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Are you wondering which of the many Sagrada Familia Tours is right for you? On this page, you will find a comprehensive guide to Sagrada Familia Tours, including: private tours, group tours, tours for kids, audio guided tours, combos and more.

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Sagrada Familia tours – Is it worth taking a tour?

When it comes to the Sagrada Familia, there is nothing that speaks as loud as its history which is full of culture and religion. The Sagrada Familia is actually a Basilica in which people do attend mass every Sunday, as well as a monument of history based in Barcelona.

There is actually a lot to learn from the Sagrada Familia and is a great place to visit. If you are planning to visit the Sagrada Familia, you have 2 options:

  1. The first one is that you take your time to visit the Basilica at your own pace with no guidance and assistance. You will need to book an entrance ticket.
  2. The second one, which I highly recommend, is the use of a tour guide that will ensure that you understand in detail every aspect of the Basilica.

So let’s get back to the main question, is booking a tour for Sagrada Familia worth it?

The benefits of having a tour guide for your visit to Sagrada Familia supersedes the pros of having to go to the Basilica by yourself and actually miss the most important aspects.

Easy: Once you book your tour guide, they will be responsible for buying your tickets according to your choice of visit and you would not have to do anything apart from being ready and showing up.

Answer all questions: One thing I love about having a tour guide is having all my questions answered whenever I ask them. Guides are well conversant with the history and have in-depth knowledge of the Basilica. You wouldn’t have to Google for stuff you see in order to understand them.  It also feels nice having that human interaction with a guide; it brings the whole sense of travel.

Never miss anything: For sure, you can rest assured that you would not miss an important highlight of the Sagrada Familia when you have a guided tour. Some things you tend to overlook that are actually the real deal.

Sagrada Familia tours – Which one is right for you?

This definitely tops the list of the most frequent questions I get, which tour is ideal for the Sagrada Familia?  Well, I wouldn’t pinpoint exactly what exactly is the right tour but that solely depends on two basic things; what you are looking forward to seeing and your budget.

When it comes to the things you want to see, there two basic views of the Sagrada Familia:

  • Sagrada Familia only
  • Sagrada Familia including the towers

There are tours which cover only the main area of the Sagrada Familia and others that lead you to the towers as well. You will find several offers for each of them.

For all Sagrada Familia tours, you will have a skip-the-line ticket as well as a licensed English speaking tour guide to be with you through all the stages of the tour. The tour guides are very well versed with the Basilica and will give great recommendations for places to visit during the tour.

There is a variety of different option for tours with the Sagrada Familia.

  • Audio guided tours
  • Private tours
  • Group tours
  • Express tours
  • Early morning & evening tours
  • Combo guided tours including other attractions

1. Sagrada Familia audioguided tours

This is the cheapest option, the cost is the entrance ticket (20€) plus 6€ for the audio guide rental.

You can still opt to skip the Sagrada Familia tours but still visit with an audio guide. This is still a considerable choice because you still get better information that you could get from the printed pamphlets that are placed on some sections of the monument.

As said before it is a considerable choice, but I still would recommend the human guide option. The human experience always brings life to your tour and makes it engaging. Their rich knowledge in the monument’s history is an interesting factor know.

Though if you still go for the Sagrada Familia Audio-Guide, you need to book for this option when you pre-order your ticket.

2. Sagrada Familia private tours

Going for the private tour is such an amazing thing that I would highly recommend for the Sagrada Familia. It accrues many benefits that you wouldn’t have done it on your own.

Most tour guides are also very much conversant with the history of the monument so it would be easy for them to assess for you what to see and within our own speed and level of understanding, you could ask them as many questions as possible until you understand.

Also another great aspect I love about the private tours is that, they can come to pick you in the comfort of your hotel, if there is a pickup included.

Numerous ticket websites sell the Sagrada Familia tickets that have the private tours available and the prices vary. Check out TourScanner to compare the best possible prices before you book your ticket.

