some of the other things to do and see in Camden.

21 – Show the animals love at the London Zoo

London Zoo

From alpacas to lemurs, macaques to scorpions, zebras to flamingos, and komodo dragons to okapis … Say hello to all of your furry, winged, feathered, and scaled friends at the London Zoo.

A trip to the zoo isn’t just a visit to see some of our world’s most magnificent creatures both big and small, but it’s also an educational experience. Operating since 1826, the zoo places a strong emphasis on its wildlife conservation, creating its own regenerative breeding program as one example.

Spanning approximately 14 hectares, the grounds are spaced into different habitats closest to resembling the animal’s natural ones across continents.

These include the Bird Safari, Blackburn Pavilion, Butterfly Paradise, Giants of the Galápagos, Gorilla Kingdom, In with the Lemurs, Into Africa, Monkey Valley, Penguin Beach, Rainforest Life, Reptile House, Tiger Territory, Tiny Giants and Land of the Lions.

Get further educated at one of the Daily Talks, or the zoo has animal meet-and-greet sessions and other fantastic experiences, such as ‘The Giraffe Keeper’ and ‘Feed the Animals.’

Hot tip: Learn how to find cheap London Zoo tickets and save up to 30%.

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Discover brick wonders at this LEGO exhibition

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of The Art of the Brick, the world-famous LEGO exhibition. The show features millions of LEGO bricks turned into more than 100 awe-inspiring masterpieces! Experience LEGO T-Rex, musical instruments and even Van Gogh’s Starry Night on an unforgettable creative journey.

22 – Bounce your way through the trampoline parks

trampoline park in London

Hey, teens! Are you tired of shopping all day and are done with the sightseeing vibes? If you feel the need to exert your energy, you can do so at one of the city’s jumptastic Trampoline Parks.

Oxygen has five indoor locations around London where you can try out free jumping: Acton, Croydon, Derby, Rayleigh, The O2, and Wilmslow. The arena is made up of interconnected trampolines for you to flip out on and show off your trampolining skills.

Not only limited to classic jumping but there are also more activities fused with the trampolines, like Dodgeball, Giant Airbags, and a Cardio Wall, so you’ve always got a soft landing to fall back onto.

When you purchase a free jumping ticket, it grants you access to play amongst all the attractions. Visiting with younger siblings? Check out Toddler Sensory Play, Peaceful Play, and Soft Play.

Bounce and somersault through two floors of trampolines of varying sizes and shapes at Flip Out London E6. The adventure park is decked out with different zones including drop slides, a stunt zone, a ninja obstacle course, slamball, a dodgeball arena, and a climbing wall. Sessions are one hour.

23 – Marvel over the Illuminated River

Illuminated River, London

What a way to shine a light — literally and figuratively — on one of the symbols of London, i.e. the River Thames.

Spreading across the river in a dance of bright neons and abstract shapes, the Illuminated River project is in fact, an art installation, well, technically, a series of them, extending across nine bridges along the Thames in central London.

These bridges are the London Bridge, Cannon Street Railway Bridge, Southwark Bridge,  Millennium Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Golden Jubilee Footbridges,

Westminster Bridge, Lambeth Bridge, Albert Bridge, Chelsea Bridge, Grosvenor Railway Bridge, and Vauxhall Bridge.

Spearheaded by artist Leo Villareal and architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, it’s one of the great free things to do in London with teens in the evenings as it costs nothing to view the lightwork show on the water.

24 – Drop by the massive LEGO Store

The LEGO Store in Leicester Square, London

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you the biggest LEGO shopping experience in the entire world, it’s the LEGO Store Leicester Square!

The iconic building blocks have evolved into so much more over the years, and today, there are tons of epic objects and goodies you can make out of LEGO, from plant replications to Star Wars model starships!

As the largest store across any continent, can you just imagine the overload of options that the shop offers, including its classic sets and figurines?

There’s even a Pick & Build Wall for some in-store action as well as a ‘Demonstration Table’ and larger-than-life LEGO characters decorate the LEGO land.

In-store activities include the Minifigure Factory where you’ll design your own figurine, or at the Mosaic Maker, have your photograph taken which is then converted into a ‘one-of-a-kind LEGO mosaic.’

Whether you’re five, fifteen, or fifty, you’ll love it here!

25 – Add to your collection and visit some comic book stores

comic book store in London

Whilst we may live in an age where everything is online, nothing beats the feeling of holding a hard copy, especially when it comes to comics — some of which are now treasured possessions worth thousands!

For all the die-hard fans, manga fanatics, and general bookworms, you’ll want to check out the most epic comic book stores in London.

For serious variety, Gosh! Comics has it all, from graphic novels to strip collections and an entire section of limited editions. They cover all categories in the comic universes from superheroes to manga classics.

Open since 1987 and located in Camden, if the superhero stories are your favorite head straight to Mega City Comics. They also buy comics, with a particular interest in the ones from the 60s and 70s.

Step into a world of all things comics, manga, and graphic novels at Forbidden Planet, plus, they sell collectibles, toys, board and card games (including Magic the Gathering), and other cool related accessories.

26 – Appreciate our underwater world at SEA LIFE

Sea Life Aquarium, London

Have you ever seen a real seahorse or stingray up close? For all lovers of the Deep Blue, squeal with delight as you see magnificent creatures of the ocean like these and more at SEA LIFE.

For ease of access — and to keep the marine species in their ideal habitats and natural environments — the aquarium is spaced out into three primary zones.

Within the ‘Ocean Invaders’ section come face to face with bouncing jellyfish, learning more insightful knowledge about the underrated marine animals.

Spot piranhas, dwarf crocodiles, terrapins, and even a Chilean rose tarantula inside the Rainforest Adventure zone. The UK’s largest living coral reef is right here at SEA LIFE, growing within Coral Kingdom. Look out for cute Nemos swimming by and marvel at the colorful underwater plants.

The Shark Walk, Polar Adventure, Atlantic Coasts, Ray Lagoon, Ocean Tunnel, Seahorse Kingdom, and Rockpool Explorer are exciting aquarium spaces to check out.

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Delight’s Digital Dive into London’s Heartbeat

FotoLab, Manhattan, New York City

Dive into the heart of London with Delight: Media art exhibition, a sensory journey like no other! Explore 12 captivating zones with more than 25 striking media art installations, combining cutting-edge technology with tradition and city life. Immerse yourself, interact and become part of a story that combines tradition and innovation.

27 – Chill out and play at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

Park? More like an activity playground! … Built specifically for the 2012 London Summer Olympics and Paralympics, since then the entire grounds have been cleverly utilized and there is so much to do at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Enjoy a picnic on the grass, catch a few sun rays, or chill out with your mates within the parklands. Follow one of the dedicated trails through the various gardens (these are the 2012 Gardens, London Blossom Garden, Great British Gardens, Park Meadows, Wetlands, and Mandeville Place).

Feel free to use the official sporting venues. The Copper Box Arena has a court for basketball, volleyball, netball, fencing, badminton, and gymnastics; there is the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, and the Lee Valley VeloPark for track cycling, BMX, and mountain biking. Swim laps in the London Aquatics Centre or run the London Marathon Community Track.

