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Paris Pass in Paris

Paris is rich in sights, so it may be difficult to fit everything into just one short trip to the city. The Paris Pass is the key to discovering all the capital has to offer on a relaxed and hassle-free trip.

Visiting Paris attractions, sights and museums with a pass is easy. You can even skip the line at some of the city’s top attractions and museums with the pass!

What’s the Paris Pass and what’s included?

The Paris Pass gives you entry and the possibility of skipping the lines at more than 80 world-class Paris museums, art galleries and monuments in and around the city.

It is a flexible sightseeing package that lets you access the best that the French capital has to offer, such as the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles and Arc de Triomphe.

Enjoy Parisian showstoppers like the Louvre Museum and Centre Pompidou with the included Paris Museum Pass. You can even make the most of your pass with a one-day hop-on-hop-off Big Bus sightseeing tour, a Bateaux Parisiens Seine River cruise and other unique Parisian experiences like French wine tasting.

You can easily spend your weekend visiting all the top Parisian attractions included in the Paris Pass, but it also offers you much more than that. With the pass, you gain access to many less frequently visited attractions that you may not have otherwise considered.

The pass allows you to explore cultural sites like the Pantheon, Sainte-Chapelle and Chateaux du Champs-sur-Marne. If you are more of an artistic person, you may enjoy seeing the art scene in the city.

The Paris Pass also gives you access to the Museum of the Arts and Innovation, Museum of the Asian Arts, National Museum of the Renaissance and the Picasso Museum.

If you fancy something off the beaten path, consider visiting the National Museum of the Middle Ages, Museum of the Sewers of Paris, Museum of Jewish Art and History or the Gourmet Chocolate Museum.

On top of those attractions, you can also participate in the following activities such as a hot air balloon ride over Paris, cheese tasting at Ô Chateau and drinking Champagne Gourmand in Montmartre. You can visit Fragonard’s mini perfume workshop, attend a fashion show at Galeries Lafayette, take a Latin District Selfie Tour, and participate in Literary women walking tour with sweet tasting.

How does the Paris Pass work? How to use it?

Two elements comprise the Paris Pass — the Paris Attraction Pass and the Paris Museum Pass. The attraction pass is a digital product that allows you to access a variety of tours and experiences.

The museum pass is a physical ticket that provides you access to a handful of museums. When you first arrive in the city, grab a valid ID and head to central Paris. You can then collect your Paris Pass from a designated collection point.

Keep in mind that some of the attractions and museums require you to book a time slot in advance to visit. You can sync your digital pass with the “Go City” app where you can check which attractions require a reservation and book your spot.

Some of these attractions include the Louvre Museum, Musée d'Orsay and a guided climb to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

The Paris Pass is valid for two years from the date of purchase. It will be activated when you visit your first attraction. Once your pass is activated, it is effective for the specific number of calendar days that you purchased it. The pass only provides single entries, so you cannot visit an attraction multiple times on the same pass.

How much does a Paris Pass cost?

You can purchase a variety of different pass packages, but the All-Inclusive Pass gives you the most bang for your buck. The Paris Pass for children and teens (ages 2 to 17) costs €42 for two days, €52 for three days, €62 for four days and €72 for six days.

The Paris Pass for adults over the age of 18 costs €124 for two days, €149 for three days, €169 for four days and €199 for six days.

Is the Paris Pass worth getting?

Other than saving money with included entry to more than 80 sights in a city full of tourists, the true value of the Paris Pass is the skip-the-line privilege.

You can avoid most of the lines that form outside popular attractions such as the Louvre and Notre Dame. In turn, you can save several hours by skipping the line if you visit Paris during a busy time of year. You can spend that extra time visiting more of the attractions included in the pass!

Since the Paris Pass is a one-time purchase, you get the most value out of it when you visit the as many museums and attractions as possible. Based on a busy five-day itinerary in Paris, you can save more than €100 with a Paris Pass.

The Paris Pass may not be the best option for you if this is not your first visit to Paris or if you're pressed for time and plan to visit just a couple of attractions. It will likely be cheaper for you to purchase individual tickets.

What attractions and museums are included in the Paris Pass?

Some of the attractions and museums that you can also visit with the Paris Pass include: