romantic things to do in Bali for couples

Taking time out for just you and your darling is so important nowadays in our busy, hectic, on-the-go lifestyles.

If you’ve been dreaming up the perfect getaway, have you explored all the romantic things to do in Bali for couples?

Love is certainly in the air in this piece of tropical Indonesian paradise; there’s a reason why it’s chosen time and time again by honeymooners or for a destination wedding!

(On that note, the options are exceptional if you’re planning on proposing … Pop the question during a hot air balloon ride or a helicopter tour.)

Cue the out-of-this-world dining experiences among verdant rice paddies, on riverbanks or floating out on the Indian Ocean.

Cruise around the neighboring islands, go snorkeling along the coastlines or dive with manta rays! Or, spend the night out at sea on a luxury charter yacht.

Catch a film at an outdoor beach cinema, unwind at a jungle spa, trek up volcanoes at sunrise and rejuvenate in natural hot springs.

Leave Bali feeling spiritually recharged after visits to sanctuaries atop sea cliffs or water temples with purification rituals, and with a renewed love for one another!

The love bug is contagious in the Island of the Gods.

Want to dive straight in? Browse our catalog now!

1 – Snap the most jaw-dropping couple’s shot in front of Lempuyang’s Gate of Heaven

Lempuyang's Gate of Heaven tour

Calling all husbands of Instagram …

Heaven IS a place on earth! Well, at least the gateway into a euphoria of clouds anyway. Introducing Lempuyang’s Gate of Heaven, one of Bali’s most sacred Hindu sites.

Feel like you’ve stepped into some sort of fantasy reality, with Mount Agung rising in the background, and the entire landscape reflecting off the floor in front of you like a double image. The gate forms part of Lempuyang Temple, and the best time to visit for that iconic Insta-shot is when it’s a little moody, the rain helping to create the illusion.

Founded in the 11th century, the temple (also known as Pura Luhur Lempuyang) is part of a larger complex. There are plenty of other ancient structures and ruins to explore within the outer and inner sanctums.

2 – Boat tour around tropical paradise

boat tours in Bali

With the wind gently caressing your skin and the Indonesian sunshine adding its charm, lie back in your darling’s arms, and drink in the oceanic landscapes on a boat tour.

Because this is Bali, there are boat tours at every corner, cruising to different parts of the island, or one of its neighbors.

The famous Nusa Islands (on the southeast coast) are popular day trips, and tours often choose Nusa Penida for boating excursions.

Considered the most “touristy” of the three sister islands, you’ll catch a fast boat over here, disembarking on Nusa Penida, where a world of activities and sightseeing awaits, from natural pools to paradise beaches.

Add on romantic moments, like a traditional Balinese massage, a private photographer to accompany you or a cute polaroid camera for the day, or even options like a coffee tasting.

P.S. There are luxury catamaran cruises to wild Nusa Lembongan, too.

3 – Uncover the magic of Ubud

day trip to Ubud from Bali

There’s only one word for Ubud: magical!

It’s the type of destination made for lovers, nestled away in resplendent terraces and rolling highlands, and it’s a fabulous area to stay in for a few nights — think those famous jungle tree houses with private infinity pools splashed on social media pages.

Situated in Bali’s uplands, Ubud has a very different feeling to the rest of the island … Almost like how Chiang Mai feels totally different from the rest of Thailand, and similarly, arts and crafts are thriving livelihoods.

Scattered between its rainforests are a plethora of spiritual sites, including the sacred Ubud Monkey Forest sanctuary, the mystical Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) and the Pura Taman Saraswati water temple.

Thanks to its naturally tranquil surroundings and evergreen terrains, Ubud is globally renowned in yoga communities, and there are many yoga retreats headed up here — if you’re both keen.

Discover local villages, fascinating museums and unusual galleries, and there are some extraordinary dining options around these parts!

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4 – Go snorkeling in an oceana mecca

snorkeling in Bali

There’s something so surreal about being surrounded by flurries of aquatic creatures — perhaps it’s because we’re so used to the scenes we see on land?

Make like mermaids and go on a snorkeling adventure to renowned underwater locales, swimming with turtles and gliding between avalanches of colorful coral.

We’d suggest keeping a pair of goggles and snorkel close on hand for any beach adventure (you can snorkel in most places), but of course, there are specific areas and sites where water visibility is top-notch and seeing marine animals is guaranteed!

Blue Lagoon boasts incredible snorkeling and is a popular snorkeling location. The bay is accessible from the beach in Padangbai (a town in eastern Bali).

Or, journey out further to sea and dive into the warm waters of Nusa Lembogan, sought out for its diverse marine life!

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5 – For views over all of Bali, trek Mount Batur

Mount Batur day trip from Bali

Are the pair of you avid hikers? The summit to the top of Bali’s famous volcano is breathtaking, and there aren’t many destinations that compare with the UNESCO-listed giant.

Perched 1,717 meters above sea level, the best time to appreciate its magnificence is early mornings, and on that note, trekking at this time is when you’ll see the most people, all arriving for its iconic dawn of the day setting.

Elevate things even higher with a sunrise hiking expedition with breakfast. As you reach the top of the peak and the first-morning sun shines through the clouds, break for your breakie picnic on top of the world!

The summit takes between one to two hours (fitness levels dependent) and is considered a reasonably easy hike.

If you’re not sold on the whole trekking bit (and the extra early wake-up call), there’s also the sunrise jeep tour option.

The views from this vantage point are mesmerizing, the whole experience even more so!

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6 – Lay together in hanging beds above rice terraces, in birds nests or jungle swing

jungle swing tour in Bali

Don’t you just feel your most comfortable self, posing for pictures like no one is watching when your significant other is behind the lens? In the land of “Oh my gosh, please take a picture for me,” jungle swings and bird nests are totally a thing!

Made famous right here, destinations all over the globe have copied the idea, and there are several jungle swings and bird nests in Bali.

The Real Bali Swing is the OG, swooshing over the terraced rice paddies in Ubud, and there are a few more photo ops, like romantic beds and different shaped nests.

Also in Ubud, feel like a Disney princess on the floating beds, swings and nests above a coffee plantation at Aloha Ubud Swing.

A couple’s sky bike, flower beds, a super extreme swing and plenty more, the setting of Alas Harum Swing is as picturesque as they come!

More places to find Bali swings and nests are Wanagiri Hidden Hill, Picheaven Bali, Tegalalang Rice Terraces and Zen Hideaway.

7 – Wild and rugged, adventure around Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida day trip from Bali

Nusa Penida is a little dreamscape, and it’s hard to believe it’s just 25 kilometers off Bali’s coastline.

Flower garlands strung around temple entrances, wild waters and rugged cliffs pear out, and the roads twist and turn around the island.

Hire a scooter and cruise around for the day, pit-stopping at breathtaking viewpoints like Kelingking Beach (the famous T-rex-shaped cliff) and Paluang Cliff. Cool off at the beaches, bays and natural rock pools (don’t miss Tembeling Beach and Forest, Crystal Bay, Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach).

If your bucket list is anything like ours, swimming with manta rays is high up there. Penida is famous for it, and Manta Point is a prime spot for guaranteed sightings while diving.

Other dazzling natural attractions are Peguyangan Waterfall, Bukit Teletubbies Hill and Seganing Waterfall.

Hot tip: Check out our complete guides for having a day trip in Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida.

8 – Stroll hand-in-hand along the Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Honestly, it’s Bali’s jaw-dropping landscapes that reel in millions of visitors, and the Camphum Ridge Walk is a quintessential contender.

There’s just something so romantic about this picture: oodles of greens, tropical topography rolling with the ebb and flow, and views for days! Everywhere you look, Mother Nature says hello! Found in Ubud, the abundance of greenery makes total sense.

The walk begins from the Pura Gunung Lebah Temple, with a paved walkway stretching all the way up a ridge. Despite the undulations, it’s a pretty mellow ramble, and is about an hour or so there and back — there’s no round loop.

En route, locals sell handicrafts (toward the end before you turn back), and Campuhan Ridge Walk is free to do. Sunrise and sunset are the most beautiful hours to visit here.

9 – Chase the best waterfalls in Bali

best waterfalls in Bali

Let your adventurous spirit rule your hearts for the day as you go chasing the best waterfalls in Bali; posing beneath cascades and splashing about in its natural pools — anybody else just imagining Avatar vibes???

Just wait until you get a load of Tegenungan Waterfall, where reaching the powerhouse cascade requires minimal effort! Nestled in the jungle close to Kemenuh village (not too far from Ubud), drive to the parking lot and then enjoy a short walk down to the 20-meter-tall waterfall.

As multiple falls flow from various heights, the Sekumpul Waterfall is transcending, and you’ll forget the rest of the world exists! A little more trekking is required for this one; the hilly pathway takes between 30 minutes to one hour to complete.

‘Test your adrenaline’ as the signpost at Aling Aling Waterfall says and go … cliff jumping! (But please take caution.) The scenery here feels extra mystifying and untouched, with a giant natural pool enveloped by deep jungle greens.

10 – Late-risers, start the day with the best brunch in Bali

best brunch in Bali
credit to The Place With No Name

One of the best parts about being on holiday is no alarm clock, and Bali is the perfect place for a lazy morning. Once you’re out of bed, morning coffees are done, and you’re both ready to tackle the day, kick it off the proper way with a mouthwatering brunch!

Whether you’re in the mood for something savory or sweet, The Avocado Factory impresses with its innovative menu, where avo is the star of the show!

The setup of Cafe Kim Soo appears straight off a Pinterest board. The menu from this trendy eatery has butterfly chia pudding cups, ricotta hotcakes, marinated avocado, classic bennies, the list goes on!

Bali dreams are made of these, cue the hanging rattan lampshades and macrame everything! The Place With No Name specializes in pescatarian and vegetarian delights.

Smoothie towers, themed banana pancakes, sushi and fried chicken bagels, Benih Cafe brings the heat with its creative combination of local and international flavors.

Or, for all our plant-based couples, iam Vegan Babe is a real treat! Smoothie bowls, tofu benedict, smashed toasts; it’s all so veganlicious.

11 – Leave feeling renewed after a purification tour

purification tour in Bali

Loads of couples pick the Island of the Gods for vowel renewals or a second honeymoon. If you’re here to revitalize your love or even just destress from a hectic time period, a purification tour could be all your bodies, minds and souls needs!

So, what’s the deal? Healing purification rituals are conducted by a shaman (called a pemangku) typically at their home or at specific temples, such as Tirta Empul Temple or Pura Mengening. It’s all about releasing stagnant energy and negative vibrations (almost similar to reiki).

This act is known locally as ‘melukat,’ and water is always involved in the processions.

Depending on your tour, the medicine man might use massage techniques or lead you through a spoken ceremony; some even include a palm reading from a high priestess afterward.

P.S. If this sounds too airy-fairy for you both, then there are always relaxing love bath rituals offered at some spas, like The Spa at Tanah Gajah Resort (enquire about the ‘Harmony of Hearts: Couples’ Spa Experience.’)

12 – Lap up the good vibes at the best beach clubs

best beach clubs in Bali
credit to Oneeighty Dayclub

Beach babes and sun seekers, hang out with a cocktail in hand, lounging (comfortably) in a private cabana at the best beach clubs — which Bali is famous for!

Movie nights on the beach, VIP experiences, DJs on decks spinning groovy tunes and marshmallows around the bonfire at sunset, Sundays Beach Club is thee place to be! (It’s located in Uluwatu.)

Sip on pina coladas from the Ocean View Bar, have fun in the water on the SUP boards and there are live music evenings.

