things to do in San Francisco for couples

Looking for romantic plans to whisk away yourself and your partner to San Francisco?

Surprise your partner, as you both explore the corners of the city best known as “Everyone’s Favorite City”, overflowing with romantic gardens, alluring cultural experiences, and food temptations you can only find in San Francisco.

Be enamored with these 65 things to do in San Francisco for couples, sure to get you in the mood to book your ticket for a lovely escape not soon to be forgotten.

1 – Interpret the whimsical art inside The Gregangelo Museum

The Gregangelo Museum, San Francisco
credit to Gregangelo Museum

Often described as a life-altering experience is The Gragangelo Museum, located in the affluent neighborhood of Saint Francis.

It is the home of acclaimed visual artist, Gregangelo Herrera, who converted his home into an experimental museum experience, that stands out against the colonial-style homes.

Enter the trippy museum that plays with the audience’s sense of wonder, going through narrow hallways, that make it seem like a curiosity-filled maze of color, art, lights, and weird items, in various rooms.

Each room carries its own theme, energy, story, and thought-provoking atmosphere that must be experienced on a guided tour.

As a result of the pandemic, the museum has shifted to giving its exterior a head-scratching makeover, attracting and stopping people in their tracks. Filled with riddle-like questions and phrases, the exterior is just as trippy as the interior.

Tickets to this must-see museum start at $75 USD, and groups are no larger than 6 people.

2 – Appreciate each other’s company on a boat tour

romantic boat tours in San Francisco

Experience the glorious San Fransisco sun and bay on a stunning boat tour of the city with your partner. Admire the stunning San Francisco skyline, while also taking in sights of some of the most emblematic vistas of the bay.

Sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, catching magnificent and up-close sights of the 89-year-old bridge and the vibes around spooky Alcatraz Island, while listening to a knowledgeable guide or audio guide share fascinating and documented facts about the city’s history.

Catch sight of the exquisite marine life that lives in the bay, including dolphins, sea lions, and whales, which may or may not make an appearance, as well as pelicans, soaring through the skies.

The boat tour usually lasts around 1 hour, and most vessels include wifi on board. Tickets begin at $36 USD per adult.

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3 – Have a tasty picnic date at Mission Dolores Park

Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco

One of the most perfect date ideas has to be a picnic date at Mission Dolores Park, also known as just Dolores Park, one of San Francisco’s most famous public parks, stretching 16 acres of grassy, open fields.

The park also features wonderful open-air sports facilities, including a tennis court, basketball court, playgrounds, restrooms, picnic areas, and a dog play area.

The scenery at the park is also another reason to visit the historic grassland which opened in the early 1900s, with scenes of palm trees, shrubs, and a few notable statues.

Take a walk and run into the statue of Miguel Hidalgo, one of the leading figures of Mexican Independence, a version of Mexico’s Liberty Bell, and an impressive wind sculpture by American sculptor, Lymon Whitaker.

The park is located on 19th street.

4 – Pedal together through the Golden Gate Bridge on a bike tour

romantic bike tours in San Francisco

Enjoy the wonders of the Golden Gate Bridge together, as you pedal your way through one of the best places to visit in San Francisco on a bike tour. Be guided by a biking expert, and spin your way through various stops along the journey.

Travel through Fisherman’s Wharf, Fort Point, and Vista Point, perfect for a selfie or two, as you both make your way through the Golden Gate Bridge, biking into Sausalito on the other end, finalizing the 3-hour tour.

Many tour ticket prices include complete use of the bike for the entire day, so make use of your bikes to cycle through the city’s uphills and downhills, experiencing corners of the city’s beauty like a local.

Electric bikes are available upon request and availability, at the additional expense of the visitor.

Tickets start at $40 USD with a guide and $25 USD without a guide.

5 – Plan an evening of skating fun at the Church of 8 Wheels

skating at the Church of 8 Wheels
credit to the Church of 8 Wheels

Set inside a 125-year-old church is San Francisco’s most famous skating rink, the Church of 8 Wheels. Spanning the size of 6,000 square feet, spend an evening of roller-disco fun with your love, as you skate to the sound of music from past decades, as well as modern hits.

Check out their calendar of events to see upcoming themed skate nights, as well as any changes to the current operating hours.

Currently, the Church of 8 Wheels is open on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and typically has times for different ages, from children and families in the morning sessions, and adults in the evening sessions.

You can also take a skating lesson if skating is not your forte with some of the professionals of the rink, just make sure to purchase your tickets online, selecting the time and date you’d want to go in.

6 – Get sweeping 360-degree views of San Francisco on the famed Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Hike the less than 1-mile trek passing bountiful sights of nature and wildlife, encountering the endangered Mission Blue Butterfly, and the native plants and trees like the lupine, coyote bush, pearly everlasting, and lizard tail.

Explore together the surrounding neighborhoods as you walk up to the peaks, full of modern and affluent homes with extraordinary scenery at their feet.

Take note of the Sutro Tower antenna, also forming part of the Twin Peaks landscape. Reach the Summit Parking Lot, and start to spot the sights of the city, getting higher and further away.

Some of the best ways to get to the Twin Peaks are to take a tourist bus which departs from popular sights in the city center, drive and park your car in the nearby parking lot, or take the public bus number 37 and 48.

Don’t forget to bring your cameras to capture the beautiful moment above.

7 – Get a little competitive in a couple’s bowling match

bowling in San Francisco for couples
credit to Presidio Bowl

Bowling has become a longtime American staple of fun, and surely one of the best plans for couples to do in San Francisco.

Check out Presidio Bowl for fun bowling, as well as a stunning and romantic view of the bay where you can huddle together around a fire pit with your favorite drink.

Consider Sea Bowl’s awesome bowling packages showcasing various night themes, from Astro Bowl, featuring glow-in-the-dark effects, to the Billiards and Arcades, showing multiple arcade games like air hockey.

Stop by Mission Bowling Club for dinner and some bowling with your partner, while admiring the locally made art decorating the walls of the bowling alley, created by artists supported by a local nonprofit organization.

Lucky Strike is another great bowling alley, featuring a touch of Hollywood influence, as well as Skate Bowl guaranteeing a great time, and fun bowling events.

8 – Make a toast to San Francisco’s finest wine on a wine tour

romantic wine tours and tasting from San Francisco

Enjoy the beautiful blends of California’s finest wine, on a wine tour through some of the best vineyards in the state.

With plenty of things to do in Napa Valley, the region is iconically known for its more than 300 wineries, and its splendid Cabernet Sauvignon. Take a day trip with your loved one and stroll through the vineyards, lined with rows of grapes that have put it on the map for years for its world-class wines.

Take a tour through the wondrous Sonoma Valley, another wonderful wine site known to be the birthplace of wine in California, spanning some 17 miles.

