Things to do in Tenerife

Home to Spain’s highest peak and some of the most unique landscapes in the world, Tenerife has long been welcoming visitors to its sun-drenched shores.

The island really packs a punch when it comes to contrasting experiences. Whether you want to climb a volcano, snorkel with turtles, or relax on sandy beaches, there is something here for everyone.

This former ancient capital city has a bout of historical attractions to track down, from natural sites to man-made structures like cathedrals and castles. Spend the day outdoors and compare the island’s juxtaposed landscapes — and activities.

Enjoy wine tours of vineyards and cheese tastings in the northern countryside, and explore national parks and local villages. On the south end, sit back and revel in the endless beach days, an incredible restaurant scene and all the resort-y island feels.

Snap photographs of unique architecture dating way back in time as you wander the old towns’ cobbled pathways.

Most travelers choose to stay in Costa Adeje on the south end, or Puerto de la Cruz in the north.

Here is the ultimate list of the best things to do in Tenerife.

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1 – Harness the breeze on a sailing tour

boat tours in Tenerife

Feel the spray on your face as you glide past towering cliffs, watching whales and dolphins frolic in the warm Atlantic waters on these fun Tenerife sailing tours. Adventurers can snorkel with turtles and rays, before relaxing on deck with lunch and a glass of bubbly.

As you cruise along you might see dolphins practicing their backflips, which is especially magical as the sun dips below the horizon.

A second option for cruising the coastline is jet boat tours onboard a luxurious speed boat. Suitable for small, intimate groups, spend two to four hours whizzing around southern Tenerife, for example, stopping off to swim in secluded bays and exploring underwater.

From out at sea, pass by natural sites and attractions, like Montaña Grande volcano, El Palmar village and Malpaís de Rasca (a protected nature reserve).

2 – Learn about and show the animals some love at Loro Park

Loro Park in Tenerife

Calling themselves a ‘modern zoo’, Loro Park is home to over 400 different animal species and continuously helps to rescue, rehabilitate and then release the creatures back into their natural environments.

Red pandas, parrots, western lowland gorillas, seal lions, lemurs, turtles, sloths and flamingos are only a touch of the different mammals, bird species and aquatic animals to see.

Hop on board the Loro Parque Free Express Train and travel around the park, or opt for the 90-minute Discovery Tour and be shown private areas of the park. There are plenty of spaces for children, including the Kinderlandia play area.

3 – Explore the coastline by kayak

kayaking Tenerife

Paddle through marine reserves in search of dolphins and turtles on some of the best kayak tours in Tenerife. Float beneath cliffs, venture into hidden bays, and discover secret caves tucked away on the coast.

Some tours include swimming and snorkeling in sheltered spots, while sunset kayaking trips add a splash of romance to the day.

Admire and gaze up at the towering cliffs of the Gigantes from the comfort of your kayak or alternatively launch off from the gentle waters of Los Cristianos beach and paddle out to take in the spectacular rocky outcrops of Guaza. It is on this kayaking trip that you can pass by the mysterious Palmar cave, a popular diving spot.

4 – Feel the thrills on a whale watching cruise

whale watching, Tenerife

Whale watching in Tenerife will be one of your vacation highlights, with sightings of humpback and pilot whales occurring all year round. The pilot whales are known as ‘calderones’ by the locals and they usually travel together in close knit groups or ‘pods.’ The majestic pilot whales enjoy feeding on the abundant squid, hake and lanternship found in the Tenerife coastal waters.

You might also encounter dolphins leaping through the waves, and turtles bobbing on the surface. Keep a beady eye out for loggerhead and green sea turtles.

Tuck into lunch, take a dip in the ocean, and relax on the deck of your catamaran or yacht with a spot of sunbathing. Don’t forget to pack your snorkel!

5 – Get to know the historical capital city Santa Cruz de Tenerife, home to one of the biggest Ports in Spain

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Free walking tours in Santa Cruz de Tenerife are the best ay to discover this buzzing city. Find hidden backstreets and seafront rock paintings, before stopping at the African market for souvenirs crafted from lava.

Stroll through sunny plazas while your expert guide lets you in on insider secrets, including where to find the best local sweets.

6 – Climb to the top of Mount Teide

Teide National Park, Spain

Lace-up your boots and traverse dramatic lava fields as you hike up Pico del Teide, or board the cable car and soak up panoramic views of the caldera as you climb skywards.

Taking a tour of Mount Teide is one of the most unique things to do in Tenerife, after all, it is not every day that you get to stand on top of a volcano.

If you’re looking for a little bit of adrenaline, enjoy the fact that you’re standing at one of the best places in Europe to venture on a breathtaking paragliding flight, all the way from Pico del Teide to Puerto de la Cruz, glimpsing the marvelous landscape of the island.

Cycling enthusiasts; one of the most well-loved biking trails is on the way to the volcano, and around the actual mountain. Bike tours for this area are not for the faint-hearted, and some sort of fitness level is required.

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Candlelight Melodies: Musical Bliss in Tenerife

candlelight concerts in Tenerife

Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of candlelight concerts in Tenerife, where music and ambiance intertwine to create a truly magical experience. From classical masterpieces to contemporary favorites, each performance is enhanced by the soft glow of flickering candles, lending an intimate and captivating atmosphere. Whether in a historic church or a picturesque outdoor venue, these concerts promise an unforgettable evening for music enthusiasts of all kinds.

7 – Ascend Mount Teide by cable car

Mount Teide cable car

Conquer the highest point in Spain without breaking into a sweat and be rewarded with sweeping island views. The dramatic cable car ascent will take your breath away so make sure you keep your camera handy.

The spectacular 8 minute cable car will take you up to an elevation of 3,555 meters above sea level! Look down at the striking volcanic craters and otherworldly rugged landscape that looks almost like it should be found on Mars!

Wrap up warm and explore the rocky volcanic hiking trails that skirt the summit. Choose an evening Teide tour to catch the sunset, which is one of the top things to see in Tenerife.

8 – Head into the hills at Masca

Masca Tenerife

Try not to let your jaw drop as you head over dramatic mountain passes and negotiate hairpin roads on your way to the tiny hillside village of Masca. The journey is as beautiful as the settlement itself, which is hidden away in a remote gorge in Teno National Park.

Walk down into this historic village and visit the church, learn about pirates, and enjoy lunch at a restaurant with a view.

9 – Admire the dramatic cliffs of Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes Cliffs

The best way to appreciate these imposing sea cliffs is from the water. Jump aboard a Los Gigantes boat tour and take in some of the most dramatic scenery in Tenerife, along with whale watching and swimming opportunities.

Alternatively, take a kayaking tour and admire Los Gigantes cliffs at your own pace as you paddle through the area. Unwind by the crystal clear water (don’t forget the snorkeling gear!) and enjoy a more in-depth overview of the stunning volcanic landscape that wouldn’t be possible by boat.

For those who prefer sticking to dry land, Los Gigantes cliffs can be visited on a Tenerife day trip and combined with stops at Masca and Teide National Park.

10 – Stroll the cobbled streets of Garachico

Garachico Tenerife

Garachico is one of those places where time stands still, and you can too. This colorful colonial town is all about wandering slowly through historic streets where buildings with wooden shutters are draped in bougainvillea.

Visit Castillo de San Miguel before enjoying some local ice cream beneath a shady palm tree in the plaza. Or pop into the Church of Santa Ana that has an elegant Baroque style facade and an ornately decorative altar.

To cool off, take a dip in the natural pools at El Caletón. The natural pools of Garachico were formed due to the cooling of the lava flow following the volcanic eruption of the Montaña Negra volcano back in 1706!

11 – Delve into the lush cloud forests of the Anaga Rural Park

Anaga Rural Park

Hiking tours in Anaga Forest are a great way to explore one of the island’s oldest areas. Breathe in the scent of ancient laurel trees and discover unique flora and fauna around every corner.

Guided walks in Anaga Rural Park vary in length and are perfect for beginners and seasoned walkers alike. On longer hikes you can explore the unusual cave houses of Chinamada.

The incredible cave houses ( inhabited by locals) are built into the rock and decked out with running water and electricity. The other buildings in the village of Chinamada consist of the Chapel of the Ermita of San Ramón Nonato and the Neighborhood association.

12 – Snorkel with sea turtles

snorkeling, Tenerife

There is something magical about swimming beside these graceful turtles as they propel themselves through the blue ocean. You will see other colorful marine life during your Tenerife snorkeling tour, which can be enjoyed by yacht or catamaran.

Adventurous explorers can paddle along the coast by kayak for the ultimate aquatic experience, getting up close to stunning scenery as well as making friends with the turtles.

In addition to the friendly sea turtles, don’t forget to look out for colourful fish darting in the depths such as vibrant parrotfish and small bright damselfish. Southern stingrays can also be seen lurking on the seabed but they can be well camouflaged in the sand!

13 – Brave waterslides at Siam Park

Siam Park, Spain

The perfect antidote to the heat is a trip to Siam Park where waterslides and wave pools will cool you down in no time. The Siam Park has been awarded the title of ‘Number one waterpark in the world’ by Tripadvisor for the last nine years!

Will you be brave enough to take the plunge down a vertical chute, or navigate the raging rapids by inflatable boat?

For something more serene, float down the tropical Mai Thai River or chill out on Siam Beach. Watch the live sea lions frolicking around in the sea lion pool or head to experience the biggest artificial waves in the world at the spacious 13,500 square meter wave pool!

14 – Scuba dive with marine marvels

Santa Cruz Carnival in Tenerife

One of the most thrilling things to do in Tenerife is to go scuba diving, and there are numerous tours for beginners and experts alike.

Tenerife enjoys mild water temperatures throughout the year ranging from 18 degrees celsius to 25 degrees celsius providing an extremely pleasant environment for diving! The areas of water around Tenerife also have excellent visibility making it easier for divers to enjoy and identify the diverse marine life waiting in the depths!

Come face to face with turtles and maybe even dolphins as you glide through this pristine underwater world. If you are lucky you might be joined by rays and perhaps an octopus or two.

15 – Chill out at El Medano beach and surf town

El Medano beach and surf town

Kick back and relax in this laid-back surf town on the south-east coast of Tenerife. Take to the waves and try windsurfing or kitesurfing wander through the cobbled backstreets and soak up the bohemian vibe. El Medano beach has grown in fame due to being one of the longest natural beaches in Tenerife, with fine golden sands stretching along for 2 kilometres.

The beach is particularly celebrated for windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the consistent north easterly winds that provide the perfect conditions for picking up speed across the waters!

After some well-deserved beach time treat yourself to freshly caught seafood at a promenade restaurant before popping to an ice-cream parlor or crêperie for dessert.

16 – Stroll around San Cristobal de La Laguna

San Cristobal de La Laguna

Travel back in time as you wander the historic streets of this charming UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pay your respects at La Laguna Cathedral and head to the Plaza del Cristo market to buy hand-crafted souvenirs.

Keep your camera handy for Casa Salazar, an ancient palace with an intriguing history, and take enviable snaps of sunny plazas and colonial architecture.

Dating to the 15th century, pass by colorful buildings along the cobbled roads, or stop for tapas and sangria in the former capital city of ancient Tenerife.

Surrounding the outskirts of the old town are countryside landscapes and fairy forests, like the Esperanza Forest (officially Bosque de Esperanza). Venture to nearby towns such as Taganana and Las Teresitas beach — a further 30 minutes drive from this local village.

