Things to do in Rhodes

The Mediterranean island of Rhodes is one of the finest in the Aegean Sea. Famed for its ancient ruins, world-class beach resorts, and adventurous activities, this is the land of crusading knights and Greek gods.

Take a scenic journey through history as you explore the hidden corners of this idyllic island, where charming hillside villages vie for attention alongside tranquil coves and hilltop monasteries.

There are some incredible things to do in Rhodes – which will you choose?

1 – Visit the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights

Standing imperiously in the heart of the Old Town, this 14th-century palace is a must-see when you explore the capital. Built by the Knights of St. John, the palace was a Medieval residence for island governors and a holiday home for Mussolini.

Walk in the footsteps of the Grand Masters as you explore their private quarters, and dance around the ballroom imagining life in the time of knights.

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2 – Take a day trip to Lindos


Discover the realm of ancient Greeks on a trip to the sprawling hillside town of Lindos in eastern Rhodes. Sail down the stunning coastline by boat, making stops to swim in emerald bays along the way.

Venture down labyrinthine streets lined with charming whitewashed houses, and stride through the ancient acropolis for unsurpassed sea views. The beaches at Lindos are famed for their golden sand, so make sure you pack a towel.

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3 – Set sail on an all-inclusive day cruise

boat tour Rhodes

See the best of Rhodes and her outlying islands from the deck of a boat as you cruise around the spectacular coastline. Spend a fun day in the sun relaxing on deserted beaches and enjoying water activities.

Head out to picturesque Symi, a tiny jewel in the Dodecanese crown with show-stopping beaches and colorful villages. Want to venture a little further? Take a trip to Marmaris and tick Turkey off your list.

4 – Unwind on charming Symi Island

Symi Island Visiting the tiny island of Symi is like stepping into a painting. The village architecture is a rainbow of pastel hues, and the vibe is one of sultry summers and lazy afternoons on the beach. Not to mention the water, which comes in an incredible range of blues and greens dancing in the sunlight.

Admire the imposing seafront mansions, take a dip in the warm ocean, and enjoy romantic lunches at cute coastal cafes.

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5 – Walk in ancient footsteps at the Rhodes Acropolis

Rhodes Acropolis

Once a bustling arena of temples, public buildings, and even a stadium, the Acropolis today stands as a proud testament to ancient Greek civilizations. Sitting on a hillside overlooking Rhodes Town, the eye-catching ruins of this historic settlement are a fascinating window into past grandeur.

Take iconic photos of the oversize columns at the Temple of Athena, and wonder at the unusual subterranean caves that were used for worship.

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6 – Paddle to secret beaches on a kayaking adventure

Rhodes kayaking

Looking for fun things to do in Rhodes? Then take to the water by kayak and paddle along the coast in search of adventure. Drift into secluded bays to explore hidden caves and unusual rock formations, and enjoy homemade beach picnics for lunch.

Snorkel in the emerald waters that wash against the rocky shore, and realize that Rhodes is just as stunning under the ocean as it is above it.

7 – Meander through the Valley of Butterflies

Valley of Butterflies

Surround yourself with thousands of dancing butterflies in this lush natural reserve in western Rhodes. Come between Spring and Fall to witness dazzling clouds of color performing astonishing aerial acrobatics right before your eyes.

Traverse the gentle Pekelanos River using wooden bridges, and take photos of all the beautiful little waterfalls that cascade into this peaceful valley. Before leaving, head uphill to the tiny Monastery of Panagia Kalopetra and soak up the views.

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8 – Explore Rhodes Old Town

Rhodes Old Town

Take a walking tour or ride around on scooters to get a feel for the historic heart of Rhodes Old Town. Uncover medieval treasures and venture down secret pathways as you explore this ancient realm.

Take in the lighthouse and harbor walls, before swinging by windmills, towers, and even a moat. Delve into the past in the Jewish Quarter and walk down the famous Street of the Knights that leads to the Grand Master’s Palace.