Wondering where the famous beach club is with the glass-bottom infinity pool built on the cliff edge? That would be Oneeighty Dayclub! Lovers, there are different day passes, for example, the VIP Cabana option, which includes oysters and salmon canapes, a bottle of wine and a refreshing welcome granita (and other extras).

Its extensive menu has plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, and there’s also a shisha menu.

If you want to book a table at the Sky Lounge, reservations are essential.

Hot tip: Reserve a day in your 7 days Bali itinerary for relaxation on the beautiful beaches.

13 – For an iconic Bali moment, join an Instagram tour

Instagram tour in Bali

Let’s be real: Bali was one of the first places to blow up on the ‘gram and make influencers what they are today! It’s the epitome of a traveler’s paradise, and an Instagram tour is a perfect way to see the most WOW sights around town.

(This expedition is also great for those with only a few days in Bali who want to sightsee the iconic hotspots, not necessarily for an Insta upload, but for in-the-moment appreciation.)

These picturesque adventures are usually a full-day excursion because there’s so much to tick off, and because Bali is pretty massive, the various operators will focus on different areas — so research and choose wisely.

Standard tours visit iconic locations, like Ubud’s rice terraces, Lempuyang Temple’s Gate of Heaven and the Tirta Gangga water palace.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Goa Raja Waterfall and the jungle swings are examples of other places included with specific tours, and there’s also the option of an Instagram tour with a

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14 – Lit up by candles, fireflies and stars, dine in the rice paddies

romantic dinners in Bali

Anything feels possible in Bali, including a private five-course dinner in the middle of a rice paddy, where a private table is set for just you two.

Tall strands of grass block unwanted views, so you can stare into each other’s eyes the entire night, wining and dining like no one is watching.

Extra intimate, the table is decorated with candles and flower arrangements, with blazing bamboo torches leading the pathway here.

The tasting menu delights with a fusion of Indonesian and Western flavors. Think scallop appetizers, spicy Balinese soup served with prawns and mango, barramundi with truffle potato puree, braised pork belly in shoyu mirin for mains and ginger chocolate souffle for a sweet ending.

Useful to know: vegetarian, vegan and halal menus are available upon request.

15 – See the sunrise 3,044 meters above sea level from Mount Agung

Mount Agung tours

Awake when the world is still asleep, and the stars are twinkling in the sky, and head off on a well-worth-it Mount Agung sunrise trekking tour!

Bali’s tallest peak also happens to be an active volcano, last erupting in 2019! Therefore, the terrain matches, and it’s interesting traversing its barren ridges and past ashed-out calderas.

The trek up its summit isn’t as easy as Mount Batur, and it takes a good six hours to get to the top — if you thought it was an early call for Batur, you need to depart for Mount Agung around midnight to make it in time for the sunrise!

At the top, witness the sun break through the clouds above the Island of the Gods, with views stretching as far as the Lombok Strait.

Not only the highest mountain, Agung is also considered the most important in Balinese culture, and the holiest Hindu temple is built on its slopes, Besakih Temple.

16 – Break from the Bali heat at Bedugul Lake

Bedugul Lake, Bali
Bedugul Lake, Bali

Misty landscapes, cute deer roaming around and verdant flower beds surround Bedugul Lake, dubbing this spot a whimsical destination for any romantics.

Scenic landscapes aside, the lake is also home to the famous Ulun Danu Bratan Temple Bedugul, built in the middle of the water body.

Positioned in a mountainous region, the temperatures are naturally cooler, and if you visit in December, low mist rolls in around the lake, making it extra mystical. With clouds floating below the 11-tier pagoda and dramatic hills in the background, it’s all very poetical.

Enjoy a traditional Indonesian lunch at a local restaurant, and there are souvenir stalls selling handicrafts.

Rent a canoe and paddle around Bedugul Lake, but there are also services on traditional boats where someone else does the arm work for you.

Tip: If you’ve brought along a drone, footage of the two of you and your row boat gently floating in front of the temple is like, next-level!

17 – Unmarried couples, stay away from Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple tour

Oh Bali, you’re really so enchanting and this oceanic mecca transports you to eons ago. One of seven sea temples in Bali, it was constructed in the 16th century above a bed of dark sea rocks a couple hundred meters from the shore in Tabanan.

But before we delve any deeper, a word of warning for our (superstitious) lovers! According to local myth, if you aren’t yet married and you visit the temple as a couple, your relationship will be cursed, and will ultimately never survive. Just throwing it out there, we’ve never taken our chances …

Walk across the ocean at low tide to get to Tanah Lot, but when it’s high tide, you can only arrive by boat.

Early morning settings here are breathtaking, but if you love your morning snuggles, save this visit for Golden Hour with a sunset tour at Tanah Lot Temple.

Hot tip: The best Tanah Lot Temple tours provide not just a visit, but an immersive experience into Balinese mythology and the temple’s history.

18 – Fall in love all over again (and with Bali) with an Eat Pray Love tour

Eat Pray Love tour in Bali

When Eat Pray Love first hit the big screens back in 2010, broken hearts felt hopeful, helplessly-in-love couples were reminded of their true love and honestly, it made us all get itchy feet. Plus, Indonesian is, after all, the leg of Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey in which she falls in love with Felipe!

Relive it all again with the love of your life during an Eat Pray Love tour — we’d suggest the private option for a more intimate experience.

Bathe in the cleansing waters at an ancient sacred temple, visit a fortune teller and ask them questions about your future together, explore the famous rice terraces hand-in-hand and ease into the moment with a yoga class.

All tours are unique, and some offer extras such as a private photographer, a couple’s massage, market visits and a stop at the jungle swings in Ubud.

19 – Travel back in time at Tirta Empul Temple and experience ancient rituals

Tirta Empul Temple tickets

It’s impossible to visit Indonesia and not feel spiritually moved in some way; there’s just this contagious feeling in the air — if you’ve visited before, you’ll know what we mean …

Ancient Tirta Empul Temple (founded in 926 CE) is probably one of the most frequented of Bali’s holy sites, and it’s also known as the Holy Water Temple. Instead of an inner sanctum courtyard, the center area is actually a natural spring, and the waters are considered sacred.

