things to do in Paros

For those seeking that perfect balance of tradition and tourism on a Greek island escape, Paros is an ideal choice.

The pristine turquoise waters of its beaches and sheltered bays offer endless opportunities for swimming and sunbathing. You’ll also find dramatic landscapes to explore at the lunar-esque Kolymbithres Beach and the nature reserve of Paros Park.

If you like action and adventure, kitesurfing at Pounda Beach, scuba diving the island’s shallow shipwrecks and snorkeling are some of the best things to do in Paros.

Its central location in the Aegean Sea means it is only a short hop from the bustling islands of Mykonos and Santorini as well as more under-the-radar destinations such as Amorgos and Koufonisia.

Visitors will find a great blend of family-friendly beaches and resorts as well as lively beach bars and a fantastic nightlife — making it suitable for all tastes.

With an abundance of traditional villages such as the beautiful Lefkes and Marpissa, as well as the bustling towns of Parikia and Naoussa, Paros offers the best of both worlds.

Here are just some of the island’s highlights.

1 – Go swim at Kolymbithres beach

Kolymbithres Beach, Paros

The island of Paros’ most famous beach, Kolymbithres is famous for its unique moon-like rock formations. The name “Kolymbithres” means pools and describes the way the beach is broken up into smaller swimming areas by the protruding rocks.

The unusual granite formations have been eroded by the wind and sea over the centuries to create smooth and otherworldly shapes that are a must-see on a visit to Paros.

The beach is one of the most popular on the island and is roughly divided into two smaller beaches, each with bars and hirable loungers. There are also more secluded coves to explore should you get there early enough to beat the crowds.

The sheltered location of the beach means that the sea is very calm and perfect for families with younger children as well as those looking for serene waters in which to take a dip.

The beach is just a short hop from the popular resort of Naoussa and is a great place to try out any number of water activities including kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling.

2 – Sail around the island on a boat tour

boat tours in Paros, Greece

Paros occupies a privileged location in the center of the Aegean Sea and has many enchanting island destinations to explore nearby. It is the perfect place for those who love to sail and indulge in stunning scenic boat tours.

It is part of the island group known as the Cyclades which includes over 200 islands both inhabited and uninhabited and all with their own unique characters.

From Paros, visitors can explore the popular resorts of Mykonos and Santorini to experience the finer things in life and the historic ruins of Delos all on the same day.

Take a laidback cruise to Milos to swim in its crystal clear waters and enjoy a traditional lunch on board a yacht.

Venture out onto the calm seas to the nearby Koufonisia to experience the tranquil island lifestyle and explore its traditional villages and picture-perfect coves and beaches.

Whether you seek action and adventure or a relaxing foray, there is a boat tour here to suit your tastes.

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3 – Stroll through the popular Lefkes Village

Lefkes Village, Paros

The former capital of Paros, Lefkes is one of the most attractive and popular villages to visit on the island.

Situated atop a lush green hill with commanding views across the sea to the nearby island of Naxos, Lefkes is the place to go for a slice of traditional island life.

Stroll the winding streets between the whitewashed buildings and grab a drink in the shade at one of the many cafes and tavernas.

Explore the ornate Agia Triada church which looms impressively over the village and check out the village’s museums dedicated to its folk art and traditional trades and crafts.

Hikers and lovers of the great outdoors can follow the Byzantine Road from Louki’s Cafe in the village all the way down to Molos Beach. This 1,000-year-old road is lined with marble slabs and is one of the island’s oldest known routes. It offers a fabulous route through the valleys and ravines and is mostly a gentle downhill walk.

4 – Travel back in time at Paros Archaeological Museum

Paros Archaeological Museum

As with many of the Greek islands, Paros is incredibly rich in historical sights and locations. It is home to many ancient artifacts collected on Paros and the neighboring island of Antiparos, many of which can be viewed in the Archeological Museum in Parikia.

Most of the exhibits are over 2,000-years-old dating from the neolithic and early-Christian periods and include many statues and figurines, mosaics and amphorae.

Some of the museum’s highlights include a well-preserved statue of the mythological Gorgon, a large statue of Artemis and the Nike of Paros. The museum is not very large and can be explored in around an hour. The entry fee is minimal.

Take the time to discover some of the ancient legends and stories of the island and its most historic locations. For those interested in Classical European history the Paros Archeological Museum should not be missed.

