things to do in Seychelles

Home to one of the world’s largest tortoises, the Aldabra Tortoise, and being the home to incredible biodiversity from air to water, with over 200 bird species, and more than 1,000 different fish species swimming the transparent blue waters, Seychelles openly welcomes adventurous travelers from around the world to explore it for themselves.

Seychelles is an African archipelago of around 115 islands of different shapes, and sizes, with incredible nature located 2,360 kilometers east of the African coast.

Seychelles is made up of 3 main islands: Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue Islands, a set of other inner islands, and then a final set of outer islands that extend several kilometers away from the main islands, and create somewhat of a circle around the main islands.

Sitting in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the true blue colors of the water lapping onto the powder white sand on the more than 100 beaches throughout the archipelago will instantly relax you into feeling you’ve just jumped into a travel magazine.

Nature paired with the history of the islands will captivate you by showing you the magic of Creole culture. From enjoying the traditional foods to interacting with the locals, and learning about their history as you walk through the capital city of Victoria.

Let’s take a deep dive into the fun and unusual things to do in Seychelles to get a little more inspiration added to your itinerary for this otherworldly destination.

Things to do in Mahé Island (from 1 to 28)

Every traveler’s dream comes to life at Mahé Island, the Seychelle’s largest island, overflowing with turquoise-colored beaches, white powder sand, bountiful gardens, incredible national parks, and fragrant spice gardens.

As you explore the abundant nature, the island’s rich Creole culture beautifully shines through as you take a sample of the flavorful dishes, and traditional rum, and explore the world underneath the blue ocean.

Mahé Island may be the central island to connect travelers to other charming islands but stick around, especially in its capital city Victoria, to explore the historical, delicious, and magnificence that the island has to offer.

1 – Do some incredible snorkeling at Sainte Anne Marine National Park

Sainte Anne Marine National Park, Seychelles

You’ll have a blast exploring the marine wonders at Sainte Anne Marine National Park, made up of 6 islands, each offering an abundance of remarkable beauty.

From snorkeling the pure blue waters of the Indian Ocean, seeing below and around you incredible marine life from pipefish, sea turtles, and even dolphins, to renting out an unreal glass bottom boat where the ocean world opens up at your feet (literally), the only tough thing left to do is pick which activity to do first.

Have you ever wanted to go to the depths of the ocean on a submarine but felt a little nervous about doing it? Consider booking your spot on a semi-submarine tour where you’ll go just enough beneath the water to see the incredible marine life, but also be above the water to see the sweeping views of the Mahé mountains.

Catch a stunning sunset while on a boat cruise through the islands while you enjoy traditional Creole food, or learn about the marine richness of the islands, take a catamaran cruise, and learn and observe the unique animals like the Aldabra giant tortoise that roam this paradise.

2 – Give your senses a floral feast at the Victoria Botanical Gardens

Victoria Botanical Gardens, Seychelles

Situated in the heart of Victoria are the Victoria Botanical Gardens, brimming with colorful flowers, plants, and not to mention botanical aromas.

Give your senses something to admire for hours as you stroll through the gardens, taking a look at all the plants that make up the thriving ecosystem of Seychelles.

From plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, and the vibrant wildlife that the gardens create, learn about the fruit plants that contribute to the daily diets of the Seychellois as well as the local economy, like breadfruit, coconuts, and other plants where they extract spices like cinnamon, coffee, nutmeg, and vanilla.

Walk under the shady and tall palm trees, taking a look around the dreamy mountain backdrop, before arriving at the tortoise gardens to view some of the local animals of the island.

If you can, try to visit the gardens during the blooming season on the island, December-March.

3 – Swim in the all-natural Ros Sodyer Rock Pool

Ros Sodyer Rock Pool, Seychelles

What exactly is a rock pool? A rock pool, or Ros Sodyer as it’s also called, is essentially a rocky crater that fills up naturally with water from the high tides, creating a natural, crystal blue pool that has gained popularity in the last few years, and that people can enjoy on Mahé Island.

Located on the southwestern coast of the island, the easiest way to get yourself to enjoy the wonders of the natural pool is to book a rock pool tour which will provide a guided short hike (around 1 hour round trip) to the site.

The local guide will ensure that you take the right path because although you can also go on your own using public transportation, the hike might be a little confusing to get if you’ve never taken it before. So, you can take the guided hike on your first trip, and then know how to get to it for future travels.

Take your time swimming, enjoying the sun, and even cliff jumping if you dare.

4 – Plan multiple trips to the best beaches in Mahé

best beaches in Mahé, Seychelles

Take a scenic beachside hike along the northwest coast of the island on the beautiful Anse Major, known for its beautiful granite cliffs, stunning blue waters, and secluded nature. The entrance to the official Anse Major hike is located inside Seychelles Morne National Park.

Set foot in the picture-perfect Anse Intendance beach, located on the southwestern coast of the island, where you’ll be instantly captivated by the bright turquoise blue waters, powder white sands, and beautiful forests.

Grand Anse is another beach you won’t want to miss if you are close to places like the Vacoa Nature Trail and Grand Anse Village on the west coast of the island. Here you’ll get everything from the impressive mountainscape, dense forests, and of course, the beach which is perfect for swimming.

Considered to be the longest beach in Seychelles, you must check out Beau Vallon Beach and do some snorkeling to get a great view of the vibrant coral reefs that lay below the surface of the crystal blue water.

Lay out in the golden sand and feel the soft breeze of the ocean close by at Anse Takamaka. This beach is also known as a great destination to do some snorkeling, as well as enjoy local Creole cuisine in the restaurants nearby.

Sit under the shade of a palm tree, and enjoy the beautiful views of Anse Royale, surrounded by fresh air, the faint sound of birds, and the warmth of the sand. Here, take advantage of snorkeling, swimming, and even windsurfing amongst other fun activities.

5 – Be amazed at the stunning rainforest views from Venn’s Town – Mission Lodge

Venn’s Town – Mission Lodge, Seychelles

Known as Venn’s Town, Mission Lodge is a viewpoint located within the Morne Seychelles National Park and is dubbed as one of the best places to catch sights of the western coast of the island.

Surrounded by dense and leafy rainforest, wildlife like birds, of various species the Aldabra giant tortoise, the Seychelles tree frog, and the Hawksbill turtle, get an incredible view of the mountains, forest, and ocean that you won’t soon forget when visiting the Mission Lodge.

Other than the natural beauty of the place, you will also get to learn about the other reason why it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as you’ll also be able to see the ruins of the boarding school that used to be where the children of freed slaves would attend back in the late 19th century.

You can visit anytime between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm for free.

6 – Get to know the history of the island plus more at the Seychelles National Museum

Seychelles National Museum, Mahe

Comprising 3 major museums recounting the history of Seychelles through various areas, a visit to the Seychelles National Museums is a must-add to your list of things to do in Seychelles.

Browse all the relics inside The National Museum of History that will give you a glimpse into the history of the islands, from its first recorded history, to when it became a colony, and then when the islands claimed their independence, and beyond.

Learn about Creole culture and traditions to gain a better appreciation of the island and its people from the exhibits, artifacts, images, and stories inside the exhibits.

The Natural History Museum shows a different side to the Seychelle islands, highlighting the fruitful natural history. From the geological finds on the islands, showcasing some of the unique plants and flowers that grow on the islands, to their impact on the ecosystem of the islands and of the world, will surely inspire consciousness in all of its visitors.

Learn how the island’s traditions and identity are closely tied to the beauty of the nature of Seychelles.

Lastly, the National Herbarium of Seychelles goes a bit more in-depth showing its visitors about the varied plant species of the island. Come and spend some time learning about the estimated 6000 specimens of flower plants, and other special findings regarding the plants you’ve seen around the island.