17 – Unleash the adrenaline on a jet ski ride

jet ski, Tenerife

Bounce along the waves of Tenerife’s southern coast on a thrilling jet ski ride. The marine reserve is home to dolphins and turtles, so you might have company as you power through the ocean. Learn how to turn and manoeuvre your jet ski as you skim across the waters and feel the adrenaline pumping!

Explore secluded bays and mysterious caves with your guide, then marvel at the colossal cliffs looming high above. Keep an eye out for Red Mountain and the iconic Punta Rasca lighthouse. The Red Mountain is an outstanding cone formed by old volcanic debris located in the San Miguel de Abona municipality!

18 – Go on an island jeep safari

jeep tours, Tenerife

See the best of Tenerife on a full-day 4×4 jeep tour around the island. Stopping at major highlights such as Teide National Park and the pretty mountain village of Masca, these excursions are a must for curious explorers.

Learn about island culture from your experienced local guide and capture otherworldly landscapes on camera at some of the best viewpoints on the island. Sit back and relax without the stress of driving and soak up the extraordinary scenery!

There is also the possibility of a jeep tour on the island of Gomera which includes a demonstration of the traditional Gomerian whistling known as the ‘silbo gomero’!

19 – Soar above the Barranco del Infierno while tandem paragliding

Paragliding Tenerife

Take to the skies on a Tenerife paragliding tour and see the island from a different perspective. Discover what it feels like to be a bird, floating on the thermals high above dramatic volcanic formations and the rugged coastline far below.

The skilled pilots know what they are doing so just relax and enjoy the spectacular views. There is even the possibility of a paragliding experience in the company of a National Champion paraglider.

Fly over the epic and deep Barranco del Infierno (the canyon of hell) or the famous Conde ridge, a huge flat topped mountain!

20 – Come face to face with an ancient and majestic rare Dragon tree

dragon tree Tenerife

Have you ever seen a tree that bleeds dragon’s blood? There were once lots of dragon trees here on Tenerife but few remain today – their red sap boasts healing properties so most have been harvested over the years.

The dragon trees are protected by law and it is illegal to harm these ancient specimens. The dragon trees not only provide shelter for local birds but they also help stabilise the soil and avoid erosion.

At around 1000 years old this unusually shaped specimen in Icod de los Vinos is thought to be the oldest dragon tree in the world, so seeing it with your own eyes is a real treat. This ‘Millenium Dragon’ is 16 meters tall with the circumference of the base trunk stretching out a whopping 20 meters!

21 – Take a fun tuk tuk tour around Costa Adeje

tuk tuk city tours, Tenerife

Home to a plethora of fancy resorts, idyllic beaches and incredible restaurants, Costa Adeje is a haven for a couple’s retreat on the south side of the island. However, it’s not just limited to a certain type of traveler and the tourist hot spot is also favored by families with younger kids …

Siam Park (a Thai-inspired waterpark) and Aquapark are here, and there are plenty of activities to keep children enthralled, like whale-watching outings.

If you’ve never ridden a tuk-tuk before, hop into the three-wheeler and zoot around the city for an hour. Be shown not-to-miss monuments, sites, the best beaches and the harbor waterfront during tuk tuk tours.

22 – Encounter graceful dolphins frolicking in and out of the ocean’s waters

dolphin watching, Tenerife

Is there anything quite so magical as encountering dolphins up close? The best way to see these playful creatures in their natural habitat is on a Tenerife dolphin watching cruise.

In the waters off Tenerife it is possible to see a wide range of different dolphin species! Look out for playful bottlenose dolphins with their characteristic bottle snout, agile common dolphins that enjoy leaping in the waves or Striped Dolphin with black and grey striped patterns!

Keep an eye out as you sail past magnificent cliffs and secret bays – make sure your camera is handy. Jump overboard for swimming and snorkeling or stay on deck and listen to the enchanting dolphin chatter using sonar equipment.

23 – Venture deep into the Jungle Park

Jungle Park in Tenerife

Go wild in Tenerife’s Jungle Park, where over 500 animals will keep you entertained for hours. Watch out for cheeky monkeys and ravenous crocodiles as you explore this vast rainforest kingdom, which is one of the best places to visit in Tenerife for families.

See live shows starring playful sealions and acrobatic macaws, then head to the penguin enclosure for feeding time. Make sure to fit in the other fantastic activities such as the birds of prey show, walking among the lemurs or delving into the cave of the bats!

Get up close to the colourful birds in the aviary and plant lovers will be enthralled by the vast collection of orchids within the verdant Orchidarium.

24 – Relax at the Aqua Club Thermal Spa

Aqua Club Thermal Spa in Tenerife
credit to Aqua Club Thermal

Unwind after your adventures at the Aqua Club Thermal Spa retreat, a temple of health, beauty, and wellness. Get your senses invigorated in the whirlpool bath and sea salt pool, before reclining in the sauna after a massage.

Discover the health benefits of the Himalayan salt cave which can really open up the respiratory system and you won’t get bored in the huge thermal circuit that consists of 12 different zones.

Make sure you try the toning pool and footbath so you leave feeling fully rejuvenated. Or completely let yourself go and feel weightless in the warm saline waters of the Flotarium.

25 – Ponder over the mysterious origins of the legendary Pyramids of Güímar

Pyramids of Güímar

Egypt is not the only destination with pyramids, and the 19th-century lava stone monuments here on Tenerife are just as mysterious. These six pyramids look similar to the Aztec temples in Mexico, and archaeologists continue to argue about their origins.

Visit the Güímar Ethnographic Park to discover the truth and walk through the themed gardens to mull it all over.

You can also see some reconstructed traditional Guanche houses to have an idea of how the indigenous inhabitants of Canary islands used to live. Another unique feature of the Güímar Ethnographic Park is that it also houses a Poison Garden containing 70 of the world’s most dangerous plant species!

