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Paris Museum Pass in Paris

The Paris Museum Pass is a great way to see the best of the French capital city. With over 50 different attractions included in the price, it is a great way to save money when spending time in the “City of Love.”

It also includes skip-the-line entry to most attractions, so it also helps you save time and fit more activities into your Paris itinerary.

What's the Paris Museum Pass and what's included?

The Paris Museum Pass is designed to help visitors make the most of their time in the city while saving money. It's a multi-day pass that includes entry to top attractions, including the Louvre Museum, the Versailles Palace and the Arc de Triomphe.

The Paris Museum Pass not only saves you money, but it also saves you time. The pass includes fast-track entry to attractions, so visitors spend less time waiting in line and more time exploring.

One of the top Pass Museum pass attractions is the Louvre, the world-famous art gallery. The Louvre is home to some of the most iconic paintings and sculptures in history, including the “Mona Lisa” and the “Venus de Milo.” With a Paris Museum Pass, you can bypass the queues and spend as much time as you like, exploring the galleries.

The Paris Museum Pass also includes entry to the Sainte Chapelle, a 13th-century Gothic chapel, and the Conciergerie, a former French Revolution prison.

Other top attractions such as the Picasso, Orangerie and Rodin museums are all included in the Paris Museum Pass price. You can also visit the Pantheon and several notable castles. Whatever your interests, there's something for everyone with the Paris Museum Pass.

You can purchase a Paris Museum Pass for two, four or six days, depending on how long you'll be in the city. The pass is more affordable the longer you stay and it might be worth getting an extended one even if you’re not planning on visiting museums every day.

How much does the Paris Museum Pass work? How to use it?

You can buy the Paris Museum Pass online before you travel to Paris. Once you're there, you can either collect a physical pass from the tourism office or download an electronic version on your smartphone. The electronic and physical versions work the same, so there is no real need to pick up the physical one unless you really want to.

The Paris Museum Pass will be activated the first time that you use it. From there, your 24, 48 or 144 hours will begin, depending on which type of pass you have purchased.

It is important to note that the Paris Museum Pass is only valid for consecutive days. So, if you purchase a four-day pass but only use it on days one and three, the remaining two days will be void.

To use your Paris Museum Pass, simply show it at the ticket office of the attractions that you want to visit. You will be able to skip the queues and go straight in.

Note that for some activities, such as visiting the Louvre, you will need to reserve your slot ahead of time. This won't cost you any extra. If you arrive without a reserved slot, you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of the museum pass.

How much does a Paris Museum Pass cost?

The Paris museum pass price depends on the duration you select. A 2-day pass costs €52, a 4-day pass costs €66 and a 6-day pass costs €78. Therefore, the longer you purchase the Paris Museum Pass, the more you'll save.

The price of the Paris Museum Pass is the same for adults and children.

Is the Paris Museum Pass worth getting?

The Paris Museum Pass is definitely worth getting if you're planning on spending more than a day in the city. With so many different attractions included, it's a great way to save money while seeing the best that Paris has to offer.

If you purchase a two-day pass and visit the Louvre, the Panthéon, the Arc de Triomphe, two museums and two chateaus, the pass would save you around €26. It would also save you a lot of time waiting in line, allowing you to see more of the city.

It is also worth noting that the longer you purchase the pass, the less it costs per day. This, as well as the time you’ll spend waiting in line, will make a considerable difference and make your trip to Paris a lot more enjoyable.

What attractions and museums are included in the Paris Museum Pass?

There are over 40 additional attractions included in the pass, the above lists only includes the most popular ones for tourists visiting Paris.