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Pantheon: Tickets and Tours

Visitors can easily purchase tickets to the Pantheon in Paris online for an affordable price. This impressive landmark was constructed between 1764 and 1790, and primarily used as an abbey. However, since the late 18th century, the Pantheon has become a mausoleum for famous French figures like Rousseau, Marie Curie, Voltaire and Alexandre Dumas.

Today, visitors from all over the world visit the Pantheon as part of their Paris sightseeing trip. Book your Pantheon tickets in advance to skip the queue and make the most of your time there by avoiding busy hours.

How much do Pantheon tickets cost?

A visit to the Pantheon in Paris is available at the following rate:

  • Adults: €11.50
  • Children (under 18): free

Visitors can choose to pay an optimal €2 donation to the Pantheon when purchasing their tickets. This supports the upkeep and maintenance of the landmark. Audio guides are sold at €3 per person.

Who is eligible for discounts?

Young adults from European countries under the age of 25 can gain entry to the Pantheon for free. Persons with reduced mobility and those holding a valid French Pass éducation also do not have to pay an entrance fee to the Pantheon.

Make sure to bring valid proof of your status if you want to claim one of the discounts listed above. Some documents may only be accepted when presented in French. Members of eligible partnership programs can purchase a reduced ticket to the Pantheon, which costs only €9 per person.

Partner programs that qualify for a discounted entrance fee to Pantheon include: Thello, Thalys, Carte Cezam, Vieilles maison françaises, SNCF Intercités, Vedettes du Pont Neuf, Paris Visit, Les amis du Louvre and Pass Navigo Culture.

What are the best Pantheon tours?

At present, there is no guided tour of the Pantheon available. However, audio guides can be obtained at the entrance to the landmark and can be pre-booked online in advance.

It is possible to book skip-the-line tickets to the Pantheon online for a similar or slightly higher price, enabling priority access.

Are there any combined tickets or tours including Pantheon and other attractions?

While there is no specific guided tour of the Pantheon available, you could join a combined excursion. A visit to the Pantheon with a tour guide is often offered in combination with other nearby attractions and landmarks in Paris and the rate or entrance fee will be very similar.

Pantheon night private food and champagne tasting experience

Enjoy a glass of champagne along with the best macarons in the city, while learning more about the history of Pantheon. This luxury experience is the perfect choice for a romantic evening in Paris and is ideal for couples.

Latin Quarter – From La Sorbonne to the Pantheon

This self-guided audio tour leads you through the Latin Quarter of Paris to the Pantheon. Explore the area at your own pace and listen to exciting stories and anecdotes along the way.

Secrets of the Left Bank free tour – From Notre Dame to the Pantheon

This free tour is the best way to visit the Pantheon on a budget. Discover the Left Bank of Paris and leave with a wide selection of new knowledge. Don’t forget to tip your guides at the end! They’re dependent on gratuities.

Is it possible to visit the Pantheon for free?

The entry to Pantheon is free for those younger than 25, with reduced mobility, or with the French Pass éducation.

Should you book Pantheon tickets in advance?

Book your ticket to Pantheon in advance, so you don’t have to wait in a long queue at the ticket counter. The tickets sold online cost the same as they cost on arrival at the Pantheon and even priority access has a similar price.

Pre-select your time slot and avoid wasting time during your visit.

What will you see inside the Pantheon?

The exterior of the Pantheon is one of its most remarkable features. Even if you do not enter the landmark, just viewing it from the outside will be more than worth a visit.

While the exterior of the building is impressive, it goes without saying that entering the Pantheon will take your visit to the next level. At the center of the main hall, there is an impressive 83-metre high dome that can be climbed during summer for a beautiful view.

The so-called Foucault Pendulum is suspended from the center of the dome. This experiment dates back to 1851 and was used to demonstrate the Earth's rotation on its axis. Today the pendulum is still in operation and visitors can see how the experiment works live at the Pantheon.

On the ground floor of the Pantheon, there is a massive hall filled with works of art and sculptures that combine religious and political elements. Art enthusiasts will benefit from purchasing the audio guide provided by the Pantheon to learn more about these unique pieces.

The mausoleum of the Pantheon can also be visited and is located on the lower level of the building. Here you can see the graves of notable French people, including Marie Curie, Voltaire and Alexandre Dumas.

A network of narrow hallways leads to the graves and signs with each individual name guide visitors through the mausoleum.

How to get to the Pantheon?

Tourists have different options for getting to the Pantheon in Paris.

One of the most convenient ways is to take the Metro Lines 7 or 10, and exit at Cardinal-Lemoine Station. From there, it is just a 10-minute walk to the entry of the Pantheon.

The second option is to take the RER B train. Exit at Luxembourg Station, from where you’ll be able to reach the Pantheon in only a few minutes on foot.

You can also take a bus which is the most comfortable option since there is a stop right at the Pantheon. You can take the buses 21, 27, 38, 82, 84, 85 or 89.

Last but not least, you can come by car and park at one of the many parking lots nearby, which costs approximately €5 per hour. However, be aware that parking space in Paris is limited and will fill up quickly on the weekends.

When is the best time to visit the Pantheon?

If possible, avoid weekends and public holidays when visiting the Pantheon. Your best chance to have the attraction for yourself without crowds of people is early in the morning.

The Pantheon is open daily from 10 AM to 6 PM from October to March. From April to mid-June, it is open from 10 AM to 6:30 PM and from mid-June to September from 10:45 AM to 7 PM.

Which other attractions can be visited in the city?

Travel tips

  • Come to the Pantheon as early as possible to avoid large crowds and have the best experience possible.
  • The rate for skip-the-line tickets to the Pantheon is only slightly more expensive than the regular entrance fee or sometimes even the same. Purchase your ticket online in advance to avoid waiting in line.
  • The Pantheon is a religious site, so make sure to dress appropriately when visiting. To be as respectful as possible, you should not wear any form of shorts, flip flops and your shoulders should be covered.
  • Do not bring big backpacks or luggage to the Pantheon. There are no storage facilities and you might be denied entry.
  • If you book your tickets to the Pantheon online, there is no need to print them out. A digital version of your Pantheon ticket will be sufficient.
  • Even if you are eligible to visit the Pantheon for free, you still need a ticket to guarantee entry. Each visitor needs to select a time slot and popular visiting hours fill up quickly. Make sure to pre-book your Pantheon tickets online in advance, even if you do not need to pay an entrance fee.