26 – Embark on a day trip to the captivating island of La Gomera, a paradise for outdoors enthusiasts

La Gomera

Retreat to the sleepy island of La Gomera and explore one of the best natural reserves in the Canaries on a day trip from Tenerife. La Gomera is the second smallest island in the Canaries and the whole island has been designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve!

After a short ferry ride delve into the lush interior where strange volcanic formations, green forests, and hillside villages await. Marvel at the ancient laurel woods within the Garajonay National Park or spend a few hours relaxing on the extraordinary black sand and pebbly beaches!

Most La Gomera day trips include a traditional lunch and a stop at the stunning Vallehermoso viewpoint for photos.

27 – Pick up some speed as your wizz round the tracks during some exhilarating karting

karting, Tenerife
credit to Karting Las Americas

Rev up the powerful 270cc 4-stroke Honda engine and compete against friends and family as you hurl round the circuit laps at Las Americas Outdoor Kart Racing! Buckle up your helmet and listen to the safety briefing given by a qualified instructor who will ensure you feel comfortable when you wizz around the tracks!

Alternatively head to the Senior Circuit in Arona to feel like a true Formula One legend! Gaze up at the large LED screen to compare your time as you power around the 1200 meter circuit! Another option is the Super Kart at La Reina Park where kart riders can zoom around at up to 60 kilometres per hour!

28 – Meet the marine life in Tenerife by mermaiding or freediving

freediving, Tenerife

Revel in the vibrant underwater creatures of Tenerife in their freest form – freediving – or swimming with monofins like mermaids do. With the guidance of a professional instructor, learn more about the freediving techniques such as static freediving, dynamic freediving and deep freediving.

Freediving is different from scuba diving because it relies on the use of holding the breath rather than a traditional oxygen tank!

Be one with the colorful fish, sea turtles, dolphins, and even whales if it’s your lucky day, as you interact with them in their natural habitat.

Tenerife offers various dive sites suitable for freediving – from shallow coastal areas to deeper offshore locations, with interesting rock formations, volcanic reefs, and even shipwrecks.

29 – Venture off to La Orotava Valley

La Orotava Valley, Tenerife

Situated on the north side of the island, visitors to La Orotava Valley are greeted by a hilly countryside where wine production prevails. Walking trails around the hillsides are popular too, followed by a few glasses of vino at a local bar down in La Orotava town.

Apart from the grapes that flourish in this part of Tenerife, there are other farms in the area that grow fresh produce. Enjoy a La Orotava Banana Plantation tour overlooking Mount Teide.

The valley is a short 20-minute drive from touristy Puerto de La Cruz.

30 – Walk barefoot along sandy beaches

Playa de las Teresitas Tenerife

Some of the best beaches in Tenerife include Playa de las Teresitas, famous for its mile of powdery white sand, and Playa Jardín, home to warm black sand and magnificent views of Mount Teide.

For something a little wilder kick off your shoes and stroll along the more isolated sands of Playa de la Tejita. Meanwhile, sunset chasers and photographers should visit Playa de Benijo to see rocky silhouettes outlined against fiery red skies.

Boasting fine, soft sand and a calm ocean, Playa de Los Cristianos is loved by families, as well as yogis. Speaking of, the beach is often the setting for yoga classes in Tenerife. With the ocean as your backdrop, you can’t help but feel zenned out during the one hour and 15 minutes.

A second spot for beach yoga is down at the beach in El Medano. The intimate group classes are limited to five people, and the one-hour sessions are suitable for all levels, including beginners.

31 – Come face to face with hundreds of unique teddy bears and dolls at the eccentric Artlandya

Artlandya, Tenerife
credit to ARTlandya la Finca

At Icod de los Vinos, it is possible to visit a rather unusual museum with a vast collection of dolls and teddies that have been manufactured by more than 50 different artists! The private collection is due to the passion of an Austrian couple who have brought together these expertly crafted childhood play things. During a trip to the museum you can even enjoy a porcelain doll making demonstration!

What’s more, Artlandya is located in a beautifully restored traditional hilltop Canarian farm house that has a terrace with sensational sea views. The house gardens are also a delight to behold with shaded palms, fragrant citrus trees and vistas of the spectacular Mount Teide.

32 – Hold tight on an exhilarating ATV adventure

quad tours, Tenerife

Venture well off the beaten track on an ATV quad tour in Tenerife, one of the most exciting ways to see the island. Explore lush forests, charming villages, and the lunar landscapes of Teide National Park as you power through the lava fields.

Enjoy completely unobstructed views that you would never experience from within a car or bus tour and feel the outdoor elements such as the sun and breeze on your face! Gage the power of the Quad motor as you pick up speed and follow your quad tour guide through the extraordinary rugged scenery.

Breathe in fresh mountain air as you discover places few tourists get to see and stop at all the best viewpoints such as the spellbinding Boca Tauce on a quad tour in Tenerife.

33 – Try surfing at Playa de las Americas

Playa de las Americas

Learn how to ride the waves at Playa de las Americas with a family-friendly Tenerife surfing lesson. The sandy beach is a great place to hone those skills so you can confidently take on the ocean.

Group and private lessons are available, and enthusiasts can book multiple sessions to make the most of their time in the water.

Windsurfing, jet skiing and diving are also activities to do at Las Américas beach, or feel like Aquaman walking on water with an epic flyboard session!

34 – Feel like James Bond as you plunge into the depths using an underwater scooter

underwater scooter tours, Tenerife

Diving using an underwater scooter (also known as a Dive Propulsion vehicle) can allow you to travel a little faster than during a conventional dive therefore giving divers the possibility to come into contact with even more fascinating marine life!

When travelling with underwater scooters, divers use less air and therefore the dive duration can last a lot longer! Explore some intriguing caves and shipwrecks with the help of the underwater scooter to gently propel you along through the deep waters as you keep your eyes peeled for angel sharks resting on the ocean bed or elongated barracuda swiftly darting overhead!