Other fun activities are the ArcelorMittal Orbit attraction, garden sessions at the Mobile Garden, riding swan pedalos on the canals, boat tours, or taking a tour of the London Stadium.

There is a great offering of dining options spread through the park and its various sporting venues, as well as multiple kids’ playgrounds for the little ones.

28 – Hurtle down The Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit

The Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit, London

Three, two, one, and WHIZZ down the world’s official tallest and longest tunnel slide attraction at The Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit. But there’s so much more to the twisty ride than meets the eye.

The structure itself is built 114.5 meters above the ground and from the top, you’ll drop, shoot and twist through the 178-meter-long tunnel, with 40 seconds of just pure adrenaline until you reach floor level.

On the way up the ArcelorMittal Orbit is an observation walking platform with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. From 80 meters high, take advantage of the vistas, swooping in landmarks like The O2 and Big Ben.

Once you’re at the top there are a few ways to get down. Slide, walk 455 steps around to the bottom, or, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, freefall abseil to the ground off the side of the structure!

29 – Be mind-blown by the Dalí Experience

Dalí Experience, London
credit to Dalí: Cybernetics – The Immersive Experience

Studying art in school or planning on enrolling in an art college? Then there’s another creative endeavor for you to check out in London, especially if surrealism is one of your favorite styles.

Dalí: Cybernetics, The Immersive Experience is a celebration of one of the greatest imaginations and abstract thinkers, it’s none other than Salvador Dali — Master of the Surrealist movement.

Embracing digital projection technologies, interactive installations, holograms, AI, and a virtual reality setup, enter an exhibition space that will totally transform you.

Displayed as a 360-degree viewing exhibition, the artist’s most famous works are mapped up in digitized form from floor to ceiling. Inspect his masterpieces like ‘The Persistence of Memory,’ but don’t just see it, live it!

Thanks to special VR features, once you put on the goggles it’s as if you’ve entered an alternative trippy reality, made up of Dali’s dreams where clocks melt and humans take on new forms. Apart from exhibitions showcasing his work, there are spaces devoted to his life story.

Some may argue it’s even better than seeing his work in person — we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

30 – Get an adrenaline rush at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park, London

Do you think you have the chutzpah to ride the fastest roller coaster in all of the UK? Muster up the courage and have all of the fun riding the dozens of exciting attractions at Thorpe Park.

Screeching through the air at speeds of 128 kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds, the Stealth roller coaster isn’t the theme park’s only rip-roaring ride, and in its mix of firsts, the world’s first-ever horror-themed rollercoaster (SAW-The Ride) is also a showstopper.

The coasters and attractions are split into three categories: ‘Intense Thrills,’ ‘Exhilarating Fun’ and ‘Little Thrill’ — so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Not for the faint-hearted, hang upside down on the inverted vertical loop coaster (Nemesis Inferno); plummet into cascading waters 25 below on the Tidal Wave; spin through the sky on the Vortex; and feel your stomach drop 30 meters to the ground on the Detonator.

More riveting rides are the Black Mirror Labyrinth, The Walking Dead: The Ride, and the Ghost Train. Pack your bathing suit as some of the attractions are water-based rides.

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Explore the dreamlike world of Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Exhibition

FotoLab, Manhattan, New York City

Immerse yourself in “Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Exhibition”, a visual feast inspired by Wes Anderson’s iconic filmography. This Instagram hit and best-selling book comes to life as a photography exhibition, featuring unique global settings with surreal symmetry and enchanting hues. Highlights include captivating photographs, explorations of diverse themes and intriguing stories behind each location.

31 – Make a splash at Lee Valley White Water Centre

Lee Valley White Water Centre, London

Who said water sports weren’t a thing in London? From hot dog kayaking to family rafting, it all kicks off at the Lee Valley White Water Centre.

Forming part of the Lee Valley Regional Park, its lakes and rivers are where the water action goes down.

For the 2012 Olympics, the park created an Olympic-standard 300-meter white water course, as well as a white water slalom course (known as the Legacy Loop) stretching on for 160 meters.

Here the white water rafting activities begin. There are the classic rapid cruises, as well as rodeo crafting, two-hour hot dog kayaking sessions (with a lightweight inflatable watercraft), and hydrospeeding involving navigating the rapids using a board and fins.

Skip the gushing waters and enjoy kayaking and canoeing expeditions on the lake instead. Test out stand-up paddleboarding (SUPing) here, or battle against your bro on the Water Wipeout inflatable obstacle course while trying not to slide off the edge and into the lake’s waters — it’s a super fun one!

32 – A must-see icon, tour Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, London

A historical and iconic worldwide landmark that needs no introduction, it’s none other than the wondrous Buckingham Palace — home to the ‘King’s official London residence and a working royal palace.’

Walking in the same footsteps as the royals, tours to the public are available for certain dates throughout spring and winter (UK time).

From household to a palace, here’s a quick history lesson. The grounds date back to 1628 when the first mulberry trees were planted in the now-existing Palace Gardens. There was already a house here, later knocked down by the Duke of Buckingham, John Sheffield.

Under his orders, the palace as we know it was built, and the first royals (Queen Charlotte) moved in in 1762. Learn interesting facts like this and more as you tour the State Rooms (the only parts open to the public).

Some include the White Drawing Room, the Throne Room, Ballroom, Music Room, Picture Gallery, the Grand Staircase, Marble Hall, the Green Drawing Room, and thee Palace Garden!

Not to be missed, the daily Changing of the Guard is iconic and has been a Palace tradition since 1837. For a guaranteed close-up view (it’s a popular attraction), join one of the changing of the guard tours.

33 – Soar over the town on the IFS Cloud Cable Car

IFS Cloud Cable Car, London

Swoon over the bird’s eye views of St Paul’s Cathedral, The Gherkin, Thames Barrier, Maritime Greenwich, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and of course, the Thames during a 20-minute ride on the IFS Cloud Cable Car (previously known as the London Cable Car).

Journeying 10 minutes up and the same amount of time back down again, your gondola traveling mid-air will cross over the River Thames within Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks.

Lap up the chance to photograph beautiful scenery from this perspective, as well as uniquely-angled shots.

Or, take on a completely unreal picture of the city of London if you choose to ride the urban cable car at nighttime. Lifted 90 meters above the ground at its highest point, feel closer to the sparkling stars more so than ever!

34 – Head off on a scrumptious food tour

food tour in London

It’s London, it’s a foodie capital, you can’t beat the food tours here which are amazing with a melting pot to choose from! Where to start? It depends on what tantalizes your tastebuds, with options ranging from two to five-hour expeditions.

Start off with a four-hour eclectic urban food extravaganza, sampling seven to eight  “trending” bites and other scrumptious eats around London’s quirkiest neighborhoods.

Munch on English fudge, award-winning Cumberland sausages, fish and chips (no-brainer), and British cheeses during a tour around London Bridge, or others focus on areas like London’s East End, Soho, Camden, and Borough Market.

For major foodies and any aspiring teen chef, get more serious with a specialized culinary adventure. For example, a three-hour Secret Indian Food tour to discover an aromatic sensation; or enjoy a guided and informative tasting session and tour through London’s famed winter markets.