You’ll notice stone water spouts jutting out from walls, and visitors wait in line for their turn to bathe beneath the cascade, purifying your entire being.

Hindu deities are covered in moss, flower wreaths decorate the holy springs and shrines are dedicated to the gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

20 – Plan a sunset horse riding date

horse riding in Bali

Are you planning a special proposal? Romanticized in poetry, novels and films, a horse riding date past lush coffee plantations or along the ocean shore at sunset hour is the epitome of a fairytale moment.

(If you are planning on proposing, this could be a perfect lead-up to the big moment!)

Choose your ideal setting, and off you go!

Canter across one of Bali’s Black Sand beaches (like Pantai Pig Stone or Saba Beach), or if you’re based in Seminyak, there are horse riding excursions along popular Seminyak Beach but on a quieter section. Time this one for late afternoon because the sunset background will have you gagged!

Blessed with an abundance of them around the island, of course, there are also ventures with rice paddy views.

If either of you don’t have any horse riding experience, these tours are suitable for all levels, and you’ll be guided by a professional the entire route.

21 – Whizz through jungles with the wind in your hair on a Volkswagen tour

Volkswagen tours in Bali

Are you on the hunt for exciting yet romantic things to do in Bali for couples? Ditch the mundane jaunts and veer on the road less traveled during a Volkswagen tour.

Your route map does include sightseeing many of the iconic attractions and landmarks of Bali, but to get there, you’ll whizz through the jungle or across volcanic terrains in an old-school open-top VW jeep.

These vintage safari convertibles are perfect for happy snappers; an open roof means no obstructions!

Typically lasting an entire day, cruise through Ubud, visiting sites such as Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), Tegalalang Rice Terrace and the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

If the ocean is your happy place, then opt for a VW jeep tour through Uluwatu; there are even excursions up Mount Batur.

22 – Create signature scents during a perfume workshop

perfume workshop in Bali
credit to L’Atelier – Parfums & Créations

It’s one thing buying perfume or cologne for your sweetheart, but have you ever handcrafted them a signature scent before? Try something new together like a perfume workshop.

L’Atelier – Parfums & Créations is Bali’s leading perfumery, with two locations. There are different perfume-making workshops to choose from, such as an extensive three-hour or a shorter 90-minute class.

Learn about ingredients, how to select these according to your preferences and personality, and finally, concocting your own signature scent into a 30ml bottle.

Or, if you’re planning a cute date day at your stay, they can also set up a perfume workshop for you in the comfort of your villa!

Another lovely option is Our Projects, offering a Perfume Masterclass. Manufacturing their own perfumes for sale too, the bottles are similar looking to BYREDO.

23 – Swim with turtles, reef sharks and giant humphead parrotfish in Tulamben

Tulamben day trip from Bali

If you head down to the sleepy fishing village of Tulamben, you’re in for a whale of a surprise! There may not be much kicking off on land, but it’s the area’s underwater oasis that draws in mega crowds to the northeast coast.

Rightfully so, this scuba diving hotspot is a mecca of aquatic bliss, and some of the most famous diving sites are found in the waters around Tulamben.

The jaw-dropping USAT Liberty Wreck is the most well-known, and the WWII wreck is suitable for all levels — parts of the shipwreck are easy to reach a few meters down, while other sections have intense drops.

But it’s not the only diving playground. Another World War member is the submerged Boga shipwreck, and divers love posing around the wreckage with a sunken Volkswagen 181 next door!

Or swim among Buddha statues, temples, and stupas at Suci Palace, which is found right off the shores near Matahari Tulamben Resort.

If you both love to go diving, consider making Tulamben village your base camp for a day or two.

24 – Take home new culinary skills with a cooking class

cooking class in Bali

Is food your love language?

After returning from your romantic tropical getaway, impress your friends at your next dinner party, cooking up an Indonesian feast together, showing off your skills that you learned during a cooking class!

For a more intimate experience with just the two of you, we recommend a private cooking class, and because food is such an important part of local culture, there are loads to take your pick.

Join a local family in their traditional Balinese home and prepare a classic family-meal. Fill up your knowledge cup and learn about spices and ingredients — some of which are also used for making traditional medicines.

Or, there are private classes at professional cooking schools headed up by pro chefs, where you’ll walk away with five to six new recipes, like satay sauce, mie goreng (fried noodles), pepes ikan (fish steamed in banana leaves) and other mouth-watering dishes.

For more, check out the Best Cooking Classes in Bali – Ranked by Travelers Choice.

25 – Grab a cuppa at a cat cafe

cat cafe in Bali
credit to The Odd Cat

Calling all of our fur-baby parents! If it’s your first time leaving your kitties, or you’re both just major animal lovers, grab a coffee or tea at an adorable cat cafe!

The Odd Cat doubles as a cat hotel and adoption agency, and the safe-haven for rescued cats of all ages has its own little cafe for those that want to show the felines some love.

Based in Canggu, enjoy a fresh coconut, iced tea or an espresso and hang out for an hour or so. There’s an outdoor seating area for humans, equipped with astroturf and cat boxes, climbers and toys for the cats.

Feeling peckish? The ‘hooman’ menu has yummy snacks like vegan brownies, ice-cream and fries with miso mayo!

The cafe often hosts craft workshops, like an embroidery class

26 – Meditate with a mountain backdrop during a yoga sesh

yoga in Bali

“Couples who yoga together, stay together” — only kidding, but if you do love to do your yoga sessions together, or are maybe looking for something new to try (or a hobby you can continue doing as quality time), why not try out a yoga class?

After all, Bali is a renowned global yoga hotspot,  and in the most perfect setting.

Most of the top yoga centers and studios are located in Ubud! For example, join a Vinyasa flow class at The Yoga Barn, or focus on your breathwork during a lesson at Ubud Yoga Centre (offering sound healing too).