35 – Embrace the colorful colonial architecture and swaying palm fronds in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife

Enjoy a more tranquil afternoon by exploring historic streets in the old town and taking photos of the quaint harbor. Then quench your thirst in one of the colonial-style cafes that line the leafy plazas.

Located one hour away from the center of Tenerife, city tours include private transport to and from Puerto de la Cruz and travelers have eight hours to freely roam the thriving tourist hub.

Sightsee iconic attractions around town like the Plaza del Charco and Paseo de San Telmo (a historic promenade dating to the 18th century).

Alternatively, consider dedicated segway expeditions for exploring. Driving a standing two-wheeler, get to see more of the city in a shorter space of time.

Take one hour to investigate the historical district, or choose to venture the local neighborhoods. There are special segway tours for just children and ones that are for adults only.

36 – Get wet and go wild at Aqualand

Aqualand Tenerife

Enjoy a fun-packed day with the family at Aqualand, where water slides and wave pools are all part of the excitement. Let the kids discover their inner sea rover at Pirate Island, and take a spin on rides like Tornado and Kamikaze if you dare.

Other popular adrenaline pumping rides include the high speed rapids, the Tsunami boomerang drop and Gravity where you will find yourself travelling at such a speed that you will soar uphill and defy the laws of physics!

Beat the heat by floating down the lazy river, or head to the Jacuzzis and treat yourself to a hydro-massage. Aqualand is also home to a Dolphinarium of 12 dolphins where visitors can watch a daily dolphin show where the dolphins practise their aquatic skills and natural prowess.

37 – Observe ancient vines as they grow up from the volcanic black soils during some winery tours

vineyards Tenerife

Wine enthusiasts love sampling the local nectar produced here on the rich volcanic slopes of the island, one of the best wine regions in Spain. Canarians have been producing wine since Medieval times and know a thing or two about grapes. Luckily they are happy to share their secrets with you.

Sip on the fresh aromatic white wines made from the Listan Blanco grape (indigenous to the Canary Islands) or savour the diversity of wines made from Malvasia from crisp and dry to unctuously sweet! The volcanic soils help produce wines with an excellent minerality!

There are several Tenerife wine tours available with cheese tastings, cellar visits at traditional bodegas, and delicious lunches all up for grabs.

38 – Master the secrets of how to create the typical Canarian sauce during a Mojo workshop

mojo workshops, Tenerife

When visiting Tenerife it is essential to try the Mojo, a tasty sauce that can be either red or green and usually accompanied with wrinkled baked potatoes or fresh breads! The red sauce or ‘mojo rojo’ can be slightly spicy, made using chilli peppers, garlic and paprika as the main ingredients. The green sauce ‘mojo verde’ often consists of green peppers, garlic, parsley and coriander.

During a Mojo workshop you can learn how to prepare these fabulous and traditional sauces as well as digging into some wine tastings. The Bodegas Monje (a winery in Sauzal) offers a visit around the vineyards and wine making facilities before embarking upon the Mojo sauce workshop!

39 – Go on offbeat camel riding tours

camel riding, Tenerife

Out of the many unique things to do in Tenerife, camel riding tours top the list for travelers, as there are few places in the world to try such an activity! Take advantage during your vacation here.

Camel Park Tenerife has been in operation for more than 30 years and takes the title of the first camel park in Tenerife.

Heading to El Tanque town, stop by the Camel Center where you can choose between a 20-minute and 30-minute ride through surrounding highlands and plantations. Some camel tours also start from various beaches like Playa de las Americas.

40 – Enjoy the rush of flying through the air on paramotoring

paramotoring, Tenerife

Feel the wind on your face, as you experience the thrill of paramotoring in Costa Adeje on Tenerife’s southwestern coast. With knowledgeable instructors prioritizing your comfort and confidence during the flight, this adrenaline-pumping adventure still provides a sense of safety and control.

One of the many highlights of paramotoring is the fact that you can take off into the skies whilst seated meaning that there’s no running involved during the launch off!

Paramotoring in Costa Adeje combines flying, breathtaking landscapes and the overall excitement of the activity creates lasting memories, making it a highlight of your trip in Tenerife. Remember to pack your camera for some unforgettable aerial snap shots.

41 – Fly through the trees at Forestal Park

Forestal Park in Tenerife

Swing through the pine trees and discover what it feels like to fly at this family-friendly treetop adventure park. Get the adrenaline going as you negotiate the high ropes course and leap off Tarzan swings in the beautiful Forestal Park.

Embark on 90 different tree top activities such as steep climbing walls and exciting rope bridges!

The Forestal Park is the only adventure and zip line park within Tenerife, located in the rural area of Las Lagunetas on the North East side of the island.

Soaring along on the end of a giant zipline is one of the most exhilarating things to do in Tenerife. Will you be brave enough to give it a go?

42 – Hop aboard a Viking ship to and feel like a true Viking warrior during an unforgettable Viking Cruise

viking cruises in Tenerife

Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to navigate the waters on a Viking vessel like the courageous Ragnar Lothbrok? Some historians agree that the Vikings did indeed reach as far as the Canary Islands!

During the Viking cruise, look out on the horizon to see if you can spot some dolphins and whales and admire the sweeping views of the harbour of Los Cristianos! Expect a Viking themed show and lots of fun games as well as plenty of chilled beer! There will also be an opportunity for swimming and snorkelling when the longboat anchors off La Caleta.

43 – Go back in time at La Casa de los Balcones

La Casa de los Balcones Tenerife

Standing proud in the historic center of La Orotava in the north of the island, La Casa de los Balcones is a must-see for architecture buffs. The highlights of this 17th-century house are the intricately carved wooden balconies which are often festooned with flowers.

The house formerly belonged to a noble family and today some of the rooms remain the same with traditional furniture and decorations.