7 – Explore the natural wonders of the Morne Seychellois National Park on a hiking trip

Morne Seychellois National Park, Seychelles

Fancy a hike through some of the most beautiful trails with privileged views of the island?

A visit to Morne Seychellois National Park is a must-visit, covering 3,045 hectares and overflowing with sights of mangroves, and tropical jungle, and covered by a crisscross network of various trails worth taking.

Walk through the 1.2 kilometers of the Copolia Trail, which takes people around 1.5 hours to complete, lightly climbing and hiking through some of the rocks and vine-y trees, surrounded by the sound of birds around you. In the end, be rewarded with a spectacular sweeping view of the ocean and islands on the east coast of Mahé island.

Covered in green vegetation is the Trois Freres Trail, where the scent of spices like cinnamon takes over as you start the magical hike. As you hike the trail, you’ll start to see the sight of the nearby islands dotting the impressive ocean.

Anse Major Trail covers around 3.7 kilometers of the northern tip of the national park. The hike takes a little under 2 hours to complete. Enjoy the beautiful abundance of birds, the secluded nature of the trail, and views of the beautiful ocean along the side.

Morne Blanc Trail has some of the most coveted views of the island of Mahé, taking you through a beautiful trail through the jungle, around 1.8 kilometers long. The trail is moderate, with some climbing up steps required, but rest assured that the views will be worth it.

View the beauty of the rivers near the Salazie Trail, around 5.4 kilometers in total, on either a hike or bike ride. Make sure to pack your hiking boots, however, as the trail is a little rocky.

8 – Immerse yourself in Creole influences at Domaine de Val des Prés – Craft Village

Domaine de Val des Prés, Seychelles

Visit the historical landmark called Domaine de Val des Prés also known as Craft Village located on the east coast of Mahé island.

A place to get a dose of Creole cuisine, crafts, and architecture, check out Domaine de Val des Prés, which is comprised of 3 different houses on the property called the “Gran Kaz” “La Caz Rosa” and “Maison de Coco” – each with interesting histories worth checking out.

Revamped and improved to reflect what a traditional Creole village looked like before outside influences, gives visitors a great example of what typical life looked like in the Seychelle islands from traditional food, practices, activities, daily tools, and more.

One of the things not to miss is stepping inside Maison de Coco where you can check out the various different coconut-made products, especially delectable food products. Also check out the unique souvenirs like hand-painted mugs, which make perfect gifts to take back home to family members.

Hungry? Stay for lunch at their restaurant where you can try traditional Creole delicacies. The Craft Village has free entry.

9 – Relish the crystal blue waters with scuba diving

scuba diving in Mahé, Seychelles

Scuba diving is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Seychelles due to its pristine and beautiful blue, turquoise waters uncovering a magnificent world underneath the surface.

Check out Brissare Rocks, known for its strong currents which bring in a variety of different wildlife, from barracudas to bright and colorful coral reefs, and then some. Swim with the school of fish, and observe the bright sun illuminate the jagged rocks underneath.

Looking to dive into some more adventurous waters? Check out Aldebaran, situated on the northern tip of the island, where other than incredible schools of fish, you may also be in the company of giant groupers and whale sharks.

If you’re looking for a few places in the southern part of the island, check out Turtle Rock, in which you might find a few more varieties of sharks, some of which you may have never even heard of like White Tips.

10 – Plan the ultimate nature escape at Port Glaud

Port Glaud, Seychelles

Situated on the northwestern coast of the island is the village of Port Glaud, known for extraordinary beaches, as well as a few other activities to plan for.

L’Islette is a beautiful small island located on the bay of Port Glaud, just a 3-minute boat ride away, where you’ll find a beautiful array of vegetation greeting you the moment you disembark the boat. Enjoy taking a swim on one of its beaches, laying out on the sand, and observing the jagged rocks off the shore.

Port Glaud Lagoon is the perfect beach to take a sunset walk through, taking in the golden lights of the sun on the sand. Though the lagoon is perfectly ok to swim in, tread carefully as the bottom could be rocky in some parts.

Nearby is the outstanding sight of Port Glaud Waterfall, a stunning cascade of water to top off the immense beauty of Port Glaud, just a short hike away from the lagoon.

Lastly, finish your activities by dining at Del Place, a famous waterfront restaurant in Port Glaud, serving Creole specialties or a refreshing cocktail drink as you watch the speed boats glide through the sparkling water.

11 – Surround yourself with the beauty of Sauzier Waterfall on a buggy tour

buggy tours in Seychelles

Another outstanding sight to see is the Port Glaud Waterfall also known as Sauzier Waterfall, where for the price of 50 SCR, you’ll be able to experience the beauty of the waterfall, and natural beauty all around.

Located on the west coast of the island, the easiest way to get to the waterfall is via a 5-minute hike which starts in the village of Port Glaud, on a street that sits beside a church.

You’ll be able to take some time to swim in the natural pool that forms at the bottom, so pack accordingly.

Elevate your experience on a buggy tour throughout the wilderness surrounding Sauzier waterfall, plus the beach, and dense tropical jungle, and feel like you’re getting a private tour of the natural scenery with a local guide.

On top of exploring the natural scenes, you’ll also stop by the Craft Village to get a dose of Creole culture and snacks.

12 – Entertain yourself with the activities and beaches in Baie Lazare

Baie Lazare, Seychelles

Explore the wonders at Baie Lazare, located on the southwestern coast of the island, offering some of the most relaxing and paradise-like escapes whether you’re visiting for the day, or you’re planning on staying in one of the resorts.

Belonging to the Four Seasons Hotel, Petite Anse is a private little beach, tucked away into the dense forest of the island. Even if you aren’t staying at the Four Seasons, you are still welcome to go to this beach, which some people may or may not know.

Baie Lazare Public Beach is another alternative if you can’t make it to Petite Anse, where you can also plan a beach day and bathe in the turquoise blue waters, or layout in the golden, powder sand. If you’re up for it, windsurfing is a popular activity to do there.

Step inside the St. Francis of Assisi Church in Baie Lazare, and learn about the interesting history of the Catholic church, as well as take in the intricate interior details and design of French colonialism.

13 – Spice up your life at Jardin du Roi Spice Garden

Jardin du Roi Spice Garden, Seychelles

Located on the southeast coast of the island is the Jardin du Roi Spice Garden, which takes visitors back to a time when the island was known as a spice capital.

Enjoy strolling through the scent-filled walkways of the spice garden, where aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and more perfume the air, as you also take in the beautifully manicured gardens.

For the entry price of 110 SCR, you can have access to the spice garden, book a guided tour by a staff member to gain more insight into the history of the island as a spice hub, as well as visit the small museum, and even check out the tortoise garden.

Come hungry and get a taste for the flavors of the island in the dishes served at their on-site restaurant, an experience not to miss, and depending on which spices you liked the best, make sure to buy them to take them back home.

The Jardin du Roi Spice Garden is open from 10 am – 5 pm every day.

14 – Be amazed at the intricate and colorful details of the Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Hindu Temple

Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Hindu Temple, Seychelles

Found in Victoria is the Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple, a Hindu Temple that is open for visitors to enter and explore.

Dedicated to Lord Vinayagar, god of safety and prosperity, this temple is the only Hindu Temple located on the islands that was built in 1992, and that was because of the growing Hindu population at the time.

Today, however, many visitors (whether of the Hindu religion or not) visit the holy temple to view the intricate designs on the walls of the temple, from the detailed carvings of icons and symbols on the exterior of the temple to the icons inside.

Your eyes will immediately be drawn by the colorful, small icons and sculptures that form part of the wall decoration, each in various colors and beautiful to contemplate for a moment.

The temple is open every day from 6:00 am – 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

15 – Mingle with the rich and famous at Eden Island

Eden Island, Seychelles

Visit the man-made island of Eden, located off the eastern coast of Mahé island.

Created for the intent of entertainment and opulent living, give yourself the luxury of exploring the activities there are to do on Eden Island, which is around 56 hectares in total.

Enjoy the absolute paradise of beaches, beautiful parks, and hiking trails, or take a walk on the marina, as you take a gander at the yachts and private boats owned by the rich and famous.

Do some local boutique shopping near the marina, and afterward step inside one of the many restaurants offering a variety of world cuisines.

If you really want to go for the ultimate luxury experience, consider renting a yacht and sailing for a bit feeling like the captain of your very own boat, on one of the most exclusive islands in Seychelles.

The way to get to Eden Island is by taking a taxi, as both islands are connected via a bridge.

16 – Experience the skies and views of Mahé island on a helicopter tour

helicopter tours in Mahé, Seychelles

Enjoy the magnificent views of Mahé Island, as you soar through the skies on a helicopter tour.

Whether you’re flying above the crystal blue water and shores, the green and leafy tropical jungles, or the beautiful islands dotting the ocean, you’ll surely be amazed at the incredible amount of beauty that will open up for you the higher you go.

Fly with peace of mind with a trained pilot, and all the security measures in place to ensure safety in the skies. You will also receive a brief safety training to be aware of how the helicopter works, and other helpful information.

If you want to go all out, and create an even more memorable experience, consider opting for a helicopter tour that also includes lunch, stops throughout the trip to secret beaches, and flying over a few more islands in addition to Mahé.

Choose from either a 15 or 30-minute journey, crossing the island in one quick flight. Helicopter tours start at $424 USD.

17 – Visit the Sir Selwyn Selwin Clarke Market, a national landmark

Sir Selwyn Selwin Clarke Market, Seychelles

Visit the main market in Victoria, Sir Selwyn Selwin Clarke Market, where you can buy anything from fruits, vegetables, other ingredients, clothing, accessories, and unique and handcrafted souvenirs.

Come for the awesome and local shopping opportunities, stay for the colorful and lively ambiance of locals purchasing everyday items, and breathe in the aromas of the spices sold at the market.

Get a sample of the local abundance of fruits and vegetables, as well as foods being prepared at the market.

The market is open every day, except for Sundays, typically opening as early as sunrise, and closing around 4-5 pm. Locals recommend visiting the market on a Saturday, as that is when the market is most popular, and more sellers come to showcase their products.

Make sure to carry cash with you if you plan on buying, as that is the main mode of purchasing.

18 – Visit the first Catholic church on the island, Victoria Cathedral

Victoria Cathedral, Seychelles

Make a stop at Victoria Cathedral, also known as the Church of the Immaculate Conception, located in the town of Victoria, on Olivier Maradan Street.

Victoria Cathedral was one of the first cathedrals to be built on the island and is one of the largest Catholic churches.

Inside, you’ll be able to visit the crypt of the first and only bishop of the church who is buried there, as well as the intricate details of the design inside, paintings, icons, and altars dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The building can be admired from the outside, as it is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, donning a French colonial style.

You can also attend mass inside every Sunday if that is something of interest while you’re visiting Mahé island.

19 – Visit Baie Ternay Marine National Park for some incredible snorkeling opportunities

Baie Ternay Marine National Park, Seychelles

Sitting on the northwestern tip of the island, Baie Ternay Marine National Park is one of the most beautiful natural reserves and parks to set foot on when visiting Mahé island.

From the beaming biodiversity clearly seen the moment you visit the colorful coral reefs, you’ll be able to see if you go below the surface of the clear blue waters, you’ll want to extend whatever time you’ve reserved for Baie Ternay Marine National Park.

Some of the major activities to take part in here are snorkeling the blue waters, catching a beautiful sunset, doing some hiking, or simply sitting on the shores of the beach and taking in the beauty to disconnect from any of life’s worries.

Consider booking a Catamaran boat tour, and get up close and personal with some of the cool-looking parrot fish and even whale sharks, while enjoying a filling BBQ lunch on board.

According to locals, the best times to visit, weatherwise, are during the transitional weather seasons, such as April, May, or October, November.

20 – See the start-to-finish production of tea at the Tea Factory

Tea Factory, Seychelles

Tea lovers enjoy witnessing the tea-making process, from cultivation to taste testing the final product at the Tea Factory on Mahé Island.

Both a museum and a plantation, the Tea Factory hosts daily tours with knowledgeable guides, who will showcase, explain, and tell stories from the first tea factories in the area, and how much the tea-making industry has grown over the years in Seychelles.

Towards the end, you’ll be able to sample a few of the prized hot drinks, which will surely enamor your tastebuds to buy some for the return home.

If you have tea-loving friends at home, don’t hesitate to purchase a few tea bags to go.

To double-check on visiting hours, entrance prices, and tours, make sure to head to their website for the most updated information.

21 – Taste test the island’s rum at Takamaka Rum Distillery

Takamaka Rum Distillery, Seychelles

Learn about the history and tradition of producing and consuming rum on the island, and enjoy the drink with new friends on a tour of the Takamaka Rum Distillery.

Situated in the middle of a fragrant spice garden, where the scent of vanilla, cardamon, coconut, and cinnamon will greet you, is the heritage house of La Plaine St. André, where the distillery is set.

Other than the distillery, you can also expect to find a museum, a few gardens including a medicinal garden, and even a few Aldabra tortoises.

Step inside the museum to get a dose of the history of the distillery and house, as well as about the founders of the distillery. Additionally, you’ll be able to experience the deep connection of rum to the island, as well as how it’s produced.

Hungry? Stick around and enjoy some delicious foods served at their restaurant, Rum Shack, or their food truck. Wash it down with some of the best rums produced at the distillery, available for a separate price.

22 – Experience a magical sunset on the beach while horseback riding near Barbarons

horse riding in Seychelles

Looking for some romantic plans to add to your list of things to do in Seychelles? Consider booking a lovely beach horse riding experience on the western coast of the island, near the Barbarons resort.

Whether you’re traveling with your partner, or you want to experience the sunset on the beach on horseback, then definitely consider this fun experience. Depending on the package that you pick, you will gallop across scenery that will feel like it’s been taken straight out of a storybook.

From aromatic paths of flowers like the Ylang Ylang flowers, the magnificent granite rocks near the shore, to the sights of marine animals out in the distance peeking their heads, or grazing the surface of the waters with the mystical backdrop of a beach sunset, it’s the ultimate vibe and a moment you’ll surely never forget.

If you are wanting to make the trip even more romantic, you can coordinate a picnic at the beach after the horseback riding experience, and even have professional film and photography capture the moment of surprise.

23 – Explore the capital city of the island, Victoria

Victoria, Seychelles

Victoria is the capital city of Mahé Island and Seychelles, and definitely worth exploring for a bit to get an in-depth understanding of the local culture, traditions, people, and more.

The city is brimming with many cultural activities to take part in, from stepping inside the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market to see some of the most fragrant spices and ingredients native to the island or taking a stroll through the crown jewel of the city, the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens.

Get your picture in front of the 100+-year-old Victoria Clock Tower, an unofficial emblem of the city, and one of the first monuments built by the British empire in honor of Queen Victoria.

One of the best ways to explore the city’s magic is by booking a walking tour, which will not only show you the most popular sights in the city but also offer you insight directly from a local tour guide on the history, as well as any tips or best places to eat nearby.

Many tours will also include ground transportation, depending on the type of city tour you book; some can be done walking and some can include driving you to the sights.

24 – Test your luck at the local casinos

casino in Mahe, Seychelles

Situated on the southern coast of the island is Club Liberté Casino, a hub for different types of entertainment in one location. From casino fun to private gaming rooms, and incredible restaurants serving world-class cuisine, you surely won’t run out of things to do at Club Liberté Casino.

With their slogan “ Play the Seychellois Way” a fun time is guaranteed at Gran Kaz Victoria. With a true passion for fun, you’ll play alongside locals, and get to learn and enjoy some of the local casino games on top of the classic ones. Make sure to check out their frequent promotions, offering Happy Hour specials, and other special gaming discounts.

Located in the affluent Eden Island, check out Star Casino Seychelles, where you’ll be able to rub shoulders with the wealthy residents while testing your luck at the slot machines. Play with local island residents surrounded by glorious beach scenery, palm trees, and fancy yachts. Check out their upcoming events and raffle events.

Enjoy the local beach beauty around Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino as you make your way to play. Afterward, make sure to stay to enjoy dinner with a spectacular view at one of their incredible restaurants on-site the resort.

25 – Get your thrill on rock climbing or zip lining

Praslin National Park, Seychelles

To experience some of the best rock climbing and zip lining experience, check out Constance Ephelia Resort, located on Mahé island’s west coast.

Regardless of if you’re a guest or not, you’ll be able to book your adventurous activity with the resort, just make sure to complete the booking on their website ahead of time.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a professional rock climber, you’ll surely enjoy the natural and artificial rock climbing options at the resort. Equipped with professional rock climbers ready to harness you safely, and guide you if you should get stuck, be rest assured that even if you’ve never rock climbed in your life, this activity is definitely for you, no matter your age.

Zip lining is another fun and new experience recently opened at Constance Ephelia Resort, where you’ll zip through the wilderness of Mahé island, breathing in the thrill and fresh air as it comes to you, losing yourself in the beauty of leafy jungles opening up all around you.

26 – Book a kayaking experience at Port Launay

Port Launay, Seychelles

Indulge in the pure beauty and incredibly fun aquatic activities at Port Launay, a beautiful marine park located on the northwest point of the island.

From soaking the sun rays on the beach for a while to booking a memorable scuba diving lesson, or snorkeling through the depths of the bright blue ocean, with the many rental shacks on the beach, you’ll be able to pick from a variety of different water activities.

Rent a kayak tour where you’ll be joining a group of other travelers, led by a kayaking professional as you ride the gentle waves of the calm waters.

Take in the beauty of the ocean on one side, and the sight of the dense tropical forest and golden powder sand on the other side.

After the day’s activities, refuel at one of the beach restaurants where you’ll be able to not only feast on incredible local dishes, but also bask in the beauty of the sunset as day turns into evening.

27 – Catch a movie at Deepam Cinema

Deepam Cinema, Seychelles

Located in the heart of the city of Victoria, check out Deepam Cinema, the only cinema in the city that shows some of the most recent Hollywood blockbusters, as well as a few foreign movies from France, India, China, and a few other countries.

The movie theater’s exterior is something to appreciate for a moment, as it’s a stone building decorated with a few white columns and mini square windows adorning the front entrance. It definitely doesn’t look like your average movie theater, in a good way.

With a seating capacity of around 247 seats, if you want to attend a movie showing here, you can find the most recent movie listings on their Facebook page, where you can also access the link to buy movie tickets online.

With a few select movie showing hours throughout the week, the current movie schedule is Monday-Thursdays 7 pm- 9 pm, as well as Saturdays and Sundays 3:15 pm,7:00 pm & 9:00 pm.

28 – Plan a romantic dinner with your partner

candle light dinner on the beach in Seychelles

Walk with your partner through the candle-filled pathways until reaching your table, to enjoy the main specialties at Eden restaurant. Offering a variety of seafood, Cajun & Creole, and other world cuisines, you’ll fall in love with the restaurant’s ambiance and privacy.

Enjoy a candlelit dinner at Cyann where you can expect pure culinary art. Serving exquisite seafood and sushi, your partner and yourself will enjoy this restaurant located on Port Launay, beside the beautiful Constance Ephelia Resort.

Have a romantic dinner at Seyshima, known for its fresh seafood, fusion Asian cuisine, as well as great vegan options. Dine under the romantic string lights or the dimly lit pergola situated in the middle of a dense forest.

Serving a delectable variety of European and Mediterranean cuisines is La Scala Restaurant, where you can enjoy with your partner the marvelous beachside sounds and ambiance as the day turns to night.

Welcome the evening on a romantic dinner at La Plage Restaurant, located on the north coast of the island. Enjoy the sight of the sun setting and sparkling away on the horizon of the Indian Ocean as you enjoy fresh seafood, and the Mediterranean, or French cuisine.

Things to do in Praslin Island (from 29 to 41)

Known as the second largest island in Seychelles, Praslin Island is nothing short of outstanding when it comes to incredible scuba diving and other water activities, as well as a few other unique things to see.

When you’re visiting, make sure to catch a glimpse of the national fruit of the Seychelles Coco de Mer, stop in to see how virgin coconut oil is produced, or forget life’s worries as you sit under the leafy palm trees in its gorgeous beaches.

29 – Take a nature hike through Praslin National Park – Vallée de Mai

Praslin National Park, Seychelles

Nature lovers rejoice and plan a visit to the beautiful Praslin National Park, the second largest national park in the Seychelles, which also happens to remain relatively untouched by industrialism, meaning that the park is beaming in its natural beauty, and wildlife.

Also known as Vallée de Mai, the park has many different trails, there is one official trail that visitors frequent called the “Glacis Noire” which takes around 1 hour to complete. Due to the virtually untouched nature of the park, the trail may be a little bumpy so make sure to pack your hiking gear to trek the natural trail.

The national park has a ton of beautiful viewpoints from different parts, including the end of the Glacis Noire trail, where you can catch a glimpse of the famous Seychelles Black Parrot, a bird native to this island that resides in this park.

Another sight not to miss is the outstanding Praslin National Park Waterfall, surrounded by leafy palm trees, and a fresh mist to cool off during your hike.

30 – Plan a beach day at the best beach on the island, Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio, Seychelles

How about some fun in the sun at the best beach on the island, and maybe in all of Seychelles?

That would be Anse Lazio, situated in the northwest corner of Praslin island, which has gained recognition from various travel sources for its transparent, aqua-colored beach, powder white sand, big, shady palm trees, and forests, making it look like a desktop wallpaper.

Stretching some 400 meters in total, one of the differences between this beach and a few others on the island is the absence of coral reefs, and the depth of the beach which can go quite deep, so be sure to take some precautions when swimming there.

Adding to the beauty of the beach are the seaside beaches where you can get your grub on, after taking a midday dip or taking a rejuvenating nap on the beach.

31 – Watch as the ocean opens up at your feet on a glass boat tour

glass boat tour in Seychelles

Looking for a unique boat experience on Praslin island? Have you ever heard of a glass boat tour?

Just like a regular boat that you can hop on and take a tour of the island, and the ocean, and get closer to marine life, a glass boat tour will do that and step it up a notch.

Get the ultimate experience as you board the boat, with a glass section on the floor of the boat, allowing you to see the ocean as it glides through the water. See up close fishes, and other forms of wildlife right before your eyes without even hopping off the boat.

If you book a Praslin boat tour, however, you’ll get the added possibility of participating in scuba diving and snorkeling activities. Eat on board a delicious lunch and then afterward, take a guided tour of Curieuse Island, one of the small islands near Praslin.

Glass boat tours start at $114 USD.

32 – Hike up and get privileged views of the island at Zimbabwe Viewpoint

Zimbabwe Viewpoint, Seychelles

Take a hike passing through leafy palm trees, forests, shrubs, and beautiful beaches as you make your way to the highest point of the island, Zimbabwe Viewpoint, also known as Grand Fond.

