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Day Trips and Tours from Paris

Day Trips and Tours from Paris

There is a lot to see and do in the City of Light, however, day trips and tours from Paris are a very rewarding way of experiencing so much more that France has to offer. While every corner of the country has a story to tell, the best way to discover France is with an excursion beyond the city limits.

Whether it is discovering the country’s rich history and many castles or sampling the local cuisine, the majestic countryside is waiting for you to explore.

Even if you would rather go on a shopping and fashion tour or mingle with the glitterati on the Riviera, there’s something for everyone, as you explore beyond Paris.


Excursions to Normandy from Paris are very popular with visitors from all over the world, with options that will please everyone. Exploring the D-Day Battlefields and beaches usually dominates day trips to the area, but there are many more places to visit in Normandy.

The tidal island of Mont Saint Michel with its renown Abbey is perhaps one of the most beautiful sights in the country. In the village of Giverny, you will also find Monet’s House.

Aside from featuring many original paintings, the house also offers a glimpse into the great artist’s life in the French countryside.

Loire Valley

To the south of Paris you will find the Loire Valley, which is widely regarded as the “Garden of France” due to its lush natural environment.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its expansive vineyards and medieval architecture, making a day trip to the Loire Valley from Paris an easy choice for all visitors.

A culinary tour is also an ideal way to discover everything that the Loire Valley has to offer.


Just outside the southeast outskirts of Paris lies the town of Fontainebleau, the former home of French monarchs. The main attraction there is undoubtedly the Palace of Fontainebleau, featuring four museums and an impressive garden with a lake.

Beyond the UNESCO World Heritage Site, visitors will also find the Fontainebleau forest, where there are many rare wild plants and trees. Due to its proximity to Paris, it is an ideal day trip destination combined with other attractions, like the Palace of Versailles.


Located a few kilometers north of the Paris is the town of Chantilly known for whipped cream, its impressive racehorse track and castle. The town has long been an aristocratic hub, with horse racing being an integral part of its identity.

Aside from the aforementioned track which hosts many prestigious races to this day, Chantilly is home to the Great Stables and Horse Museum. With easy access to the French capital, Chantilly is a popular day trip destination with a rich history and local culture.

Vaux le Vicomte Palace

No trip to France is complete without an excursion to a castle, and there is no shortage of options to satisfy anyone with a keen interest in history or architecture.

The Vaux le Vicomte Palace, a few kilometers southeast of Paris, however, is an excellent day trip destination with a twist. What truly distinguishes Vaux le Vicomte Palace are the luxurious gardens.

Designed by one of France’s highest regarded landscape gardener, the gardens are considered amongst the country’s most impressive and inspired the gardens at Versailles.


The region of Burgundy in center eastern France is primarily known for its vineyards and wines, which makes it a very popular day trip destination from Paris.

Wine tasting tours, after all, are an enticing way of getting accustomed to Burgundy’s rich heritage. As expected, most tours are centered on visits to vineyards, where you can sample the local wines and discover the secrets behind the wine-making process.

Aside from wine though, you can also explore the many traditional villages and towns in the region during your trip.

Champagne Region

In the northeast of France, you will find one of the most famous regions in the country, Champagne. Since the Middle Ages, the area has become known across the world for its vineyards and its sparkling wine that has accompanied toasts and celebrations ever since.

Sparkling wine aside, though, the region has developed a fascinating culture and has many impressive places to visit. In Reims, the informal capital of the region, you will find the Notre-Dame de Reims, which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


With a beautifully preserved harbor, wooden Sainte-Catherine church and links to great Impressionist artists, it is no surprise that Honfleur is one of the most visited cities in the north of France.

Should you decide to plan a visit to the beautiful corner of Normandy, make sure you pack a camera. Many painters who were inspired by the city painted houses in the area, making Honfleur a rather unique day trip destination.

While you are there, don’t forget to sample the local the cuisine and delicacies which, as expected, is based on seafood.


The British capital is only a few hours away from Paris by boat or by train across the Channel. London is full of many opportunities for sightseeing, shopping and relaxing on a day trip.

Many of the attractions and sights to visit in London are near the River Thames, such as Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. The British capital is also an excellent opportunity to catch up on world history with a visit to its museums.