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Dali Museum Day Tours from Barcelona

Breathe the same air as the surrealism master Salvador Dali did on a Dali Museum day trip from Barcelona as you enter into the realm of his artistic mind! The small town Figueres outlives its reputation and like a moth to the flame, you’ll be lured to the museums’ red castle-like building, topped with giant eggs that are placed like a crown on the head of the museum.

The exhilarating feeling of being inside the Dali Museum will eat one right up with all the surrealism exhibits transporting one back into the 20th century. Gazing at the stylized Oscar-like statues studded with plaster-covered croissants, one can understand the muse and inspiration of the master’s art.

Enjoy time to explore at your leisure as you glance at everything from the artist’s early experiments with cubism to his famed surrealist works including the likes of the Galatea of the Spheres as well as the Mae West Room installation.

How to get from Barcelona to Figueres? How long does it take?

There are a few ways to travel from Barcelona to Figueres:

By Car: You have the option of renting a car for the day. It takes around two hours to reach Figueres from Barcelona.

By Bus: Taking a bus to Figueres makes a ton of sense. You don’t have to worry about directions and can sit back and relax. The driver is well aware of the area and prevents you from getting lost. You can also stop at other destinations along the way.

By High-Speed Train: A high-speed train reduces travel time by more than half compared to a bus or car. There are around 15 trains per day.

When is the best time to visit the Dali Museum?

Morning hours generally have fewer people compared to the afternoon. Weekdays are always better in terms of people compared to weekends and holidays. The museum does receive well over a million visitors every year so plan on crowds.

How much does a Dali Museum tour from Barcelona cost?

A guided tour from Barcelona is the most practical way to visit Figueres and the Dali Museum. Guided tours include transportation to and from Barcelona, tickets and a tour guide. Guided tours often combine sights at Figueres, Girona, Cadaqués or Costa Brava, along with Dali Theatre and Museum. Small group guided tours start at 80€. Private tours are more expensive, count around 100€ per person. You may also travel by high speed train, plan around 130€ for such options.

What are the best things to see and do at the Dali Museum?

The museum features the single largest and most diverse collection of works by Salvador Dali, who is also buried underneath the stage of the theatre. The best things to see and do at Dali Museum include:


Salvador Dali was born at the dawn of the 20th century and passed away in 1989. He left behind an impressive legacy as easily the most well-known Spaniard ever to come from Figueres. The museum teaches you more about the history and legacy of Salvador Dali.

Art Collection

The museum presents the core of Salvador Dali’s collection. It includes some of his most famous paintings along with little known pieces of art including sculptures, three-dimensional collages, and other curiosities of the eccentric artist.


The Dali Museum houses permanent collections by Salvador Dali along with some rotating exhibitions. The museum houses a small selection of works from other artists that Salvador Dali admired including El Greco, Marcel Duchamp, and John de Andrea.


The Dali Theatre and Museum reflects the Figueres theatre that Salvador Dali knew as a child yet was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. Dali helped resurrect the old theatre with a museum that opened in his honor in 1974. The theatre is now a courtyard with an open view of the sky and surrounding works of art.

Are there any other famous places to visit nearby Figueres?

On your Figueres day trip from Barcelona, you have other options in the area. Consider these quick side stops on your way to Dali Theatre and Museum:


Girona is on the direct route from Barcelona to Figueres. The scenic place exists at the confluence of four major rivers and serves as a popular day stop for travelers from Barcelona. Girona is a beautiful place to visit, with impressive medieval walls, narrow pedestrian streets, great local restaurants, and one of the most preserved Jewish Quarters in all Europe.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava is a region in Catalonia near the border of Spain and France with popular resort areas along with territory on the northwest coastline. Costa Brava is renowned for its beauty, warm temperatures, and terrific beaches. This is the ideal destination for the ones looking to chill at the seaside.


Portlligat is a small village along the Cap de Creus peninsula. It is part of Costa Brava along the Mediterranean Sea. Salvador Dali also had a residence in Portlligat which exists as a museum that is a must-visit since you’re doing to see his works of art in Figueres.


Situated right on the Cap de Creus peninsula, Cadaqués is a must visit destination for any art lovers. The picturesque town became a popular retreat for some of the most famous European artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Luís Buñel and of course,  Salvador Dalí.

Travel Tips

  • Consider a guided tour of the museum. You don’t need a guided tour to enter the Dali Theatre and Museum, but it is worth the extra cost. You’ll learn far more through a knowledgable personal guide.
  • High-speed trains reduce travel time: The quickest way to reach Figueres from Barcelona is via a high-speed train. The service costs a little more compared to bus shuttles or car rentals, but you can save a couple of hours of travel time.
  • Respect the rules and guidelines of the museum: The museum houses many delicate works of art that are worth a lot of money. If you are traveling with children, make sure they are mindful and keep their hands to themselves.