Showcasing views of the eastern coast of Praslin island, you can even catch a glimpse of Curieuse Island, not to mention the crystal blue water contrasting with the wild green colors of the natural forest.

Another sight to see while you’re on your way up is the Seychelles Blue Pigeon, which is another bird native to the islands.

Be in complete and utter nature, as you take the nature trail or you drive up to the viewpoint, although if you do, make sure to consider going slowly as the roads are a bit steep and narrow. If you typically experience motion sickness, you may want to be careful as well.

If you don’t have a car, you can also take bus #62 which can take you up the mountain, and then you’d only hike 15 minutes to get to the prized viewpoint.

33 – Explore the nature and history of Curieuse Island and visit the giant tortoises

Curieuse Island, Seychelles

Sitting on the east of Praslin island is Curieuse island, a very small island that is known widely for its incredibly giant granite rock forms on the island, as well as for housing giant tortoises.

If you’re in search of tortoises, you must check out the Tortoise Sanctuary at the Curieuse Marine National Park, where you’ll find 200 + giant tortoises living peacefully in their habitat, as well as learn about how they are cared for and protected on the island.

Another notable item that is unique to the island is Coco de Mer (Coconut of the Sea), which is essentially the biggest nut in the world, and also the national fruit of Seychelles.

Though it’s not typically consumed on the island, it has been used more often in natural medicines and remedies not only in Seychelles but other neighboring countries.

Lastly, learn a bit about the history of the island at the Ruins of the Leprosarium, which used to be a building isolated in the mountains of the island, where various slaves from the island were kept who suffered from Leprosy.

Learn about how the Ruins of the Leprosarium was the first building of its kind to be opened in the new British Indian Ocean Territory, and get incredible jungle views while you’re there.

34 – Learn about the medicinal properties of coconut oil at the Virgin Coconut Oil Factory

Virgin Coconut Oil Factory, Seychelles

Learn about all the properties and uses of Virgin Coconut Oil, as well as its importance to both the culture and local economy of the island by visiting the Virgin Coconut Oil Factory.

See for your eyes the extraction of 100% natural virgin coconut oil, as well as the exportation of this island’s liquid gold between 1913-1920 to France, India, the U.K, and Mauritius.

Learn about the medicinal uses of coconut oil in today’s world, especially its growing popularity in the western world for beauty too, and other uses you may not have known about before.

Enter the traditional house where the oil still gets produced and processed, using ancient techniques that have been passed down through generations. After the tour, make sure to stop inside the gift shop where you can take your own little bottle of the island’s virgin coconut oil either for yourself or your friends back home.

The Virgin Coconut Oil Factory is located on the east coast of Praslin Island, near Grand Anse beach.

35 – Snorkel around the waters of Chauve Souris on what feels like your own private island

Chauve Souris, Seychelles

Found around 400 meters off the northeast coast of Praslin Island is Chauve Souris, a small granite island covered by dense forest, and leafy palm trees.

From the beautiful and completely natural landscape of rocky boulders, shrubs, and other local plants, to the beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels that float above the ocean, the island is small but very quaint and beautiful to experience in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

For an additional idea for fun on the island, consider booking a snorkeling experience tour on the island, where you’ll be able to dive to the depths of the ocean, taking in the beautiful and abundant marine life below.

Depending on the package you pick, it may also include roundtrip transportation to the island as well as a delightful 4-course meal on what feels like your own private island.

For those looking for a romantic alternative, consider arranging a dreamy dinner under a romantic pergola overlooking the blue ocean, created by a professional chef.

Tours to Chauve Souris start at $50 USD.

36 – Show off your golfing skills at Constance Lemuria golf course

Constance Lemuria golf course, Seychelles

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon golfing at Constance Lemuria Golf Course, surrounded by the majestic tropical jungle of the island, the crisp blue ocean, and the soft island breeze every now and then.

Showcasing an 18-hole golf course, and even more, stunning views of the ocean from various heights, enjoy taking a look around once in a while during your game.

Since its opening in 2000, this golf course has enamored its visiting golfers with its 5,611 meters of rolling green grass and landscape, designed by Marc Antoine Farry and Rodney Wright, two professional golfers.

Whether you’re staying at the Constance Ephelia Resort, or not, you’ll still be able to take advantage of this fabulous golf course, just make sure to make your reservation ahead of time.

37 – Lie on the beach or hike your way around Anse Georgette

Anse Georgette, Seychelles

With its soft gentle waves making a light splash on the white powder shores of Anse Georgette, visitors rave time and time again at the beauty of this beach located on the northern tip of Praslin island.

Though the beach may be small, there is an abundance of things to do from water to land at Anse Georgette. Snorkel down to catch a glimpse of the colorful coral reefs, as well as schools of fish beautifying the marine scenery before you.

On land, make sure to check out the Mont Plaisir to Anse Georgette nature trail, a 45-minute hike that takes you through beautiful paths, and a few nature trails, making you stop in your tracks to take photos at the beautiful viewpoints.

If you decide to take the hike, make sure that you either book the hike with a local guide or download an offline map to your phone to help you reroute in case you may get lost.

If hiking isn’t your thing, a lie in the warm sand is always a good idea, and one not to miss while surrounded by the beauty of Anse Georgette.

Lastly, if you want to see more, faster, consider booking a private boat trip that will make stops at a few of the small islands of Seychelles, including Anse Georgette, Curieuse, and St Pierre to name a few.

38 – Become a pro scuba diver

scuba diving in Praslin, Seychelles

You may have heard by now that scuba diving is one of the most popular and best things to do in Seychelles, and with good reason. For its crystal blue, transparent waters, abundant coral reefs, beautiful marine life living freely, and so much more, the reasons are endless.

However, if you may not be too confident in your scuba diving skills, consider taking a class with the Octopus Diving Center, where you’ll be in good hands as you take up this adventurous activity.

With over 10 years of experience, and different scuba diving lesson packages to offer, you will feel prepared and confident when diving to the depths of the ocean not just in Seychelles, but everywhere – consider it the souvenir that keeps on giving.

White Tip Divers is another great diving school that offers lessons in scuba diving, with a variety of courses available to meet your needs and budget. From an introductory scuba diving course all the way to advanced open water courses and even dive master certification, and everything in between.

39 – Spend the day Island hopping in the sun

island hopping from Praslin, Seychelles

Other than scuba diving and doing all the water sports activities in Seychelles, one of the other amazing activities to do is to go island hopping.

With around 115 islands, join one of the many fun island hopping tours, taking you to all the small islands that you don’t always hear about, but equally, offer beauty and interest that you won’t get anywhere else.

Consider taking a day trip to the islands and islets of Cocos, Felicite, and La Digue, where you’ll fall in love with the incredible snorkeling options waiting for you, with ample views of the coral reefs surrounding the islands, as well as eel, rays, and even whale sharks from time to time.

Another island hopping day trip to check out is to Cousin Island Special Reserve of Nature, a 400-meter space of the beautiful dense forest, where a variety of island birds reside perfectly for an eco-tourism experience.

Also part of the island hopping experience is St. Pierre Island known for its spectacular snorkeling opportunities and other fun water sports, and Curieuse Island known for its Tortoise Sanctuary at the Curieuse Marine National Park.

40 – Lay out on the powder sand of Cote D’Or Beach and the other great beaches

best beaches in Praslin, Seychelles

The beaches on Praslin island are nothing short of incredible, and definitely worthy of a visit or two starting with Cote D’Or beach.

Also known as Anse Volbert Beach, Cote D’Or Beach is the longest and widest beach on the island. It has a variety of water activity rental shops to pick out between snorkeling or going on a diving excursion, as well as delicious and cute restaurant beach shacks.

Want to go to a beach where you’ll find incredible wildlife? Check out Cocos Island Beach, stunning white sand and blue water beach where other than paradise vibes, you’ll also find beautiful schools of fish, tortoises, and water activities like snorkeling and diving.

