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Boat Tours from Naples

Take the chance of your visit to Naples to embark on a boat trip to discover the Campanian Archipelago or the Amalfi Coast. The Gulf of Naples offers beautiful landscapes to its visitors: lovely islands, cliffs, caves and picturesque towns are waiting for your visit.

On a boat tour, you will be able to discover the best places around Naples, enjoy the pleasant weather of the Gulf of Naples, have fun swimming and snorkeling and get stunning views of the city of Naples with the Vesuvius Volcano in the background.

What are the best places to visit with a boat trip from Naples?

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO-listed site, including a jagged coastline dotted by lovely towns, bays and caves. You can visit the Amalfi Coast by land, but the best way to see it is by sea.

Many boat tours head to the Amalfi Coast. The itinerary includes a transfer from Naples to Piano di Sorrento, where you will embark on your boat (usually small boats with up to 12 passengers). The boat tours will pass around the Sorrento Peninsula and you will enjoy the landscape from the sea. The boat tour includes stops in both Amalfi and Positano, the two pearls of the Amalfi Coast. You will have time to sightsee, have lunch or taste the local Limoncello.

The boat trip includes stops from swimming and snorkeling near the cliffs and the caves.


Capri is the most famous island of the Campanian Archipelago, featuring an impressive coastline and famous grottoes like the Blue Grotto.

The typical itinerary of the boat tour starts with a pick-up from the meeting point and a transfer to Ercolano's port. You will embark on a boat and reach the port of Marina Grande in Capri. From there, a boat tour around the island will start, which includes the visit to several caves of Capri, such as the Blue Grotto, the Marvellous Grotto, the White and Green Grotto. After the boat tour, you will have a few hours to spend on Capri's island to sightsee and buy a meal. In the late afternoon, you will embark again to go back to Naples.

Some tours to Capri include a guided visit by land on the island, but not a boat tour around the island. If you are particularly interested in visiting Capri, look at the full list of day trips and tours to Capri from Naples.


Ischia is the largest island of the Campanian Archipelago. The island is large enough to include several villages and it is densely populated with a permanent population of over 60,000 inhabitants. There are several beaches in Ischia worth visiting plus the Aragonese Castle, built on a rock on the sea, connected to the island with a small pedestrian passage.

Boat tours to Ischia from Naples include the boat transfer to the island and a boat tour around Ischia. The captain will make several stops in the sea for swimming and snorkeling and at several villages of the island to give the possibility to explore it. You can also look at the page of day trips and tours to Ischia from Naples to check all the offers. Some of them are more focused on boat tours, while others focus on visiting the island.


Procida is a small island near Ischia. It is not touristic like Capri or Ischia, but it is a worthy destination for a day trip from Naples. Some boat tours include a visit to both Ischia and Procida, while others are directed to Procida only and you will have more time to explore the island. Take a look at all the day trips and tours to Procida from Naples.

What kinds of boat tours are available in Naples?

There are different types of boat tours.

Group boat tours

Boat trips in groups are the most popular, because the price is more affordable. The groups are usually limited to 8 or 12 people, since the boats have a maximum capacity. If you are alone or a couple, group boat tours are the cheapest choice and can be much cheaper than private boat tours. If you are a group or a family, private tours might be a better choice, since the final price can be very similar.

Private boat tours

Private boat tours from Naples offer an unforgettable experience. You will have the boat only for your group and a captain at your disposal to customize your boat trip.

Boat rental

If you have experience driving a boat, you may be tempted to rent a boat for your trip. This is definitely a good idea to have the highest level of freedom.

Tours to the islands by ferry

If you are interested in visiting more of the island, you can opt to take the ferry to reach them and explore on your own. But you can also find guided tours which include the ferry tickets and the guided visit to the islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida.

Shore Excursions

If you are reaching Naples by cruise, you can be interested in the shore excursions. Most shore excursions include the visit to the city of Naples, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. However, there are some of them which include boat tours to Capri and Ischia.

How much do Naples boat tours cost?

Boat tours from Naples range widely in the price:

  • Group boat tours to Capri, Ischia and Procida can cost in the range €60 to €150 per person.
  • Group boat tours to the Amalfi Coast are more expensive and you will need to pay about €150 per person.
  • Private boat tours can cost anywhere between €800 and €2000 per group of people depending on the size of the boat and the destination.

Where do Naples boat tours leave from?

The starting point depends on the destination of the boat tours. Your tour could start from Mergellina Port, from the Bourbon dock or even from Piano di Sorrento (outside Naples). If the port is far from the city, a transfer is always provided. Make sure to check the exact meeting point in the details of the specific tour that you book.

If you have already planned to spend one or more days in the towns of the Amalfi Coast or nearby, you might be interested in checking out the offers for boat tours leaving from there.

If you are spending a day or two in Capri and you want to book a boat tour from there to visit the famous Blue Grotto, check out our page of boat tours from Capri.

What is the duration of a boat trip from Naples?

Most boat tours from Naples last for a full day, typically 8 to 11 hours. Boat tours going to Ischia can be shorter, lasting about 6 hours, since the island is not far from Naples.

When is the best time for a boat tour from Naples?

The thermal effect of the Gulf of Naples creates a mild Mediterranean climate in the area. Naples can be hot in the summertime, but it does not get too cold in winter.

The best period to enjoy a boat tour is in the summer. The water is warm and you can swim. Depending on the year, in Spring and Autumn, it can be a bit cold to swim, but the seasons are still good to explore the islands and the Amalfi Coast by boat.