In the center of the museum you will find a gorgeous Canarian style patio and local handicrafts that give insights into life here over the centuries. Learn more about Canarian textiles such as hand woven silks and wools.

44 – Descend down steep ravines and abseil across waterfalls during some thrilling canyoning

canyoning, Tenerife

If you’re seeking a thrill-inducing adventure, canyoning is a super fun activity to try for outdoor lovers, and there’s a special feeling you get — as well as a sense of accomplishment — as you descend rocks using your primitive skills like climbing and jumping.

After receiving a short demonstration lesson and safety instructions, it’s time to hit the ravines.

With eight rappels, the canyons at La Orotava are a favored spot, particularly Los Arcos canyon. Maneuvering the orange mountain walls created by volcanic ash, the highest canyon is 22 meters.

There are canyoning experiences at Lomo Morin waterfall (suitable for advanced mountaineers) and Tejina de Isora too.

45 – Soak in warm bubbling beer at the innovative Beer Spa Experience

Beer Spa Experience in Tenerife
credit to Beer Spa Tenerife

Allow the soothing bubbles of the warm beer filled jacuzzi to ease all your tension away as you fully unwind while sipping on a few chilled beers. According to the experts, beer is extremely high in antioxidants originating from the original hops and malts. If you sit and soak your body in warm beer it can help the skin to absorb some vitamins and minerals!

Open up your pores in the beer sauna to release those built up toxins and before relaxing on a soft bed of barley in the relaxation room! If you are still looking for some extra pampering, book up a deep massage using hop oil and beer essences!

The beer spa experience is located very near to the beach of the Americas right in the south of the island.

46 – Take a dip in the natural pools at Bajamar

Bajamar pools Tenerife

Cool off in the heat by jumping into the natural sea pools at Bajamar in the north-east of Tenerife. Take a picnic and spend the afternoon at the sandy beach, the perfect place to relax after an invigorating swim.

Lifeguards are on watch during the day and one of the pools is child-friendly so visiting Bajamar is an ideal family activity in Tenerife.

The good news is that the natural pools are sheltered by the rocks so even if the waves along the coast are too rough for swimming, it’s always possible to take a dip! There are also showers and public conveniences on site for the comfort of bathers.

47 – Brush up on your Spanish culinary skills during some cooking classes

cooking classes, Tenerife

Learn how to prepare some exquisite dishes such as seafood paella and a mouthwatering selection of different tapas with the help of a professional chef who will smoothly guide you through the preparation process with hands-on demonstrations and some tastings along the way.

The cooking class also includes the whole dinner along with some carefully selected wine pairings! These cooking classes are perfect for groups of family or friends since the cooking class can bring everyone together as you tuck into and share taste sensations of the delicious plates and ask questions regarding the Spanish cooking techniques and the combination of herbs and spices added!

48 – Bounce around Tenerife on a buggy tour

buggy tours, Tenerife

Strap in and zoom across the rugged volcanic terrain on an adventurous Tenerife buggy tour. Experience the thrill of driving off-road and explore hidden corners of the island far from the beaten tourist trail.

A buggy tour is a lot more comfortable than a quad tour due to the fixed seats and the vehicles are often more stable on rough terrain due to the lower center of gravity making it a perfect family friendly option. The buggies also have a convenient overhead cover to keep you cool in the shade as you zoom around the island.

Stop at scenic viewpoints on your buggy tour for perfect photos of Mount Teide, and visit the coast for sandy beaches, gigantic cliffs, and fresh sea air.

49 – Experience the breathtaking volcanic terrain and wildlife as you hike around the rugged Black Mountains

Black Mountains Tenerife

If you want to stretch the legs amidst dramatic scenery without the crowds, head to the hiking trails of Montañas Negras, the Black Mountains in the west of the island. Walking here will get the heart pumping as you discover solidified lava flows and majestic volcano vistas.

This striking volcanic landscape is one of the most memorable things to see in Tenerife, so make sure you pack the camera. Surprisingly enough (considering the name), the Black mountains are also home to some pockets of cloud forests that are part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve!

Bird watching fans should keep their eyes peeled for the iconic yellow Canary bird, majestic kestrels and buzzards!

50 – Feast at the best restaurants

best restaurants, Tenerife
credit to CHAR Modern Cocina & Grill

Are you ready for scrumptious plates of food, bursting with flavor and restaurants oozing ambiance? Here are some of the best restaurants for local Canarian food and international fare around Tenerife.

With spectacular sea views and even better food to make your eyes pop, Restaurante Donaire is a romantic, fine-dining option.

In the mood for mouth-watering steak? CHAR Modern Cocina & Grill is hard to beat! On the flip side, for the freshest seafood in town, book a spot at El Horno De Neptuno overlooking the ocean.

Fuss-free but for true Canarian flavors, you can’t go wrong at Mesón Asador Casa Rodrigo.

Step things up a notch and reserve a table at some restaurants that have been recognized by the Michelin Guide… Noi Restaurante has won the Bib Gourmand award for its inventive menu, and San Sebastián 57, Kiki, Etéreo by Pedro Nel and Jaxana are a few other acclaimed options.

51 – Enjoy horseback riding tours

horse riding, Tenerife

Equestrians, couples and families take note: when it comes to horseback riding tours you’re spoilt for choice on this island and there are plentiful routes, areas and riding schools to choose from.

For serious riders, there are four-hour trails around Icod de los Vinos or shorter expeditions between one and two hours. Another one-hour excursion trots around the La Laguna landscapes.

If you’re here with kids, consider the Xanadu Riding Center in Arona town and get to learn the basics of horse riding 101 before setting off for a short ride. Exploring fruit farms by horseback is another great family-friendly option.

There are even routes designed and catered specifically for couples … Yeehaw!

52 – Take incredible photographs during helicopter tours

helicopter tours, Tenerife

For a bird’s eye view of the island and its coastline, helicopter tours are a fantastic opportunity to catch unique angles from way up high.