Considered to be the most beautiful beach on the island, you cannot miss out on Anse Lazio Beach, on the northwest coast of the island. Indulge in heavenly views of blue waters, while sinking your feet in the warm white sands.

If you are looking for similar beauty to Anse Lazio Beach but don’t want to be bothered by too many crowds of people, then check out Petite Anse Lazio, which as the name may describe, is simply a smaller version of Anse Lazio. To get between these two beaches, there is a short path that you can walk, taking you through the jungle.

41 – Take a guided tour through the Fond Ferdinand

Fond Ferdinand, Seychelles

The Fond Ferdinand is a beautifully rich nature preserve that houses over 112 hectares of plants and animal species, which makes it larger than some of the other popular nature preserves on Mahé Island, and at a lower price point.

Walk along with a guide, included in the entrance price you pay, and explore the wilderness that lies throughout the park. From several viewpoints offering postcard views of the park, and a few other nearby islands, to sights of the famous Coco de Mer nuts, and incredible bird-watching opportunities like the Black Parrot, you’ll come out feeling rejuvenated by the jungle landscape.

If you can manage it, try to be at the park earlier in the morning, as that is when the least amount of people visit, and the cut-off time to get a tour of the park is 1 pm.

If you’re in a hurry, you can purchase a skip-the-line ticket to Fond Ferdinand, and within 2 hours explore the attractions of the park through a beautiful hike.

Things to do in La Digue Island (from 42 to 52)

La Digue Island is the island to visit if what you’re looking for are secluded beaches that look like they were taken straight out of a travel magazine.

Though there isn’t a ton to see on the island like at Mahé or Praslin Island, La Digue Island invites its guests to truly disengage from the outside world, and fully absorb the slow pace of life that is commonly referred to as “island life”.

Rest in the soft sand beaches of Anse Source d’Argent, visit the coconut plantations, take a hike to experience firsthand the call of various island birds, and so much more.

42 – Visit the island’s most beautiful beach, Anse Source d’Argent

Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

Considered the most beautiful beach on the island, Anse Source d’Argent is located on the island’s southwest coast and is known for its giant granite boulders, its picture-perfect strip of white sandy beach touching with the bluest water you’ll ever see.

When planning your trip to Anse Source d’Argent, make sure to bring cash with you because unlike other beaches in Seychelles, entry requires payment. The entrance into this beach is 100 SCR.

Enjoy the lovely seaside restaurants, bars, and fruit stands nearby, take a dip and swim in the transparent waters, or even participate in some snorkeling to catch a glimpse of the stunning and bright coral reefs that lay underneath the water’s surface.

Due to the popularity of the beach, if you want to ensure a good spot at the beach, consider arriving early in the day.

43 – Get a 360 view of the ocean around you on a transparent kayak tour

transparent kayak tour in Seychelles

Grab your friends and take to the ocean on not just any kayak tour, but a transparent kayak tour that allows for a complete 360-degree view of the water all around you and even under you.

With tour providers like Crystal Waters Kayaks on La Digue Island, you’ll be able to easily book your tour online, where the experience includes 3-hours of kayaking, coral viewing, and adventure excursion through the coastal waters of the Indian Ocean.

In your booking price, you’ll not only get the transparent kayak and equipment included, but also the guide’s knowledge, a safety briefing, and waterproof bags to put your belongings in.

As you explore the ocean in this unique experience, you will also get the chance to go inside some of the local caves and take a dip inside the natural pools formed by granite rocks.

If transparent kayaking is on your list of things to do in Seychelles, make sure to plan accordingly and visit/book the experience anytime except for between June–October.

44 – Get the best views of La Digue Island on the Nid D’Aigles (Eagle’s Nest) hike

Eagle's Nest, Seychelles

Journey through the natural scenery of the Nid D’Aigles (Eagle’s Nest) – a mountain tour taking you through approximately 4 kilometers of wild jungle terrain, to arrive at the highest point of the island, some 333 meters.

Known for its incredible views throughout the hike, many locals recommend stopping by the cafe restaurant in the settlement of Belle Vue, which is around halfway up to the top of the mountain. Here, you can refuel and replenish what you’ve walked so far, as well as take in the views of the ocean and a few islands.

Though the beauty is in the hike, if you’d like, you can also reserve a tour to take you to the halfway point of the trail, and then you’d just walk the rest of the way.

Locals also recommend starting the hike early in the day when the sun is at its weakest for a more comfortable trek.

45 – Wander through the L’Union Estate Park and Coconut Plantation House

L’Union Estate Park, Seychelles

Visit L’Union Estate Park, where you’ll get a taste of the history of the coconut and vanilla plantation, as you learn about the coconuts planted in the park, as well as what parts of the coconut are used to produce the famous coconut oil.

The Plantation House National Monument is one of the oldest houses on the island, showing an example of typical French colonial architecture. View the house from the outside, and learn about the special woods and palm trees used to create this house, which used to be the home of a Mauritian family.

Walk through the jaw-droppingly gorgeous trails covered in historic palm trees, where you may even catch a glimpse of the famous Seychelles tortoise, the Aldabra Giant Tortoise.

Fancy a dip on the beach? You have to check out the beautiful Anse Source D’Argent Beach, not too far from L’Union Estate Park.

The park has an entry fee of SCR 100.

46 – Spot the Giant Union Rock and meet with one of the largest tortoises in the world at the Tortoise Farm

Giant Union Rock, Seychelles

Situated within L’Union Estate Park is the Tortoise Farm, offering visitors an experience to witness with their own eyes the 2nd largest tortoise in the world, the Giant Aldabra tortoises roaming the island.

At the farm, you’ll also be able to learn more in-depth about the large animals, from what they eat, how long they live, what their natural habitat is like, and why they abound in Seychelles.

After learning about the giant tortoises, make sure to head over to the Giant Union Rock, a giant monolithic, granite rock that sits tall in the middle of a bountiful jungle paradise. It is a popular sight to see mostly during sunset hour to catch some serious end-of-the-day golden hour.

Make sure to bring your hiking shoes, and climb up the beautiful rock, located in L’Union Estate Park, on the southwestern coast of the island.

47 – Spend a sunny day at Anse Cocos beach and swim at the Natural Swimming Pool

Anse Cocos, Seychelles

Anse Cocos Beach is one of the smaller beaches on the island, boasting some of the most beautiful views and vibes, located on the eastern side of the island.

Although the beach is definitely swimmable, if you’re traveling with children it’s best to keep an eye on them as the water closest to the shore is shallow, but it quickly gets deeper if you veer off deeper into the water.

The beach itself is a stunning vision of the perfect beach, with crystal blue waters, and soft sand to melt right into. While you’re having your own beach day, make sure to try the local fruits at the local beach shacks and stands selling local delicacies like cut-up fruit.

Also, another sight not to miss is the beautiful natural swimming pools, located on the north side of the beach. These natural pools are created by the granite rock formations that create a “pool” or bowl that gets naturally filled in by the high tide of the beach.

48 – Learn about the rare island birds at Veuve Nature Reserve

Veuve Nature Reserve, Seychelles

Veuve Nature Reserve is an absolutely beautiful bird and plant paradise that welcomes its visitors to mainly catch sight of the rare Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher (bird) that has found a home in the park, located on the southern coast of the island.

Born out of a need for the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher, the Veuve Nature Reserve came to be the new home for this otherwise dying bird species, as its original home is Praslin Island.

At the Nature Reserve you’ll get to learn more about the history, tragedies, and plans of action that have taken place for the island bird, straight from the bird experts themselves who roam the park at all times, looking after the care of the birds.