The first hours of a new day are always the most peaceful. Sunrise yoga at the base of Mount Abang is unbeatable, followed by water rituals and meditation, walking away feeling totally invigorated and relaxed.

27 – Frolic among rows of Marigold fields

Marigold fields in Bali

The way to a woman’s heart is (usually) flowers, and what could be more whimsical than running through bright orange-yellow fields of them?

Recreate your very own Big Fish moment, just like Will and Sandra Bloom standing in a field of yellow daffodils, Will declaring his act of love for his future wife … except in Bali, you’ll swap daffodils for marigolds!

(On that note, it’s a perfect location for a proposal, just saying!)

Near the Temukus Village in northern Bali the Marigold Fields flourish in the area’s cooler temperatures. With mountains in the background and whiffs of mist floating by, it makes you want to cozy up instantly!

Marigolds play a significant role in Hindu culture, hence the reason you see them around many temples, shrines and statues, and they’re grown in the hillsides.

P.S. Two words: incredible photos!

28 – Appreciate our feathered friends at the Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park tickets

Any avid bird watchers in the house? Home to over 1,000 winged creatures, the Bali Bird Park is a peaceful escape, where the sound of bird songs fills the air.

It’s the park’s mission to protect native endangered wildlife, but there are also birds to see from around the globe.

Making navigation easier, the exhibits are divided into different natural habitats: South America, South Africa, Sumatra, Borneo, Papua, Java and Bali, and there’s also an Owl House.

Activities are centered around feathery friends, for example, there are different shows and feedings, like pelican or lory feedings, there’s a 4D theater and bird-centric experiences such as the ‘Komodo Experience’ and ‘Meet the Bird Stars.’

29 – Enjoy your favorite hobby together at a board game cafe

board game cafe in bali
credit to Downtime Cafe

Show off your competitive side at an epic board game cafe — an awesome option for a rainy day.

Downtime Cafe opened in 2018 as the first board game cafe in Bali, so its shelves brimming with hundreds of games makes total sense!

Loads of these are two-player friendly (or designed for just two), for example, Akrotiri, Kingdomino, Scrabble, Darwin’s Journey, Tribes of the Wind, Tiny Towns, Love Letter, and and and!

Inspired by Los Angeles’ trendy food scene, the menu impresses just as much.

Level Up – Board Game Cafe has over 250 games to choose from, and unlike many standard gaming cafes, the interiors of this one are modern and minimalist.

Their coffee-game is on-point, and you rent out games per hour. Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, Uno — discover all the favorites here.

30 – Honeymooners, treat yourselves at Kupu Kupu Barong

Kupu Kupu Barong
credit to Kupu Kupu Barong

Romantic rose petal baths upon arrival with special notes written in florals, champagne floating breakfasts in private infinity pools, Ayung River views to wake up to and surreal spa experiences in the most insane jungle setting, Kupu Kupu Barong is made for lovers!

If the luxury villas seem familiar, you might have seen them splurged across social media pages; famous influencer couples favoring the heavenly treehouses.

But you don’t have to spend the night to enjoy the dreamlike surroundings, and the stay offers a Kupu Kupu Barong romantic dinner experience at its La View Restaurant.

Dine on the outdoor terrace with lush palm trees around and vistas over the canopies, and the menu is a fusion of local and French flavors.

For overnight guests, organize a private dinner around your villa’s pool or a romantic breakfast set up in a bird’s nest!

Good to know: you can hold your wedding at Kupu Kupu Barong!

31 – Handcraft each other promise rings during a jewelry making class

jewelry making classes in Bali

How special does handcrafting a unique piece of jewelry for your sweetheart sound? Swap generic gifts for one-of-a-kind pieces with a jewelry-making class.

Home to dozens of talented silversmiths, Bali specializes in silverware, and most classes use this material.

Lessons typically run for three hours, but you will also find some half-day workshops.

Using your raw silver (some supply 10 grams, others five), learn silversmithing techniques, such as how to stamp, hammer and solder the silver into a piece of jewelry, from rings to bracelets to pendants to earrings.

Why not create wedding bands for each other? And some workshops also offer precious stones to add to your creation.

32 – Book a romantic photo shoot

photo shoot in Bali

Are you planning a Balinese wedding? Or maybe you’re here for a secret engagement? You might want to consider booking a romantic photo shoot with your very own personal photographer at your fingertips for a couple of hours.

In one of the most naturally photogenic destinations, your photographer will accompany you as you go sightseeing, snapping candid shots of the pair of you in between.

Pick your location or leave it up to the locals to show you the most scenic backdrops and landscapes, where your photos are sure to pop!

The perfect way to immortalize this holiday for eternity; hire a professional for an hour, or there are longer sessions — just enquire prior to booking so you know what to expect.

You can also organize a photo shoot at your accommodation (an ideal option for anyone planning a romantic proposal this way).

33 – Unwind with a couple’s treatment at the best spas in Bali

best spas in Bali

Nothing says “vacation-time” like a day at the spa, and Bali is pretty famous for its spa treatments — and locations to match! Treat yourselves to a spa day or a couple’s therapy for an hour or two.

Zahra Luxury Spa Nusa Dua offers three different Couple Packages, which all start with a flower foot bath and end off with a calming ginger tea and shower time. Expect treatments such as an aroma massage, traditional facial, revitalizing body scrub and mask, and more!

With views to fall head over heels for, Mango Tree Spa (at Kupu Kupu Barong Resort) is an official L’Occitane member. Honestly, it’s the setting and the vistas that make this one utterly dreamy for couples.

It doesn’t get better than the award-winning AYANA Spa, where treatment rooms are on the ocean’s doorstep. Relax into hues of blues, and the treatments are amazing, the setting ultra-luxurious, and they also have Thalassotherapy.

The Karma Spa (in Uluwatu) and the Healing Village Spa at Four Seasons Bali (in Jimbaran Bay) are two more incredible options.