5 – Marvel at Church of the Virgin Mary Ekatontapyliani

Church of the Virgin Mary Ekatontapyliani, Paros

There has been a church on this site near the port of Parikia for over 1,500 years.

The current church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani has elements that date back to its founding in the 4th century as well as architectural additions made throughout the centuries. It is one of the best-preserved orthodox churches in the country and a national landmark.

There are some intriguing legends that surround the history of this important Greek church.

The name of the church is somewhat mysterious and means “church of 100 doors” — though legend has it that only 99 of the doors are visible. The church is said to have been built by Saint Constantine in honor of a promise made by his mother, Saint Helene, while she was sheltered on the island from a storm.

The church has been extended many times and is now a complex of rooms with no less than six chapels as well as a baptistery and historic monastery cells. Be sure to check out this unique architectural and cultural gem during your time on Paros.

6 – Sunbathe at the dreamy Monastiri beach

Monastiri beach, Paros

The popular Monastiri Beach is located just a few kilometers from the rock formations of Kolymbithres Beach.

It gains its name from the Monastery of St. John’s of Deti which sits on a rocky hill to the south of the beach and is well known for its crystal clear waters and luxurious sandy beach.

The bay is sheltered and forms a protected lagoon with turquoise waters that remain shallow for a very long way out — making it a perfect place for bathing. Those who enjoy activities can hire kayaks, pedaloes and paddleboards on the beach.

The picturesque coastline makes Monastiri a popular destination for island hopping and visitors can often see yachts anchored just off the beach. Through the summer months, the beach is bustling and hosts concerts and events from time to time.

It can get quite packed so get there early if you wish to grab yourself a lounger. With a taverna and parking right by the beach, Monastiri is one of the most convenient and accessible of Paros’ beaches.

7 – Visit Santorini on a day trip

Santorini, Greece

One of the most enigmatic of the Greek islands, Santorini has many faces. Believed to be the inspiration for the legend of Atlantis, Santorini is a must-see on any visit to the Cyclades.

Boasting unique natural wonders, picturesque traditional villages and luxurious hotels and restaurants, the island has become a popular summer destination for the rich and glamorous.

Well known for its extravagant parties and nightlife, the island is also rich in natural beauty. Its semi-circular shape is due to the fact that it is a collapsed volcano, known as a Caldera. Blessed with dramatic rugged cliffs and gorgeous beaches there is plenty to discover here.

Take a wine tour to discover the unique varieties produced on the island or dine in some of Santorini’s best restaurants for a unique culinary treat — a day trip to Santorini is definitely one of the most interesting things to do in Paros.

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8 – Wander around Parikia Old Town

Parikia Old Town, Paros

The main town and port, Parikia is likely one of the first places visitors to the island will see. It is a bustling transport hub and ferry terminal but beyond that, the town is a charming place to explore, filled with traditional architecture, larger shops and restaurants.

Some of the island’s most popular landmarks can be found in Parikia such as the Church of 100 doors, the Archeological museum and the ruins of the Frankish Castle, which was built around the year 1200 from the remains of various temples and sanctuaries on the island.

One of the most photographed sights is the traditional windmill that sits by the waterfront in the center of the port.

The town itself is packed with restaurants to suit all tastes as well as hotels and boutique shops to explore. As you wander the alleyways you will discover small churches, picturesque squares and traditional whitewashed Cycladic houses in this lively and friendly town.

9 – Explore the beautiful Old Port of Naoussa

Old Port of Naoussa, Paros

The traditional fishing village of Naoussa is one of the most popular places on the island for tourists and visitors.

After Parikia, it is the largest town on the island and boasts an authentic feel and lively atmosphere that enchants all those who travel there.

The Old Port was once one of the busiest on Paros and now offers a tranquil place to relax and watch the world go by. The waterfront boasts tavernas, cafes and restaurants galore and wonderful scenic views over the bay.

The ruins of the Old Port and castle can be explored on foot and offer a peaceful retreat with cooling coastal breezes. Inside the town is a labyrinth of narrow streets and traditional architecture boasting some great small shops and eateries.

Watch the everyday life of the fishermen who live and work here and take in the peaceful ambiance for yourself. For a traditional island experience and the best village hospitality, Naoussa’s Old Port cannot be beaten!

