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Dune Buggy Tours in Las Vegas

Positioned in the middle of Nevada's deserts, Las Vegas offers ideal conditions for a buggy experience a few miles from the city. Leave the casinos of Las Vegas behind and go on an extreme adventure. Choose to drive your buggy over the dunes of Las Vegas, visit the Valley of Fire or hike the trails of Hidden Valley. Read all the information and compare all the offers to choose the ideal buggy tour for you!

What are the best buggy tours in Las Vegas?

Buggy Tour (RZR) to Hidden Valley and Primm Valley from Las Vegas

Go explore Hidden Valley and Primm Vally aboard a Polaris RZR buggy. You will ride off-road trails in the middle of the desert, between mountains, plains, valleys and Joshua trees.

The tour begins with hotel pickup and transport to Jean, located in the middle of the desert. You will receive safety information and safety equipment (helmet, gloves and goggles for dust). Then you will start with the buggy tour along the dirt roads of the desert.

The itinerary is very long and winds along paths in the desert, over the mountains and valleys. You have the option to drive the Polaris RZR buggy yourself or sit next to an experienced driver. Please note: there are buggies for one or two people. The price per person is lower if you book a buggy for 2 people: one will be the driver and one will be the passenger.

Buggy Tour to Nellis Dunes in Las Vegas

Drive your off-road buggy along the Nevada desert trails. This experience takes you to Nellis Dunes, outside the urban perimeter of Las Vegas. Nellis Dunes is a 15,000-acre area of desert terrain filled with dunes and set up for adrenaline-pumping activities such as buggy or ATV tours.

The tour begins with transportation from your hotel in Nellis Dunes, where there is a preparation for the buggy ride. You will be provided with safety devices (helmet, gloves and goggles) and you will be explained how to use the vehicle. Buggies are golf cart-type vehicles that have been adapted for the desert: they have a low and stable trim, four-wheel drive, no glass and a welded steel cage frame that acts as protection. The four-point seat belt ensures that passengers do not jump out of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

The Nevada desert tour will then begin, covering 10 to 15 miles of dirt track (16 to 26 kilometers).

Please note that prices vary according to the number of people for each buggy. The lowest price is for 4 people on the same buggy. Please note that you will not be able to change drivers along the way. Therefore, if every participant wants to drive, he will have to book a buggy for himself.

Buggy or 4x4 ATV adventure in the Valley of Fire

Drive a buggy or ATV along the desert trails of the Valley of Fire on this full-day tour from Las Vegas. The Valley of Fire is a place that deserves to be visited and there is no better way to do it than by buggy. Star Trek lovers will notice a very familiar landscape.

The tour includes transportation from your Las Vegas hotel to the Valley of Fire, where the buggy tour will begin. Before starting, your guide explains all the safety rules to be respected and provides you with protective equipment (helmet, goggles and gloves). You can choose to ride an ATV or a buggy, but two people are required for the buggy, or pay for two if you are alone.

The route along the Valley of Fire is quite long and takes about 3 hours. Your guide stops at several points of interest along the way to provide you with a historical-geographical introduction to what you will see.

Extreme Night Buggy Tour from Las Vegas

This tour is unique because it takes place at night. It is rarely possible to drive a buggy on the dunes and in the desert at night. The activity is carried out with a small group of a maximum of 7 people.

You'll be dropped off from your hotel in Las Vegas Dunes Recreation Lands, a 15,000-acre desert area north of Las Vegas. Here you will be prepared for the activity with safety explanations and safety devices.

The drive takes 50 minutes along a route of more than 20 miles (32 kilometers) in the rugged terrain of the Nevada desert. You will pass between dunes, ancient river beds, valleys and mountains.

Combo Tour with Dune Buggy and ATV Tour from Las Vegas

This experience includes an ATV trip to the Valley of Fire and a 60-minute buggy itinerary over the Nevada desert's dunes.

The excursion lasts a full day and starts in the morning with transport to the Valley of Fire and the ATV tour. The itinerary in the Valley of Fire lasts several hours and includes several photo stops where the guide will provide details on the places visited.

The second activity takes place on the dunes of Las Vegas, a vast desert area used for the conduct of buggies and ATVs. You will have fun along a Las Vegas Dunes itinerary, where you can enjoy driving a buggy over the sand dunes of Las Vegas along a 35-mile route.

What are the best places to take a buggy tour in Las Vegas?

Hidden Valley and Primm Valley

Hidden Valley and Primm Valley are parts of a large desert area south of Las Vegas, between the towns of Jean and Primm. This area is excellent for off-road vehicles such as buggies and ATVs. It is possible to travel tens of miles in the middle of the desert. Many itineraries stop at the Seven Magic Mountains, a very famous art installation in the middle of the desert.

