Things to do in Mykonos

With its charming white houses and hidden sandy bays, Mykonos is one of the dreamiest island destinations in Europe and one of the best Greek islands to visit right now. The vibrant nightlife and high-end restaurants blend effortlessly with hillside chapels and ancient castles, offering something for everyone.

With 300 days of sun throughout the year, and temperatures averaging between 56 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit, there practically is no “bad season” to visit Mykonos!

As you’ll see, Mykonos is not only one of the best party islands, but it’s also perfect for the traveler seeking tranquility. Fancy a wine tasting minus the loud music? The island has some incredible vineyards to check out. Looking for a bit of history? Visit some of the sleepy villages on the island, offering an encounter with historic monasteries and Byzantine relics.

For such a small island there are a lot of activities on offer, which means choosing an itinerary can be tricky. To help you decide, we have put together this handy list of all the top things to do in Mykonos. So, go fill your boots!

1 – Wander through iconic streets in Mykonos Old Town

Mykonos Old Town

Sign up to a Mykonos Old Town walking tour and immerse yourself in a land of cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. Known locally as Chora, the historic settlement is a favorite with photographers and dreamers alike.

This traditional Cycladic village invites you to explore its secret alleyways, laid-back cafes, and quaint chapels. Swing by the famous windmills for jaw-dropping views over the charming capital.

Get ready to get your shopping on when you stroll through Matogianni Street, where you’ll find shops selling a variety of clothing and accessories, from name brands to local boutique shops.

2 – Take a boat trip to Delos island

Delos island

Sail into the heart of the Cyclades on a boat tour to Delos and discover 3000 years of history. This spiritual island has seen centuries of sacred conquest and settlement, and today is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece.

When you book a tour to Delos, tours may also stop in a few bonus areas such as Rhenia Island, with lunch included, as well as skip-the-line tickets into the ruins and archaeological sites.

Take a guided tour and visit the museum to admire ancient mosaics and sculptures. Finish your trip by snorkeling in a hidden bay.

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3 – Photograph the famous Mykonos windmills

Mykonos windmills

Standing like sentinels watching over Mykonos Old Town, these gleaming white windmills are beloved island icons. Once used for agricultural purposes, nowadays the conical mills are a symbolic nod to the past – a couple have been turned into museums.

Explore the restored 16th-century Bonis Mill and learn about traditional flour production. The views over Little Venice are magical too, so keep your camera handy.

If you plan to visit the Bonis Mill, be aware that the mill opens up everyday to visitors only during the summer months – July – September from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

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4 – Go scuba diving off Lia Beach

Scuba diving Mykonos

One of the most fun things to do in Mykonos is a scuba diving tour off the beautiful Lia Beach. This peaceful sandy bay on the south-eastern shore of the island is the perfect place for beginners to dip their toes in the water.

Adventure into new territories and learn essential scuba diving skills while enjoying thrilling marine encounters, and explore the mysterious underwater world beneath the alluring blue ocean. Scuba diving tours include diving with a licensed instructor, equipment, and even a camera to take your pictures underwater.

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5 – Soak up the sun on Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach Mykonos

Hailed as the most famous stretch of sand in Mykonos, Paradise Beach truly lives up to its name. Grab a sunbed and order cocktails from the beach bar, and settle in for a day of sun, sea, and sandcastles.

Feeling energetic? Then jump on a jet ski or sail around the lagoon. As the sun sets, dance on the sand, swaying along to sultry nightclub vibes.

Be sure to learn more about the history, geology, and other local gems in Mykonos straight from a local on a walking tour.

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6 – Stroll through Little Venice

Little Venice Mykonos

Meandering through the artistic neighborhoods of Little Venice is one of the most romantic things to do in Mykonos. Traditional white houses with colorful wooden balconies line the intersect between land and sea, while trendy bars offer local tipples to quench your thirst.

Browse the boutique galleries and drink in the old-world charm. Then, after a seafood supper overlooking the ocean, watch the sun sink languidly below the horizon.

A quick pro tip: If you want to catch the world-famous sunset from Mykonos Windmills but it’s overly crowded, plan your dinner at one of the many restaurants facing the ocean in Little Venice around sunset hour for the most spectacular dinner and show.

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7 – Explore vineyards on a wine tour

wine tour Mykonos

Did you know that Mykonos is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world? All the more reason to spend a few hours visiting the best vineyards on a Mykonos wine tour.