34 – Spot dolphins swimming at Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach tour

Does your Bali Bucket List include dolphin watching? When any town monument is the playful aquatic animal, you know you’ve hit the jackpot! For example, the Dolphin Coast in South Africa is named this for good reason — because there’s always dolphins swimming in the ocean here!

To witness pods of dolphins gliding through the waters and leaping through the waves, Lovina Beach is where it’s at!

Situated on the north coast, Lovina is one of the island’s black sand beaches, and the sunrises from this positioning are awe-inspiring.

It all works in your favor because if you’re joining a dolphin-watching tour, you’ll depart for Lovina before daybreak. The best time for dolphin spotting is early morning, as this is when the intelligent creatures are most active.

Another reason why Lovina Beach is such a major dolphin-watching hotspot is because the spinner dolphins live here year-round.

Hot tip: Check our complete guide for sunrise dolphin watching in Lovina.

35 – Get married in an ocean cave at Samabe Bali

Samabe Bali
credit to Samabe Bali

Forget the rest of the world exists, dining in front of soft crashing waves, the moon lighting up the ocean, and the two of you nestled beneath the natural roof of a sea cave!

Samabe Bali’s private cave and beach events are out of this world! Set up on the 5-star resort’s private beach, there are multiple options here. There are romantic dinners inside the cave, or you can book a section of this for just the two of you.

Organize a beach dinner beneath a private gazebo dripping in fairy lights and flora; or one under the enchanting beach tree.

An all-inclusive stay built on top of a cliff, host your wedding at Samabe, and you can even choose its magical cave as the setting!!! Or there is an all-glass chapel built on the edge of the sea.

36 – Marvel over the cliff views from above Uluwatu Temple & watch a Kecak Dance Show

Uluwatu Temple tickets

Sure, there’s a prolific number of spiritual sites around the Island of the Gods — is its nickname starting to make sense now? — but how many boast a location like the Uluwatu Temple?!

Straddling the edge of an ocean cliff, Pura Luhur Uluwatu (as it’s locally called) sits 70 meters above the crashing waves, with a dramatic drop below and views filtering for miles.

Chronicling its origins to the 11th century, this sacred site is steeped in history and local legends.

Naturally, it’s a prime spot for Golden Hour, and sunset tours always make a point of bringing visitors here.

The temple is situated on the south-side of the island, and there are guided excursions that include a visit to the temple, topped with a traditional Kecak Dance Show at a nearby open outdoor theater. Typically, these ventures also hop over to Jimbaran just around the corner.

37 – Dine under the stars on Jimbaran beach

Jimbaran day trip from Bali

Are you the type of couple that prefers to stay away from the tourist crowds, often in more untouched terrains? Ditch the Kuta and Seminyak crowds and explore laid-back Jimbaran instead, where a seafood BBQ with your feet in the sand is always a good idea!

As the sky begins to turn all shades of pink, stroll along powdery soft shores at sunset, then end the evening with a romantic dinner on Jimbaran Beach.

Any surfing duos? Uluwatu is around the corner from Jimbaran, and these areas are renowned as Bali’s surf epicenters, like Bingin Beach, Balangan Beach and Uluwatu Beach.

Located between Uluwatu and Jimbaran, Dreamland Beach is also a breathtaking setting for watching the sun setting over the ocean. Tegal Wangi Beach is a hidden gem for those seeking a quiet reprieve.

The area is also home to a handful of 5-star cliffside resorts — don’t be surprised if you hear of famous celebrities staying in the area — as well as restaurants and bars (Bali’s iconic Rock Bar is in Jimbaran).

38 – Take photographs among the famous Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces day trip from Bali

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when we say the word ‘Bali’? A symbol of the island, there’s a good chance you imagined the famous rolling rice paddies, in which case, you’d be thinking of the bright green Jatiluwih Rice Terraces!

Like a scene from a Southeast Asian fairytale, it’s one of the most popular attractions in Bali; standing above tiered rows of verdant fonds, the strands flittering in the breeze.

Hunt down a seat in the middle section of the terraces and put on your self-timer for the most incredible photos, or if you own a drone, now’s the time, baby, to bring it out!

Ramble on foot at your leisure, or embark on a riveting bike tour in the rice fields instead!

About an hour away from Ubud, the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces are in the Tabanan Regency. Its surreal setting dubs it one of the most romantic things to do in Bali for couples time and time again.

39 – Make your Enid Blyton fantasies come true at The Sacred Banyan Tree

The Sacred Banyan Tree, Bali

Fun love fact: Banyan trees are one of the most sacred species in Bali, its roots symbolizing eternal unity. You’ll notice them growing all over the island, especially placed at temples and shrines.

If your hearts are guided by higher powers of the universe, find the 700-year-old Sacred Banyan Tree near Gesing Village.

Towering 85 meters tall, its roots are so intertwined they’ve created natural mazes within the tree, and you can actually step inside … Total Faraway Tree vibes …

According to a local legend, when the Dutch arrived in Indo, the village folk hid away inside the sacred Banyan.

Hopeless romantics, it’s also believed that any wishes made at this Sacred Banyan Tree will come true!

It’s also worth exploring the village for a true taste of Northern Balinese culture. Partake in cooking classes, visit traditional markets or learn about age-old herbal medicines.

40 – Overlooking the Ayung River, wine and dine at the romantic Hanging Gardens of Bali

Hanging Gardens of Bali
credit to Hanging Gardens of Bali

Places like the Hanging Gardens of Bali make you realize why the island is a honeymoon destination hotspot!

On that note, if you’re planning on starting your happily ever after in Bali, this 5-star oasis tucked away under Ubud’s greenery offers mind-blowing Honeymoon Packages.

A romantic dinner under the stars, a honeymoon set up on arrival and gifts, champers, a couple’s massage and a panoramic private pool villa are some of the inclusions — we’re already envisioning ourselves there!

The possibilities are endless: secret romantic dinners, gourmet picnics by the river, intimate jungle feasts and special-occasion culinary experiences set up on its cascading pool.

