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Buckingham Palace: Tickets and Tours

Experience a rare glimpse into what it is like to exist as British royalty. Buckingham Palace is the London residence and headquarters for the monarch of the United Kingdom. It is located in Westminster with origins that date back to the 18th century.

The structure has since been expanded and served at the residence of the British monarch following Queen Victoria in 1837. Find out how you can get tickets to witness this gorgeous palace first-hand.

How much do Buckingham Palace tickets cost?

Buckingham Palace is only open for ten weeks each summer to the general public with the exception of Exclusive Tours and Royal Mews Tours (more info, below).

The next scheduled opening to the public is reserved for July 18, 2020 to September 2020. Since there is a high demand to see Buckingham Palace we recommend considering purchasing tickets in advance.

The State Rooms Guided Tour

Access to the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace present beautiful art and decor from the iconic building.

  • Adult: £26.50 (US$ 30)
  • Seniors (60+): £24 (US$ 27)
  • Student: £24 (US$ 27)
  • Disabled: £14.50 (US$ 17)
  • Under 17 years old: £14.50 (US$ 17)
  • Under 5 years old: FREE
  • Family (2 adults, 3 children): £67.40 (US$ 75)

The Royal Mews Guided Tour

Visit the the Royal Mews, home to historic royal carriages and one of the finest working stables in existence.

  • Adult: £13 (US$ 18)
  • Seniors (60+): £11.80 (US$ 16)
  • Student: £11.80 (US$ 16)
  • Disabled: £7.50 (US$ 10)
  • Under 17 years old: £7.50 (US$ 10)
  • Under 5 years old: FREE
  • Family (2 adults, 3 children): £33.50 (US$ 45)

Available from February to November each year.

Royal Day Out Guided Tour

Great value allows you to see the State Rooms, Royal Mews, and The Queen’s Gallery.

  • Adult: £49 (US$ 55)
  • Seniors (60+): £44.50 (US$ 50)
  • Student: £42 (US$ 47)
  • Disabled: £26.50 (US$ 30)
  • Under 17 years old: £26.50 (US$ 30)
  • Under 5 years old: FREE
  • Family (2 adults, 3 children): £124.50 (US $139)

Exclusive Guided Tour

Exclusive guided tour lasts over two hours and offers a unique perspective of Buckingham Palace. Guests are treated to a glass of champagne, official souvenir guide, and 20% off the gift shop at the end of the tour.

  • Adult: £85 (US $95)

Available from the 21st December to the 2nd February.

Who are eligible for discounts?

Children under the age of five are permitted entry to Buckingham Palace for free. Seniors, disabled, students, and children also receive a discounted rate. The same is true of group rates that involve parties larger than 15 people. However, group rates are only available for the State Rooms and not Royal Day Out.

Families can get a fantastic deal on Buckingham Palace tickets by considering the family package which permits two adults, and up to three children under the age of 17 for £67.40 (The State Rooms) and £124.50 (Royal Day Out).

How do you book Buckingham Palace tickets in advance?

You can purchase Buckingham Palace tickets online through the Royal Collection Trust or via an online travel agencies such as Viator or Getyourguide. In fact, tickets to the palace do fluctuate so make sure you check and compare deals with our search engine.

You’ll need to plan ahead as the palace is only open to the public a couple of months each year.

What will I see?

Buckingham Palace has an impressive history which dates back more than 400 years. It is one of the few remaining royal palaces in the world that is open to the public.

The palace is massive with 775 rooms and an exterior of 120 meters by 108 meters. The State Rooms feature an impressive collection of art and decor, along with the Royal Mews and The Queen’s Gallery.

The Queen's Gallery features some of the most significant examples of Japanese art and design from the Royal Collection.

The Royal Mews

The Royal Mews is responsible for all the road  travel arrangements for the Royal Family. Admire the Gold State Coach, the Diamond Jubilee State Coach or even try out a royal carriage.

The State Rooms

State rooms were designed to impress and could only be found in the homes of elite aristocracy. There are 19 State Rooms in the Buckingham Palace in total, including the the Throne Room, the Blue Drawing Room and the Ballroom to name a few. They are used by the Royal Family when welcoming guests on official State and ceremonial visits.

There are many rooms and treasures waiting to be discovered and learned about at Buckingham Palace.

Travel Tips

  • Book in advance: Admission to the State Rooms, Royal Mews, and The Queen’s Gallery is open to the general public just 10 weeks a year and has limited availability. Therefore, you should consider buying tickets months in advance if you want to travel between late-July and September. Exclusive Tours are offered at other times of the year yet are limited.
  • Consider buying the family pass or travel in large groups. Both ways will earn you a discounted admission to Buckingham Palace. Seniors, disabled individuals, students, and children can also receive admittance for cheaper rates.
  • Don't miss the changing of the guard ceremony. The official home of the Queen of England also serves as the backdrop for the Changing of the Guard ceremony. A must see for every London first-time visitors.