Taste distinctive vintages at farmhouses and wineries across the island, and discover what makes these Greek grapes so powerful. Dig into local snacks or even a traditional meal alongside your wine for a delightfully indulgent experience.

Pair your wine tour experience with the perfect cheese tasting, trying the creamy and delicious cheeses of Mykonos, especially the local Kopanisti, a slightly spicy cheese.

8 – Visit Rhenia Island on a boat tour

Rhenia Island boat tour

Sitting pretty in the sparking Aegean, this UNESCO World Heritage Site makes a fun day trip from Mykonos. It can easily be combined with a visit to Delos island too.

Walk in the footsteps of warriors as you discover ancient temples, burial grounds, and sandy beaches. Rhenia boat tours usually include swimming and snorkeling in secret coves, so remember to pack your water gear.

Make it a full-day experience of island hopping with tickets as low as $96 USD, which includes lunch, the boat ride, guide, and entrance fee.

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9 – Try delicious local food

local food Mykonos

Greece is famed for its culinary scene, and nowhere more so than Mykonos.

For a relaxing and friendly ambience, head to Yialo-Yialo Restaurant. Enjoy the view of the sea and casual meals.

To catch the iconic sunset with your dinner and open-air views of the Mykonos Windmills, check out Mykonos Nice n Easy, serving up incredibly delicious, healthy, and beautiful dishes, inspired by the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, hidden in the backstreets of Mykonos Old Town, M-Eating Restaurant serves up regional dishes with a twist amid a laid-back ambiance.

You should also try Local Mykono, where you can find a variety of barbeque and taste the traditional Greek “souvlaki”.

10 – Visit the Church of Panagia Paraportiani

Church of Panagia Paraportiani

Dating back to the 1400s, Panagia Paraportiani is one of the most photographed churches in all of Greece, thanks to its whitewashed walls and domed roof. The church is made up of five separate chapels, which accounts for its unusual eye-catching structure.

Overlooking the sea at the entrance to Chora, the church will be sure to feature in your favorite vacation snaps so remember to bring your camera.

Situated in the heart of Old Town Mykonos, only steps away from the Old Port, the Panagia Paraportiani church is very accessible on foot while you’re exploring the rest of Mykonos.

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11 – Relax in style at the best clubs

SantAnna Beach Club

Rejuvenate both body and soul at SantAnna – a classy beach club in one of the hottest postcodes on Mykonos. Bag a beachside cabana and spend the day floating in pools or enjoying indulgent treatments in the world-class spa.

The atmosphere is laid-back and lively, with international DJs playing chilled-out tracks for a mellow vibe. High-end restaurants and sophisticated bars keep you fed and watered.

Check out the bohemian Alemagou on Ftelia Beach, situated on a beautiful stretch of golden sand, and welcoming everyone from families to young travelers. Cultivating a space of zen and fun simultaneously, you can rest assured you’ll find the best of both worlds at Alemagou.

Treat yourself to a moment of luxury, as you sit to dine and wine at Beefbar on the Coast, watching the boats and yachts roll in. Enjoy an extensive menu featuring their specialty – seafood, as well as a few light snacks.

12 – Enjoy exhilarating water sports at Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Beach

Cruise along the southern coast on a boat tour to Super Paradise Beach. Chill out on deck, feast on barbecue lunches, or jump overboard for sublime snorkeling.

The final destination is Super Paradise Beach, where soft golden sand glints in the sun and azure waters lap gently against the shore. Grab a towel and snooze on a lounger, or frolic in the bay with your friends.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the island as you soar through the air on a parasailing excursion, and encounter parrotfish while snorkeling in picturesque bays.

Harness your inner superhero for a spot of flyboarding and feel the rush of adrenaline as you bounce through the waves by jet ski. For something more serene, stand-up paddling boarding is a great way to explore hidden coastal nooks and crannies.

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13 – Sail to Tinos Island

Tinos Island

One of the most unforgettable things to do in Mykonos is to take a boat tour to Tinos Island. This picture-postcard gem is just 45 minutes away by ferry, and is an important religious site for Orthodox Christians.

Visit the most important church in Greece – the Evangellistria – and learn about its famous icon. Then head into the mountains to a monastery before puzzling over unusual Venetian pigeon houses down in the valley.