Opt for a completely different type of gastronomic experience onboard a gourmet-themed double-decker bus passing by London’s must-see attractions. Or, feel like royalty during a ‘Food Tasting Tour of Royal London’ where you’ll visit the official food suppliers to the royal family and enjoy a spot of Afternoon Tea.

Hot tip: Join the best food tours in London to explore the city’s hidden foodie gems, from quaint cafes to buzzing street food markets.

35 – Immerse yourself into the BBC Earth Experience

BBC Earth Experience, London
credit to BBC Earth Experience

Narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough himself, BBC Earth Experience is a great way for teens, kids (and adults) to become even more aware of our Earth, and is all about promoting sustainability.

For older generations, it may be hard to understand, but in today’s societies of tech-driven everything, immersive experiences have become really popular. This is an example, and with the aid of digital screen technology, projection mapping, and surround-sound audio, you’re transported across seven continents.

Sprawling multi-angle screens is real-time footage provided by Seven Worlds, One Planet showing mind-bending and breathtaking wildlife, nature, and landscape scenes from 41 countries.

Built with interactive features, start the self-guided tour at the main gallery where you can hear different stories in the varying sections. There’s a balcony viewpoint with a mega Vista Screen on the way up, plus the Micro Life and Water Life zones hold surprises to discover within.

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Journey into the past with Stranger Things: The First Shadow

“Stranger Things: The First Shadow” playing at the Phoenix Theatre brings the untold tale of Hawkins to life. Written by Kate Trefry and based on an original story by the Duffer Brothers, this gripping West End play reveals the origins of characters like Joyce, Hopper, and Henry Creel before their world turned upside down. Performed in the heart of London’s West End, the play is a masterpiece of theatrical storytelling, offering a unique prequel experience for fans of the iconic series.

36 – See if you can recognize Hyde Park from the TV series Killing Eve

Hyde Park, London

Poets and lyricists having their say down at Speaker’s Corner, mega international stars ripping up grand stages and wooing audiences, romantic horse rides through flower meadows, and boating and open water swimming on The Serpentine lake; it’s a huge thumbs up (emoji) to 17th-century Hyde Park.

Stroll through the park grounds as butterflies whizz by in the summer and robins chirp in trees nearby, picnic around the lake, or cycle the park instead during bike tours.

Feeling active? At the Park Sports Hyde Park, there are tennis, football, lawn bowls, and table tennis facilities open to the public.

Forming part of one of the city’s eight Royal Parks, meander through the exquisite Rose Garden, go jogging, and find the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain.

37 – Get cultured at the Barbican Centre

Barbican Centre, London

When it comes to the cultural scene, you really are spoiled for choice in a city like London. The Barbican Centre is another creative hub to add to your list — whether you’re in the mood to listen to a classical music concert or visit an art gallery.

Boasting a concert hall, multiple theaters, and three cinemas, you’ll always discover something happening from plays to movie premieres. Visit the Art Gallery for its latest exhibition by local and international artists, and The Curve is its second exhibition space.

Breathe in the fresh air inside the amazing Conservatory — a tropical garden paradise in the midst of it all.

The first few floors of the Barbican Center are home to restaurants, cafes, art installations, and the public Barbican Library.

Designed to give the performing arts center a “city within a city” feel, the complex was built around an artificial lake with all amenities you need for an inspiring outing. Its unique architectural features make it one of the best tourist attractions in London, and there are even exclusive 90-minute Architecture Tours of the building.

38 – Go football gaga during stadium tours

stadium tour in London

“Who’s that team we call the Arsenal, Who’s that team we all adore” … Whether you’re an Arsenal fanatic, Spurs die-hard, or Chelsea forever fan, you’ve got to experience at least one of the stadium tours — especially if your favorite football team is one of the above.

If you’re lucky, you might even be here for a game day — unlike anything else! Anyone who’s ever watched Green Street Hooligans knows perfectly well how, ahem, passionate the fans are post-match.

Home of England’s national football team and hosting the FA Cup, during a two-hour tour of Wembley Stadium suss out the Players Tunnel, the England Dressing Room, Press Room, the Trophy Winner’s Steps, and the Royal Box.

Calling all Chelsea fans, enjoy a tour around the team’s homeground, i.e. Stamford Bridge — the country’s 11th biggest football stadium. Or, if the Spurs have your heart until the end, visit Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (England’s third largest stadium), touring the team’s home club (and the largest club grounds in London).

Walk in the same footsteps as the boys in red and white during a tour at Arsenal Stadium, officially known as the Emirates Stadium.

39 – Walk above the stadium on the Dare Skywalk

Dare Skywalk, LondonDo you live and breathe football? How much do you love the Spurs? (Even if they’re not your team, the Dare Skywalk at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is a really cool experience!)

These overarching vistas of the London skyline from nearly 50 meters above the pitch are amazing. If you dare, look underneath your feet on the walkway’s glass platform and see the grounds directly below you for arguably, the best views in the house of Tottenham.

As you reach the top and the edge of the walkway, greet the emblem of Tottenham, the golden 4.5-meter-tall cockerel overlooking the field.

To get down from the top of Dare Skywalk there is the option to make the descent back down by scaling the Dare Skywalk Edge abseiling feature for 42 meters to the bottom — for the brave souls.

Before anything, you’re securely harnessed in and the climb is entirely led by expert pros in the field.

40 – Fly over London during a helicopter tour

helicopter tour in London

Budding pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and keen photography students add a helicopter tour to your London itinerary.

Feeling extra fancy as you fly above the city — thanks Mom and Dad — sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey over London town, clocking in must-see landmarks, heritage sites, historical monuments, and of course, pretty views.

A typical 30-minute flight veers past the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and the O2 — to name a few of the sights.

Some heli-tours cruise around the surrounding areas from Redhill, over the River Thames, and through the Surrey countryside.

Already done the majority of your sightseeing? Swap landscapes and board a helicopter to Kent (a South East England county) for a 25-minute flight of the English countryside. Spot Winston Churchill’s former abode, two magnificent castles (Hever Castle and Chiddingstone Castle), passing by Edenbridge, Penshurst Place, Ightham Mote, Knole House, and Chartwell.

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Journey to Egypt with The Horizon of Khufu VR experience

The Horizon of Khufu has arrived in London, offering an unparalleled journey back to the golden age of ancient Egypt. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the era of King Khufu and explore the iconic pyramids as they stood 4,500 years ago. A journey through time, offering education, entertainment, and the thrill of discovery all in one.

41 – Visit the biggest gallery in the UK, The National Gallery

National Gallery, London

Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, Claude Monet, and Michelangelo … Get ready to see a collection of the Masters and some of the greatest artworks on Earth at The National Gallery — you’ll be giddy with excitement marveling at the art in person!

Its collections are renowned worldwide and some even travel to London just to see these paintings in the flesh.

Building its compilations since 1826, there are close to 50 rooms displaying parts of its 2,300-piece collection of paintings.

Highlights to look out for include A Young Woman standing at a Virginal by Johannes Vermeer; Bathers (Les Grandes Baigneuses) by Paul Cézanne; Samson and Delilah by Peter Paul Rubens; Seaport with the Embarkation of Saint Ursula by Claude; Self Portrait at the Age of 34 by Rembrandt; Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh and The Madonna of the Pinks (‘La Madonna dei Garofani’) by Raphael.