Talk to the winemakers, and take a sampling of some of the finest wines as you make a toast with your partner for this unforgettable moment.

Many tours will make stops at both valleys and will include entrance and sampling of some of the best wineries and their wine, with transportation to and from your hotel. Tours usually last around 8.5-9 hours long.

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9 – Take a romantic hot air balloon ride

romantic hot air balloon ride in San Francisco

Hop on a hot air balloon ride and take to the skies, to get sweeping views of San Francisco on a premiere hot air balloon ride.

Enjoy a customized hot-air balloon experience, watch the stunning morning sunrise illuminate the city, or witness the glorious sunset casting a golden light onto the city’s horizon.

Pop open some champagne to really help commemorate the moment with your partner, as you create a core memory you’ll surely never forget of taking a joy ride through the skies.

One less thing to think about is how to get to the hot air balloon site, as many companies include hotel pick up/drop off incorporated into the price.

Some hot air balloon rides also fly over the wineries of Napa Valley, so depending on the experience you want to have, please choose your experience accordingly.

10 – Attend an exciting baseball game at Oracle Park

Oracle Park, San Francisco

Most commonly known as the home ballpark stadium for the San Francisco Giants is Oracle Park, located in the SoMa neighborhood, on the east side of the city.

Enjoy daily tours offered of parts of the stadium that the baseball players typically frequent, such as the locker rooms, conference space, and of course, the baseball field.

Fans of the team will also want to stop by the souvenir shop to stock up on team memorabilia. Learn about the history of the stadium, which first opened in 2000, named after various other companies, including AT&T Park, SBC Park, and now recently, Oracle Park.

Attend one of their games during baseball season, or attend a concert when the stadium is not used for the sport. Check out the stadium’s website to get game tickets, or to learn about upcoming events.

11 – Have a movie moment at the fairy-tale like Stow Lake

Stow Lake, San Francisco

Take an idealistic paddle boat ride along Stow Lake, a cute little lake, with a waterfall, and a Chinese pavilion, situated on the city’s west side. Relish the different activities at the park, from cycling, peeking at the wildlife, renting a boat, or even going on a healthy jog.

Take a couple’s walk down the wooden pathway, taking you through lush forest greenery on one side, and the lake on the other, with the occasional ducks and turtles. Walk up to Strawberry Hill to get vast views of the park’s splendor.

Boat rentals start at $26 USD for rowboats, $32.50 USD for pedal boats, and the larger pedal boats fitting 4-6 people are $45 USD, all per hour.

While pedaling, sail under the stone bridge, take note of the birds that live in the area, and sail towards the sound of the cascading waters of the waterfall, creating a scene almost straight out of a movie.

12 – Enjoy each other’s company at the San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo

Make plans to tap into your inner childlike wonder inside the San Francisco Zoo, a 100-acre zoo, located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Offering a wide variety of things to do, couples can choose to take a leisure train ride throughout the park on the “Little Puffer” a steam train that dates back to the early 1900s, or hop on the Dentzel Carousel, which dates back to 1921.

Learn about the animals strolling through the various sections, housing lions, gorillas, bears, wolves, and many more animals. Check out the zoo’s website to get exact feeding times for some of the animals, guaranteed to impress and entertain anyone.

Take a romantic stroll through the Zoo’s Garden, boasting incredible sights of colorful flowers and perfectly manicured gardens that hold their beauty all year round thanks to the mild climate of the city.

13 – Take a secluded walk with your partner at Crissy Field

Crissy Field, San Francisco

A natural sight not to miss is Crissy Field, located north of the city, and just east of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Crissy Field was a conservancy project transforming it from a military airfield into a national park, perfectly equipped to welcome visitors to walk its beautiful paths, with sights of the Golden Gate Bridge and the restored tidal marsh, or to have a beach picnic, enjoying a moment of natural bliss in the city.

Grab a snack from the local Warming Hut shop, serving locally produced snacks, step inside to warm up, or wait for the occasional fog to dissipate. To avoid the occasional strong gusts of wind, make sure to visit the park in the mornings.

Entrance to the field is free Monday-Friday, and on the weekend, a $7 USD all-day parking pass is required, or $1.20 USD per hour. If you’re not parking a car, the entrance is free.

14 – Welcome the evening with your partner on a sunset sailing tour

romantic sunset sailing tour

One of the most romance-filled things to do in San Francisco is finalizing the day with a quaint sunset sailing tour on the bay.

Take in the warm glow of the sun, as it starts to settle down, casting a golden light on the Golden Gate Bridge and nearby islands, and then turning into twilight as the sparkle of the city lights starts to illuminate the city’s skyline and the evening.

Enjoy a choice of beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), in a small group environment, making it perfect to capture your couple’s shot with the stunning sights in the background.

Also available are private boat tours just for you and your partner, offering the best customization from drinks, departure time, and more.

Most sunset tours depart from Pier 39 and return to the same spot. Group sunset tours start at $130 USD.

15 – Have a memorable moment driving through one of the most beautiful coasts in the United States, Big Sur

Big Sur in California

Drive down the rugged, natural stretch of 90 miles of California’s central coast called Big Sur. Winding through the panoramic coast, take in the views sandwiched by Highway One of the Santa Lucia mountains and the expansive Pacific Ocean.

Truly one of the most scenic drives in California and the country, enjoy a drive with your partner, making stops along the way to enjoy the sights up close. Stop by the community of Big Sur, or even stay the night in one of the many lodging options.

Big Sur hiking trips, tours, and activities are available as well as camping opportunities to really make the most of the stunning views of the surroundings, gifting couples the perfect romantic backdrop.

Tours are available that will also take visitors from San Fransisco, comfortably transporting people from one point of Big Sur to the other.

16 – Enjoy the flavours of San Francisco on a food tour

food tours in San Francisco

Chow down some of the best eats in San Francisco, visiting the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods housing some of the must-visit, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants with the best delicacies in the city.

Take a guided food tour experience with a local foodie, and check out the best dim sum in Chinatown, the best pasta, pizza, and Italian/American dishes created in Little Italy, as well as some of San Francisco’s classic dishes and drinks like a Martini in North Beach and Mission Burritos in Mission District.

Being on a peninsula, seafood is on the menu of foods to try at Fisherman’s Wharf, as well as delectable sourdough bread from Boudin Sourdough.

The possibilities are endless, so make sure to pack comfortable walking shoes to make your way around the city’s best restaurants. The tours usually last around 3-3.5 hours long.

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17 – Stand short against the redwood trees of Muir Woods National Monument

Muir Woods tours from San Francisco

Truly a wonderful natural escape, and one of Northern California’s most beautiful parks is the Muir Woods National Monument, only 16 miles north of San Francisco.

