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Duomo's Dome in Florence

Brunelleschi’s Dome — otherwise known as Duomo’s Dome — is the most astounding and recognizable sight in Florence. The history behind this phenomenal monument is unknown to many but worth diving into with Duomo's Dome tickets.

While climbing the dome requires some dedication, those who make the effort will be rewarded with a unique bird's-eye view of the city.

Whether you're a lover of Renaissance art, or want to capture a remarkable photo of Florence from above, you'll love climbing the cathedral's dome.

You will find below everything you need to know about Duomo's Dome, one of most breathtaking attractions in Florence.

How much do Duomo's Dome tickets cost?

You cannot purchase tickets to Duomo’s Dome as a single attraction. Instead, you can buy a combination pass which covers the entry fee to Duomo’s Dome and allows you to access several other monuments in the city.

Brunelleschi Pass

The Brunelleschi pass grants you access to Duomo's Dome, as well as the Baptistery of San Giovanni, Giotto’s Bell Tower, the museum and Santa Reparata church.

  • Adults: €30
  • Children (aged 7-14): €12
  • Children under 7: Free

The Brunelleschi Pass is valid for three calendar days from the date of purchase.

What are the best Duomo's Dome tours?

Duomo's Dome skip-the-line tour

This skip-the-line tour allows you to avoid the long queues that often gather at the entrance to Duomo. You'll learn about the history of the cathedral and the architect behind its impressive dome.

The climb to the top of the dome can be taxing, but you'll be awed by the fresco that adorns the ceiling along the way. The reward for climbing the extensive staircase is the view that greets you at the top, which stretches across Florence and over the hills of Tuscany.

Duomo and Brunelleschi's Dome climb small-group tour

This small-group Duomo’s Dome guided tour has a maximum of 12 participants, which allows for a more personal and less crowded experience.

On top of a detailed explanation of the Duomo and a self-guided climb up its dome, you'll also travel to other surrounding landmarks. These include Giotto's Bell Tower and the Baptistery of San Giovanni.

Are there any combined tickets or tours including Duomo's Dome and other attractions?

By purchasing combination Duomo's Dome tickets, you'll save money on your vacation in Florence. You'll also save time as these passes enable you to see several sites within a few short hours.

●    Florence Duomo and Baptistery of San Giovanni tour with Dome climb: Explore two of Florence's most important landmarks, which are steeped in history, before embracing the challenging, yet rewarding, climb up Brunelleschi's Dome.

●    Academia, Brunelleschi's Dome and cathedral tour: See Michelangelo's David in its rightful place, learn about the powerful Medici family and see the city from above in this combination tour.

Should you book Duomo's Dome tickets in advance?

You must reserve a time slot to climb the dome. Although you can do this in person, it is easier and less time-consuming to purchase your Duomo's Dome tickets online. That way, you can select your preferred time and date and avoid traveling to the site unnecessarily.

What will you see inside the Duomo's dome?

Duomo's Dome was built in 1418 by Filippo Brunelleschi after winning a competition to design the iconic structure that would sit atop the city's cathedral. With no formal training and a background as a goldsmith, Brunelleschi wasn't a popular choice of architect, and his design caused a stir among the residents of Florence.

There were exacting specifications for the dome, which made the construction tricky. Nevertheless, despite the difficulty of the proposal, Brunelleschi managed to design the dome to be the biggest in the world, without using any internal centering support.

Erecting the dome over a 16-year period, Brunelleschi constructed a "dome within a dome," enabling the monument to support itself without needing wooden support. To date, it is still the largest brick dome on earth.

The climb to the top of Duomo's Dome isn't for the faint-hearted, with 463 steps in total. The staircase is tight, but this pokey nook gives way to a striking viewing platform just over halfway up. From the ledge, you'll be able to see the fresco of "The Last Judgment" in close proximity.

Giorgio Vasari completed the intricate painting over a course of seven years, and at 3,600 square meters, the fresco is unbeaten in size.

Brunelleschi never got to see the completed landmark as the fresco was commissioned over a century after his death. The view from the top of the dome is outstanding and provides visitors with panoramic views over Florence.

How to get to Duomo's Dome?

Duomo's Dome is located in the center of Florence and is easily accessible on foot.

There are also several buses that travel past the Duomo, including Lines C1 and C2, which stop within view of the dome.

There is a dedicated tram stop specifically for the Duomo, which enables passengers to depart right next to the piazza. You can catch the tram lines M1 or M3 from other main locations in the city.

When is the best time to visit Duomo's Dome?

Head to the dome in the early evening to catch an incredible sunset overlooking the city. There are a limited amount of Duomo's Dome tickets available per time slot. This means that you can climb the dome at any time of day without masses of tourists crowding you.

Which other attractions can be visited in Florence?

Travel tips

  • It’s recommended to purchase your Duomo's Dome tickets several days in advance during the height of summer, if possible.
  • The climb to the top of the dome totals over 400 steps. Ensure you're wearing comfortable shoes and take a bottle of water with you.
  • It is compulsory to wear modest clothing at all Catholic sites in Florence. Ensure you have your knees and shoulders covered, wear closed-toed shoes, and remove your hat before entering.