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Philadelphia: Day Trips and Tours from New York City

Are you in the Big Apple and looking to get away from the city to discover other intriguing and captivating sights? If so, book a day trip to Philadelphia from New York. You'll encounter natural wonders, tour enthralling museums, see iconic monuments and glimpse the Amish way of life.

To help you decide which tour to take, we've compiled this helpful guide.

What will you see during your day trip to Philadelphia from New York?

Here are some of the key sights you may come across when you embark on a day trip to Philadelphia from New York:

Philadelphia Historic District

The country's founding fathers Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson used to walk the streets of this historic district, which served as the nation's first capital, up until 1800. Arguably the most historic place in America, it boasts a wealth of iconic attractions such as the Liberty Bell that originally called the Pennsylvania Assembly to meetings. This iconic symbol of American independence is located in a glass chamber outside the Liberty Bell Centre. Inside the building is a treasure trove of exhibits about the famous cracked bell and its importance.

Independence Hall

In this UNESCO World Heritage site in the Philadelphia Historic District, the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, in 1776 and created the U.S. Constitution eleven years later. George Washington's "rising sun" chair in the Assembly Room is among the principal sights within the building. This chamber is arranged as it was during the Constitutional Convention.

The Rocky Steps

During your time in Philadelphia, follow in the footsteps of a cinematic legend by running up the so-called Rocky Steps. These are the stone steps before the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art that Sylvester Stallone ran up at the end of a montage of shots of his character's training regime in the 1976 film Rocky.

What other places can be visited on tour to Philadelphia from New York?

Excursions to Philly can also include trips to Capitol Hill and the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C., the nation's capital, and Amish County, the oldest Amish settlement in the United States. There are also jaunts to the Niagara Falls and Luray Caverns, a vast cave system beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

How much does a day trip to Philadelphia from New York cost?

There is an excellent choice of affordable and enjoyable excursions to Philadelphia from New York that are kind to the wallet or purse. The average cost of a full-day tour is approximately US$150 per person, but you can also find cheaper ones too. For example, prices start at just US$130 for a day tour that includes visits to Philadelphia and Amish Country. The most expensive day trips are private ones where you and your small group will have a driver/guide all to yourself.

How to get to Philadelphia from New York?

There is a variety of transport options available, and yours will depend on the type of journey to Philadelphia from New York that you are going on. Typically, you'll be taken to your chosen destinations by a clean, comfortable, and air-conditioned coach, van, or full-sized bus. Some of the vehicles have Wi-Fi, so you will easily be able to keep in touch with friends and family via social media post updates and pictures during your journey. Another option is a roundtrip rail journey from New York to Philadelphia, 16-hour or 18-hour excursions that depart from New York Penn Station.

How long are the excursions to Philadelphia from New York?

There are day trips to Philadelphia from New York of various durations. For example, some excursions last approximately three to four hours to those that take one, two, three, or four days. Whichever tour length you choose, you will experience fascinating and memorable sights.

When is the best time to visit Philadelphia?

The best time for a day trip to Philadelphia from New York is between April and June; the weather is warm but not too hot, and the crowds of tourists aren't so large. Another good time to visit to avoid having to dodge lots of people is from September to early November. The weather at this time of year is also pleasant.

Travel Tips

Here are some essential travel tips to help you have a great day trip to Philadelphia from New York:

  • During the summer months, stay protected by applying sunscreen and wearing a hat and sunglasses.
  • You will most likely be doing a lot of walking during some of the tours, so make sure you have comfortable walking shoes. If you're on a combo tour that includes a boat trip to see the Niagara Falls, wear slip-resistant shoes such as those with rubber soles.
  • Food and drink are not included with some of the tours, so it's a good idea to bring refreshments with you or make sure you have enough money to buy some.
  • Don't forget your camera to snap the unforgettable sights.