Choose between a day tour to Tinos Island, capturing the sparkle of the ocean and historic architecture of the island, or an afternoon tour, where the boat ride back home is as amazing as the island itself.

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14 – Unearth history at Mykonos Archaeological Museum

Mykonos Archaeological Museum

Up for a spot of time travel? Then you will love checking out the displays at the Mykonos Archaeological Museum. Exhibits range from priceless grave statues dating back to the 1st century B.C. to prehistoric pottery and even opulent jewelry.

See if you can spot the ancient storage jar depicting scenes from the capture of Troy with the infamous wooden horse.

Entry tickets are usually 4 euros for adults, but if you’re visiting during free admission days, usually during national holidays and the last weekend of September, you can get in for free! Just keep in mind the opening days, as they change based on season.

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15 – Visit the Monastery Of Panagia Tourliani

Monastery Of Panagia Tourliani

Love a good bell tower? Then head to Ano Mera village just 8 kilometers from Mykonos Old Town, and explore the magnificent 14th-century Monastery of Panagia Tourliani. Photographing this iconic white building with its colorful dome is one of the most popular things to do in Mykonos.

Check out the marble fountain in the courtyard, and admire the intricately carved wooden altar inside the church.

Make sure to plan accordingly, as the entry admission is 1 euro for adults, and the monastery is open from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

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16 – Unwind on Agrari Beach

Agrari Beach

Flanked by gently rolling hills with white cubic houses dotted about the slopes, Agrari is one of the most beautiful beaches on Mykonos. The sand is quiet and the water is calm – perfect for a peaceful day relaxing and swimming.

Arrive in style on a sailing cruise or take a taxi from Mykonos Old Town. Want to explore further? Then scramble over the rocks to Elia beach just around the corner.

Climb aboard a boat tour, to get a unique view of the beaches and picturesque homes and hotels from the water, with lunch provided.

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17 – Explore Ano Mera village

Ano Mera village

This tranquil village is one of the oldest on Mykonos, where locals go about their daily lives as they have done for centuries. Stroll along cobbled streets and relax at outdoor cafes, absorbing the charm of Ano Mera.

The highlight is the monastery, which is home to an astonishing collection of Byzantine artifacts. Keep an eye out for the bell tower and marble fountain as you explore.

Located only 15 minutes away from Little Venice, the best ways to get to Ano Mera Village is to take the bus from two bus stations in Mykonos – Fabrika and Old Port, which run frequently throughout the day.

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18 – Explore the island interior

Mykonos island interior

Head inland to explore the interior of Mykonos where undulating hills and picturesque valleys are punctuated with rural farms and tiny chapels. Get back to nature on a guided hiking tour and reward your efforts with views of the surrounding islands.

Alternatively, venture out on two wheels, pedaling along easy trails through idyllic landscapes on a bike tour. Wine tasting and picnic lunches are the icing on the cake.

Looking for something romantic to do with your partner? Check out a romantic bike tour, where you and your partner will be guided through the most scenic routes of Mykonos, to then arrive at your pre-arranged romantic dinner just in time for golden hour, just the two of you.

19 – Enjoy a sea kayaking adventure

sea kayaking Mykonos

Get a new perspective of Mykonos on a kayak tour around some of the most beautiful parts of the coast. Paddle into enchanting bays for snorkeling or picnics, discovering long sandy beaches and dramatic rock formations along the way.

Sea kayaking is your passport to adventure, and a chance to reconnect with nature during a blissful day out on the sparkling blue ocean.

With tours as low as 50 euros, you can choose between complete packages that include other activities, private and bespoke kayak adventures, or a classic kayak tour.

20 – Admire art at the Dio Horia Gallery

Dio Horia Gallery

For something a bit more modern, head to the Dio Horia Art Gallery for contemporary exhibitions by international artists. Admire the creativity behind these vibrant pieces and enjoy themed events for both art aficionados and amateur enthusiasts.

Housed in a traditional white dwelling with contrasting blue woodwork, the building is perhaps the star of the show. Pop up to the rooftop bar for panoramic island views.

Located only an 11-minute walk from the Old Port, in the quaint white washed streets of Old Town, the museum is open everyday except for Sundays, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.

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21 – Take a Greek food cooking class

Greek food cooking class Mykonos

The best way to get to know a culture is through its food. So, book a Greek cooking class and learn how to rustle up moussakas like the pros.

