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Reims Day Tours from Paris

Located northeast of Paris, Reims abounds with magnificent monuments and is home of numerous champagne houses and stylish restaurants. Reims combines the culture of a big city with the charm of a smaller town. Go for a stroll around the city, discover where the French kings were crowned, visit numerous wineries and taste delicious champagne. Reims is the perfect day trip for the ones who fancy themselves as Champagne connoisseurs and for the ones interested in getting to know more about French royalty.

What are the best things to see and do in Reims?

Reims is one of the more popular places to take a day trip from Paris. There is plenty to see and do. Here are the highlights.

Visit Reims Cathedral

Reims Cathedral is the ultimate place to visit for travelers that value history and architecture. The landmark is impressive for anyone purely based on its stature. Inside its walls, you will discover that royalty and famous people have been on its grounds for nearly 1,000 years.

Discover Palace of Tau

The Palace of Tau gets overshadowed as it is next door to the Reims Cathedral, yet make sure you don’t overlook this important landmark. The Palace of Tau has also served a purpose in coronation rituals. The palace features artifacts, some of which date back to the 9th century. The Holy Ampulla is the most sought-after sight inside the palace.

Admire Saint-Remi Basilica

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site that is worth reserving time for during your travels to Reims. Saint-Remi Basilica is renowned for its gothic architecture and sculptures, much like the Reims Cathedral. However, portions of the building date back even further than the gothic period.

Explore Villa Demoiselle

Located in the heart of Rems, the Villa Demoiselle is a true masterpiece mixing Art Deco and Art Nouveau style. The structure was neglected for over twenty years yet has since been restored in the early-2000s. The villa is a must-visit for every art lovers.

Tour the Champagnes Houses

France is noteworthy for its fine dining and wine, two items that are present in Reims. The city is a popular stop along with Champagne production in France. Wine enthusiasts savor tastes from big-name producers as well as family-owned operations.

Dine in a Michelin starred restaurant

Reims is also a great destination for food lovers. Reims hosts a number of Michelin-recommended eateries, including several starred restaurants such as Assiette Champenoise, Le Parc Les Crayères and Le Foch to name a few.

Reims is famous for its stunning architecture, amazing history, and its unique and prestigious product that needs no introduction: Champagne.

Reims city tours

Discover the highlights of Reims on a city tour. Despite suffering damages during both WWI and WWII, the city of Reims has been marvelously rebuilt, and many of the newer buildings have been designed in an amazing Art Deco style.

Reims is endowed with cute pedestrian streets, Roman remains, art-deco cafes and of course stunning landmarks such as the the Reims cathedral - a UNESCO World Heritage site. Discover where many French kings were crowned, marvel at its amazing architecture, and learn more about some of the treasures contained within its walls.

Champagne wine tasting tours

Wine tasting tours give you a behind-the-scenes peek at Champagne production. Visit the world’s most renowned sparkling wine producers such as Moët & Chandon, Ruinart, Veuve Clicquot, Mumm and Mercier to name a few. Learn about the traditional Champagne-making process, visit ancient cellars and taste the wines. You may buy some bottles to bring back home.

You will also enjoy stunning views of endless vineyards and picturesque French villages along the way.

Are guided tours worth it? How much do Reims tours from Paris cost?

Abslutely. Booking a guided tour to visit Reims and the Champagne region offers a number of benefits.

  • It’s very convenient – There is no hassle involved in organizing a tour. Your transportation and itinerary will be organized by your guide and ready so all you need to do is show up. It is especially important if you plan to indulge in wine tastings to prevent you from having to drive or take public transportation.
  • You learn much more – With a guide, you have an expert answering to all of your questions. It is so much nicer than spending time googling every 15 minutes.
  • You will visit all the important parts in Reims and it surroundings – With a guide, you are sure that you are hitting all the most important spots. Head to the best Champagne Houses, visit the most important landmarks and don't miss anything.

Reims tours from Paris range in costs depending on the service. Full-day tours traditionally start around US$ 150. Guided tours that combine with wine tastings are incredibly popular yet cost slightly more than a regular tour.

How long does it take to get to Reims from Paris?

Reims is a reasonable drive from Paris, making it an ideal day trip. The distance from Reims to Paris is approximately 130 km. The average driving time to the attractions of Reims is close to two hours. It is possible to shave off a little time by traveling by train.

As previously mentioned, one major advantage of booking a guided tour is transportation. You enjoy a round trip from Paris to Reims, and also the possiblity to travel around Reims and visit the Champagne vineyards.

What is the best time to visit Reims?

May to October are the best months to visit the city of Reims. Be aware that the champagne houses are at their busiest during the fall harvest that begins in late September.

Travel tips

There are a few things to consider when traveling to Reims for the best experience possible:

  • Consider a guided tour. You get a more personable and rich experience because of the informative, local guide. Furthermore, transportation arrangements and costs are generally included, which is ideal if you plan to participate in wine tastings.
  • Plan before your visit. The weather in France varies depending on the time of the year. Consequently, make sure you pack accordingly and wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Guided tours often include a reasonable amount of time on your feet.