10 – Go hiking at Paros Park

Paros Park

A unique destination in the Cyclades islands, Paros Park offers cultural and environmental activities in a spectacular 80-hectare nature reserve.

Located on the Aï Yannis Detis peninsula Paros Park is a model for sustainable tourism in Europe. It has recreational and sports facilities and hosts yearly events and concerts with a low environmental impact.

There are a number of dramatic hiking trails to explore which wind by popular beaches such as Monastiri and Perikopetra as well as the Saint John’s of Deti Monastery and its small nearby Museum of Cartography.

Explore the botanical gardens, one of the first in the region, to discover over 50 native plant species of the Cyclades islands which grow here.

The dramatic caves and rock formations create a fantastic and unusual landscape to explore and the lighthouse at the northern tip is the best place to witness impressive sunsets.

Visitors can catch an open-air movie through the Summer months at the Cine Enastron film festival and witness a program of live music.

11 – Adventure underwater with scuba diving

scuba diving in Paros

For scuba enthusiasts or first-timers, Paros offers some excellent opportunities for diving. The island’s scuba schools provide taster courses for those who want to try out the sport as well as advanced courses for those who want to progress their diving skills.

Explore the clear coastal waters of Paros with a unique scuba diving experience. See the abundance of fish and sea life, such as barracudas and octopus, that call the area home and get a taste of the joys of diving.

Discover a nearby shallow shipwreck at Kythnos and caves which are visitable even for total novices. More advanced divers can take a PADI open water certification to explore two deeper shipwrecks and the reefs and caverns near Antiparos.

If your looking for an adventure and to learn a new skill during you’re time in Paros, scuba diving could be just the thing. Perfect for anyone who’s even a little curious about life beneath the sea.

12 – Stop by the Ancient Marble Quarries

Ancient Marble Quarries, Paros

The marble quarries of Marathi on the island of Paros were favored by the Classical-era sculptors for the diversity and flawless quality of their marble.

Known as Parian Marble, the prized stone has been extracted from the quarries in Paros for around 2,600 years. It is thought that almost three-quarters of all the marble statues in the surrounding islands were produced from marble quarried on Paros.

Some of the most revered sculptures of antiquity, including the Venus de Milo, the Nike of Samothrace and parts of the famous Athens Parthenon are carved from Parian marble.

Such was its renown, the fine material was also used in more modern times for the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Visitors can explore the now-abandoned quarry site to see the prized stone in its natural setting. Explore the site that was once one of the largest industries in the region and marvel at the almost ethereal glow of the famous Parian marble.

13 – Relax at pristine Faragas beach

Faragas beach, Paros

The golden sands and shimmering clear waters of Faragas Beach are sure to enchant all who visit the island. Located in a small sheltered bay to the south of Paros, the beach is rightly one of the island’s most popular.

It offers excellent views over the tranquil Aegean Sea and a variety of sunbathing opportunities, including loungers as well as small sandy coves to relax in.

Faragas Beach is an ideal place for families and is well equipped with facilities. The restaurant and beachside bar are close by so you can grab a coffee, juice, or cocktail and enjoy the soothing ambiance of the sea with some chilled-out music.

It is within walking distance of other beaches such as Aliki and Petri and near the islands Museum of Folklore Art.

14 – Take a boat tour to Antiparos

Antiparos, Greece

The neighboring island of Antiparos sits right next door to Paros, offering a serene and relaxing escape for those in search of peace and quiet.

The main town of Chora can be reached in under ten minutes by boat from Pounda. The island is less developed than Paros but is rich in natural beauty. Many visit Antiparos for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.

The sea around the island is a popular location for diving trips and has a number of wrecks to explore as well as some colorful reefs which are a good place to spot fish. The famous Antiparos Cave is a spectacular sight to see and houses some impressive rock formations.

Explore the sea caves by boat and tour the small uninhabited islands of Despotiko, Strongylo and Tsimintiri. The beaches of Glifa, Agios Spyridonas and Psaraliki are great for families and for those seeking quieter less developed spots, Livadia and Kako Rema are ideal places to take a dip.

Don’t miss a trip to Antiparos during your time on Paros island.

15 – Visit the enchanting Butterflies Nature Reserve

Butterflies Nature Reserve, Paros

Undoubtedly one of the most enchanting places on Paros, Butterflies Nature Reserve is located in a lush green valley full of old trees, ancient ruins and flowing spring water.