Sitting in the heart of Trafalgar Square, the museum building opened to the public in 1831, and guess what, it’s completely free to visit with no entrance charge.

42 – Sing along to Frozen, The Musical

Frozen, The Musical, London
credit to Frozen, The Musical

Let it all go and revel in the magic of Disney during a mesmerizing performance of Frozen, The Musical showcasing at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane on the West End.

Hitting the big (blockbuster) screens back in 2013, the original movie took the entire world by storm. If you grew up watching the fairy tale, relive your childhood dreams with Elsa and Anna on the grand stage in London.

Directed by Michael Grandage and with the score by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez (the same husband and wife duo who compiled the movie’s original soundtrack) sing your heart out to all of the classics during the award-winning production from Let it Go to Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

On that musical note, 12 new songs were written especially for the theater adaption, and the musical’s special effects deserve a standing ovation in their own right, recreating the most whimsically icy Arendelle.

43 – Admire the Tower Bridge’s architecture and cross it

bus tours in Central London

Amid the staggering 35 bridges of London, the Tower Bridge is not only the oldest city river crossing, but it’s also the most regal, showing off its Neo-gothic architecture reminiscent of Victorian-age London circa the 19th century.

Constructed between 1886 and 1894, its iconic walkways were added in 1910, and then its prized glass-floor features years later.

Raised 42 meters above the River Thames, the 61-meter-long walkways are built in between the North and South Towers, extending to the East and West Walkways (at these points, learn of the history and architecture of the overpass).

From up above, look down! The daily traffic crossing the bridge below your feet feels pretty trippy! There are also unparalleled panoramas of iconic landmarks including the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, the HMS Belfast, the Old City Hall, The Shard, and the  “Walkie-Talkie”, some of the best places to visit in London.

There’s more to see, this time inside the Tower Bridge. Head into the depths of the Engine Rooms for a detailed understanding of the structure’s mechanics, and sometimes, the Bascule Chambers are open for public viewing.

44 – Make it out of the escape rooms

escape rooms in London

If mystery-solving is your middle name, or you’ve always got your nose stuck in the latest detective novel or series, you’ll love the concept behind Escape Rooms.

Put on your thinking caps, grab your friends, and see if you can make it out of one of these themed rooms, with just an hour on the clock.

Given a set of clues, working together as a team you’re required to solve each one at a time, unlocking a new riddle (and key) as you do so.

From a Da Vinci-themed escape room to Squid Games, White Walker, Jurassic Island, School of Magic, and Vampire Slayer — select the option that excites you the most.

Different from the ordinary escape room concept, try your hand at a VR escape room. Instead of a physical room, you’ll join a virtual reality set-up and these options usually allow for more imaginative settings like traveling to the moon or back in time to Ancient Egypt.

Have fun!

45 – Feel like a kid in a candy store at M&M’s World

M&M’s World, London

Chocoholics, this next one’s for you! Live out your best Charlie and The Chocolate Factory dreams at M&M’s World in Leicester Square — the biggest candy store … in the entire world!!!

Fall into a chocolate dreamland as you enter the color-coordinated land of M&M’s, with the famous candy-coated chocolates in all different colors, sizes, shapes, and forms lining the sweetie store’s walls (and even floors).

Walk past dispensaries organized by color creating a confectionary rainbow; pose for a picture with one of the larger-than-life M&M characters; purchase one-of-a-kind branded merchandise, or have your very own face photographed and then printed onto an M&M chocolate bar!

Comprising four levels of confectionery heaven, don’t be surprised to see queues stretching outside the entrance  — the ginormous sweet-tooth-inducing chocolate haven captivates all.

46 – Fill your shopping bags at Covent Garden

Covent Garden, London

Don’t be fooled by the name; Covent Garden is a far cry from a park green, but it has always been a public gathering space — deemed a town square just after the Elizabethan era ended and the Staurts ruled over England.

Following the Great Fire of London circa 1666, the square was converted into a fresh market, and the neighborhood surrounding the plaza has always been an affluent one. Located in the heart of the West End, the district crosses nine streets of shopping, entertainment and eateries.

Running since 1845, eat and shop your way through the famous Covent Garden Market, or around the Piazza are your fancy brand name boutiques, from the likes of Chanel to Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury to Free People, Tiffany & Co., Tag Heuer, the list goes on.

The food scene is top-notch, with a bunch of Michelin-star winners on the table, as well as trendy eateries and cafes.

Thanks to its positioning, there are plenty of amazing theaters and showhouses close by, such as the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and the Royal Opera House.

47 – Zendaya, Di Caprio, The Rock, say hello to them all at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds, London

Don’t be shy, Drake is waiting right there to give you his autograph — well, maybe not the real Drizzy, but at Madame Tussauds, you feel like you need to touch a celebrity’s arm to make sure it’s not really them that’s how good the artistry is here.

Globally renowned and with multiple locations around the world, the London locale is the O.G., and the first-ever lifelike wax-figure museum was opened by Marie Tussaud on none other than Baker Street in 1835!

Flash forward to the 21st century and the unique exhibition house is now home to over 150 celebrity figures, as well as people of importance over the last decades.

The museum is built across three floors and divided into eight zones: Music, Awards Party, Royals, Marvel, Star Wars, Culture, Sport, and Film.

Queen Elizabeth II, Captain America, Steven Spielberg, Audrey Hepburn, Rihanna, Freddie Mercury, Iron Man, Chewbacca, Winston Churchill, Cristiano Ronaldo, and more … Come and meet your favorite.

48 – Experience the thrills when abseiling

abseiling in London

Adrenaline junkies; strap up your harness, take control of your beating heart, and descend your way down the side of the ArcelorMittal Orbit during a riveting abseiling adventure.

Tramping down the side of the 114-meter-tall structure, you’ll first head up the swirling oblong steel sculpture in a lift to the upper viewing platform located 80 meters up. Once you’re ready, climb over the edge, and using ropes attached to a rigging system, abseil your way down.

Ambling downward, don’t forget to look around you because the views from this vantage point are unbeatable. Make eye contact with St, Paul’s Cathedral, Wembley Stadium, The Gherkin, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and Canary Wharf.

Wondering about age restrictions? The experience is suited for ages 14 years old and upwards.

49 – Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Wicked show

Wicked The Musical, West End show, London

Follow the yellow brick road from the Big Screen to the West End and catch a dazzling, spellbinding performance of Wicked!

If you grew up watching the original ‘The Wizard of Oz’ film at your grandparents’ house (guilty), best believe you’ll love this musical rendition, and without a doubt, it’s one of the best West End shows to see right now.

But this is not your regular tale about Dorothy and the gang, instead, the storyline takes inspiration from the 1995 novel written by Gregory Maguire titled Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Chronicling the story of the Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba) and the Good Witch of the South (Glinda), it’s the age-old story of good versus evil.

Showcasing at the Apollo Victoria Theater since it debuted on the West End in 2006, the mega multiple award-winning production is directed by two-time Tony® winner Joe Mantello, with a score by Stephen Schwartz.