Best of all, the park is easy to walk through, but on the downside, you should probably pack insect repellent as there are many bugs and mosquitos around.

Entry price into the nature reserve is SCR 150 for adults and children under 12 are free. If you’d like to reserve your spot for a private tour, that can be arranged for SCR 50 more.

49 – Explore and adventure through the other beaches

Anse Patates, Seychelles

Anse Marron on the southern tip of the island is a beach that overflows with abundant beauty with its crystal blues waters, jagged and dramatic granite boulders, and incredible snorkeling opportunities. Though it is a bit hard to get to, you can pretty much expect the beach to be free of crowds most of the time.

Known for its leafy and abundant palm trees, Anse Severe beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island, where you’ll find beachside restaurants, bars, cafes, resorts, and fruit stands complimenting the beauty and activities at this beach.

Stay at the beach with your own sea view from your window at Anse Patates, found on the northwestern coast of the island. With a number of hotels around the beach, you can rest assured that this beach has all the services that you could ask for, and more. Be sure to keep an extra close eye on the horizon, as dolphins are known to peek out.

Situated close to Anse Reunion, Anse Source d’Argent is a wonderful beach that offers visitors all the services they’d need, with a side of some of the most transparent waters seen anywhere. Enjoy the views of snorkeling without snorkeling, as the water is reported to be so clear that you can see all the marine life just standing in the water.

50 – Lose track of time at La Digue Marina

La Digue Marina, Seychelles

Pack a lunch or light snack, and head to the La Digue Marina, where you can sit and watch the beautiful crystal blue waters gently lap onto the shore of the dock, and the shores nearby, losing the sense of time with the soft breeze.

Plan for a stroll through the marina, located on the northwest coast of the island, browsing all the boats and fancy yachts on the dock. Take a chill bike ride through the marina, and afterward stop by for lunch in one of the many restaurants and cafes located on the marina.

For those looking for a bit of an adventurous time, pop into one of the snorkeling rental shops in the marina, and book a snorkeling session to uncover the beauties underneath the turquoise waters.

If you can, stick around for the ultimate sunset hour experience on the marina, taking in the colors of orange, red, and pink in the sky – a sight not to miss!

51 – Sleep in a historical Chateau at the Chateau St. Cloud

Chateau St. Cloud, Seychelles
Right: credit to Chateau St.Cloud

Formerly housing a coconut plantation, the Chateau St. Cloud has been recently renovated into a 5-star, 16-room boutique hotel that is surrounded by ultimate island bliss with leafy palm trees, dense tropical forests, and mountains.

Consider the beauty of the Chateau St. Cloud when looking for a unique stay at La Digue island, which is conveniently only a few steps away from Anse Reunion beach.

Every room has a private terrace as a bonus to the fully-serviced and stocked rooms, where you can have a chance to wake up every day to the sound of tropical birds nearby, the soft breeze of the beach, and the aromas of the tropical forest outside your window.

Lastly, this is a highly coveted hotel for all these reasons, as well as its prime location to see everything at a comfortable distance.

Feel like you’ve been transported back in time with the French colonial architecture of the hotel, reminiscent of its coconut plantation days, mixed with a traditional island atmosphere.

52 – Walk inside the beautiful orange-colored Notre Dame de L’Assomption Church

Notre Dame de L’Assomption Church, Seychelles

Situated on the east coast of the island is the quaint and beautiful Notre Dame de L’Assomption, a Catholic church that dates back to 1854.

Standing beautifully in an orange and white color theme, the church stands out against the dark greens of the tropical palm trees surrounding the area. Inside, you can step in and check out the different statues of various Catholic saints, antique paintings describing the Passion of the Christ, as well as the wooden details of the altar.

Depending on the day you visit, the church may be holding various ceremonies, but on days when it’s not, you can enter and see the interiors for yourself.

The church is located on a popular main road and across the street from Anse Beach.

Things to do in other inner islands (from 53 to 54)

The other inner islands of Seychelles are known to be islands that are located around the main islands of Mahé, La Digue, and Praslin Island.

Though the other inner islands of Seychelles are typically uninhabited by humans, many of them are reserved for private stays in luxurious hotels and resorts.

The other inner islands are perfect for natural activities like hiking and bird watching, as well as water sports adventures like snorkeling and kayaking that you won’t want to miss out on.

53 – Stay on a private island of your choice

Silhouette Island, Seychelles

Did you know that you could rent out a private island in Seychelle?

Félicité Island, otherwise known as just Felicity, is an island situated east of Mahé Island, and only a 1 hour ride away. Known for its impeccable natural landscape, the island is also known for its major national park called Ramos National Park, on the southern end of the island. You can rent a stay or a few at the luxurious Six Senses Zil Pasyon, where you can choose from a number of modern, fully-serviced, accommodation properties with unforgettable panoramic views.

Around a 30-minute ferry ride from Mahé Island is Silhouette Island, the uninhabited island that overflows with unique plants like pitcher plants, fruit trees, and the second highest mountain, Pot à Eau. Consider staying at the Hilton Labriz, where you can rent your own private villa, and relish the beauty of the island privately with your own access to the mountains and picture-perfect beach.

Located at the top of the archipelago is North Island, a small but secluded island that offers the ultimate escape into a life of luxury, privacy, and customized treatment. Whether you’re traveling with family or planning a romantic escape, staying at one of the beautiful North Island Villas will surely accommodate your needs, and then some. Enjoy a romantic private boat tour, plan a private hike with a guide, and learn about the Aldabra tortoises on the island.

Just 48 kilometers east of Mahé Island is Round Island, one of the smaller islands of the archipelago, offering an intimate experience stay in their smaller set of villas and luxurious properties. Check out JA Enchanted Resort, and experience total privacy and beauty in the 5-star island resort, where you can book your own private water activities like a morning paddle boarding session, or an afternoon jet ski adventure.

Stay in the nature sanctuary of Cousine Island, where you can stay in the middle of a thriving nature reserve, truly being one with nature. Only a 90-minute ferry ride away from Mahé Island, and with award-winning recognitions, the island offers a luxury resort and bespoke accommodations at Cousine Island Resort. Enjoy the services of the in-house chef and sous chef, a relaxing massage on the beach with total privacy, or a delicious dinner under the stars.

Although currently under renovation, the easternmost island of Fregate is awaiting you in 2024 with its upgraded luxurious experiences and resort renovations. Enjoy staying on an island where the Creole culture is tangible enough to taste the local foods offered. Enjoy the elegant spa experiences tucked into the natural scenery for relaxation, and explore the local history by visiting the local chapel and experiencing Creole Night at a historic plantation.

54 – Bring your binoculars to do some bird watching at Bird Island

Bird Island, Seychelles

Tucked away as the northernmost island of the archipelago, some 105 kilometers away from Mahé Island is Bird Island, a beautifully abundant small coral island, where among its charming activities, snorkeling and birdwatching are the most popular.

The name of the island comes from the local birds that have made the island their home such as Sooty Tern, and a few other 70,000 other bird species, adding beauty to the island’s charm. Therefore if you visit Bird Island, you must book a bird-watching experience to view them yourself or visit Sooty Tern BeachPoint yourself.

Another can’t-miss activity is planning a few beach days on some of their 6 beaches, where other than laying out on the sand, you can book a snorkeling or kayaking experience to enrich your Bird Island experience.

Catch a glimpse of the local Hawksbill Turtle on a nature walk through the beautiful nature trails, zig-zagging across the island. Because of the distance of Bird Island from Mahé Island, the only way to get there is via a 30-minute airplane ride.

Things to do in outer islands (from 55 to 59)

The outer islands of Seychelles are also known as Coralline Seychelles, which stands for the islands that lie outside of the inner islands, on the deeper ends of the Indian Ocean.

