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Aladdin in New York City: Tickets

If you're looking for a night of enchantment, then look no further than the Aladdin musical. Based on the classic Disney film, Aladdin tackles evil in his quest to win Princess Jasmine's heart, with the help of a magic lamp.

The musical features catchy tunes, as well as dazzling costumes and lavish sets to transport you to a whole new world. Whether you're a diehard Disney fan or just looking for a memorable night out, purchasing Aladdin musical tickets is a must.

You will find below all you need to know about Aladdin, one of the best options for musical shows in New York City.

What is the Aladdin musical about?

The story follows the tale of a young peasant boy — Aladdin — who was orphaned as a youngster and now lives life as an outcast of society. With no money to his name, Aladdin is down on his luck and spends his days stealing, and cheating to make ends meet. The residents of Agrabah — the fictional Arabian town Aladdin lives in — label him and his companions as common street rats.

Meanwhile, in the opulent palace nearby, Princess Jasmine is chided by her father for turning several suitors away. He warns the princess that she must marry by her upcoming birthday, just 3 days away.

Unbeknownst to the sultan, his assistant Jafar is plotting to take the throne for himself and travels to the "Cave of Wonders" in search of great power. It is revealed to him that only Aladdin can enter the mysterious cave and extract the treasures it holds.

After escaping from the palace, Jasmine bumps into Aladdin who is immediately charmed by the princess, despite not knowing her identity. When she is discovered, Aladdin is sentenced to death. However, he is saved by Jafar, who uses the boy to withdraw the magic lamp from within the cave.

Aladdin keeps the lamp for himself and uses it to gain three wishes. During this time, he befriends the genie who is imprisoned in the lamp and seeks to win the princess's heart.

However, he must prove himself to be a worthy suitor and avoid the wrath of the powerful Jafar in order to marry his dream girl.

How much do Aladdin musical tickets in New York City cost?

The Aladdin musical ticket price varies from US$70 to US$190 per person, depending on where you choose to sit.

Generally, the cheapest seats are at the back of the balcony. You'll pay roughly US$70 per ticket to sit here, but you will be relatively far from the action. If you wish to gain a clearer view, sit at the front of the balcony for around US$80 per person.

You'll pay between US$90 and US$100 for seats on the far sides of the mezzanine or orchestra. Moving further in, you can choose to sit in the center of the mezzanine for around US$110 per person.

You'll have an excellent view from the center of the orchestra and the front of the mezzanine. For these tickets, you'll pay between US$110 and US$120 per person.

Premium tickets guarantee the best seats in the house for around US$190 per person.

When is the best time to see the Aladdin musical?

The best time to purchase Aladdin musical tickets depends on who you're traveling with. Those who are accompanying young children to the show may choose a weekend matinée performance.

Alternatively, if you want an unforgettable experience in the city, choose a nighttime showing to see New York City at its most vibrant.

The subway operates 24 hours a day, so you'll be able to find your way back to your accommodation easily. If you'd rather take a taxi, you can hail one from outside the theater.

How is the seating map for the Aladdin musical in New York City composed?

The Aladdin musical seating chart is split into three main sections — the orchestra, the mezzanine and the balcony. There are over 1,700 seats inside the New Amsterdam Theatre, and the majority of them have a great view of the stage.

The orchestra is where the best seats lie. You'll have a fantastic view of the performance and feel absorbed by the musical because of your close proximity.

Moving further back, you'll find the mezzanine seats, which are more affordable than those in the orchestra. To gain a great view of the stage, opt to sit in the center, as far forward as possible.

Balcony seats are the most budget-friendly of all Aladdin musical tickets. However, depending on where you sit, you may have an obstructed view of the stage. Again, you should sit in the front row of the section, in order to have a clear view of the musical.

There are also 12 boxes in the theater, each of which seat two guests.

What theater in New York City is the Aladdin musical playing at and how do I get there?

The Aladdin musical is performed at the New Amsterdam Theatre on West 42nd Street, situated on Broadway.

In order to reach the theater, you can catch any of the bus Lines M7, M20 or M104, all of which stop close by.

It's easy to reach the New Amsterdam Theatre by train. You can catch a subway to Times Square - 42nd Street, and make the final 200-meter journey on foot.

If you plan to drive to the theater, you should consider parking on West 39th Street.

What are the Aladdin performance schedules in New York City?

The Aladdin musical operates Tuesday to Sunday, with additional matinée performances on the weekend.

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 7 PM
  • Wednesday: 7 PM
  • Thursday: 7 PM
  • Friday: 8 PM
  • Saturday: 2 PM/ 8 PM
  • Sunday: 1 PM/ 6:30 PM

How long is Aladdin?

The Aladdin musical runs for 2.5 hours, with a 15-minute intermission in the middle.

In what language is Aladdin performed?

The Aladdin musical performance takes place in English. This makes it fun and easy to understand for all the family, including young children.

The New Amsterdam Theatre prohibits young children and infants under 2 from watching the show. However, it is advisable to only purchase Aladdin musical tickets for children aged 6 and up.

What is the dress code to see Aladdin in New York City?

There is no dress code to see the Aladdin musical at the New Amsterdam Theatre. Many people fit the show into a day of sightseeing in New York and wear jeans, and sneakers. However, others prefer to dress up in formal attire and treat the performance as a special occasion.

What is the cancelation policy for Aladdin?

Once you have purchased Aladdin musical tickets, you cannot change or cancel your booking without being charged the full rate.

What other musicals are playing in New York City?

Travel tips

  • Take your passport or another form of photo ID with you to the theater as you'll be required to show it to enter.
  • Bringing food and drink into the theater with you is prohibited. However, there are several concessions on site serving refreshments.
  • If you are taking your children to see the Aladdin musical, consider purchasing them Disney attire before your trip, to save money at the theater.