50 – Travel to Mars with the War of the Worlds Immersive

War of the Worlds Immersive, London
credit to War of the Worlds Immersive

It’s the year 1898 and martians are taking over the world! … Prepare yourself for an alien invasion at the War of the Worlds Immersive experience.

The concept is based on the 1978 musical rock album by Jeff Wayne titled ‘Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds’ and it features his platinum-winning tracks. (Interestingly, this album was inspired by the 1898 science-fiction novel ‘The War of the Worlds’ by H. G. Wells.)

Lasting close to two hours and combining 24 interactive scenes, live actors, and the original music, step inside an alternative London town reality.

Utilizing holograms, projection mapping, motion simulation, pyrotechnics, VR technologies, and binaural and ambisonic sound; the setup is sort of like an advanced combination of a theme park and theater production in one.

Following the storyline (presented by the acting cast and with the help of digital elements), fly to Mars on a hot-air balloon, witness Martian attacks on Big Ben, and slide down the claw of a Martian Handling Machine.

51 – Fool your eyes (and mind) at Twist Museum

Twist Museum, London
credit to Twist Museum

We all perceive things differently and our vision plays an integral part in how we view our world. Taking cues from this, the Twist Museum was envisioned where the world inside isn’t always as it seems …

It’s time to be bamboozled and blown away at this interactive playground, dubbing itself ‘London’s home of illusions.’

Designed into various zones, the idea was to create zany spaces that trick the eye thanks to the combination of art and science, with the aim that every visitor has a different experience.

It’s all about ‘The Way I See Things’ (TWIST) … Feel like a human kaleidoscope or a giant … Listen to the temperature of water … Test the way you see the world in color … Bring all your senses in full swing to this attraction.

Creating the illusions and installations are world-renowned artists, like Dr. Kōkichi Sugihara, Antoine Bertin, Carnovsky, Odeith, Tom Lawton, Karan Singh, John Edmark, and Patrick Hughes.

52 – Try horse riding at a polo field

horse riding tour in London

Nicknamed “the sport of kings,” feel like royalty during a horse riding expedition down at the Ranelagh Polo Club in Windsor.

You’ll not only have the chance to ride a majestic steed, but also be shown how to play polo like one of the pros (hello, Prince William) during a one-hour lesson.

Offering classes for all levels, get saddled up, and then learn the ropes and skills from a professional polo player, for example, how to knock the ball whilst on horseback using a polo mallet.

Be guided through riding techniques such as galloping, and if you are traveling with younger kids, there are pony rides available too.

53 – Featured in Vogue, check out God’s Own Junkyard

God’s Own Junkyard, London

Bright pink walls, a flurry of cutesy neon signs, and a rainbow-colored land (or rather, room) of flashing lights, machines, and sculptures, God’s Own Junkyard is an Instagram-worthy circus of all objects (junk) weird, wonderful, and colorful.

Brimming with signage and art pieces that you don’t need but really want, this is a funky paradise for all photography enthusiasts and it sort of feels as if you’ve stepped into Tokyo’s crazy Harajuku district.

The mastermind behind the attraction is Chris Bacey, also known as the “Neon Man,” and the space overflows with new, salvaged, and reclaimed signage works, as well as old movie props and vintage displays.

Useful to know; no DSR cameras are allowed inside, however, feel free to snap away using your mobile phone — you’ll be itching to upload your playtime to your socials!

54 – Marvel over masterpieces by Dali, Matisse, Rothko, and Damien Hirst at the Tate Modern

Tate Modern, London

Shining a light on contemporary and modern artworks from the 16th century up until today, the Tate Modern is one of the most famous art galleries around the globe, swinging open its doors for the first time in 1897.

What began as a small collection of British art has evolved into a staggering 70,000-piece assemblage of worldwide artwork, including paintings, sketches and sculptures from geniuses and Masters like Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol.

The gallery floor is categorized into displays. The Start Display is where the acclaimed and most famous artwork hangs; Media Networks investigates how artists have reacted to the influx of the mass media; and Material and Objects focuses on artists using unconventional materials and methods.

Other exhibition zones include In the Studio, Performer and Participant, Artist and Society, The Tanks, Artist Rooms: Art and Text, and Artist Rooms: Lawrence Weiner.

Stop by the Tate Draw and sketch your own art onto a digital pad, which is projected onto a wall in front of you once you’re done, or have it printed out onto a t-shirt to take home!

55 – Feel like a monkey at Go Ape London

Go Ape London

In a city like London, nothing is impossible, and that includes zip lining through the treetops with Go Ape London.

Offering both a high ropes course and zipline adventures, the recreational outdoor activity playpark has five locations — three in the city center, and two around Greater London.

Amble onto 12-meter high platforms, zip across a 79-meter line, and attempt the extreme high ropes during the Treetop Challenge course. For something slightly less daunting, the Treetop Adventure focuses on obstacles like wonky bridge crossings and its longest zipline is 43 meters.

The three inner city locations are Alexandra Palace, Cockfosters in Trent Park, and Battersea Park.

Its Black Park and Chessington spots are outside of Central London, and they offer a few extra activities, for example, forest biking, a forest Segway experience, and a Nets Adventure.

56 – From hot chocolate to ganache, sample it all during a chocolate-tasting

chocolate tasting in London

Bars, truffles, candies, and bonbons; live out your wildest choccie fantasies and feed your craving during a chocolate-tasting endeavor at London’s most prestigious and famous chocolatiers.

Touring the Mayfair area, treat your tastebuds to some of the finest cocoa creations, including a visit to a supplier of the Royal family, as well as chocolate shops frequented by some of Britain’s most famed characters, like Road Dahl himself!

Under the guidance of a certified former cocoa and coffee commodity trader, learn about the process of how chocolate is made and interesting facts about the cocoa bean during the three-hour tasting.

Stop by award-winning artisan chocolatiers and get to sample their treats like a Marmite-flavored truffle, and visit iconic candy stores around Mayfair, Piccadilly, and Soho.

Plus, if you want to stock up and buy any chocolate from one of the stores you visit, you’ll automatically get a 10% discount on checkout.

57 – Discover secret parts of London at the Postal Museum

Postal Museum, London
credit to Postal Museum

Did you know that the first postal stamp was invented in Britain in 1837 by a man named (Sir) Rowland Hill?  Improve your knowledge of the greater history books during an exciting and insightful ride — literally — through the Postal Museum.

Hop onboard the Mail Rail and drive straight into it with a short voyage on a mail train through a secret tunnel via a hidden underground railway. Once used as an engineering depot of the official Post Office railway, during the ride there’s a visual and audio presentation screened onto the tunnel walls.

You can even explore this abandoned mailing service passageway on foot when you go tunnel walking at the Postal Museum instead. The tour gives you access to the tracks, platforms, and tunnels which aren’t crossed on the ride. The walking route lasts one hour and 15 minutes, covering 1.2 kilometers.

Check out exhibitions inside the actual Postal Museum where 60,000 sorts of postal-related items are on full display, from stamps to vehicles to uniforms, and more.