Las Vegas dunes

The Las Vegas Sand Dunes are a large desert sand area northeast of Las Vegas. They are also called Nellis Dunes or Las Vegas Dunes Recreational Area. This whole area is used for buggy or ATV rides. There are many paths over the dunes and other rocky areas that last for several miles. Here it is also possible to drive a buggy at night.

Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is located in the northeast of Las Vegas and is famous for the fiery red color of its rocks. The Valley of Fire is a national park that can be visited by hiking, horseback riding, buggy or ATV tours. You will see rocky mountains with a smooth surface and deep red colors.

How much do buggy tours cost in Las Vegas?

The price of buggy tours in Las Vegas varies according to the destination, the duration and above all, the number of people transported by each buggy.

  • Las Vegas dune buggy tours can cost as little as $ 125 per person for a 4 person buggy to $ 280 for a single-seat buggy.
  • Buggy tours to the Hidden Valley cost around $ 160 per person for buggies with 2 people or around $ 310 for a self-guided buggy.
  • Valley of Fire buggy tours cost approximately $ 450 per person.

Is it dangerous to drive a buggy in Las Vegas?

No, it is generally safe to drive a buggy in the deserts around Las Vegas. The vehicles are designed to provide maximum safety to passengers. Each vehicle has a cab with a welded steel frame and no glass. Passengers are equipped with full-face helmets, goggles, gloves and are obliged to wear the 4-point safety belt (the one used for rallies). Also, an expert guide will accompany you throughout the journey.

Do you need a license to drive a buggy in Las Vegas?

No, you don't need to have a license to drive buggies in Las Vegas. You will only drive off-road. Minimum age is required for drivers.

What is the minimum age to drive a buggy in Las Vegas?

The minimum age to drive a buggy in Las Vegas is 16. Age must be proven with a valid identity document. Drivers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent (or guardian) to sign the disclaimer.

Is it easy to drive a buggy in Las Vegas?

Yes, it is relatively easy to drive a buggy in "quiet" conditions. Buggies only have two pedals, gas and brake. They have automatic transmission (without gears).

Is it possible to take children on a buggy to Las Vegas?

Yes, children between the ages of 12 and 16 can be carried as passengers. A parent must be present to accompany the minor.

Where do buggy tours in Las Vegas leave from?

All Las Vegas buggy tours offer hotel pickup. You will only have to agree with the tour operator about the meeting time and the hotel address.

How long do Las Vegas buggy tours last?

The duration of the buggy tours in Las Vegas varies according to the location where they take place. Las Vegas dune buggy tours take 3 to 4 hours in total. The actual duration of conduction ranges from 30 to 60 minutes.

Buggy tours to Hidden Valley or Valley of Fire last from 5 to 8 hours. In these cases, the lead time ranges from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

What is the best time to take a Las Vegas buggy tour?

Buggy tours are conducted in desert areas outside Las Vegas. Temperatures are relatively high all year round, and therefore it is possible to take a buggy tour in all seasons. During the winter, temperatures can be a bit low in the early morning, so it's best to dress appropriately.

How should I dress on a Las Vegas buggy tour?

Closed shoes must be worn (sandals or flip flops are prohibited). Otherwise, you can dress however you want, but try to wear clothes that can get dirty. A lot of dust can be created when buggies go by.

What other outdoor activities can you do in Las Vegas?

You can do a lot of outdoor and sports activities in Las Vegas. Here are the most popular:

  • Helicopter tours. See the Strip illuminated by night lights on a helicopter tour or travel to the Grand Canyon to see it from the skies. Sunset helicopter tours are particularly impressive.
  • ATV tours. If you are an off-road driving lover, try an ATV tour to explore Eldorado Canyon or the Mojave Desert.
  • Hot air balloon rides. If you want to see the desert landscape around Las Vegas from the skies, a hot air balloon ride is a great opportunity.
  • Kayaking in the Black Canyon. Try an eco-friendly kayak tour to explore the emerald caves in Black Canyon.
  • Rafting. The Colorado River is known worldwide for its rapids - your visit to Las Vegas is a great chance to try white water rafting.
  • Horseback riding. You can explore the trails of the Far West with a peaceful horseback ride at sunset.
  • Driving sports cars. Make your way to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to experience driving exotic high-speed cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.

Travel tips

Read our travel tips to make the most of your Las Vegas buggy tour.

  • Compare offers online to find the one at the best price.
  • If you are bringing children with you, please check all information regarding the minimum age in the tour description.
  • Book as early as possible. Buggy tours are in high demand in Las Vegas and only a few operators offer them.