9 – Drive hidden trails on a jeep tour

jeep tour Rhodes

Take to the back roads by jeep and discover parts of the island that few visitors ever get to see. Zoom along dirt tracks and secret trails to dramatic viewpoints over the island, and trundle through sleepy villages where time seems to have stood still.

Tuck into traditional tavern lunches and visit tranquil mountaintop monasteries, all the while surrounded by stunning mountain vistas and idyllic rural landscapes. Remember to pack the camera.

10 – Take a sunset dinner cruise

sunset dinner cruise Rhodes

One of the most romantic things to do in Rhodes is to watch the sun dipping into the ocean on an evening dinner cruise. Relax on deck with a glass of wine as a musician sets the scene with a tuneful serenade.

As day merges into night, indulge in a sumptuous buffet dinner and watch as oranges and reds flood across the gently rippling Aegean Sea. Some cruises drop anchor for a swim too.

11 – Visit the Acropolis of Lindos

Acropolis of Lindos

Want to see some really impressive ruins? Then head to Lindos and stroll around the best archaeological site in Rhodes. The natural setting overlooking the sea from a precarious cliffside position just makes it even more dramatic.

As you wander around the site, keep an eye out for temples, cemeteries, and the Byzantine chapel of St. John. See if you can spot where the theater once stood and admire massive columns that remain standing.

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12 – Climb up to the Castle of Monolithos

Castle of Monolithos Rhodes

Perched on top of a 236-meter rocky outcrop above the small village of Monolithos, this 15th-century Venetian Castle once protected the settlement from pirate raids. Today only the ruins remain, but the sweeping views alone are worth the steep hike. Can you spot the mountain of Akramytis?

At the top, seek out the traditional white chapel and the old cisterns to get an idea of what life was like during medieval times.

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13 – Beat the heat at Faliraki WaterPark

Faliraki WaterPark

Scream in delight as you zoom down giant water slides and surf the waves at this family-friendly park. Take on the Black Hole and ride the Twister if you dare, before racing head-first down flumes with your companions.

Enjoy a breather floating along the lazy river and treat the little ones to some fun water games in the shallower pools. Refuel at the food outlets to keep your energy levels topped up.

14 – Swim in Anthony Quinn Bay

Anthony Quinn Bay

Glide through the emerald waters of Anthony Quinn Bay and spend a leisurely day relaxing at the beach. This is the best place to go snorkeling in Rhodes, so strap on your gear and dive below the surface to discover a marine world filled with mystery and majesty.

Watch schools of fish darting between the rocky crevices and keep your eyes peeled for an octopus hiding in the shadows.

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15 – Snorkel in secluded coves

Snorkeling Rhodes

There are so many superb snorkeling spots in Rhodes that it can be hard choosing between them. So, take a boat trip and visit all the best sites in one day. Sail into tranquil bays and splash around in the crystal-clear waters, bobbing on the surface or diving to the seabed as you please.

As well as inquisitive marine creatures there are sea caves, mind-boggling rocky formations, and even a pirate haunt to discover.

16 – Cool down at Seven Springs

Seven Springs Rhodes

Amble through the tranquil oasis of Seven Springs, where cooling waterfalls and a small lake will have you feeling relaxed in no time. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean greenery, this is a magical place to explore, especially during the heat of the day.

Venture through a long dark tunnel to reach the lake or take the hiking trail if you prefer to keep your feet dry. Go for a refreshing swim to cool off.

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17 – Relax at the ancient Kallithea Springs

Kallithea Springs

Marvel at the majestic Moorish buildings of Kallithea Springs as you wander around this famous complex. The therapeutic healing properties of the water here once attracted patients from far and wide, and today you too can tap into the tranquillity of this restored spa.

Admire intricate stone mosaics, ancient staircases, and marble fountains, then stroll around the tropical gardens or take a refreshing dip in the sea down at the cove.