58 – Go rock climbing

rock climbing in London

Rock monkeys, if you’re missing climb time back home (rock climbing centers have blown up around the world in the last 10 years and offer a great way to focus, get fit, and even meditate), here are a few great places for the sport in London.

Operating for 15 years, The Arch has four centers in the city (in areas Bermondsey, Burnt Oak, Acton, and Surrey Quays). If it is your first time, kick things off with a one-hour Intro Lesson. Children under 12 years old need adult supervision to climb.

London Climbing Centres has eight premium sport climbing centers around London with bouldering and speed climbing areas too, offering beginner courses in all three categories.

Mom, dad, and teen in tow learn how to rock climb together at The Castle. Kids under 18 years old need to be supervised by an experienced adult. If you’ve never tried the activity before, you can all join one of the Taster Sessions designed for families.

The center also offers bouldering and roped climbing on longer walls.

59 – Enter the London Dungeon… If you dare

London Dungeon, Central London

Can you just imagine if we still lived in the “Dark Ages”? Commit a petty crime and it’s off with your head! Luckily, those days are long forgotten but, there is a way to travel back to medieval times at the London Dungeon — a grueling attraction to say the least!

Fascinated by the world of horror? The spooky rides and scary interactive features from this underground showhouse are enough to send shivers down your spine, and there are 18 to explore.

Head into the bowels of the dungeons via a medieval Lift Jester ride; see where you’d never want to end up (on the chopping block) when you meet the Tower Warden; flee King Henry VIII on the  Tyrant Boat Ride; and learn about various punishment techniques from the 1600s at the Torture Chamber.

Other attractions include Conspirators Walk, Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot, Escape The Great Fire of London, The Plague Doctor, Curse of the Witch, Mrs. Lovett’s Pie Shop, Sweeney Todd, Mitre Square, Whitechapel Labyrinth, Jack The Ripper, The Courtroom, Drop Dead: Drop Ride and The Tavern.

60 – Sightsee London during bike tours

bike tour in London

Real talk here: London is huge! Steeped in a rich history, and with so much to do and investigate, the number of landmarks and monuments to sightsee is ridiculous.

One way to check out as much as possible in a day is with a bike tour, with plenty of options to choose from, even E-biking.

If history is your middle name, put that pedal to the metal young buck, and veer around London Town discovering its iconic features, like Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, St. James’s Park, Smithfield Market, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

Other biking excursions are more specialized, for example, cycle your way through the Royal Parks of London stopping at places like Kensington Gardens, go for a cruise beside the banks of the River Thames, or enjoy a street art tour by bicycle.

61 – Play a round of laser tag

laser tag in London

Searching for fun things to do in London with teens while you’re busy with your shopping rounds? Interactive and exciting, bring them for a battle of laser tag, with a handful of different playing arenas for them to choose from.

Themed as a Cold War nuclear bunker, there are one and two-hour sessions available to play at Bunker 51. Its indoor setup has two zones: the Loading Bay and Missile Silos.

Adrenalin Rush has two locations, one in Chiswick and the other in South London, and the courses are set up outdoors. Nighttime laser tag is available too.

Using state-of-the-art laser guns and dressed in full camo, make your way through the forest battlefields of GO Laser Tag London. Plus, they have three Fortnite-themed guns for you to pick from! You’ll be playing outside and their games are suited for ages six years old and up.

62 – Gawk over the 25.2-meter blue whale skeleton inside the Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum, London

Close your eyes and try to picture our Earth billions of years ago… How far did your imagination stretch? Don’t just think it, but experience life way before our time — we’re talking the Dinosaur Ages — at the Natural History Museum.

Honing in on the history of life on Earth, it’s one of the best museums in London to delve into, and you could easily spend two to three hours (minimum) wandering through the galleries and collections.

Its collections are separated by category: Oceans, Dinosaurs, Anthropocene, British Wildlife, What on Earth?, Space, Human Evolution and Wildlife Photography.

Hunt down insightful and educational information, artifacts, and fossilized remains pertaining to each, spaced out between the museum’s various galleries.

Exploring life on planet Earth from dinosaurs to mammals is the Blue Zone. The Green Zone documents the evolution of our planet. Head to the Red Zone and investigate Earth’s sculpting and the forces of gravity. The Orange Zone is more hands-on where you can witness scientists working in the Darwin Centre.

63 – Step into the world of VR Games

VR games in London

Leave reality behind and escape into universes where anything is possible when playing radical VR Games. Here are some of the top venues in London.

Introducing the city’s first complete virtual reality arcade, it’s DNA VR. Enjoy games such as Elven Assassin, Synth Riders, Skyfront VR, and more, and there are also VR escape rooms here.

Fall down the rabbit hole with the games from MeetspaceVR, for example, there’s an Alice in Wonderland-themed escape room (plus 15 other options), or test out the Zero Latency and Immersive Playzone.

Fight off zombies, defend Earth from an alien invasion, or protect your ‘hood from evil with the VR experiences at Navrtar.

Or something extremely insane, book an indoor skydiving VR flight with iFLY, “flying” over Dubai, Hawaii, Sol Cal, or the Swiss Alps — you decide.

64 – Twirl on the rink when ice skating

ice skating in London

There’s something quite magical about ice skating, especially when the pros make it look so effortless as if they’re flying on ice. With a perfect temperature for the sport, London has two great indoor rinks.

Queens is situated in Central London and is open all year (even in summertime). The rink is open to the public, however, in the evenings, it opens for adults-only sessions (over 18s).

Sharpen your skills, or master a new one, with a one-on-one private lesson with an instructor during the Open Skate sessions. If you’ve always wanted to try out curling, the rink opens on Thursday and Friday nights from 6.30 PM for the sport.

Apart from the ice-skating fun, there is also a bowling alley as well as an Amusement Arcade.

Learn how to skate, join the Ice Hockey playing club (or watch a professional match), and arrive for the open public sessions at Alexandra Palace Ice Skating Rink. The rink offers a bunch of courses from adult lessons to junior ice hockey classes.

65 – Board the Cutty Sark for afternoon tea

Cutty Sark, London

Feel like a true pirate sailing the Seven Seas as you step onboard the historical Cutty Sark — although the ship was the furthest from a battle boat and in fact, its duty was to import premium teas to London during the 19th century.

Built in 1869, the world’s solitary surviving tea Clipper arrived on Greenwich’s shores in 1954 and is open to the public as a living museum.

Enter the main deck and take hold of the (restored) captain’s wheel, explore the sailing ship’s antiquated features, and hear interesting stories about life out at sea. You’ll also meet the captain, cook, and other characters of Cutty Sark.

For a truly authentic time, book the Cutty Sark Rig Climb Experience where you’ll mount the boat’s actual rigging, and as you veer to the top of the masts, the views from here are amazing.

Or, why not pay an ode to the vessel’s true mission and indulge in the Cutty Sark Afternoon Tea sitting underneath the hull?

66 – For some of the yummiest food, visit Chinatown

Chinatown, London

Eat, shop, and play your way through vibrant Chinatown — home to more than 70 East Asian restaurants, 30 bars, and cafes, and over a dozen shops, boutiques, and health and beauty services if you’re after a fresh mani or a reflexology treatment.