Known as the “Cathedral of Redwoods” the Muir Woods National Monument has trees that are anywhere from 400-800 years old, and reach a staggering height of 250 feet high.

Aside from the redwood trees, go on a hike to admire the rest of the native trees like Tanoak trees and Douglas Fir pines, and a variety of fungi, maple leaves, and more adorning the grounds.

Take note of the wildlife that lives there, including salmon, river otters, deer, woodpeckers, the Pacific Wren, and more.

Check out a guided tour from San Francisco, which will also include a stop in the city of Sausalito, known for its quaint vibes, local shopping, and extraordinary views of the San Francisco skyline and Golden Gate Bridge.

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18 – Visit the most visited attraction in San Francisco, Pier 39

Pier 39, San Francisco

Pier 39 is the must-stop entertainment attraction in San Francisco, overflowing with shopping, restaurants, arcades, and games, dispersed throughout the 2 floors of the pier.

Follow the sound of the sea lions situated on the dock next to the pier, as you stroll through the lively ambiance of the pier, taking sights of the famed Golden Gate Bridge and the Alcatraz in the distance.

Purchase tickets to go inside the Aquarium of the Bay, and check out the fun 3-D virtual reality games like The Flyer San Francisco. Enjoy the creativity of the dance performers, magicians, and jugglers, or enjoy a romantic wine tasting or beer tasting with sights of the bay.

Though the pier is always buzzing with people, visiting in the early evening is a great time to take in the sights of the lit-up Golden Gate bridge, and the sounds of the water.

19 – Visit Monterey, stop by Carmel, and drive down 17-Mile Drive

17-Mile Drive, Monterey, California

Monterey is a city located 2 hours south of San Francisco, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and named one of the best coastlines in the state, and even the world, known for its rugged appearance and impressive marine life.

Stop by and try the seafood options, which are to die for. Carmel-by-the-sea is a beautiful seaside town brimming with artists, history, birdwatching opportunities, and great scuba diving opportunities to do as a couple.

Take a lovely stroll through the quaint streets with your partner, as you surround yourself with fairy-tale-like homes and buildings, and learn about the Missions in the vicinity. Book a romantic wine tasting, take an art painting class together or enjoy a couple’s massage in one of the relaxing spas in Carmel.

Afterward, enjoy a cinematic drive down the famed 17-Mile Drive, boasting some of the most beautiful and natural scenery of the dramatic coastline, passing through some of the most beautiful homes, perfect golf courses, and beaches to stop by for a quick picture.

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20 – Have a lovely lunch and dessert at B Patisserie

lunch at B Patisserie romantic San Francisco
credit to B. Patisserie

Stop for a lovely baked treat or filling sandwich in the romance-filled B Patisserie, located just a few blocks from the famed “Full House” house, on California street.Known for their French-inspired pastries, made with locally concocted flavors, the owners, Belinda and Michel, brought to life a vision of creating a bakery salon.

B Patisserie brings people closer to the craft of French baking and allows their creations to be accessible to San Francisco through their laborious years and experience in European kitchens.

B Patisserie is a stunning little bakery to duck into after some sightseeing. Enjoy their classic pastries like macarons, vanilla cassis cake (a delectable chiffon cake), or a chocolate caramel toffee mousse.

Have lunch together if you prefer, and select from a variety of sandwiches like their mushroom and cheese sandwich or delicious prosciutto and burrata.

21 – Trek up the Moraga Stairs at Grandview Park

Moraga Stairs at Grandview Park, San Francisco

Located on 16th street (Moraga street), are the famous Moraga Stairs at Grandview Park, known to be a beautiful and romantic staircase decorated with colorful tiles, almost similar to the Selaron staircase in Rio de Janeiro.

Walk up the steps together with your partner, and admire the tiles closely as you elevate up and reach 15th street.

Locals recommend continuing up the steps on 15th street that lead up to Grandview Park, which rewards couples with incredible and panoramic views of the city, no matter the weather conditions, surrounded by cypress trees.

Bonus local tip: to find the steps on Google Maps, make sure to type in “16th Avenue tiled steps”.

To get a full view of the steps, start your trek on Moraga street, where you will be gifted with the complete image of the steps, depicting an underwater scene of all sorts of other marine life.

22 – Have a fun date night at the California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

With the goal to regenerate the natural world through science, the California Academy of Sciences (Cal Academy) at night is an interactive and collaborative science space with dozens of exhibits and expositions sharing everything from the life of bugs, to how coral reefs eat, the world of minerals and what lives in the deep reefs.

Potential for a great date idea at Cal Academy, check out the many exhibits, each created in unique and immersive ways, especially their event Nightlife, ensuring a wild night of drinks and music while strolling through specially crafted exhibits.

Walk through the four-story rainforest, and explore the local birds and insects, check out the aquarium exhibit Venom, detailing ways in which marine animals poison and heal, and then stop at the planetarium’s Living Roof exhibit to see the stars and planets.

Check the Cal Academy’s event calendar, to find more great date night activities with a science twist.

23 – Plan a romantic beach getaway to Baker Beach

Baker Beach, San Francisco

Located on the northwest side of the city, is the public Baker Beach, with incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Plan a fun picnic date with your partner, as you take notice of some of the marine life peeking its head every now and then from the water.

Enjoy restroom facilities and take a chance to glance at some of the photography nearby, sharing a bit of the military use that the beach had. After the picnic, take a romantic walk through the coastal trail, on the cliffside.

If you and your partner are feeling open-minded and adventurous, head to the northernmost part of the beach for some sunbathing opportunities where clothes may or may not be required.

A local tip is to look out for the “disappearing gun”, the 50-ton Battery Chamberlain, a piece of defense artillery worth checking out for a piece of tangible history.

24 – Take an educative stroll through the Aquarium of the Bay

Aquarium of the Bay San Francisco for couples
credit to Aquarium of the Bay

Check out the abundant marine life that resides in San Francisco’s bay, and local bodies of water at the Aquarium of the Bay, located on the prime Pier 39. Explore life under the sea, learning about the unique marine animals, including the Pacific octopus, Leopard sharks, Morally eels, the bright Garibaldi fish, and more.

Enjoy an afternoon of learning more about the conservation efforts done by the aquarium and local organizations to keep marine species thriving. Don’t forget to check out the times when animal feedings are done, witness the different ways in which sea animals eat, and learn what they eat.

Walk through the Tunnel Under The Bay, to appreciate the vast biodiversity of the bay, have a cool virtual reality experience with some of the bay’s largest marine animals, or even get the chance to feel the skin of a shark or starfish.

Make sure to book your tickets online ahead of time online.

25 – Learn together the history of Angel Island State Park

Angel Island State Park, San Francisco

Angel Island State Park is a great destination for couples to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, and walk through the secluded state park, considered to be a local gem.

Going through various uses throughout time, the Angel Island State Park was a military base, and before that, it was an immigration port for Asian immigrants, mostly from China. Today, the state park has wonderful hiking and biking trails, impressive sights of the city, nature, mountains, and open space for recreational activities.

Learn about the historical past of the state park, which was also a detention camp for Asians, by stepping inside the immigration station for $5. Read the plaques, and see the inscriptions, many of them poems in Chinese.

Check out Fort McDowell, which was a quarantine station for soldiers who fell ill, where you can still see remnants of the hospital.

26 – Take a lovely journey together through nature on the Skunk Train

Skunk Train, San Francisco
credit to Skunk Train / Mendocino Railway

Never mind the quirky name of this train, the Skunk Train is one of the best ways to ride through some of the best nature scenes in northern California, boasting enchanting redwood forests, scenic bridges, and stunning greenery.

The train, which dates back to 1885, has two stunning routes that last for 75-minutes, and couples can choose from by hopping on one of the 5 historic trains. Coast along with your partner, as you both fall in love with the scenery outside of the train.

Another great romantic thing do to is to rent a Railbike experience, with your partner, as you both pedal together, surrounded by towering trees. Check out the Skunk Train’s website for a variety of themed events, for all different seasons.

Don’t forget to pack your camera to get your pictures, and to commemorate this special moment.

27 – Feel on top of the world at Top of the Mark

Top of the Mark romantic San Francisco
credit to Top of the Mark

Experience the 80 years’ worth of excellence of the Top of the Mark bar, situated on the 19th floor of the Mark Hopkins hotel, on the city’s east side.

One of the most romantic things to do in San Francisco for couples is to celebrate a special occasion in the lounge, with the stunning backdrop of the city and bay around you, and one of their signature cocktails.

While you’re there, ask about the“Squadron Shot” tradition popularized at the lounge. Enjoy exquisite food and drink combinations, to the sound of live music performances, to seal the evening with the perfect, luxurious touch.

Sit near the window, to get a view of the city lights, and the stunning bay, as you select from a menu of caviar, Kobe beef sliders, or fresh seafood. End the evening by taking your energy to the dance floor, and spinning the night away with your partner.

28 – Relax together at one of the best spas in San Francisco

San Francisco spas for couples
credit to Pearl Spa & Sauna

Rejuvenate and refresh yourselves with a couple’s massage at one of the best spas in San Francisco.

Try out Pearl Spa & Sauna, and enjoy the relaxing effects of a Korean Spa, as well as the delightful skin treatments to give your skin the care it needs after travel.

Have a private moment with your partner at the Bamford Wellness Spa at 1 Hotel San Francisco, where couples can enjoy holistic treatments, based around a heartfelt connection with nature.

Feel the tranquility take over at Kabuki Springs & Spa, where you can indulge in many health and wellness treatments, from acupuncture to facials, and Japanese-style communal baths.

Choose from a variety of oils for a couple’s massage at the Pure Organic Spa, anywhere from fruity and light, to sensual and relaxing. Also available are pedicures, perfect after traveling on your feet through the city.

29 – Add more beauty to your lives at the Conservatory of Flowers at Golden Gate Park

Conservatory of Flowers at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Situated in the Conservatory of Flowers at the Golden Gate Park is the oldest public greenhouse, still open in the United States, dating back to 1879.

Walk together through the stunning fields of colorful gardens, housing a variety of flowers, from exotic to local, to medicinal, fragrant, and many more.

The conservatory is divided into 5 flower galleries, each showcasing different plants based on where they’re from, such as the lowland tropics, highland tropics, aquatic plants, potted plants, and corpse plants, specialized plants from Asia.

There are many other gardens to check out, so if you’re both flower lovers, this is the place to spend some time in and easily one of the best things to do in San Francisco.

Located in Golden Gate Park, the city’s west side, visit on Tuesdays in order to receive free entry to the gardens. Guests can take a hop on/hop off tour, or take public transportation, to get to the conservatory.

30 – Breathe in fragrant air inside the San Francisco Botanical Garden

San Francisco Botanical Garden

Along similar lines, the San Francisco Botanical Garden is a marvelous place to visit with your partner to see beautiful displays of flowers, manicured shrubs and trees, and beautifully quaint gardens you have to see with your own eyes.

With over 9,000 different plant species, from all over the world and locally, visitors will enjoy the aromatic and freshness of the air. Visit the themed gardens, from the Ancient Plants Garden, the Children’s Garden, the Moon Viewing Garden, the Succulent Garden, and more.

Check out the variety of garden and outdoor events taking place in the garden, ranging from yoga in the garden to forest bathing, and flower sketching – all great date ideas.

Free tours are also available for those visitors who want to learn more in-depth about the garden and appreciate the eco-system contribution of the garden to the city at large.

31 – Absorb total tranquility at the Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco

Enjoy the healing and soothing atmosphere of the Japanese Tea Garden, located in the iconic Golden Gate Park.

Originally the site of the Midwinter International Expo in 1894, today the almost 5-acre Japanese garden houses a variety of trees, some even around 100 years old, zen gardens, quaint waterfalls, and various items and statutes, reminiscent of Japanese important sites.

View the 5-story tall pagoda, the Drum Bridge, and the Bronzed Lantern of Peace meant to symbolize the peace between Japan and the United States.

Stop by the tea house inside the garden, offering a nice variety of tea and Japanese snacks to enjoy the sights of nature around. Don’t forget to stop at the gift shop to take your souvenir back home for yourself or your friends and families.

The summer months are the most popular times to visit, however, some of the most beautiful seasons to stop by are Spring and Fall for the unique array of colors.

32 – Make lasting memories ice skating at the Union Square Ice Rink

Union Square Ice Rink romantic San Francisco
credit to Union Square Ice Rink

Hold hands with your partner, as you skate along the famous Union Square Ice Rink, located on the northeast side of the city. Traditionally open during the holiday season, starting in November, make sure to stop by between 10 am – 11 pm to enjoy the magic of the season with your partner in the city.

Before arriving at the rink, make sure to purchase your tickets online, with general entry starting at $19 USD, including skates rental, with an additional $5 USD for the locker rental.

Enjoy spinning and gliding under the towering and sparking Christmas tree, listening to Christmas classics, and the holiday spirit. For visitors planning a trip, the best way to get to the ice rink is by driving, walking, biking, or taking public transportation.

33 – Explore The Ferry Building marketplace together

The Ferry Building marketplace San Francisco
credit to The Ferry Building marketplace

A food lovers’ haven is the Ferry Building, welcoming couples and families to enjoy a space where the community is felt with the food and locally produced items brought by local producers, farmers, and artisans.