If you’ve already sorted out other accommodation, book a table at the Hanging Gardens of Bali’s Three Elements Restaurant. Open until 10 PM, this fine dining eatery is inspired by the seasons, and the menu is a combination of Indonesian and Western flare.

FYI, it’s another wedding destination hotel.

41 – Pop the big question in the sky during a hot air balloon ride

hot air balloon rides in Bali

From soaring through the clouds as the first morning light says hello to flying over the lush Ubud tropics just before the moon takes her place and the stars begin their dazzling in the night’s sky, no matter which time of day you choose for a hot air balloon ride, you’re in for an experience of a lifetime!

All about the views: fly over rice terraces, junglescapes and rolling hills, keeping eyes peeled for Mount Agung showing off on the horizon.

Ascending 50 meters into the air, the vantage point from the old-school aircraft is unparalleled — keep cameras close on hand.

The flight departs from Tanah Gajah Resort (formerly known as The Chedi Club), and you can opt for a hot air balloon ride with breakfast, sunset afternoon tea or a three-course dinner.

42 – Reduce your stress levels at the hot springs

hot springs in Bali
credit to Toya Devasya

For all our couples hailing from countries where hot springs aren’t really a thing, take advantage while you’re in Bali and visit the island’s natural healing baths.

After a long trek up Mount Batur, falling into the warm, rejuvenating waters of the Batur Natural Hot Spring is all you need!

With its source flowing from the volcano, the mineral-rich waters are divided into various pools, all built lakeside — and with views to boot!

Right next door is the Toya Devasya hot spring waterpark and resort!

Blessed with an abundance of them, there are dozens of hot springs all over Bali.

For example, there are three pools to bathe in at Air Panas Banjar Hot Spring, or Angseri Hot Spring is smaller in size and still in its natural state, but it’s a great option for avoiding the crowds.

43 – Drinks with a view? Hit up the best rooftop bars

best rooftop bars in Bali
credit to The 18th Rooftop Bar

Swap drinking cocktails with your feet in the sand for locations high above ground zero at the best rooftop bars!

Classy vibes and smoking cocktails, The 18th Rooftop Bar is situated in Seminyak (at the 5-star Trans Resort).

For something unique, enjoy a Sunset Afternoon Tea set at Above Rooftop (also in Seminyak).

Oozing quintessential Balinese interiors, the refined Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop in Ubud is extra authentic.

Funky tunes and the place to be for a Golden Hour aperitivo, unwind into the night with an Aperol at Sunset Park at Desa Potato Head.

Needing no introduction, stunning Rock Bar (in Jimbaran) is one of the most famous rooftop bars in the world!

Searching for epic beach sunset vistas? Look no further than Seminyak’s MoonLite Kitchen and Bar!

True to its name, UNIQUE Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, amid lush canopies, doubles as a day pool club!

44 – Become entranced by the mesmerizing Devdan show

Devdan shows tickets

Take a break from the salty air or endless jungle chills and enjoy a culturally enriching Devdan show at the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre — kinda like the Balinese version of Cirque du Soleil.

Incorporating traditional Kecak Dance, the Lesung Dance and Odalan ceremonies, this live performance is the tale of two children on a Balinese tour. Breaking from their tour group, they stumble upon a treasure chest filled with items relating to Indonesian culture.

Through their journey, and song and movement, you’ll learn more about the country’s archipelago — namely Bali, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Papua.

Traditional costumes and special effects are in full swing, and the show is so immersing that you forget for a second you’re inside a theater!

45 – Have a romantic dinner by the river at The Samaya Ubud Bali

The Samaya Ubud Bali
credit to The Samaya Ubud Bali

Bali is undoubtedly one of the most popular places for a destination wedding! If you’re planning on saying your “I do’s” here, consider the breathtaking 5-star The Samaya Ubud to host yours!

Or, if you’re just on holiday and searching for a spoil, spend a night or two at one of its tranquil hillside villas.

Already have your accommodation sorted? Thanks to its riverside location and incredible setup, it’s utterly dreamy for a day date at its river spa or dinner at its amazing Swept Away restaurant (open for lunch and dinner)!

Organize special dining experiences with the restaurant, like a romantic meal on the riverbanks with dozens of candles and flowers.

Incredible activities to partake in are cooking or yoga classes and nature trail walks.

P.S. It pays to check this accommodation around special occasions and holidays, and the stay often offers packages for couples.

46 – Wake up on the ocean on a luxury charter

luxury charter in Bali
credit to Barefoot Cruising

Honeymooning on a private yacht in Indo? Consider us sold!

With its island locale, there are dozens of luxury charters cruising to different coastlines, and some even venture further out to Bali’s neighbors, like the Gili Islands and Lombok.

Barefoot Cruising has romantic charters for two, where it’s just the pair of you, the Deep Blue and a beautifully interiored boat (gorgeous master cabin with a private deck included — imagine waking up here)!

Journey to hidden ocean caves, deserted islands and traditional villages with Ultimate Bali. From their fleet, there are two one-cabin sailing yachts to choose between: the Alexa or Senja. Both tastefully decorated, they’re both incredible home-away-from-homes.

Customize the last detail down to your personal needs with Pulau Private Charters. There are day trips, overnight charters, sunset excursions, diving adventures and many more cruise options.

47 – Propose during a helicopter tour

helicopter tour in Bali

If there’s one time when you get to be a bit extra, it’s around proposals and weddings. Want to pop the question in the most extravagant way possible? Well, there’s always a helicopter tour, where your significant other can look below and see the words “Will you marry me?” — talk about a surprise!

Love in The Air – Airbali Helicopter does a few different helicopter flights for couples, helping you create the perfect moment. Plan a proposal in the sky, rent the craft for a photo session (fancy, eh?), or arrive in pure style to your big day via grand helicopter entrance!

Of course, there are standard helicopter tours as well.

Fly over Seminyak’s coastline for 20 minutes, hovering above the famous sea temple, Tanah Lot.