Choose ingredients from the organic gardens before heading to the kitchen for a masterclass from the resident chef. Have a go at making tzatziki, beef with orzo, or other island specialties, and take the recipes away so you can recreate them at home.

And choose between cooking in a professional kitchen with a chef teaching you the cutting edge cooking skills, or cook alongside a local in their kitchen, to then share your meal with the entire family.

22 – Try windsurfing at Ftelia beach

Ftelia beach

This north-facing beach has wild appeal, with rocky outcrops and fine yellow sand skirting the deep blue water. The Cycladic winds make this a popular spot with windsurfers, who love riding the waves across the wide bay.

Ftelia Beach is surprisingly quiet and far less crowded than the southern beaches, so to blow the cobwebs away in a tranquil setting, this is the place to come.

Approximately 7 kilometers north of Mykonos, the best way to get to Ftelia Beach is either driving, whether it’s a taxi or renting a car, or it’s biking or renting a scooter.

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23 – Taste the local beer

brewery tour Mykonos

One of the top things to do in Mykonos for foodies is to sample the local island brew on a specially curated beer-tasting excursion. Take a guided cellar tour and discover how natural ingredients are expertly transformed into the amber nectar beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Sip small-batch beer and see if you can identify the unique flavors – remember your favorites so you can purchase some souvenirs for later.

Be sure to book a beer tour at Mykonos Brewing Company, offering a 45-minute tour through the facilities, learning about the people behind the brand, and sipping on some brews, available in different languages.

24 – Go treasure hunting at the Folklore Museum

Folklore Museum Mykonos
Credit to Greeka

Delve into a treasure trove of antiques and heirlooms at the delightfully quaint Folklore Museum in Mykonos. Marvel at vintage musical instruments, hand-crafted furniture, and rare textiles as you wander through the lovingly curated rooms.

Keep your eyes peeled for the canons used in the 1821 Greek War of Independence, and find out what island life was like back in the 19th-century.

Situated only a 1-minute walk from the Church of Paraportiani, entry to the museum is free. The museum is open everyday except for Sundays.

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25 – Sunbathe on tranquil Kapari Beach

Kapari Beach
Creator: Starcevic | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you fancy spending the day at a quiet beach far from the crowds, then come to Kapari. There are no sun loungers or organized facilities, which is precisely the appeal of this secluded stretch of sand.

The clear waters are idyllic for swimming, and you can walk up to the pretty Agios Ioannis chapel for camera-worthy views. Pack a picnic and settle in for some serious chill time.

The best way to get to Kapari Beach is via bus from Mykonos Old Town, towards Agios Ioannis, and walk a bit towards Kapari Beach. Another way to get there is by booking a taxi, or renting a scooter.

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26 – Venture inland on a jeep safari

Jeep tour in Mykonos

Explore the hidden corners of Mykonos on an adventurous off-road jeep safari. Journey along coastal roads and bounce around on remote tracks as you discover rural villages and dazzling beaches.

Feeling brave? Then take the wheel of your 4×4 and see where the wind takes you. Whether you end up visiting Venetian castle ruins or swimming in tranquil lagoons, the day is yours to savor.

Be sure to pack your bathing suit, as some tours will include trekking through the beach and taking a dip in the picturesque beaches of Mykonos.

27 – Chill out in an infinity pool

infinity pool Mykonos

Soak up the views from the comfort of an infinity pool, with a glass of local wine in your hand. For breath-taking pool panoramas just steps from your bed, spend a few nights at Bill & Coo Suites, the Vencia Boutique Hotel, or the luxury Santa Marina resort.

Fancy something a bit different? Then check into Cavo Tagoo which features cave pools as well as perfectly positioned hot tubs surrounded by whitewashed walls.

Round out your night catching the sunset from the giant infinity pools at ANAX Resorts, and see the little dots of blue lights in the pool light up as the day turns to night.

28 – Go on a snorkeling sea safari

snorkeling Mykonos

Glide serenely through the deep blue Aegean on a snorkeling tour – undoubtedly one of the most thrilling things to do in Mykonos. Float lazily in tranquil lagoons and discover an enchanting marine world waiting to welcome you beneath the waves.

See if you can spot a seahorse bobbing along in the gentle currents, and watch as cheeky parrotfish dart playfully around the reefs.

