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Cheese Tastings in Florence

Italy is known for many delicacies around the world like wine, pasta, pizza and olive oil. At the top of that list sits cheese!

The country boasts the most vast variety of cheeses in the world with about 2,500 traditional types. They are the third-largest producer in the EU after France and Germany.

That said, you can’t go to Italy without doing a cheese tastings! These tours help you learn about the history of Italian cheese while simultaneously enjoying delectable samples. What could be better?

What are the best cheese tastings in Florence?

Florence cheese and wine tastings

These tours provide a cost-effective option and are perfect for those short on time. The Florence cheese and wine tastings typically last a few hours and include one cheese and wine tasting. These tours introduce you to the basics of Italian wine and cheese.

Montepulciano and Pienza cheese and wine tastings

If you want a more immersive experience, consider booking a Montepulciano and Pienza cheese and wine tour. These tours last all day and take you to nearby towns. You can immerse yourself in Italian culture through multiple cheese and wine tastings.

The tours include a tour guide to provide historical information, transportation expenses and free time to explore the cities. Some of the tours may even stop at Val d’Orcia, a nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Private cheese and wine tastings

Private cheese and wine tastings help you experience all that Tuscany has to offer in a more intimate setting. Seats are limited in private tours, and you usually pay based on the size of the group.

Private tours vary slightly based on the tour operator, but most of them make stops in Montepulciano and Pienza. Spend the day traveling through the Italian countryside with a private guide and driver. You truly can sit back and relax along the way!

Cheesemaking class

If tasting Italian cheese is not enough, you can take a cheesemaking class! You will learn Tuscan cheese-making techniques and how to make jam in this half-day course. In the end, you can take home a recipe book to make your own cheese.

The best part? You get to sample a variety of cheeses and wines throughout the class!

How much do cheese tastings in Florence cost?

Cheese tastings in Florence vary in price depending on how long the tour lasts and what it includes. The tours typically cost anywhere from €34 to €490.

You can book a cheese tastings for as little as €34 to €40. These tours typically last one to two hours and come with a tour guide. Most of these tours do not include transportation to or from the tasting location, so plan accordingly.

If you want a longer experience, consider booking a full-day tour! They include multiple stops in neighboring towns, numerous wine and cheese tastings and round-trip transportation. These tours are more expensive because they include more activities and tastings. You can expect to pay €70 to €490.

You can also book a private cheese tastings in Florence if you want a more intimate experience. Private tours cost approximately €440, but the price can change based on the size of the group.

What is included in a cheese tastings in Florence?

All of the cheese tastings in Florence cover the cost of food and beverages used in the tastings. You will have to pay for your items if you choose to order anything not included in the tasting.

Tours that only last a few hours include one tasting at a local enoteca (wine bar). These do not include transportation to or from the enoteca.

Full-day tours stop in two to four neighboring towns and include multiple cheese and wine tastings. These tours include transportation to and from Florence, and some of them may pick you up directly from your accommodation.

Where do cheese tastings in Florence start?

The starting point for cheese tastings varies from tour to tour. The shorter tours typically require you to meet directly at the enoteca and do not provide transportation.

Some of the full-day tours pick you up from a specified meeting location in Florence. Others get you straight from your accommodation.

How long do cheese tastings in Florence last?

The duration of cheese tastings depends on what the tour includes. Some of the basic, cheaper tours only last for one or two hours. These tours meet at an enoteca in Florence itself, so they do not require extra time for transportation.

Other tour operators offer cheese tastings that last for seven to twelve hours. These tours typically take you to a handful of nearby cities to experience multiple cheese tastings.

When is the best time for a cheese tastings in Florence?

Whether you go in the morning or evening, you can’t go wrong with a cheese tastings in Florence! The one to two-hour tours happen throughout the day, so you can pick the time that works best for your schedule.

The full-day tours typically depart in the morning and return to Florence in the evening. When scheduling your tour, keep in mind that most cheese tastings include wine tastings as well.

Are there any combo available with cheese tastings in Florence?

Cheese and wine tastings

Almost all of the cheese tastings in Florence also include a wine tasting. The two pair perfectly together and provide you with a two-for-one experience. Italy is known for both its cheese and its wine, so eat and drink your way through some of these delicacies on the cheese and wine tastings!

Are children allowed on a cheese tastings in Florence?

Some of the tours allow children to participate in the cheese tastings, but others do not. Many tour operators offer combined wine and cheese tastings, so you must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Travel tips

  • Contact your tour operator ahead of time to see if they can accommodate any dietary restrictions.
  • Confirm if your tour includes transportation to and from the tour.
  • Children under 18 years of age are not allowed on the combination cheese and wine tastings.