For over 100 years a particular variety of butterfly, the Jersey Tiger Moth, has flourished in this idyllic location. The nature reserve is family-owned and first opened in the 1970s so this magical place could be shared by everyone.

The best time to see the butterflies is between June to September when the valley is brought to life with flashes of red-colored fluttering wings.

This is one of the most beautiful places to see on Paros and definitely a must-see for those who enjoy the more unique spectacles of nature.

The nature reserve has a small playground for children to enjoy as well as a cafe, souvenir shop and the picturesque remains of a Byzantine watermill.

16 – Learn about the island traditions at the Museum of Cycladic Folklore

Museum of Cycladic Folklore, Paros

Containing the works of local artist and folklorist Benetos Skiadis, the Museum of Cycladic Folklore is one man’s passion to keep the traditions and crafts of the islands alive.

The museum features many miniature models produced by Skiadis, displaying everything from ships and architecture to tools and antique machinery.

See handmade recreations of historical ships including the artist’s own beloved fishing vessel, named Popi after his wife. There are also models of a French galleon that sank off the coast of the island in the 1840s as well as an ancient Greek warship.

Skiadis has also created largescale miniature reconstructions of some of the most iconic buildings from the Cycladic islands. Visitors can see Paros’ own Church of 100 Doors, the Venetian Castle and the traditional windmill from Parikia.

There are also models of the ancient Theater of Milos, the famous Monastery of Hozoviotissa in Amorgos and the unique Tourlitis Lighthouse of Andros.

17 – Explore the Small Cyclades on a boat tour

Small Cyclades tours from Paros

Set sail from the port of Piso Livadi for a day of adventure on the Aegean Sea and a boat tour around some of the most attractive Small Cyclades islands.

Visit secret beaches and secluded bays and get the chance to snorkel around a plane wreck off the island of Iraklia. Visit the stunning islands of Koufonisia, some of which are uninhabited, where you can swim before enjoying lunch on board the yacht.

Get the chance to learn the basics of sailing as you visit the peaceful islands of Naxos, Antiparos and Despotiko before your return to Paros.

Choose from a full-day sailing tour or opt for a longer 7-day trip that takes in popular island destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini. There are even week-long sailing lessons available for those who would like to become more confident and learn the ropes.

This is a great way to experience the best of the islands and enjoy the freedom of life on the sea.

18 – Seek new adventures on a stand-up paddleboard

paddleboarding in Paros

Stand, stretch, maybe even swim… the possibilities are plentiful with a paddleboard!

The beautiful blue waters are perfect for a nice leisurely trip; and if you’re feeling ambitious, you can even throw in a bit of yoga while you’re out there!

Better yet, try a bit of both, and really get to know these lovely devices!

19 – Go wine tasting at Moraitis Winery

wine tasting in Paros

Just a short walk from the center of Naoussa, Moraitis Winery is the perfect place to while away the afternoon on Paros.

Take a tour of the winery to discover its history and that of the island’s vineyards. Learn about the three main grape varieties and wine types produced here which have one of the oldest Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) in all of Greece.

Sample the most popular varieties to discover their unique characteristics and enjoy some appetizers from the Moraitis restaurant. Discover the old tools of wine production and the traditions of the region in this modern and attractive winery.

The perfect place to enjoy the best of Paros!

20 – Stroll through the quaint Piso Livadi

Piso Livadi, Paros

The small town of Piso Livadi was, until recently, just a quiet fishing village on the east coast of Paros.

It is now gaining popularity as a resort on the island and features a number of good hotels as well as waterfront bars, restaurants and cafes. The village has a picturesque fishing harbor and some nice beaches such as Logaras to the south and a village beach located inside the harbor.

Visitors can check out the popular beach of Chrisi Akti which is just 4km away as well as the nearby village of Marpissa and the monastery of Agios Antonios, which offers fantastic views of the island.

Regular sailing trips depart daily from Piso Livadi harbor to nearby island destinations including Naxos, Ios, Santorini and Amorgos.

For watersports enthusiasts, Golden Beach is just a few kilometers south of Piso Livadi and offers one of the best windsurfing spots on the island.