Start by deciding on your flight time. There are short rides that are just under 10 minutes, spend 20 minutes in the air instead, or extend the excursion and tour the island over the next 45 minutes (the longest flight option).

Different helicopter tours take passengers to varying parts of Tenerife and the surrounding archipelago. Fly over towns like La Orotava and La Caleta, pass by beaches and take magnificent photographs of iconic scenery mid-air.

53 – Explore underground at Cueva del Viento

Cueva del Viento Tenerife

Fasten your helmet and switch on your flashlight as you venture into one of the largest volcanic tubes in the world, the Cueva del Viento. This huge cave stretches for 17 kilometers but you will be relieved to hear that only a small proportion of this vast area is covered during guided visits!

Hold your nerve as you discover a labyrinth of twisting passages snaking towards the center of the earth. Look out for fascinating vegetation such as moss, ferns and species of fungi growing up in between the rock crevasses.

Stunning geomorphological formations like chasms and terraces were left behind by a lava flow, which makes this the best place to go potholing in Tenerife.

54 – Have a night to remember at a medieval show

medieval shows, Tenerife

Imagine what it was like to be alive in the Middle Ages in Spain during a traditional medieval show! The reign of medieval Spain lasted from the 5th Century through to the end of the 15th Century and during the performance, be transported back in time.

Entering an ancient castle, get ready for an evening of theatrics as scenes from this era are recreated on stage like knights jousting. Whilst this is happening, feast on an authentic “banquet style” dinner with free-flowing wine.

55 – Try the water sports by Costa Adeje

water sports by Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Enjoy time off land and instead become better acquainted with the ocean thanks to the throng of water sports to try out — some more heart-pumping than others.

The three main beaches around Costa Adeje are each home to outdoor activities suited to its makeup. Try banana boating, jet skiing or parasailing from Playa Fañabé, and Playa del Duque is great for swimming and tanning.

Playa la Pinta boasts a small inflatable water obstacle course, and because its bay is protected, it’s also great for stand-up paddleboarding. There are tons more beaches around the island where you can go SUPing as well if it’s your preferred sport.

56 – Enhance your golf swing at some of the best Golf courses in Tenerife

best Golf courses, Tenerife
credit to Golf Costa Adeje

With an excellent warm climate and typically dry climate, Tenerife provides some optimal all year round weather conditions for golfing enthusiasts! Embark on a round on the 18 hole championship course at the Golf Costa Adeje very close to the sea where you can even glimpse the island of Gomera on the horizon!

Another super professional championship golf course is the stunning Golf del Sur that has been previously used for the Tenerife Open and the Shell Wonderful World of Golf Tournament. The course is surrounded by scenic palms and majestic giant cacti!

The 18 hole course at Golf las Américas is also a fantastic choice for golf lovers who want a bit of a challenge with a course laden with ravines and scenic lakes. The clubhouse restaurant has a splendid terrace overlooking the course where you can get a bite to eat after your game.

The Abama Golf is another golf course that definitely shouldn’t be missed! The 18 hole championship course is said to house 22,000 palm trees and 22 different lakes! Soak up the vistas of the Atlantic ocean and immerse yourself in the subtropical plants that surround this pristine and well manicured golf site!

57 – Feel like a detective attempting the escape rooms

escape rooms, Tenerife

When it comes to putting your mind to the test, you’ve got a multitude of options to choose from among Tenerife’s escape rooms.

Escape Rooms Island Phobia has six fantastical-themed puzzles; Jumanji, Dragon’s Ring, Sherlock, Magic School, Nightmare and Bank Robbery, and each escape room varies in difficulty.

Whilst time is ticking, crack one clue to move on to the next until eventually, you make your escape.

Not only limited to the indoors, a unique escape room experience is one that takes place outdoors. Visit iconic tourist attractions en route to solving your mystery. Players are given a map and need to solve clues and challenges until the end game.

58 – Gaze up at the dazzling night sky at the cutting edge Mount Teide Observatory

Mount Teide Observatory

Take a trip to the Teide Astrophysical Observatory, which is one of the most highly regarded research centers in the world. Find out what goes on behind the scenes and see the day and night telescopes used to distinguish individual stars.

Due to its high elevation above sea level and the lack of light pollution, the Teide Astrophysical Observatory is perfectly situated to make the most of the clear starry night skies!

Your specialist guide will reveal the ground-breaking discoveries made here and will have you feeling like expert astronomers by the time you leave. Have you ever wondered about the differences between a solar telescope, an optical telescope or an infrared telescope?

59 – Enjoy the glitz, glam and dinner at Music Hall Tavern

Music Hall Tavern, Tenerife
Credit to Music Hall Tavern

Sit back, relax and prepare to be entertained by the fabulous queens down at the Music Hall Tavern — dinner included. The award-winning drag show extravaganza promises guests a night of song, dance and fun, accompanied by a three-course meal to add the cherry.

The successful show has been running for 25 years with performances also running in Lanzarote and as part of a UK tour.

The cast loves to interact with the audience as they follow comedic storylines and lip syncs during the four-hour dinner show. Not only will the glitzy costumes dazzle you, but so will the entertainment. The new venue is situated in the Adeje area, near the small village of Fañabé.

60 – Assist an exciting football match at the Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López, Tenerife

Support the local football team, the Club Deportivo Tenerife at one of the oldest football stadiums in Spain, since it was originally inaugurated in 1925! The fans of the Club Deportivo Tenerife are nicknamed the ‘chicharreros’ and they always create a lively and animated atmosphere during the matches!

The stadium is named after a prominent local politician and businessman and since 1925, the stadium has undergone several renovations. Nowadays the arena has a capacity for 22.824 spectators!

In addition to football games, the stadium is also sometimes used for large music concerts or athletics tournaments so make sure to check out their updated events calendar.