Be enticed by the smells, colors, and displays of locally produced foods, housed inside the building that dates back to 1895.

Take an exciting food tour of The Ferry Building, and enjoy learning more about the interesting history of the food space, its previous purpose, and its impressive food stalls offering great food and locally produced wine.

Enjoy from freshly baked loaves of bread to locally crafted coffee, provincial honey, delicious pastries, and fresh Baja fish tacos, while enjoying them as you’re walking or taking your meal to the lush outdoor patio.

Other than delicious food, rest assured you’ll also have access to incredible art creatives and boutiques.

34 – Escape the city with your partner for a day trip to Yosemite

Yosemite trips from San Francisco

Continue exploring the wonders of the west on a 3-hour journey from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park.

Enjoy the natural wonders of this park, established in 1890, only found within the grounds of the park, from 280+ hiking trails of all levels, the tallest waterfall in the U.S. Yosemite Falls, the granite-made “Half Dome”, the iconic El Capitan a 3,000-foot cliff, and plenty of wonderful viewpoints like the Tunnel Vision.

A guided tour from San Francisco will ensure an easy journey on a comfortable bus to the national park, where a guide will share fascinating facts about California as you cross the state, as well as good-to-know facts upon arriving at the park.

A guided coach tour will be provided to give guests a bit of the lay of the land, and you’ll be given 3-4 hours to explore on your own before grabbing lunch.

35 – Get playful at Exploratorium

Exploratorium, San Francisco

Described as a “scientific funhouse” and rated as one of the best museums in San Francisco, the Exploratorium is a perfect date night option for couples who want to learn, explore, and question together.

The Exploratorium creates tools and experiences via its exhibits, that impulse its guests to think creatively, and independently, allowing curiosity to take over in their pursuit of understanding how the world functions.

Adding a little play to the typical science museum, guests can enjoy choosing between exhibits like art, history, and math, to check out special activities like the science of cooking, an explanation of how plate tectonics works via cookies, the science of coffee, quizzing each other on bird call sounds, the science of dirt, and much more.

The Exploratorium is located on Pier 15, and also has after-dark activities for +18. Tickets start at $19.25 USD.

36 – Listen to the interesting sounds of the bay at the Wave Organ

Wave Organ, San Francisco

Part of the Exploratorium museum is the Wave Organ, a sculpture that dates back to 1986, located on the shores of San Francisco bay.

The art installation came to be from the sculptor Peter Richards and George Gonzalez, who created a jetty out onto the bay made of recycled cemetery concrete, and on top, built a series of 25 organ pipes that, when they come in contact with the waves of the water, they create a subtle sound of music from the ocean.

Grabbing the attention and curiosity of many, the best way to see it is by visiting Crissy Field and walking down all the way to the end towards the jetty, where the Wave Organ is located.

Access to view the sculpture is free, and it is recommended to visit during high tide to really get a chance to hear the sounds.

37 – Have an intimate dinner at Restaurant Gary Danko

restaurant Gary Danko romantic San Francisco
credit to Gary Danko restaurant

Enjoy the locally grown and harvested ingredients of California, prepared with the French cooking stylings of renowned Chef Gary Danko.

Winner of a few notable prizes and culinary recognitions, Chef Gary Danko has been enchanting locals since the 90s with his cutting-edge skills, incredible wine list, wonderful staff, and warm and inviting environment.

Relish many American classic dishes, with global influence, as guests can choose their own 3-5 course meal, or accept the chef’s recommendations on the chef’s tasting menu. Come with your partner, and celebrate a special occasion over a fabulous dinner over candlelight, where the quality and attention go above and beyond without overdoing it.

Reservations can be made on their website, up to 60 days in advance.

38 – Share seafood dishes at Waterbar

Waterbar San Francisco
credit to Waterbar

Get a taste of the excellent seafood quality available in the bay area and North America, in the city’s most popular seafood restaurant, Waterbar.

With incredible views of the bay, treasure island, the Bay Bridge, and so much more, order some of the freshest oysters, shellfish, and fish, that are sustainably caught using humane methods that don’t disrupt the natural order of the sea.

Enter the fascinating restaurant, and allow your eyes to fix on the floor-to-ceiling aquariums, as your sense of smell catches the wafts of spices and fresh seafood. Enjoy a perfect lunch at Waterbar, or a romantic dinner, enjoying classics like the Oak Roasted Swordfish, or the Milk Poached Halibut.

Order from the wonderful list of wines, that perfectly pair with the dishes offered at Waterbar, to further elevate the taste experience. Reservations can be made online for standard seating (indoor seating).

39 – Take a dozen photos with The Painted Ladies

The Painted Ladies, San Francisco

Adorning Steiner St. (Postcard Row) in San Francisco is the American historical landmark called The Painted Ladies – a series of 6 Victorian and Edwardian-designed houses, that were repainted in the 60s in bright colors to help highlight their beautiful features.

Visit Alamo Square Park, the grassy park located across the street from the iconic site, to get your million-dollar shot with the ladies themselves, as well as the amazing and modern San Francisco skyline in the back.

Alamo Square Park is a perfect place to sit down, bring a picnic, enjoy a coffee from the Lady Falcon coffee truck nearby, or simply people watch while taking in the sight of the Painted Ladies, and other homes around, designed in the Victorian style.

Visit during sunset when golden hour bestows a beautiful light against the Painted Ladies. A sight not to miss with your loved one.

40 – Fall in love with the Bay Bridge at night

Bay Bridge, San Francisco

The Bay Bridge, also known as the Oakland Bridge, is a bridge that connects San Francisco with towns and cities to the east, in an 8.4 mile long 2 bridge segment. Not to be confused with the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge opened originally in 1936 and was recently renovated and reopened in 2013.

Be amazed at the illumination of the bridge that happens every night from dusk to midnight, highlighting the details of the bridge and lighting up the night sky, a memory not soon to be forgotten.

The best places to catch an expansive view of the Bay Bridge at night is to visit the San Francisco Embarcadero area (Pier 3), specifically the Ferry Building Market, Pier 1, and of course, Waterbar.

41 – Devour the baked goods at Choux Bakery

Choux Bakery romantic San Francisco
credit to Choux Bakery

Choux Bakery is a delightful bakery in San Francisco, offering their famous French Cream Puffs, amongst other freshly baked French specialties like Meringues, Brioche bread, Cannelés, and much more.

Opened in 2013 by pastry Chef Laura a traditionally French-trained pastry chef, specializing in Choux à la crème (French Cream Puff), Choux Bakery has been growing in popularity for its rosette-styled cream puffs that are a must-have in San Francisco.

