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Dubai Aquarium: Tickets

Visit the Dubai Aquarium, one of the most impressive underwater zoos in the world. The 10-million litre Dubai Aquarium is situated on the main floor of The Dubai Mall. It represents one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world.

The aquarium is home to diverse aquatic life, including more than 140 species. Sharks and sting-rays are two of the highlights with multiple ways to share the experience with family and friends.

How much do Dubai Aquarium tickets cost?

There are different Dubai Aquarium tickets, including:

VIP Explorer Experience:

Skip the line and experience the entire aquarium with all of its features!

  • Sun-Wed: AED 315 (US$ 86)
  • Thur-Sat & Holidays: AED 345 (US$ 94)

Explorer Experience:

Visit the Aquarium Tunnel and Underwater Zoo, as well as witness a submersible experience.

  • Sun-Wed: AED 190 (US$ 52)
  • Thur-Sat & Holidays: AED 230 (US$ 63)

Dubai Aquarium & Aqua Nursery

Visit the Aquarium Tunnel and Underwater Zoo through its basic access and privileges.

  • Sun-Wed: AED 170 (US$ 47)
  • Thur-Sat & Holidays: AED 210 (US$ 57)

All-Access Pass

Best way to experience the aquarium with one-hour private guided tour and access to all the features of the underwater zoo.

  • Mon-Sun: AED 400 (US$ 109)

Shark Trainer Encounter

Visit the underwater zoo and aquarium tunnel as well as go through the experience of a shark trainer.

  • Sun-Wed: AED 255 (US$ 70)
  • Thur-Sat & Holidays: AED 295 (US$ 80)

King Croc Encounter

Visit the underwater zoo and aquarium tunnel as well as tour the crocodiles and feed the birds.

  • Sun-Wed: AED 270 (US$ 74)
  • Thur-Sat & Holidays: AED 310 (US$ 85)

Ray Encounter

Visit the underwater zoo and aquarium than receive special access to feed the sting-rays.

  • Sun-Wed: AED 270.00 (US$ 74)
  • Thur-Sat & Holidays: AED 310 (US$ 85)

Otter Encounter

Visit the underwater zoo and aquarium than receive special access to meeting and greeting the otters.

  • Sun-Wed: AED 270.00 (US$ 74)
  • Thur-Sat & Holidays: AED 310 (US$ 85)

Shark Encounter

A special once a day opportunity to watch the sharks get fed in the aquarium. Also provides access to Shark Week Exhibit.

  • Mon-Sun: AED 630 (US$ 172)

UAE Resident: Residents of the United Arab Emirates receive a special discount rate for its general admission pass.

  • Mon-Sun: AED 120 (US$ 33)

Annual Pass

Unlimited entry to the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo. Annual pass also features several exclusive discounts and offers.

  • Family: AED 1,100 (US$ 300)
  • Adult: AED 400 (US$ 109)
  • Children: AED 300 (US$ 82)

Who is eligible for discounts?

It is cheaper to visit the Dubai Aquarium, Sunday through Wednesday for most ticket packages.

Children under the age of three are allowed to enter the aquarium for free, however, may not receive access to certain attractions.

Dubai Aquarium tickets are available at discounted rates for school visits and birthday parties.

How do you book Dubai Aquarium tickets in advance? How do you skip the line?

We strongly recommend you to book your Dubai Aquarium tickets ahead of time to avoid queuing at the entrance.

Dubai Aquarium tickets are available online through the official website. Additionally, you can purchase tickets in advance by considering online travel agencies like Viator and Getyourguide.

Make sure to compare prices on TourScanner as prices can be different from one travel agency to another.

Are there any combined tickets including Dubai Aquarium tickets and other attractions?

Combined tickets are great if you wish to visit several attractions during your stay in Dubai. You may find below the most popular ones.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo + Burj Khalifa: Experience the aquarium then jump to the skies via the 124th and 125th floors of the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo + Desert Safari: Visit the aquarium and explore the desert of Dubai.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo + Hop on hop off bus tour: Get to know the city through a bus tour then visit the aquarium at your most convenient time.

Are there any Dubai Aquarium guided tours? Are they worth it?

There are a few ways to get a more personalized experience at the Dubai Aquarium:

  • All-Access Pass: The pass includes a one hour private guided tour reserved for four to six guests. It is a great way to get answers to questions and learn more about the wonderful aquarium.
  • Encounter Dubai Aquarium Tickets: The Shark Trainer Encounter, King Croc Encounter, Ray Encounter, Otter Encounter, and Shark Encounter (Caged) all offer opportunities to receive special access through guided feedings.
  • School Visits: Guided programs are offered Sunday through Thursday at the aquarium. The guided programs last an hour-and-a-half and are offered three times a day. School visits include free entry for one teacher per every 10 kids (4+ years) or one teacher per every five kids (under 4 years).
  • Birthday Packages: Dubai Aquarium tickets are available with birthday packages which include a guided tour of the aquarium and underwater zoo. There are many other perks of the birthday packages.

What will I see?

Discover more than 140 species and thousands of aquatic creatures including the largest collection of Tiger Sharks in the world.

Additionally, the aquarium is well known for its crocodile, sting-ray, and otter exhibits.

Visitors get an up-close and personal look at well known predators, including a caged shark feeding (with the Shark Encounter pass).

What is the best time to visit the Dubai Aquarium? How to avoid the crowd?

You can save money and deal with less crowds by visiting the Dubai Aquarium during the weekdays, especially Monday through Wednesday.

Fridays and Saturdays, as well as holidays are typically the crowdest. Its busiest hours are from 1 pm to 7 pm. Late afternoons (5-6 pm) typically receive the highest volume of visitors.

What are the Dubai Aquarium opening hours?

The Dubai Aquarium is open seven days a week, from 10 am to 12 am. The last admission of the day is offered at 11:30 pm.

Travel Tips

  • Book ahead and online: We strongly suggest you to book your tickets ahead of time. You can compare prices and make sure to find the best deal for your desired date of visit. It also avoids you and your family having to wait in line for admission. Special ticket packages offer personal tours and rare opportunities to feed sharks, rays, and crocodiles.
  • Don’t forget the arrival time: Most special Dubai Aquarium ticket packages require you to arrive between 10 to 30 minutes before the scheduled event. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time in order to not miss out on a once in a lifetime adventure. The same rule applies to general admission as the Dubai Aquarium gets busy and takes some time to walk through. The last admission of the day is offered at 11:30 pm.
  • Consider booking the Dubai City Pass: It can get you entrance to a number of city attractions, including the aquarium. The Dubai City Pass is sold in different packages with the ability to select which attractions you would like to visit.

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