Sagrada Familia group tours

This is usually one of the most popular Sagrada Familia tours that cater to travelers that intend to visit the Basilica as a group. For this package, you get to skip the line as well as offered a very experienced and knowledgeable guide that will guide your group in specific areas of where to go, what to see and what not to miss the sight of.

The groups are usually of around 30 people where you will be given the “whisper” headphones where the guides will speak in a normal tone and you would easily hear them instead of having to shout to the whole group of 30 people.

Many people would often refer to themselves as a small group and opt for the small-group tours when actually they are approximately 20-30 people. Instead, it’s different when you take a private tour, cause you will know in advance how many people will be with you.

Of course, group tours are cheaper and affordable and you will get the benefit of having a guided visit without spending much more than with an audioguide.

Sagrada Familia express tours

The Sagrada Familia express tours are the tours for people that have a limited and short time frame to visit the basilica. Within one and half hours to three hours, you will be done. If you really want to visit the monument and have a very short time frame to visit it because either of personal commitments or time wouldn’t just allow you, I highly suggest you go for this package.

Kids & family Sagrada Familia tours

If you are going to the Sagrada Familia with your kids or spouse, I highly recommend that you check out this package. With kids interests at heart, the kids and family tours is designed in such a way that it can either be a private tour or group tours depending on the number of participants.

This is a great way to bond as a family and provided the private tour guides, it makes it easier for kids to quench their curiosity when it comes to the numerous questions they generally have.

This package is also great when you are considering combo activities that you would do when you have kids with you. The guides will offer valuable advice on where to visit and what best works for the current situation.

Avoid the crowd – Early morning Sagrada Familia tours

One thing that the Sagrada Familia never runs out of is a crowd. During the peak hours of midday, it can be really crowded. A great way to avoid the large crowd id by opting for the  Early morning Sagrada Familia Tours that will ensure you are within the basilica very early in the morning when it opens and will beat the crowd of the midday and afternoon. What a great way to avoid the congestion and commotion!

Combos – Tips for booking guided tours of the Sagrada Familia and other attractions in Barcelona 

Well, when it comes to finality that you have decided the Sagrada Familia is your choice, you could also check out for combo to your tickets or what else to do when in Barcelona.

Definitely, you will get the tickets to the Basilica but you could also take advantage of other sites and attractions around Barcelona and explore them. There are various options that you could choose from and you could compare the prices to land on your best pick. For example, you could book a Sagrada Familia Tour that will include Casa Batlló, la Pedrerathe Park Güell or the Montserrat or all combined.

One thing I like about the combos is that you will have the prices reduced as compared to how you would visit each of the monuments and sites separately. Another good thing is that having the same guide makes it easy when it comes to having direct conversations and can comfortably ask questions.

You will never miss a sight, and they will offer great advice in matters of where to have pictures and best shots of the different attraction sites you will be visiting.

Though, I highly advise that you compare the prices before you book anything on different websites that offer the same kind of service for discounts or group charges.

Is there any free Sagrada Familia tours?

Unfortunately, there are no free Sagrada Familia tours that are available. The lowest that is an audio-guided tour would cost 6€ extra on your regular ticket.

Despite not having a free Sagrada Familia tour, you could still have access to the Basilica for free on specific days and during mass on Sunday mornings. For these options, you would not have a tour by your side, but would rather be a personal visit to the Sagrada Familia.

You could check out for the Sunday mass schedules and specific days of mass at the official Sagrada Familia Website.

Cancel/modify your Sagrada Familia Tour?

When it comes to the cancellation and modification of the tour, this entirely depends on the terms and conditions of the tour you will be using. Most of the tour operators accept cancelations for free up to a number of days before the visit (sometimes only 1 day) or sometimes the cancelation is not possible. So, I highly recommend that you know the terms and conditions of your tour before booking them.

Are any Sagrada Familia tours included in the Barcelona Pass, Barcelona City pass, or Iventure Card?

No, with the above passes you only have access to the Sagrada Familia, but they do not cater for the guided tours. This will be entirely on your own cost.
Check the prices for the The Barcelona Pass, Iventure Attraction Card and Barcelona City Pass.

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