Perfectly light and packed with delicate flavors of hazelnut, lemon, chocolate, and vanilla enjoy an assortment of cream puffs of all flavors in a packaged box, as well as gluten-free options, cheese puffs, brownies, and meringues box, or a pate de fruits bag.

The perfect dessert on a sightseeing day in the city is located a couple of blocks south of The Painted Ladies and the Church of 8 Wheels.

42 – Attend a sensual show at the Red Hot’s Burlesque show

Red Hot’s Burlesque show San Francisco
credit to Red Hot’s Burlesque

Enjoy a sensual evening at one of San Francisco’s most critically acclaimed burlesque shows, and one of the top 3 in the country, Red Hot’s Burlesque show.

The Red Hot’s Burlesque show is known by locals as “The hottest happy hour in the bay” where drinks make as many rounds as the performers in their numbers. Feel inspired by the ease and ways in which performers move their bodies to the sound of various music genres, high in the sky, as you wine and dine with your partner.

The show is always featuring new faces, so even if you’ve seen their shows before, you will always see new talent on the stage. Feeling like you want to take it to another level? Book a burlesque class and learn a few different moves, and get in tune with your body like never before.

Be sure to book your tickets online.

43 – Reach romantic views of the city’s beauty at Coit Tower

Coit Tower, San Francisco

Located in Pioneer Park, on Telegraph Hill is Coit Tower, a 210-feet tall tower that is recognized for its thin structure, and white facade.

Built in 1932-1933, the tower was built to honor a wealthy sponsor of the city’s firefighters, who after passing, the tower was built in a way to honor and beautify the city he loved dearly.

Check out the murals inside the tower, said to have been the center of controversy for depicting explicit scenes of the Depression in the city, to the point that the tower closed for a few months until reopening in 1934.

Reach the observation deck on the top of the tower, allowing a prestigious, wrap-around view of the skyline, bay, and both the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. Take a tour of the tower, and gain insight into the mural’s history, giving way to a piece of San Francisco’s past.

44 – Appreciate modern art with your partner at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Walk through the various examples of modern art both locally, and internationally at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the first museum of its kind to be specialized in modern art on the west coast.

Opening its doors in 1935, the art space has been the center of modern art, as well as cultural events and activities within the Bay Area.

Today, the museum is 7-floors of modern art pieces, each worthy of a moment, but especially some of the permanent exhibits not to miss are Diego Rivera’s America on the 4th floor, and the floors 2,3,5 which showcases some of the best examples of local artist’s work.

Outside, make sure to check out the largest vertical garden in the U.S. called The Living Wall, showcasing more than 19,000 different plant varieties on a 30-foot tall display.

45 – Plan to have a meal at La Cocina Municipal Marketplace

San Francisco La Cocina Municipal Marketplace
credit to La Cocina Municipal Marketplace

Step inside for lunch or dinner at the La Cocina Municipal Marketplace, a woman-owned food hall that showcases some of the best eateries and social spaces in the city.

Sharing a variety of ethnic foods, La Cocina, which translates to The Kitchen, offers top-quality food at an accessible price, offering budgets of all kinds the opportunity to have an intentional, locally made meal in the city.

Not to mention, they have been recognized as one of the top 25 restaurants in the Bay Area. Get your fix of delicious tacos, po’boy sandwiches, pupusas, Algerian cumin chicken, ceviche tostadas, pizza, and more. Replenish your thirst with a vibrant agua fresca, or even a cocktail or select wine.

La Cocina Municipal Marketplace is located on the northern side of the city.

46 – Take a secluded hike with impressive views at Lands End

Lands End, San Francisco

For a true gem in the city, visit Lands End Park, found at the northwestern corner of the city. It is a rugged walking trail on the cliffs near the Golden Gate Bridge, filled with nature growing all around, boasting views of the bay, the headlands, the bridge, and wildlife.

On the walk, you may also run into a few military markers, placed to remember certain uses of this stretch of land that was used during WWll, and one of those markers, The West Fort Mileys batteries, is now converted into the perfect picnic spot to enjoy a snack, and contemplate the moment.

Make sure to stick to the trails, and stay further away from the cliff’s edge, as the winds can pick up frequently.

The lookout and hike are located within the Golden Gate National Area.

47 – Check out the innovative food experience under one roof at the Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center

Off the Grid Fort Mason Center San Francisco
credit to the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture (FMCAC)

For a fun, and cultural food experience in the city, check out Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center, offering a variety of mobile foods – food carts, trucks, and stands offering unique and delicious food and snack options.

Started in 2010, the Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center began as an idea to unite food lovers, neighbors, friends, and family in a space where they could meet face to face with local food carts and truck vendors and their treats.

Located in the Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture, the unique building and industrial space is equipped with dozens of food options.

Join them during one of their specialty nights, with themed activities such as the Mid-Autumn festival, Block Party, and Taco Takeover. A foodie lover experience not to miss, catering to all different budgets.

48 – Enjoy each other’s company at Marina Green

Marina Green San Francisco
credit to San Francisco Parks & Recreation

Offering beautiful views of The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and Angel Island, Marina Green is the perfect place to enjoy laying out for a stretch in the wide 74 acres of grass.

Enjoy a snack as you’re laying under the San Francisco sun, mingling with locals who visit the park for a jog, walk, or picnic. Nearby are a few remnants of the 1915 International Expo as well as the Palace of Fine Arts.

Also nearby is the Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center, where you can buy a snack or lunch to take to Marina Green, only a 12-minute walk away. Off onto the distance from Marina Green, you can also check out The Wave Organ, and even take the 20-minute walk after lunch to the famed ocean-music sculpture.

49 – Spend hours inside the Walt Disney Family Museum

Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco

Make your inner-child glow with excitement inside the Walk Disney Family Museum, a museum that shares the story of Walt Disney, and showcases his achievements in the American animation and film industry.

Learn about the genius behind Disney, and feel inspired to see how one person made his dreams come true, impulsing those who visit to feel the same way after leaving the museum.

Located in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, inside the Presidio of San Francisco, an army base and historical marker north of the city, this museum is also a great family thing to do in San Francisco with kids.

Walk through the exhibits, focusing on specific movies like The Jungle Book, and how it came to fruition, how social events like war influenced Walt Disney’s work and inspired which movies, the world of Mickey Mouse, as well as galleries of art depicting social consciousness of endangered animals, as well as walls full of community art.

Tickets start at $35 USD.

50 – Take on Lovers’ Lane Trail with your love

Lovers’ Lane Trail, San Francisco

Enjoy a lover’s walk on the less than 1-mile walking path, surrounded by towering trees, creating a shady ambiance, with beautiful streams of sunlight highlighting the beauty of nature.

When walking the trail, if you start from the south entrance, make sure to check out the Wood Line sculpture to your right, a beautiful swirling wood trunk that adorns the grounds of the park, worthy of a snapshot with your lover.