Popular for nature and adventure activities like dolphin and whale watching, snorkeling to catch a glimpse of manta rays and unique sailfish, as well as exploring the Aldabra Atoll, the world’s second-largest coral atoll, don’t forget about the outer islands while visiting Seychelles.

55 – Feel like you’ve traveled to another world at Aldabra Atoll

Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles

Aldabra Atoll is known for quite a few things from being the world’s second-largest coral atoll to being named after the world’s largest tortoise, which calls this island on the outer Seychelles its home.

A coral atoll simply speaking is an island in the shape of a ring, and in many cases has a coral rim around the lagoon, causing a unique island experience, with equally unique things to do. Go on an expedition and dive to the depths of the Indian Ocean, to explore the magic of getting close to the reefs of Cosmoledo.

Snorkel your way around to find coral, open-water fish, turtles, and even a few sharks. Aside from the water activities, you can indulge in the pure beauty of the natural landscapes of mangroves, unique flora on the island, awesome bird-watching opportunities and so much more.

56 – Dare to go manta ray snorkeling on Alphonse Island

manta ray snorkeling in Seychelles

Known as the “island at the heart of the Indian Ocean” – Alphonse Island is a traveler’s dream come true when it comes to unique activities and adventurous hiking in between relaxing moments of relaxation bliss.

Have you ever gone fly fishing before? It happens to be one of the most popular activities to do on the island. A guide can help you learn the ropes when it comes to this fun activity, from learning how to cast, to learning about the activity’s popularity on the island.

Are you visiting with your partner? Alphonse Island is a perfect island destination in Seychelles to spend a lovely vacation with your love, whether it’s on a dreamy sunset cruise on the Indian Ocean or it’s a private dinner under the stars to the sound of the waves splashing.

If you’re visiting with family, everyone in your group will enjoy hiking through the natural paths or planning a sunny beach day, learning about the local wildlife like the mangrove crabs, Hawksbill turtles, dolphins, and whales.

Solo travelers will love to take advantage of adventurous activities, for instance, manta ray snorkeling with a guide for the ultimate thrill. Get to learn about these creatures who reside further away from the main islands, in the depths of the ocean.

57 – Enjoy the thousands of fishing opportunities at St. François Atoll

St. François Atoll, Seychelles

Have you ever experienced eating lunch while sitting on top of sand flats, where your feet are caressed by the water, as you enjoy a fabulous sunny lunch? St. François Atoll is a dream when it comes to new experiences and wildlife curiosities that can only be encountered on this island.

Book a tour to learn about the animals of the island, and even take a look at them while you’re visiting, such as the black-naped terns, Tropic shearwater, crabs of all shapes and sizes, as well as turtles.

Due to its location out in the middle of the Indian Ocean, St. François Atoll is a great location for fishing, fly fishing, and deep fishing, as the island breeds hundreds of different fish varieties on its shores.

The island has never been inhabited by humans, only visited, therefore nature is virtually untouched and thriving with all-natural wildlife and experiences unlike anywhere. You’ll see an abundance of coconut palm trees, indicative of the island’s previous productions.

58 – See the whale sharks at Cosmoledo Atoll

Cosmoledo Atoll, Seychelles

Located far into the Indian Ocean, Cosmoledo Atoll is some 1,029 kilometers southwest of Mahé Island, which has allowed the island to fully grow and thrive on its own to offer the best of wildlife and nature, both on land and ocean.

For some of the best scuba diving experiences in the outer islands make sure to consider booking a scuba diving experience at Cosmoledo Atoll for a close and clean encounter with the coral reefs.

You can also join the conservation teams on the islands to carefully monitor the hatching of Hawksbill turtles and Green turtles, which takes 2 months after nesting between March-September.

This is the place where you can have an overall experience of the marine life of the Indian Ocean. From scuba diving to see the marine landscape below to swimming with dolphins, seeing whales migrating, catching a few manta rays, and various other fish eating.

Lastly, stay inside an Eco Pad, an environmentally-friendly, communal-style lodging experience, offering top luxury during your stay from sweeping views of the ocean from your room, to outdoor private showers, and more.

59 – Explore the Poivre Atoll on a kayaking excursion

Poivre Atoll, Seychelles

Be mesmerized by the beauty of Poivre Atoll located 268 kilometers east of Mahé Island, awaiting open-minded travelers ready for some serious fun.

Learn how to Bluewater fish, where, unlike typical fishing, the intention is to go out into the open water and target capturing large fish such as the Indo-Pacific Sailfish and Giant Trevally.

If fishing is not your thing, not to worry, you can explore the nearby islands on an island hopping excursion, taking you to other uninhabited islands that other people rarely get to see. Kayak with a group of travelers, taking turns looking above at the wild birds, and below at the clear water and fish.

Looking for some fun that also exercises the body? Look into Sup’ing (stand-up paddleboarding) where you’ll stand on a paddleboard, paddling your way through the clear waters, while exercising your core strength and balance.

How to get to Seychelles?

Typically there are no direct flights from the U.S. or Europe to Seychelles, therefore common layovers are done in London or the Middle East.

Regardless of the island that you’re flying into, all international flights land at the Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) on Mahé Island, and from there, you can take domestic flights throughout the archipelago or ferries depending on your island destination.

As far as transportation goes, you can take the public bus which will take you from the airport to Victoria – the capital city, however, it is not always reliable and can take a bit longer to arrive at your hotel.

The most recommended form of transportation is to book an airport transfer so that you have someone waiting for you when you arrive and can take you right to the door of your accommodations, and faster.

Where to stay in Seychelles?

Snag a room at the Villa Panoramic Seaview hotel in Victoria, the capital city of Mahé Island, where you’ll enjoy choosing between stunning sea or garden views from your private terrace. Or wake up to the sound of the island birds as you glance up to see the beautiful mountains and beach outside your window when you stay at Hilltop Boutique Hotel in Victoria on Mahé Island.

Located on Grand’Anse Beach on Praslin Island are the beautiful Ocean Jewels accommodations, which have been ranked highly for their closeness to the airport (5-minute drive) and the beach. Sunset Cove Villa is another wonderful option to stay right on Grand’Anse Beach on Praslin Island, where you’ll have a bright and airy room with a light breeze coming in directly from the Indian Ocean.

Have you ever wanted to stay in an island bungalow? Now’s your chance at Island Bungalow on La Digue Island, where you’ll be only a few minutes away from some of the most coveted beaches like Anse Severe Beach and Anse Patates Beach. Perfect for families or couples, check out Mountain View Hotel on La Digue Island where families can enjoy the proximity to Anse La Reunion Beach and the private terrace looking out to the ocean.

Looking for more tropical island getaways?

Consider checking out the other paradise islands of Mauritius, the Maldives, and the Bahamas, specifically all the things to do in Nassau from enjoying a delectable food tour to exploring historical forts, and much more.

Hawaii is another dreamy island destination to consider, especially the things to do in Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Big Island, each brimming with incredible natural landscapes and local culture.

Lastly, French Polynesia is a must-see lovely island to visit, especially all the things to do in Bora Bora, from sailing on a catamaran to checking out the Tahiti Pearl Market, and more.

Final thoughts

With its pristine clear blue waters, the magical marine life that lives under the surface of the Indian Ocean, and its incredible bird-watching opportunities, there’s no end to the wildlife opportunities that will take your breath away in Seychelles.

Learning about the fascinating historical sights like the coconut plantations, and observing the remnants of French colonial architecture, while feeling the tangible Creole culture will make you agree that visiting Seychelles is truly like visiting “Another World” as their tourism slogan claims.

We hope you enjoyed our list of fun and unusual things to do in Seychelles, and that you got more than just a few ideas to add to your Seychelles bucket list. Check out our full catalog of tours in Seychelles and have a lot of fun.

Happy travels!

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