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18 – Go scuba diving

scuba diving Rhodes

Plunging into the ocean and discovering the mesmerizing marine kingdom beneath the waves is one of the best things to do in Rhodes for thrill-seekers. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, there are scuba diving trips suitable for all experience levels.

Swim past dramatic sea walls and mysterious caves, or explore the rocky reef which is home to a dazzling array of colorful fish. The water is warm too – always a bonus.

19 – Visit the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Release your inner Indiana Jones and go exploring in this fascinating archaeological museum. Housed in a medieval building inside the Palace of the Grand Master, this is one of the top places to visit in Rhodes Old Town.

Discover finds from local excavations and nearby islands, and let tombs, figurines, and vases transport you back into the distant past. Keep an eye out for the funerary slabs of knights and rich Hellenistic mosaics.

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20 – Meet the inhabitants of Rhodes Aquarium

Rhodes Aquarium

Get up close to the marine inhabitants of the eastern Mediterranean on a fun family day out. Located in the basement of the Hydrobiological Station, Rhodes Aquarium makes visitors feel like they are walking underwater.

Wander through rocky cave tunnels, coming face to face with minuscule crustaceans and sea monsters of the deep. Watch as sea flowers unfurl before your eyes and laugh as octopuses dart in and out of the natural reef.

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21 – Take a boat trip to Chalki Island

Chalki Island

Also known as “Halki Island”, Chalki is an authentic Greek gem with a rugged wild interior and charming coastal villages to explore. Stroll around the captivating harbor and relax in the little cafes and tavernas that line the shore.

Want some beach time? Then you are in luck – there are plenty of secluded stretches of sand to choose from on this untouched island, with unbelievably blue sea to swim in.

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22 – Try paddleboarding

paddleboarding Rhodes

Float past dramatic sea cliffs and discover hidden coves on a relaxing SUP tour in Rhodes. One of the joys of paddleboarding is being able to access secret spots along the coast where few other visitors get to go.

Feeling hot? Then just jump off your board for swimming, snorkeling, or even cliff jumping for those brave enough. Paddling is really easy to pick up, and you will have a blast learning the ropes.

23 – Walk the streets of ancient Kamiros

Ancient Kamiros Rhodes

Kamiros was an ancient agricultural settlement in north-west Rhodes, famed for its production of olive oil, figs, and wine. One of three powerful Doric cities on the island, Kamiros was eventually abandoned as its residents moved to live in Rhodes Town.

Head up to the acropolis to see where the very first temple to Athena once stood, and enjoy the glimmering sea views as you walk around this excavated hilltop site.

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24 – Make friends at the Farma of Rhodes | Petting Zoo

Farma of Rhodes

Get hands-on at the Farma of Rhodes, where a menagerie of unusual inhabitants is waiting to greet you. Have a go at feeding the ostriches and kangaroos or try taking a selfie with a llama. Fancy hanging out with the camels? You can do that too.

This is one of the best things to do in Rhodes for families. Just watch out for the pesky lemurs – they are crazy.

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25 –  Harness the wind at Prassonissi Beach

Prassonissi Beach Rhodes

Watch your sail unfurl and brace yourself for an adrenaline-filled ride over the waves as you master a kitesurfing session at Prassonissi Beach. The waters of these twin coves are warm and the north winds are strong, making ideal conditions for fun-fuelled sports.

Windsurfing is popular here too, with classes for first-timers and experts alike. Onlookers can enjoy a swim in the clear water and climb the hill for stunning views.

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26 – Enjoy a sailing trip

sailing trip Rhodes

One of the most thrilling ways to discover Rhodes is on a sailing trip. Relax on deck as your skipper expertly maneuvers the boat into all the best spots, from sweeping bays to secret sea caves.

Cut through the blue ocean and voyage to outlying islands like Symi or even across to the Turkish Riviera. Soak up the sun, splash about with a snorkel, or explore white-washed villages that cling to lush green hillsides.