Walk further, and you’ll begin to see peaks of beautiful houses nearby, as well as the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge ahead.

The Lovers’ Lane Trail is located inside Presidio San Francisco.

51 – Have dinner and a movie at Foreign Cinema

Foreign Cinema, San Francisco
credit to Foreign Cinema

A must-stop restaurant offering more than delicious food combining West Coast and Mediterranean influences is Foreign Cinema.

The famed concept restaurant brings together a fabulous candle-lit dining experience, adorning string lights, and industrial cement walls used to project international and old films, in an outdoor, chic seated area.

Opened in 1999, Foreign Cinema caters to art, film, and food lovers, where locals recommend trying the West Coast Oysters, the lobster, or Dungeness crab, along with a select list of signature drinks like The Trouble with Angels, and High Fidelity, paying hommage to classic and favorite movies.

Foreign Cinema is located on Mission street and a few blocks from Mission Dolores Park. The restaurant also offers brunch options as well. Reservations are required, which can be made through their website.

52 – Galavant through the skies on a seaplane tour

romantic Seaplane tours in San Francisco

Take a breathtaking tour of the San Francisco skies, while gazing below at the city’s beauty on a seaplane tour.

No matter the hour of the day or the weather on some occasions, you can surprise your partner with a marvelous sunset seaplane tour, offering views of the Golden Gate Bridge, tainted in orange and pink colors, and the sun sparkling against the water.

If the weather is a bit gloomy, watch from the skies how the fog blows throughout the city, revealing the beautiful city lights and skyscrapers of the city. Pop open a bottle of champagne as a special request, and sip some bubbly, making the moment in time even more enjoyable.

Seaplane tours are offered throughout the year, and usually, start around $230 USD per person for up to an hour of flying.

53 – Suprise your partner with dinner at Saison

Saison romantic restaurant in San Francisco
credit to Saison restaurant

Plan for an evening to remember, while enjoying the delicate and quality dishes served at Saison. Accepting reservations one month before, Saison is an American restaurant with 2 Micheline stars that solely prepares the majority of its foods over a wood fire.

Creating French-American-inspired dishes, the restaurant prides itself on food made up of local, seasonal ingredients, sourced directly from the farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. Other than the restaurant’s farm-to-plate concept, Saison is also known nationally as one of the restaurants with the best and most expansive list of wines, from Europe to local.

Take the advice from professional sommeliers to pick the best wine, or together with your partner, select what stands out the most from the menu. Enjoy the modern, chic, ambiance, the top-quality hospitality staff, and highly trained cooking professionals, preparing some of the most delicious foods in the city.

54 – Add romantic music to your evening plans by attending a jazz club

romantic Jazz clubs in San Francisco
credit to the Black Cat

San Francisco offers great options for jazz clubs, ranging from chill and casual environments to romantic and intimate, and everything in between.

Consider Black Cat’s incredible menu, cocktail list, and live jazz music, providing a perfect evening for a date night. Check their website to see a full calendar of performing acts on different days of the week, to select the best one for your plans.

Check out Boom Boom Room for some of the best funky, soulful jazz music in the city, and depending on the night, may have a few different genres of performers worthy of a night out. Enjoy a list of long-time signature cocktails, and a night to dance away.

Club Deluxe plays with the mid-1940s, New York City jazz club vibes, creating an atmosphere of glowing ambient lights, the sound of jazz, and the sound of people murmuring conversations with each other. Create a night to remember with your partner, any night of the week, while enjoying local jazz performers.

Stop by at Mr. Tipple’s, a fabulous jazz club offering craft and signature cocktails to the sound of live jazz, courtesy of local jazz players, from Wednesday-Saturday. Hungry? Enjoy delectable dumplings from the neighboring restaurant, The Fat Cat, straight to your table.

55 – Take a fun segway tour through the city

segway tours in San Francisco for couples
credit to San Francisco E-Scooter Rentals

Take an exciting segway tour through the hilly streets of San Francisco, weaving in and out of neighborhoods, with local hidden gems to check out.

Check out a 2.5-hour segway tour that will guide you through the waterfront and the San Francisco Wharf, people-watching as you glide through the busy streets, or segway your way through the Golden Gate Park, offering ample space and a different, quieter side to the city.

Couples looking for adventure can check out a segway tour that leads visitors through the San Francisco Hills and the most crooked street in the world, Lombard Street, known for its steep yet panoramic-gifting sights.

If you want to explore the cultural neighborhoods of the area, make sure to check out a Chinatown and Little Italy segway tour, where delicious smells greet you, and may entice you to come back later for a bite.

56 – Get dinner and a jazz show at BIX Restaurant

BIX Restaurant romantic dinner and jazz concert
credit to BIX Restaurant

BIX Restaurant is known in the city for its American/French-style food and high-quality dining service, coupled with an amazing drinks selection, and a lively jazz band that plays every night, inside a beautiful space that transports people to the 1930s.

BIX Restaurant is another restaurant that follows the philosophy of farm-to-table, meaning most of its ingredients are sourced directly from local farmers and fishermen.

Head Chef Bruce Hill has won several recognitions before and after starting BIX Restaurant, along with his business partner, offering the best of fresh, local, quality, and top experience.

Some of their famed dishes to try are the steamed mussels, local halibut ceviche, and house-made spaghetti. BIX Restaurant accepts reservations for the current and following month and should be done via telephone.

57 – Wine and dine on an unforgettable dinner cruise

romantic dinner cruises in San Francisco

One of the best things to do in San Francisco for couples is a dinner cruise, with your choice of a 3-course meal, drinks, dance, and incredible sightseeing.

Celebrate a birthday or anniversary by booking a dinner cruise, where you’ll be taken out onto the bay, to pass iconic sights of the water such as Angel Island, Alcatraz, both the Golden Gate and Bay bridges, Sausalito, and of course, beautiful sights of the city’s skyline starting to light up and twinkle off into the distance.

Some tours may or may not include alcoholic beverages in your ticket, so make sure to double-check the fine details when making your booking.

If they aren’t included, alcoholic beverages are still available, just at an additional cost. Be the first couple that starts the dancing hour as the DJ begin’s their set. Dinner cruises begin from $130 per person, and usually, pick up and drop off from Pier 3.

58 – Book a couple’s photoshoot at the Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

The Palace of Fine Arts Theater was originally constructed to display art during the 1915 International Expo, and today is open and accessible to the public to view, walk around, and have a mini couples photoshoot.

The palace underwent renovations in the 60s and 70s and rebuilt a few of the missing pieces and buildings that made up the palace complex, for locals to enjoy and spend a moment surrounded by beauty for a bit.