Home to a thriving Chinese community since the 1950s, an influx of immigrants arrived on British soil from Hong Kong (a former British colony) and began setting up life in the neighborhood.

By the 80s, Chinatown had become a popular district and the area was aptly spruced up with Chinese gates, a pavilion, and traditional street furniture adding all the extra authentic feels.

Visit a gaming cafe, stock up on books, pop into the House of Spells, or get your fill of traditional Chinese medicine.

On the food front, you’re spoilt for choice. Bun House, Golden Dragon, Viet Food, The Eight, Nusa Dua, Canton, Little Korea, Leong’s Legend, Monga, Beijing Dumpling, and Shibuya Soho are a trickle of local eatery examples.

67 – Embark on one of the Sherlock Holmes tours

Sherlock Holmes tour in London

“Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle, His Last Bow.

Indeed, a sentence couldn’t be more fitting for Sherlock Holmes tours in London town, traversing in the footsteps of one of the greatest (fictional) detectives we’ve ever known. You’re bound to learn a thing or two, whether it be Sherlock facts or the history of the various locales featured in the stories — which you will see in person during these tours.

There are plenty of spots scattered across town, so certain walking tours focus on visiting the places featured either in the novels, films, BBC television series, or a combination of all.

Retrace Holmes and Watson’s famous adventures, and hear the backstory behind the author’s inspiration for his 56 Sherlock short stories. Knock on the door of 221B Baker Street (now home to the Sherlock Holmes Museum), and pop into the official Sherlock Holmes Store.

Instead of an ordinary walking tour, opt for a Sherlock Holmes tour by classic black cab.

Hot tip: We’ve compiled the best walking tours in London to guide your adventure.

68 – Enjoy golfing

golfing in London

Golfing is a fantastic way to exert some of your energy without things getting too wild.

Teeing off outdoors with a T-Rex looking over your shadow or a Spinosaurus inspecting your swing, Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf is a dinosaur-themed 18-hole golf course.

Designed around its Jungle Marsh, keep an eye open for interesting facts about the prehistoric creatures and the art of golfing, pegged around the playing field.

Perfect your backswing at Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range at its driving range, or tackle the 18-hole Crazyputt Adventure Course, inspired by the world’s most iconic golf courses.

Reckon your teen is the next Tiger Woods? If your adolescent is golfing-mad, there are a handful of proper golfing ranges in and around London. For example, tee off at England’s third oldest golf club; London Scottish Club, making your way through its 18-hole course. Find the course on Wimbledon Common.

69 – Walk in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper tours in Central London

One of the most infamous serial killers to ever live, Jack the Ripper has haunted screens and pages for decades with plenty of revised and reimagined versions of the story of the killer who was never caught…

Frightening the streets of London in the Whitechapel district during the year of 1888, at least five of his victims were found, but his identity remains an unsolved mystery.

Only suitable for older teens, implore over the gruesome, yet somewhat fascinating events during one of the Jack the Ripper experiences, like a visit to the Jack the Ripper Museum.

Walking tours follow in his footsteps, dropping by the real-life crime scenes and listening to actual accounts of each victim’s tragedy and ultimate ill-fate.

Guided by an expert “Ripperologist” listen to the various conspiracy theories enshrouding the cold cases, and try your hand at investigating the crime scenes during these chilling night tours.

70 – Zoom around the karting tracks

karting in London

Feel the need for speed as you whizz around the tracks, acting out your Lewis Hamilton dreams with a couple of rounds of karting.

Presenting several locations around London, each of the TeamSport Go Karting tracks is slightly different. For example, the Docklands venue on the riverbanks of the Thames boasts an 800-meter-long multi-level track, and the Edmonton locale has nine testing corners. (Other locations are in Acton, Mitcham, and Watford.)

Drive the 550-meter outdoor track at Revolution Karting in Mile End with a kart that can reach speeds of up to 72 kilometers per hour, and night-time racing is available.

Officially ‘the UK’s fastest indoor go-karting track,’ experience all the thrills driving the course at Capital Karts, offering adult, junior, and family karting sessions.

71 – Investigate below London at the Chislehurst Caves

Chislehurst Caves, London

Would you believe that the Chislehurst Caves were once an underground “city” during World War II? (Well, more like an air-raid shelter for families of war.)

Dating way further back than just the 20th century, this natural cave system is much older than the War, serving as subterranean city passageways for centuries.

Its caverns were dug out for their flint-making properties, mushrooms were grown down here in its damp conditions, and the caves provided a temporary home for citizens during wartime with a canteen and barber shop set up inside the underbelly.

After the wars the caves opened up as a music venue for concerts — even Jimi Hendrix played a gig here. Take a mysterious lamp-lit tour via the tunnels and investigate Chislehurst Caves for yourself.

Visitors are not allowed to enter unguided, and it’s wise to wear comfortable, stable shoes for the trek. Underground excursions last between 45 and 50 minutes.

72 – Dance your way through silent disco tours

silent disco in London

Have you always wanted to be involved in a flash mob? Explore London town like never before with a silent disco tour — combining the concept of a silent disco with a regular city sightseeing expedition.

How does it work? Kitted out with a set of individual headphones, amble your way through the streets with a private music party constantly playing in your ears. With tons of options on the table, go with one that best suits your musical genre tastes.

Sing along to your favorite stage productions during a West End Musicals tour exploring the ins and outs of the West End including its theaters. Step back to the 70s, 80s, and 90s with a Drag Queen Disco Diva Tour through Soho guided by Ms. Christina Draguleira. Or, cruise Camden Town listening to the best Britpop soundtrack.

Now is your time to shine and a chance to finally join a major city flashmob — which just so happens to be a silent disco too. Learn the moves, sweep through the city, and at a random’s notice, stop what you’re doing and break out into (choreographed) dance with the rest of your touring gang.

73 – Witness Matilda the Musical on West End

Matilda the Musical, West End show, London
credit to Manuel Harlan

Grown up watching countless reruns of the 1996 movie Matilda, or maybe the paperback version by Road Dahl was your childhood best?

Even if you answered no, fall into a world of music, comedy, childhood dreams, and pure love whilst watching a performance of Matilda the Musical on the West End.

Sticking closely to the same narrative as the original storyline, the show chronicles the tale of a young girl named Matilda from Crunchem Hall School — but the school is run by a tyrant headmistress, Miss Trunchbull.

Without giving too much away, the production has won over 100 awards since debuting in London — a staggering number — and is currently still on for its open run at the Cambridge Theatre.

74 – Catch a flick at the rooftop cinemas

rooftop cinema in London

Why watch a movie at an ordinary movie theater when you have the option of rooftop cinema viewing instead?!

Presented by Rooftop Film Club, this cinematic events company has two different locations. At both spots, you’re provided a personal set of headphones for movie time, and deck chairs are spread out across the rooftop for comfortable seating (but work on a first-come-first-grab basis).

The Bussey Building in Peckham now screens movies during both the day and night, boasting a mixed variety of films from cult classics to the newest screenings. Enjoy a slice of pizza with the show!

Roof East’s Rooftop Film Club in Stratford always has a wide range of movies on its big screen, from romantic 90s blockbusters to animated Oscar winners. Apart from the films, there are a bunch of fun games to get involved in on the rooftop like Crazy Golf, Batting Cages, Glitter Bowls, Cornhole, Ping Pong, and more.

75 – Pick up antiquated trinkets at Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market, London

Announcing to you the world’s largest antique market, it’s the famous Portobello Road Market, open seven days a week in Notting Hill.

The 18th and 19th centuries saw the start of the market on Portobello Road springing up, but it wasn’t until the 1940s that it gained its antique-treasure trove status, and is still considered a historic shopping ground.

Nowadays, the daily market is in full swing, but each day is dedicated to a different splurge of goods.

Starting with the busiest of them all, Saturdays is the it-day and it’s famed Antiques Market sets up shop. Monday to Wednesday is a bric-a-brac market selling odds and sods, from fresh produce to vintage apparel.

On Thursdays, the fashionistas pull in but the market only runs until 1 PM. Fridays are a banging food market, but stalls also sell all sorts from clothing to furniture. Sundays the main market closes, but there is a small vintage market on Portobello Green.

76 – Eat out at Sky Garden

Sky Garden, Central London

Dine with a view, rewind with a yoga class, or simply enjoy the peace and fresh air up top from the highest public garden in London, the Sky Garden, opening to the public back in 2004.

The lush urban oasis is located within a modern building, creating a crazy-cool juxtaposition, and the garden was designed and filled with South African and Mediterranean species, from the likes of Bird of Paradise to Red Hot Poker plants.

Constructed 160 meters off of the ground, viewing the glass-encased indoor garden should be added to your 101 Fun Things To Do in London – The Ultimate Bucket List.

Stroll through the garden, drink in the vistas from the observation decks, and open in spring and summer; take advantage of the restaurant options on its outdoor terrace.

Apart from the eateries here, there are other fabulous restaurants inside including the Sky Garden Bars.

77 – Look out for spooks during ghost tours

ghost tours in London

“Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” Reckon you have what it takes to go hunting down ghouls and phantoms? Do you believe in ghosts? Unravel the world of London’s walking dead amid its eerie ghost tours!

Be shown sites once used as London’s torture chambers, execution points, and prison towers; uncover spine-chilling murder sites; meet the specters of the infamous Fleet Street; and hear haunted tales of ghosts that still wander the city streets…

Savored for the nighttime when the spooks and spirits come out to play, ghost bus tours last around one hour to 1.5 hours onboard an all-black 1960s double-decker ghost-hunting vehicle.

Actors join the ride to provide backstories and creepy commentary, and don’t be surprised if your bus conductor has one or two tricks up his sleeve…

78 – Kick it back old-school style at BFI Southbank

BFI Southbank, London

Whoever said film is dead was clearly lying, and although not as popular as it once was — thanks, Netflix — feel all the nostalgia at BFI Southbank (BFI stands for the British Film Institute).

Specializing in cinema nouveau-style movies, the showhouse has been screening films here since 1957, and today houses four big screens.

Each month a new collection of movies, documentaries, and even some TV series are curated for audiences. Plus, various Film Festivals are celebrated here too.

Also within the BFI Southbank building is the BFI Reuben Library housing a collection pertaining to all things motion picture, and the BFI Mediatheque where you can investigate the ‘treasures of British film and TV history.’ Certain parts of its collection are displayed via ever-changing exhibitions inside BFI Southbank.

79 – Shop your way down Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street, London

Trendy Carnaby Street is a hive of creative, hip, and top-end boutiques, shopping outlets, and eateries. You’ll have a hard time trying to drag the kids away from this area in Soho, and it’s also super close to Oxford and Regent Streets.

Since the groovy 60s, it’s been a hub for artists, musos, and trendsetters, birthing Britain’s take on subcultures like punk and the “New Romantics.”

It’s famous for its street sides lined with British brands (such as Sweaty Betty, Liberty London, and Barbour) but in the latter years, dozens of international retailers have opened up shop here too, from Ray-Ban to Birkenstock to M.A.C Cosmetics.

A hotspot for foodies; the restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes in this area are banging! There’s also the three-level Kingly Court brimming with cool dining options.

80 – Feast at the best restaurants

best restaurants in London

At this pivotal age, teenagers always seem to have a raging appetite — puberty calls! Here are some of the best restaurants to dine at with teens in London.

Get your fix of (inventive) bao buns from On the Bab, or munch down on other yummy street food bites from the Korean restaurant. (Side note, bao buns originate from Taiwan but are found all around Asia).

A megatrend a couple of years back, if you’ve yet to try a smash burger (or are already addicted), grab yours from MEATLiquor.

Feel like you’re in tech-driven Tokyo at Inamo, featuring interactive dining tables and a gaming room. Sushi and Asian-influenced tapas are the stars of this menu.

Arrive for the incredible ice cream, and stay for a whole meal at Heddon Street Kitchen — a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

In the mood for mouth-watering Indian? Dishoom presents funky plates with a modern spin on classic dishes.

How to get to London?

Is London your first destination of arrival in England? If you’re flying into the capital city you’ll land at Heathrow Airport.

Traveling with the entire brood can become tiresome, especially after a long flight! Consider booking pre-organized airport transfers for when you touch down in London, so it’s at least one thing you don’t have to worry about.

Upon arrival, your private driver awaits your family, holding up a sign with your name on it. Board a large, comfortable vehicle big enough for everyone (and all your luggage) and be transported directly to your accommodation — hassle-free.

Where to stay in London?

With its plethora of activities and sightseeing ventures, you’re going to be on your feet a lot. Rest easy at some of the best hotels and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the new day.

Wake up to views of Buckingham Palace (right next door) at the 5-star Rubens at the Palace. With dedicated activities for kids and families, join a private master class or there is special afternoon tea for kids with cupcake decorating included.

Stay in the heart of buzzing Shoreditch at the funky 4-star citizenM London Shoreditch Hotel. Rooms all have super fast wifi and the accommodation’s location is ideal for teens.

With breakfast included, an on-site gym, and another great locale that’s an easy walk to many hotspots, check into the 4-star Hyatt Regency London Albert Embankment.

Positioned in the West End and with dozens of landmarks and attractions easily reachable either on foot, via the tube, or by taxi; gorgeous The Bloomsbury Hotel has tons of room options. It’s another 4-star stay.

More stays with world-class service, interiors, and activities are 5-star The Mandrake and the 4-star Malmaison London.

Visiting London on a budget?

Traveling with kids no matter their age always requires a budget — because we all know how wild children and teens can get on the spending front. Save a few extra pounds here and there with more pocket money to spare and join one of the free walking tours in London.

You can bet there are handfuls to choose from, not only limited to sightseeing the essential landmarks.

Navigate your way around the Old City, explore the streets lit up by city skyscrapers and light shows with an evening excursion, or opt for a more specified tour like a Jack the Ripper guided walking excursion.

Another saver is the city passes, and there are two options: the London Pass and the Go London Explorer Pass.

Final thoughts

Can you already hear the capital calling your name? Twist mom and dad’s arms by showing them this epic list of things to do in London with teens and they won’t be able to say no to your next Great British holiday.

Have you visited the historical city before? What were your favorite attractions and fondest travel memories? Share with us in the comments.

As always, happy travels!

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