Dive below the surface, exploring all there is to see on a fun snorkeling sea safari with an experienced professional, and all the equipment you’ll need.

29 – Visit Santorini by helicopter

Santorini by helicopter

Make your vacation soar to new heights with a private helicopter tour to Santorini. Take to the skies in your very own chopper, and enjoy stunning aerial views over the Aegean Sea and Cyclades Islands.

This 40-minute flight will undoubtedly be the highlight of your trip, so make sure you keep your camera handy for the ride.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, or you’re treating yourself, book a helicopter tour to experience a wide vantage point of the Cycladic Islands, marine life, and utter beauty.

30 – Picnic in peace on Fokos and Mersini Beaches

Fokos Beach

Fokos Beach is one of the least-visited bays in the north of the island, and is the perfect place to escape the bustle. It is so remote that you will need a car or taxi to get there.

Take a picnic and spend the day strolling the pristine sand, and taking a dip in the warm waters. Head over to the neighboring Mersini beach for even more seclusion.

A bonus tip: if you feel like hiking a bit ar Mersini Beach, you can trek up the rugged seaside cliffs just make sure to bring some adequate footwear.

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31 – Discover the Aegean Maritime Museum

Aegean Maritime Museum
Credit to Greeka

Learn about the fascinating nautical history of Mykonos at the impressive Aegean Maritime Museum in Chora. Admire models of Minoan ships as well as ancient maps and navigational tools, then listen to terrifying tales of shipwrecks and sailors lost at sea.

The building is captivating too, with its traditional 19th-century design boasting plenty of whitewashed walls and ornate doorways. Remember to pack your camera.

Only a few steps away from the Dio Horia Gallery and perfect as a rainy day activity in Mykonos, entry into the museum is 4 euros for adults.

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32 – Enjoy a boat tour to other amazing beaches

Boat tour Mykonos

Embrace life on the ocean wave with a relaxing boat tour to the best beaches of Mykonos. Keep an eye out for secret sea caves and hidden coves as you cruise along the coast.

Your captain will stop at the best bays where you can swim in the crystal-clear waters. Back on deck tuck into Greek specialties as the sea laps gently against the side of the yacht.

Starting with Ornos Beach, with boats and yachts frequently making stops for its resort-like amenities, calm waters, and overall welcoming vibe.

Take a seat in the shade at Agio Stefanos Beach, a beautiful site for people watching, as well as catching a stunning sunset.

Looking for the typical Mykonos party beach? Paraga Beach is the beach to go to! Check out the beach clubs and bars, as the DJ puts on the best beats.

If you’re traveling with children, Kalafatis Beach is a no-brainer to bring the family, where everyone can enjoy both water and sand activities, with a quieter ambiance.

Platys Gialos is the ideal beach for those who want to relax by the beach in a quiet ambiance or dip their toes in the calm waters. Bring a book or a snack and you’re set!

33 – Enjoy fine dining with a view

dining with a view, Hippofish restaurant, Mykonos
Credit to Hippie Fish

Celebrate the scenery and cuisine of Mykonos with evenings out at the island’s most exquisite restaurants. Hippie Fish is a refined choice, where dramatic sea views accompany inventive sushi dishes and a chic ambience. Meanwhile, at Karavaki, creative twists on traditional recipes blend perfectly with lofty coastal panoramas.

Over in Little Venice, the traditional street setting of Kastro’s is superb for sunset cocktails and hearty moussaka dishes.

For a rustic and delicious dinner, check out Rizes Folklore Farmstead Mykonos, that revitalizes the culinary roots of the island. Offering dishes with seasonal ingredients like homemade pies, meat dishes, and fresh salads, while enjoying views of the countryside.

34 – Sail into the sunset on a cruise

sunset sailing cruise mykonos

Set sail across the sparkling blue Aegean, breathing in the fresh sea air and admiring the dramatic craggy coastline on a Mykonos sunset cruise. Jump into the warm ocean waters for a refreshing swim and snorkeling sessions in peaceful coves.

Then relax on deck with your favorite cocktail and a tasty Greek picnic as you watch the sun fall slowly into the ocean.

If you plan on booking a sunset cruise, make sure to be aware that cruises are available only between April-October.

35 – See the sunset from Armenistis Lighthouse

Armenistis Lighthouse, Mykonos

Combine maritime history with some of the best views on the island at Armenistis Lighthouse. Built in 1891, this iconic octagonal beacon holds a strategic position in north-west Mykonos and is still functioning today.