The 40-foot towering structure of the palace, makes it feel like you’ve been transported to an ancient temple in the Mediterranean, with the sight of Ionic-style columns, old-world architecture, and beautiful nature surrounding the area, the palace is located in the Marina District of San Francisco.

Sit on the edge of the pergola, near the water to have a moment of contemplation of the beauty around you two.

59 – Savor the best of Californian wines at the Press Club

romantic wine tasting at Press Club in San Francisco

For a night of fun, drinks, and socializing, stop by the Press Club, located on Yerba Buena lane, on the city’s northeast side.

Enjoy the wonderful ambiance of modern and chic decor, as you step into the buzzing bar, to enjoy some of California’s best wines and beers, as well as browse the Press Club’s list of signature cocktails.

Come hungry, and enjoy some of the delicious food items on the menu, ranging from a lavish charcuterie board spread, or a filling serving of pork belly steamed buns or classic deviled eggs for a heartier meal.

Reservations are available and encouraged, which are open within 2 weeks of the desired date.

60 – Elevate your date night at the San Francisco Opera

San Francisco Opera date night
credit to the San Francisco Opera

An evening of song and budding talent working alongside seasoned singers describes an ideal date night at San Francisco Opera for music-loving couples.

Since 1923, the San Francisco Opera House has been enchanting generations of music-lovers, converting people to opera-enthusiasts, and enriching the cultural scene of the Bay Area.

Check the opera house’s calendar to see which performing acts are scheduled around your visit, and enjoy other opera activities. Opera events also include Opera at the Park, and even attending a soirée during the Opera Ball with dinner included in your ticket.

Tickets to the opera depend on the show you’re attending, but mostly may begin at around $26 USD.

61 – Mesmerize your partner with a scenic helicopter tour

romantic helicopter tours in San Francisco

Soaring through the skies, and reaching new heights of the city beside your partner, is one of the most romantic things to experience in San Francisco. Enjoy a 15-20 minute tour gliding through the skies of the Bay Area, to catch sight of some of the most beautiful landmarks in the city.

Listen to the guidance and historical facts that your guide on board will share with you, as you fly over the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island, and the city itself.

Enjoy a complimentary hotel pick up/drop off, included in different ticket options, and appreciate the city’s skies either at sunset or during the day. If you’re short on time, but want to experience the city at new heights, a helicopter is a perfect option for your date activity.

62 – Finalize your perfect day at one of the best rooftops in San Francisco

best romantic rooftops in San Francisco
credit to The View Lounge

The View Lounge is perfect for catching some of the city views of San Francisco, with a glass of your favorite beverage. Sitting on the 49th floor of the Marriot Marquis Hotel, the covered lounge is the perfect place to go no matter the weather outside.

Try out the open-air Rooftop 25, and the lovingly curated high-quality experience that Chef Matthew Dolan and his business partner Chad Bourdon have created, offering incredible food and wine pairings while taking in sweeping views of the San Francisco skyline and bay.

You can’t leave San Francisco without going to El Techo, serving up street food favorites, along with an excellent list of beers and cocktails like their famous “del sol”. Enjoy outstanding views of the city, much of which is highly desired by locals and visitors.

Charmaine’s Rooftop is ideal for an intimate evening with your partner, surrounded by the urban beauty of skyrise views around. Go for the drinks, stay for the view from 120 feet high, and enjoy the chic atmosphere of the decor inside the lounge.

Consider Cityscape for the impressive floor-to-ceiling views of the city, bay, and Golden Gate Bridge, all from the comfort of your table. Choose your drink from the fabulous selection of wine, cocktails, and beer to cheers with your partner.

63 – Visit the historic Castro Theatre

Castro Theatre, San Francisco

An icon for the LGBTQ+ community welcomes all to the Castro Theater, a cultural hub where the LGBTQ+ theater houses programs from film, comedy, and music, created by a community of proud individuals from all walks of life.

Take an evening to step inside the historic Spanish Colonial Baroque Castro Theater, taking in the elaborate history of this theater, the neighborhood, and the programs sure to entertain and educate.

The Castro Theater is located in the Castro District and is a recognized landmark (number 100), showing movies in the early 1900s from silent films, to becoming one of the first theaters to show LGBTQ+ films.

Today, visitors can enjoy film screenings, as well as other live cultural performances. Be sure to check out the theater’s website to find out information on upcoming shows.

65 – Experience a theater performance like nowhere else at Club Fugazi

Club Fugazi theater in San Francisco
credit to Club Fugazi

Enjoy a night out at Club Fugazi, an art space that plays with the vibes of a nightclub, combined with the excitement of a theater, offering live performances that are fun, exciting, and different from other traditional shows.

Watch as circus acrobats spin in the air, catch each other, and perform adrenaline-pumping performances right before your eyes, making the time pass by too quickly.

Join the talented acrobats as they perform one of their main events, “Dear San Francisco”, a combination of dance, costume, singing, and acrobatic performances, you both must see with your own eyes.

Feel the excitement of the lights, music, and projections combined to give the audience a visual performance meant to be fun, and enjoyed with your partner. Enjoy food options offered at the venue, mostly small bites, as well as a good selection of drinks.

Entrance into Club Fugazi starts at $35 USD.

Where to stay in San Francisco for a romantic night?

The Palace Hotel will ensure to instill romantic vibes in its historic attraction, giving an atmosphere of the old world, with modern and elegant amenities. Enjoy the signature and hand-crafted cocktails at the Pied Piper, while taking in the grandeur of the historic hotel landmark.

The Fairmont is perfect for a romantic vacation for its great service, hospitality, wonderful in-house restaurant, with cocktail bar. Go all out for your partner, and book the elegant suite, with extravagant views of the city – you’ll never want to leave.

Check out The Ritz-Carlton, where the hotel’s elegance only enhances the allure of a couple’s escapade. Enjoy the numerous amenities like meditation on the terrace, a spectacular breakfast spread, or a wonderful wine list to enjoy each other’s company.

The views are unbeatable at 1 Hotel, a hotel located steps away from the Ferry Market, located on Pier 3 (Embarcadero). The views of the Bay Bridge are to die for, and will certainly add the extra dollop of romance to your evening.

The St. Regis San Francisco oozes luxury and high-quality service, two great ingredients for a love escapade to make your journey smooth and memorable. Enjoy the opulent butler service, available to guests, helping make the guest’s wishes come true.

Final thoughts

San Francisco is brimming with many attractions and activities that make for perfect date activities, and a perfect love destination for couples all around.

From top luxury to unique and enthralling experiences that meet the senses, as well as ample moments where it’s just you two, and the beauty of the Bay.

We hope you enjoyed this list of 65 romantic things to do in San Francisco for couples.

Happy (romantic) travels!

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