21 – Admire the architecture of Monastery of St. John’s of Deti

Monastery of St. John’s of Deti, Paros

Located on a clifftop in one of the most scenic regions of the island, the Monastery of St. John’s of Deti is an iconic landmark of Paros.

With its traditional Cycladic architecture featuring whitewashed walls and blue-domed roofs, the monastery is a popular spot to stop and take in the sunset as well as snap some amazing photos.

It is in the northernmost part of the island near the Paros Park nature reserve and overlooks the bay of Naoussa on one side and Monastiri Beach on the other.

The church is a popular pilgrimage site at the end of August, during the festival of Agios Ioannis Detis, when visitors attend an all-night mass here. A trip to the monastery is one of the necessary things to do in Paros. Definitely check it out during your time on the island.

22 – Take a boat tour to Amorgos

Amorgos tours from Paros

The most eastern of the Cyclades islands, Amorgos boasts impressive cliffs, rugged mountains and pristine beaches. Why not explore this undiscovered gem by boat tour while in Paros?

The monastery of Hozoviotissa is one of the island’s most impressive structures and dates back to the year 1017, making it one of the oldest in Greece. It hangs from a sheer cliffside offering visitors a dramatic coastal view.

Explore the beautiful towns of Katapola and Aegiali with their fantastic scenery and the main town of Chora which is located near a row of picturesque windmills.

Explore locations made famous by the Luc Besson movie “Big Blue” including the famous shipwreck towards the south of the island.

A day trip to Amorgos is one of the best things to do in Paros for those seeking dramatic scenery, a traditional island experience, and a taste of the quiet life. Don’t miss this during your time in Paros.

23 – Unwind at Golden Beach

Golden Beach, Paros

One of the top places for windsurfing and watersports on Paros, Golden Beach is a favorite destination among adventure enthusiasts.

In the area are a number of rental shops and schools where you can try windsurfing, sailing and diving under the supervision of expert local instructors.

Golden Beach really lives up to its name and has a long stretch of soft sand that gently slopes into the water. The clear waters remain shallow and calm making it suitable for casual and gentle bathing.

It is one of the most popular beaches on Paros and is great for families as there are plenty of amenities nearby as well as sports and activities to try on the beach.

Hire a lounger and parasol to relax under or lay your towel down near the water’s edge. Golden Beach is a must-see!

24 – Go on a day trip to Mykonos and Delos

Mykonos, Greece

Along with Santorini, Mykonos is one of the top island destinations in Europe and even the world. It is an exciting and vibrant place to visit but not recommended for those seeking peace and solitude.

In the summer months, the picturesque island welcomes millions of travelers to experience its luxurious beaches, restaurants and bustling nightlife.

The Cycladic island is a major summer destination for those seeking sun, sand and all-night dance clubs. Visit one of the island’s more upmarket clubs and restaurants and you are sure to be surrounded by the wealthy and glamorous — and maybe even some celebrities.

The town of Mykonos is particularly beautiful and features many boutique stores and luxury brands. The nearby island of Delos, said to be the birthplace of Apollo, features one of the country’s most important archeological sites.

Check out our other posts to discover more fun things to do in Mykonos before you head out there.

25 – See the charming village of Drios

Drios, Paros

The small fishing village of Drios can be found on the east coast of Paros just south of the popular Golden Beach — actually only a ten-minute walk away.

The picturesque harbor has a traditional Cycladic chapel on the waterfront and small local fishing vessels that make it a charming place to visit.

The village is blessed with a small stony beach and attractive flower-lined walkways to explore. From Drios visitors are gifted with excellent views over the turquoise coastline over to the small uninhabited island of Drinonisi.

There are some great local restaurants to sample too. For homecooked-style traditional Greek cuisine, you cannot go wrong with Restaurant Anna and for excellent seafood with a seafront location, Kima Restaurant will not disappoint.

If you’re looking for a tranquil and traditional place to stay but with all the amenities you could need and just a short hike to the bustling beaches, Drios is a great choice.

26 – Be mesmerized by the Venetian Castle

Venetian Castle, Paros

Dating from the 13th-15th century, the Venetian Castle stands proudly in Naoussa’s Old Port. This is a great place to walk to and grab photos of the village as well as the fort’s historic ruins surrounded by the sea.

The castle once protected the port from enemy attack and prevented marauding pirates from looting the village. Though now in a ruined state the original outline of the fortress can still be seen.