The views get even better as day turns to dusk, so head up with your camera to capture one of the best sunsets you will ever see.

Due to it’s remote location, the best ways to get to the lighthouse is through a private transfer, a taxi, or taking a guided tour.

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36 – Watch outdoor movies at Cine Manto

Cine Manto Mykonos

Looking for something different to do? Then treat yourself to dinner and a movie beneath the twinkling night sky at Cine Manto. Embrace the lingering heat of a summer evening as you sit back and relax in the garden of this unique open-air cinema.

Take in a Hollywood blockbuster or an iconic classic, then enjoy traditional dishes at the restaurant for a memorable end to the day.

To ensure your meal and movie, make sure to book your table ahead of time on their website, and select whether you’re looking for dinner and movie, or even lunch and a movie.

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37 – Party the night away

Party Mykonos

Shake your hips to thumping tunes at the best clubs in Mykonos. Get the party started at Tropicana, or rub shoulders with VIPs at the Paradise Beach Club and boogie on the sand into the small hours.

For out-of-this-world full moon parties with dramatic sea views and added fireworks, opt for the legendary Cavo Paradiso Club. Meanwhile, at Super Paradise, the eclectic vibe makes for memorable nights beside the sea.

Housing 3 floors of dancing, each with it’s own aesthetic and purpose, VOID Mykonos is the newest nightclub to hit the nightlife scene. Enjoy the futuristic ambiance and an array of beats from techno, to incredible remixes by the resident DJ.

How to get to Mykonos?

There are two main ways to get to Mykonos to consider. If you have time to spare, book a ferry, which commonly leaves from Athens, or fly directly into Mykonos International Airport.

You can choose between taking a bus from the airport to Mykonos Old Town, a taxi, or an airport transfer. An airport transfer guarantees that someone will pick you up ahead of time and drop you off at your hotel’s door.

Where to stay in Mykonos?

Lefteris is a wonderful hotel that offers some of the highly coveted views of the white-washed houses, and sea right from your window. Enjoy the airy, white interiors of your room, as well as being only steps away from the Old Port, to make it just in time for a spectacular sunset.

Start your days off strong with the fresh breakfast served every day to guests at Paolas Town Boutique Hotel, and end your evenings swimming in the outdoor pool with incredible views of the hotel’s garden, the island, and the sea. The hotel is only a few feet away from Mykonos Town, where the main action takes place.

Stay in the center of it all at Villa Francesca, as you rest your head every night in a beautiful hotel room decorated in blues and whites, offering views of the picture-perfect island alleyways, with countless restaurants only a few feet away.

Where to go next?

Visit the capital of Greece – Athens, overflowing visitors with a mix of historic and modern, and tons of things to do from walking through the busy and beautiful Monastiraki Square to getting a taste of Greek food on a food tour.

Bathe in the crystal blue waters of the kilometers-long beaches of the Cycladic Islands, which include Mykonos, as well as Paros and Naxos. Known for its gorgeous beaches, hidden coves, and relaxed living.

For calm beach vibes and Medieval architecture, visit the Dodecanese Islands, which are made up of Kos and Rhodes islands.

The Ionian Island, which is made popular by Corfu, is a beautiful island that offers a mix of Venetian and French influence, amongst the overall dreamy island atmosphere. Lounge at Porto Timoni Beach, and forget all your stresses away.

For adventure travels mixed with historic landmarks, you must check out Crete, the southernmost Greek island.

Final thoughts

Showcasing some of the world’s best sunsets from the captivating Mykonos Windmills, strolling through the charming Little Venice, and pressing the play button on some fun Jeep Safari adventures through the rugged side of the island, you can start to see why Mykonos caters to more than one type of travel style.

We hope that you enjoyed our top picks for the fun things to do in Mykonos.

Happy travels!

Heather is a freelance travel copywriter and blogger based in the beautiful English Lake District. She has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years, having enjoyed roles in marketing, sales, content and even as a tour rep abroad. Her writing has appeared in several international publications, and she has partnered with tour operators and hospitality providers across the world to promote their services. Heather can often be found on safari in Kenya, haggling in the Moroccan souks or living the high life in Scottish castles. Back at home, she spends her time camping in the Cumbrian fells and playing the double bass.