27 – Explore Filerimos Monastery

Filerimos Monastery

Of all the historical sites in Rhodes, this is one of the most unusual. Standing proud on a wide plateau above Ialyssos town, the 15th-century Filerimos Monastery was designed in a Gothic style. It is quite unlike other buildings on the island.

Once you have explored this charming stone haven, wander through the avenue of cypress trees and pink bougainvillea to the cloisters. Then take a stroll uphill for fabulous views out over the turquoise Aegean.

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28 – Spot peacocks in Rodini Park

Rodini Park Rhodes

Walk in the footsteps of Romans in one of the first landscaped parks in the world. Follow well-marked trails along a babbling natural stream, and see if you can spy the resident peacocks as they strut through the trees.

Make sure you visit the tomb of the Ptolemies – an ancient funerary monument carved into a huge rock. Take a picnic and make the most of the cooling shade during the heat of the afternoon.

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29 – Discover the best beaches in Rhodes

Tsambika Beach Rhodes

Rhodes is famous for its idyllic beaches, so how do you choose which to visit? For something a bit different, head to the gorgeous Tsambika Beach and soar over the romantic Grecian coastline on a parasailing flight.

Windsurfers should head to the dreamy double beach at Prasonisi, while those wanting to escape the crowds love swimming in the clear waters of Traganou. Finally, for sugar-soft sand, Pefkos is the place to be.

30 – Reach for the stars at the Astronomy Café

Astronomy Cafe

One of the more unusual things to do in Rhodes is to visit the Astronomy Café in Faliraki, which comes with a celestial-themed garden and its own observatory. After your cup of coffee and tasty sandwich, explore the grounds to discover a solar clock and mysterious astronomical artefacts.

Peer through the observatory telescope and spot planets, moons, and far away galaxies. Curious amateurs can learn how a sundial works too.

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31 – Visit the Aquarium of Faliraki (AquaWorld)

Aquarium of Faliraki (AquaWorld)

Find out what lives under the sea all around Greece at AquaWorld in Faliraki. Perfect for younger explorers, this small aquarium is home to hundreds of unique fish from around the island shores.

Enjoy encounters with moray eels and sea urchins, and watch mesmerizing displays of vibrant fish performing their best moves in giant tanks. You will all be experts on Mediterranean species by the time you leave.

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32 – Hike up to Kritinia Castle

Kritinia Castle

Pretend to be knights of the realm as you stride around the ruins of Kritinia Castle in western Rhodes. Strategically positioned on a hill overlooking the Aegean, the castle enjoys some of the best views on the island.

Knights used this stronghold to ward off attacks by pirates and Ottoman Turks, and the site has seen many bloody battles through the years. As you wander through the ruins, admire the incredible 16th-century wall paintings.

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33 – Become a super sleuth at Enigma Escape Games

Enigma Escape Games

If you were trapped inside a room with only your wits to help you escape, would you succeed? Solve complex riddles, search for hidden objects, and figure out mysterious clues as you battle to unlock the door.

Themed rooms feature everything from Harry Potter to cemeteries. The clock is ticking so work with your companions to triumph against the game and win your liberty. Have you got what it takes?

34 – Sightsee on a hop-on hop-off bus tour

Rhodes hop-on hop-off bus tour

Explore the ancient capital at your own pace on a fun hop-on hop-off bus tour. If you want to keep your day flexible, this is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Rhodes. Uncover 2,000 years of history as you soak up views from the top deck.

Stop at Elli Beach and the Aquarium, or head to the Palace of the Grand Master to photograph the medieval architecture. Remember to include the Acropolis too.

Whether you want to snorkel in secluded lagoons, walk in the footsteps of ancient knights, or head into the wilderness on a jeep tour, Rhodes has something for everyone. To get your vacation off to a sizzling start, make sure you check tours & activities available in Rhodes.