The castle retains only one of its two original towers, which formerly included a large iron gate between them.

It can be reached on foot by a walk along the sea wall from the port area of Naoussa. it’s best to visit at low tide as the path takes can become submerged.

27 – Rent your own boat!

boat rentals in Paros

What better way to explore the coastline of Paros than by boat! For those confident enough to take the wheel Paros has self-drive boats which can be hired per day.

Climb aboard your own personal motorboat and cruise the crystal coast of Paros taking in the beaches, bays and coves all at your own pace. These modern and speedy crafts seat up to 5-6 people so you can bring the whole crew along for a fun day on the high sea.

Take the time to stop and swim at secluded beaches and snorkel or fish to your heart’s content.

This is suitable for first-timers as well as experienced sea dogs and you’ll get a quick training session before you head off. The boats have telephones onboard allowing you to stay in contact with the crew, allowing you to feel totally safe.

This is one of the most exciting things to do in Paros and is sure to be a highlight of your time on the island.

28 – Test yourself and discover a different universe whilst freediving

freediving in Paros

This is one activity that will take your breath away… but that’s somewhat the point!

Freediving is an exhilarating activity that brings you to the depths of the ocean, using only your own lungs as a tool!

Choose between beginner and advanced courses, and before you know it, you’ll be joining the fish in their natural home!

29 – Go horse riding on the beach

horse riding in Paros

Want to try something a bit different during your time in Paros? Horseback riding could be just the adventure you’re looking for.

Tour the northern part of the island in the cool early morning and get the opportunity to ride along the beaches before the day gets too warm and the crowds arrive.

These tours are suitable for all abilities so even if you’ve never ridden before you can experience the magic of horseback riding.

You’ll be accompanied by an experienced instructor so you only have to concentrate on having fun and enjoying this unique experience.

Tour the picturesque trails and wildest reaches of Paros before you head down to the shore for a trot through the waves.

Get to know your four-legged companion and discover the region’s stunning natural beauty in one of the most environmentally-friendly ways there is. This is sure to be a truly unforgettable experience!

30 – Party at the best beach clubs

Beach clubs in Paros

Looking for the hottest nightlife on Paros? You’ll find plenty of clubs, bars and beach bars to dance away the night in here.

Punda Coast or Pounda Beach is on the east of the island and is one of the most popular and bustling spots. It shouldn’t be missed on a tour of Paros’ best bars.

Between the larger towns of Parikia and Naoussa, there is an abundance of great places to enjoy a night out or two.

Some of the popular beach bars include the Cabana, Palm Beach, and Tango Mar all of which can be found on the west of the island near Parikia.

31 – Try kitesurfing at Pounda beach

Kitesurfing in Paros

Not to be confused with Punta, the popular party beach on the opposite side of the island, Pounda Beach is well-known for its water sports.

Located near the ferry terminal that takes visitors to the neighboring island of Antiparos, this exposed beach has consistently windy conditions, which makes it ideal for some of the island’s most fast-paced and thrilling activities.

One of the most popular sports to try here is kitesurfing, which offers high-speed thrills and an adrenaline kick like no other. If you’re a total beginner why not take a kitesurfing lesson to discover the sport for yourself?

Intermediate kitesurfers can pick up a tip or two or merely spend the day blasting around on the water. Learn from professional instructors on this popular beach which has hosted major events like the Kitesurfing World Tours.

If you are looking for something new and exhilarating to try during your time on Paros, Kitesurfing is sure to fit the bill.

32 – Dine at the best restaurants

best restaurants in Paros

It would be a shame to visit Paros and not sample some of the best local dishes and some of its excellent restaurants.

The island has a great mixture of cozy family-run tavernas, serving authentic locally harvested foods as well as stylish restaurants with elegant surroundings and signature dishes.

Barbarossa is one of the most popular and benefits from a picturesque location in the port of Naoussa. One of the most unique restaurants on Paros is Magaya which serves up fusion dishes in an exotic beachside location.

Soso and Yemeni Taverna are some of the best places to sample terrific Mediterranean dishes but are popular so be sure to book ahead.

For international flavors check out Buon Vento, which is a great choice for traditional Italian dishes and Ballo which specializes in sushi and Japanese cuisine.