Uncover the beauty of the three Nusa Islands from a bird’s eye perspective during a 45-minute flight.

The one-hour journey over the peak of Mount Batur, circling calderas and winging past Lake Kintamani, is hard to beat.

48 – Watch a film around the fire at an outdoor beach cinema

outdoor beach cinema in Bali
credit to Times Beach Warung

Boasting landscapes to make you fall in love all over again, why would you want to be huddled up indoors? Instead of being confined between four dark walls, swap this for an outdoor cinema!

Every second Tuesday, Times Beach Warung hosts Movie Night on the beach in Canggu. The movie schedule changes each week, from indie flicks to surf doccies. The best part? Free entrance!

Find a spot in front of the outdoor big screen for Beachside Cinema Magic: Sundays Beach Club. Every month there’s a new movie lineup screening the latest blockbusters. (Reservations are required in advance.)

Karma Beach Bali has two time slots in a night for their movie nights (typically 6.30 PM and 8.30 PM). Take your seat on oversized bean bags or sun loungers, and the outdoor screen is right in front of the ocean.

49 – Sail at Golden Hour during a dreamy sunset dinner cruise

Bali dinner cruises in Bali

Are your days already chockablock with activities and romantic things to do in Bali for couples? A boat cruise is still totally possible; just save your excitement for an evening expedition.

As the sun lowers and Bali’s skyline transforms from blue into multiple shades of pink and red, set sail into the horizon onboard a luxury catamaran during a sunset dinner cruise.

Treating your tastebuds to a five-course meal, this is coupled with live music for extra ambiance (specific tours also host a live cabaret show as entertainment).

Stepping on deck, receive a welcome drink and a fresh flower lei (neckpiece), and there are canapés going around to kick off the evening tour.

You’re out at sea for 2.5 to three hours, and depending on your operator, sail towards Nusa Dua, to Nusa Lembongan or around Seminyak.

50 – Picnic in the rice fields at Tanah Gajah

Tanah Gajah, Bali
credit to Tanah Gajah

When an esteemed art collector opens up a stay, you know things are going to be otherworldly (with extra doses of creativity). The award-winning Tanah Gajah, a Resort by Hadiprana (formerly known as The Chedi Club), has acclaimed accolades among the world’s 50 best resorts and Asia’s top hotels.

Classified as an ‘artistic luxury resort,’ its peaceful setting hidden away from everyone else suits its Ubud locale seamlessly.

Cue the rice paddies scenes, mountain backdrops, and signature Balinese features, like lotus ponds, spiritual statues and natural embellishings.

The Tanah Gajah dining experiences keep up with its 5-star rating: picnic in the middle of bright-green rice fields or enjoy a private 5-course  dinner set up in a pavilion for two next to the paddies.

The magic doesn’t end there. Book a ‘Kecak Dance & The Art of Royal Balinese Dinner,’ they do a wonderful tiered Afternoon Tea, take a cooking class and sample the fruits of your labor afterward, or if you’re hotel guests, floating breakfasts become a morning ritual.

51 – Sleep under the stars when glamping

glamping in Bali
credit to Sebatu Sanctuary Eco-Resort

Glamping refers to glamorous camping and before getting your knickers into a knot when your hubby or wifey suggests the idea, this is sleeping in a tent taken to new heights! Ditch sleeping bags and cold temperatures, Bali knows how to do glamping the right way — along with Thailand, they’re leaders in the business in Southeast Asia.

For a total Tarzan and Jane moment; you’ll never want to leave the luxury safari tents at Sebatu Sanctuary Eco-Resort (in Tegallalang).

Done up in all whites and trendy Bali finishes, rise each morning at the foot of Mount Batur at Hideaway Glamping (in Kintamani), spending your afternoon chilling in your pool as low-hanging clouds float about.

Hardwood floors and private waterfalls?! Galalima Glamping (in lush Tabanan) will leave you speechless!

Hanging chairs above a private pool, furniture fit for a home and flower petal baths, prepare to be mind-blown at Kanva Glamping by K-Club Ubud.

For glamping by the ocean, check into Menjangan Dynasty Resort or swap terrains for rainforests at Sang Giri.

More gobsmacking glamping stays include Pelaga Eco Park on the river, Natya River Sidemen (in Karangasem), the adults-only Bubble Hotel Nyang Nyang or the incredible Sandat Glamping Tents.

Where to stay in Bali?

Making romantic stays famous on social media pages, it seems like there are endless accommodation options made for couples, from villas to 5-star resorts. Here are some of the best romantic hotels in Bali.

Wrapped up in nature at every look and turn, the 5-star RIMBA by Ayana Bali offers a Couple Package, and also hosts weddings.

A firm favorite on the ‘gram, Bali Dreams are made of these at 5-star COMO Uma Ubud.

Villas with private pools or options built right on the riverside, the Four Seasons Bali at Sayan stays true to its 5-star reputation.

Fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves at 5-star Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort, perched on the edge of an ocean cliff! (Check out the penthouse!)

The Sankara Resort by Pramana does a Sweet Romance Package, inclusive of floating breakfasts, Afternoon Tea, candlelight dinner, couple’s massage, private photographer … the list goes on!

Fall into absolute serenity at the adults-only Adiwana Dara Ayu, where rice terraces and the jungle become your daily views. Book the Pool Villa or the Rice Terrace Suite.

Or, if you’re both the type that prefer an entire stay all to yourselves, EAZE Villas Uluwatu have one and two-bedroom options.

Final thoughts

The romantic things to do in Bali for couples will sweep you off your feet in a heartbeat! Don’t you just love loving love?

It’s clear why couples swarm in from around the world to the Island of the Gods, favoring this paradise for honeymoons, weddings and dreamy getaways for two.

Have you traveled to Bali before? What were some of your fondest memories or favorite places that you visited? Share with us in the comments; we l.o.v.e. hearing from our readers.

As always, happy travels!

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