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Horseback Riding Tours in Las Vegas

Leave the chaotic Las Vegas behind and explore the Wild West on horseback. You'll get sweeping views of the deserts outside Las Vegas and get an authentic cowboy experience in the boundless lands of the West. Watch the sunset over the desert, enjoy tasty western-style barbecues and gaze at the starry sky over a campfire.

What are the best horseback riding tours in Las Vegas?

Morning horseback ride with breakfast

Head to the Wild West for a leisurely morning horse ride. This experience is ideal for exploring the Far West's wilds along the trails that ran through outlaws and bandits in the 1800s.

Your tour begins with hotel pickup in Las Vegas early in the morning and transport to the horse ranch. Here you can admire the mountainous desert landscape and watch the wranglers prepare the horses for the route.

You will see some wildlife such as Rocky Mountain sheep (bighorn sheep), roadrunners or wild hares during the horseback ride.

Upon returning from the horseback ride, enjoy a delicious Western-style breakfast of bacon, pancakes, sausage, eggs, toast, hash browns, and coffee.

Horseback Riding in the Wild West at Sunset with Barbecue

This horseback riding tour is complementary to the one outlined above. Instead of doing the ride in the morning, this tour starts in the afternoon with a chance to watch the sunset during the ride.

The tour includes transportation from Las Vegas to the horse ranch. After saddling the horses, you will set off along the wild trails of the Far West. You will feel like in the past: these lands were controlled by Indians and cowboys. On the horseback ride, look around for wildlife. The sunset will create a suggestive atmosphere for the whole route.

Upon returning to the ranch, join the group around the fire to enjoy a fantastic game barbecue. Various roast meats, skewers, grilled chicken, potatoes and an American apple pie will be served.

Horseback ride to Red Rock Canyon at sunset with barbecue

If you plan to visit the Red Rock Canyon from Las Vegas, choosing a horseback ride is certainly a great idea.

Enjoy a ride along the trails of Red Rock Canyon, admiring the view during the sunset. The horseback riding tour starts about 2 hours before sunset and the times vary according to the year. The horseback ride lasts 90 minutes and you will be able to enjoy all the colors of the red sunset sky.

After the horseback ride, there will be time for a real Western-style barbeque. You will sit around the fire and cook Marshmallows while grilled meats are served. The menu includes a 16 ounce (400 gr.) steak, grilled salmon, grilled chicken, beans, potatoes, corn and drinks.

Grand Canyon Western Ranch experience with a helicopter tour and optional horseback ride

Choose this tour to combine a visit to the Grand Canyon with a horseback ride and the Far West's lands.

Your tour begins with transportation from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon Western Ranch, where you can choose to visit just the Grand Canyon by helicopter or even go horseback riding. The helicopter tour flies over the western section of the Grand Canyon and lasts 20 minutes. After returning to the ranch, there will be time to enjoy a Western-style barbeque, listening to local stories about Native Americans.

Then it will be time for horseback riding along the paths of the cowboys and Indians, for those who have chosen the upgrade.

Grand Canyon Day Trip with Horseback Riding from Las Vegas

Go explore the Wild West on a horseback riding tour. This experience will take you to discover the area near the Grand Canyon.

It is important to know that you will only reach the Grand Canyon by purchasing the option that includes the helicopter tour. Without a helicopter, you'll stay in areas near the Grand Canyon to ride the trails near the Grand Canyon Western Ranch.

During the horseback ride, you might see wildlife such as buffaloes and enjoy the views of the wilds of the West.

What are the best places to go for a horse ride from Las Vegas?

Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert is a large desert area located outside of Las Vegas. There are many Joshua Trees plants in the desert. Different parts of the Mojave Desert are explored via quad bike tours, buggy tours, or horseback riding.

Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon is a mountainous desert area located 15 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The area is famous for its red rock formations. Red Rock Canyon is an excellent place for hiking, climbing or horseback riding.

Grand Canyon West

The Grand Canyon is arguably the most famous park in the United States. The Colorado River has carved over 3,000 feet deep, and the views from the rim of the Grand Canyon are unique. You can visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in different ways. Choose a horseback ride to experience a different experience from the usual bus tours. Even the helicopter tours deserve to be tried.

How much do horseback riding tours cost in Las Vegas?

Horseback riding in the desert can seem relatively expensive. However, all horseback riding tours include round-trip transportation from Las Vegas and a lunch or dinner.

  • The cheapest horseback rides cost between $ 120 and $ 160. Horseback riding tours at sunset are more expensive than in the morning.
  • Horseback riding tours at Red Rock Canyon cost around $ 175.
  • Grand Canyon horseback riding tours cost $ 250 without the helicopter tour or $ 480 with a Grand Canyon helicopter flight.

Is it dangerous to go horseback riding in Las Vegas?

No, horseback riding is quite simple and even beginners can participate in the activity. Horses are used to being mounted and are therefore very quiet. The guide will also assign the horses based on the experience of the participants. All participants can request a protective helmet to be used during the horse ride.

The activity is prohibited for pregnant women and is not recommended for people with heart problems or back pain.

What is the minimum age to ride a horse?

The minimum age for horseback riding is between 6 and 9 years. It depends on the tour and the tour operator. Check all the details on the specific tour description. Children aged 12 or younger must use a helmet.

Where do horseback riding tours leave from?

All horseback riding tours include hotel pickup in Las Vegas. You won't have to worry about transportation from your hotel to the ranch where the horseback ride will begin.

How long do horseback riding in Las Vegas take?

Horseback riding tours in Las Vegas take approximately 5 - 6 hours. Tours include transportation from downtown Las Vegas, plus time to prepare the horses and enjoy a meal upon returning from the walk. Therefore, the actual riding time on the trails is less: it is usually around 90 minutes.

What is the best time to take a horseback ride from Las Vegas?

Horseback riding takes place in the desert areas around Las Vegas. The weather is generally sunny, with hot, dry summers and mild winters, but with significant temperature excursions between day and night. You will be able to enjoy horseback riding all year round, but in winter, it can get slightly cold.

The best times of the day for a horse ride are certainly sunset and sunrise. The sunset is awe-inspiring and is the best choice.

What other outdoor activities can you do in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is well known for its casinos and nightlife, but it offers an incredible amount of outdoor and sports activities to try.

Travel tips

Here are a few simple tips to make the most of your horseback ride in Las Vegas.

  • Don't forget your camera - you'll see fantastic views.
  • If it's not summer, bring warm clothes. When the sun goes down, it gets cold quickly.
  • If the day is sunny, bring sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  • In the booking details, you can provide details about what foods you would like to eat or about special diets.
  • Wear closed shoes and avoid sandals or flip flops.