For more traditional local dishes you can’t go wrong with Restaurant Anna, Mylos Traditional Grill and Markaris Restaurant among the many other excellent eateries the island has to offer.

33 – Experience the Paros Pirate Festival

Paros Pirate Festival

Arrrr! Looking for something unusual to do while in Paros? Why not check out the Pirate Festival that takes place each year in the middle of August.

Centuries ago, mercenaries were a major threat to Paros and the pirate, Barbarossa (Red Beard) was one of the most notorious. The Greek-Albanian pirate sailed for the Ottoman Empire ransacking and looting islands and ships throughout the Mediterranean.

The festival celebrates the island’s victory over the infamous pirate who attacked but was fought off by the locals. Unfortunately, Naoussa’s Venetian Castle was destroyed during the raid.

It takes place in Naoussa on August 28 and visitors are in for a special treat. The younger members of the town reenact the vicious battle before an evening of fireworks, music, dancing and traditional food.

If you’re looking for something historic, local and fun to do during your time on the island, the Pirate Festival is one of the best things to do in Paros.

34 – Explore each alleyway of Marpissa village

Marpissa village, Paros

The small village of Marpissa is just a short walk from Piso Livadi and offers visitors a picturesque and traditional village vibe with some cultural attractions thrown in.

Be sure to check out the Sculpture Museum of Perantinos which features many works by the local sculptor Nikos Perantinos spread across five large galleries.

Though only a small village, Marpissa has five traditional orthodox churches all within a stone’s throw of each other. The Marpissa windmills are another attractive sight to see.

Keep your eyes peeled for the popular “Pink Door” as you explore the alleyways of the village — this is a popular photography spot for tourists looking for those quaint and quintessential holiday snaps.

For those in search of a quiet holiday destination within close reach of the attractions, Marpissa is a great choice. The village is peaceful but has all the amenities you could need within a short walking distance.

35 – Party all night long

best bars in Paros

Paros has great nightlife whether you’re in search of all-night clubs, casual pubs or elegant cocktail bars, you can find it here.

The Dubliner complex in Parikia is one of the island’s most popular venues and has a mixed crowd and diverse music. Punda Beach Bar is one of the rowdiest clubs on the island and draws a generally younger crowd and some top-name DJs in the European club scene.

For those in search of clubs that open late into the evening, check out Linardo Bar — which is one of the island’s most popular late-night venues, and Vareladiko both of which are in Naoussa.

For great cocktail bars in chic and beautiful surroundings, you are really spoiled for choice in Paros. In Parikia, some of the best would be Bebop, Pirate Bar and Cabana Bar but there are many great places to visit here.

Naoussa has Agosto Bar, Nemo Bar and Sante Bar all of which offer a tasty assortment of drinks and a casual coastal atmosphere.

36 – Watch a movie at an open-air cinema

Open air cinema, Paros

The summer months are a great time to visit Paros when the weather is at its finest and the island is buzzing with activity. It is then that you can enjoy a movie at one of the island’s open-air cinemas.

A trip to Cine Enastron is possibly the most enchanting thing to do in Paros and is located in the wild north of the island in the Paros Park nature reserve. It offers an intimate viewing experience under the stars and seats up to 100 people.

You can catch a movie a couple of times a week here which includes a selection of silver-screen classics and modern gems. Shows start at 9 pm and admission is totally free of charge.

Cine Rex is the island’s most popular outdoor movie theater and can be found in Parikia. This is a great place to see blockbuster movies in a comfortable and modern outdoor setting.

Cine Rex has a bar and snacks and offers intermission halfway through the movie. You are sure to want to return here again and again during your time on Paros.

Where to stay in Paros?

There are excellent options for accommodation in Paros to suit almost every budget. For those in search of the best luxury hotels in ParosLilly Residence – Sea View Suites, Mythic Paros, and Poseidon of Paros Hotel & Spa are highly recommended.

For fantastic budget-friendly hotels and guest houses, Parian Lithos Residence and the Albatross Hotel are some of the top choices.

Final thoughts:

We hope you enjoyed reading this list of the best things to do in Paros and, hopefully, you feel inspired to plan your next vacation. You can also find more astounding places to visit in this region.

Extend your trip and explore some of the best destinations in Greece, such as Athens, Thessaloniki, and the best Greek Islands, such as Santorini, Mykonos and Naxos.

As always, happy travels!

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