61 – Stargaze under celestial skies at Teide National Park

Stargazing Tenerife

Gazing at the starry sky against the majestic backdrop of Teide National Park is one of the most romantic things to do in Tenerife. Your astronomer guide will welcome you to the observatory at the volcano summit for an evening of celestial discovery.

See if you can spot the Milky Way and maybe even some planets through the telescope as you experience Teide by night.

Make your evening extra special by adding a three-course meal to the end of your night. Some stargazing tours start with a glass of bubbly and also include dinner once the constellation sighting is done at a local Canarian-style restaurant.

The national park offers some of the best chances for stargazing because the air out here is super crisp, clear and free from pollution, and dinners are appreciated by couples, as well as families.

62 – Wiggle your hips at Santa Cruz Carnival

Santa Cruz Carnival in Tenerife

The spirited festivities in Santa Cruz are a great reason to visit Tenerife in February. Allow yourself to get caught up in the rhythms and exuberance of this laid-back fiesta.

Gasp at glamorous costumes and enjoy live music and dancing in the streets. The icing on the cake is the Burial of the Sardine ceremony, which culminates in a weekend of lively parades and shows.

Look out for a huge statue of a papier-mâché sardine that is carried around the city on a float! The sardine is traditionally meant to represent the excesses of the carnival and therefore it is buried to mark the start of a period of abstinence and the beginning of Lent. Expect lots of dramatic fireworks and lively music!

63 – Delight in the nightlife in Tenerife

nightlife, Tenerife
credit to Magic Lounge Club

Let your hair down for the evening and enjoy the buzzing and lively nightlife in Tenerife.

To truly experience that Mediterranean feeling, grab drinks with your feet in the sand at a beach club like Papagayo Beach Club (on Playa de la Américas) or Kaluna Beach Club in the Costa Adeje region.

Both have live DJs, but if you’re after more of a rave, check out the island’s clubbing scene. Tramps Tenerife’s tagline is “King of Clubs” and for good reason. Different rooms inside the nightclub blast varying music genres, catering to all crowds.

Lit up in neons and with live DJs and unique specialty cocktails, Magic Lounge Club stays open til as late as 4 AM.

If clubs are too much for you, Blanco Bar is a great option, or sip on a cold one at a local pub, like Dubliner Irish pub or The Bulls Head.

How to get to Tenerife?

Located on the south end of the island, pre-organize airport transfers for when you arrive in Tenerife. As you touch down, look out for your private driver who will transport you directly to your stay. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a 40-minute drive from the airport, and Costa Adeje is less than 15 minutes away.

If you are arriving in Tenerife on a cruise boat make sure to take a look at the list of shore excursions in Tenerife. Take an excursion to the breathtaking Mouth Teide and take a ride in the cable car or opt for a VIP tour and discover the beautiful city San Cristóbal de La Laguna that has been classified as UNESCO World Heritage due to the colourful colonial style architecture and picturesque churches!

Where to stay in Tenerife?

To complete your vacation, make sure your stay in Tenerife is a comfortable one. Here are some of the best hotels around the island to choose from.

Starting with couples; there are actually a few adults-only stays around Tenerife if you’re seeking a romantic getaway.

Royal River Luxury Hotel in Costa Adeje is a literal five-star option, as well as Hacienda del Conde Meliá Collection with two swimming pools and an on-site golf course. Bright, clean and modern; Iberostar Selection Sábila joins the list and is another five-star hotel in Tenerife.

Travel back in time to when the Moors ruled Spain at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama, or enjoy the mix of contemporary and colonial design features of RedLevel at Gran Melia Palacio de Isora (one more adults-only, five-star stay to add to the list).

The GF Victoria is fantastic for families, or stay in the heart of the city at Palacio de Daoiz lofts — an affordable option where you have an entire loft studio to yourself.

Feel like you’re living in a greenhouse at the Jardines de Nivaria with a special indoor garden vibe, and Hotel Emblemático Casa Casilda is uniquely charming.

Visiting Tenerife on a budget?

There are plenty of parts of Tenerife to explore. For travelers planning on spending a lot of time in this part of the Canaries, save where you can.

Free walking tours are a prime way to save a few extra bucks instead of paying for a guided city tour, and there are multiple options to choose from and each explores different parts of Tenerife.

For example, be guided around Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Orotava or Garachico, and there are even free hiking tours around Teide National Park.

Where to go next?

While Tenerife is the biggest of the Canary Islands, don’t miss the chance to trip to some of the other isles that comprise the archipelago.

Dotted with picturesque beaches, cute local villages and fascinating architecture, there are many other things to do in Gran Canaria — a one to 2.5 public ferry ride from Tenerife. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular around here too.

Laid back and not as busy as some of the other Canarian islands, Lanzarote is another great choice, especially for couples. Retaining an untouched feeling, there are plenty of things to do in Lanzarote to appease those wild at heart.

To reach this island, the most convenient way is to fly from Tenerife here. By boat, it takes a minimum of eight hours to reach.

If you’re a nature enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to explore the diverse things to do in Fuerteventura, from hiking the sacred Tindaya Mountain to spotting extraordinary wildlife in the Corralejo Natural Park.

Final thoughts

From exciting outdoor activities to historical towns, there are plenty of things to do in Tenerife to leave (and keep) a smile on everyone’s face, no matter if you’re young or old.

Have you got a favorite viewpoint or place of interest to see on the island? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

As always, happy and safe travels.

Heather is a freelance travel copywriter and blogger based in the beautiful English Lake District. She has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years, having enjoyed roles in marketing, sales, content and even as a tour rep abroad. Her writing has appeared in several international publications, and she has partnered with tour operators and hospitality providers across the world to promote their services. Heather can often be found on safari in Kenya, haggling in the Moroccan souks or living the high life in Scottish castles. Back at home, she spends her time camping in the Cumbrian fells and playing the double bass.