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Boat Tours & Trips from Salerno

Comfortably located on the seaside near Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Salerno offers a good starting point for a boat tour to the area around the city. In a full day on a boat, you will have time to reach the Amalfi Coast or Capri, stop a few times for swimming and snorkeling and spend some hours visiting the towns by land.

What are the best places to visit with a boat trip from Salerno?

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is the most common destination for boat trips leaving from Salerno. Amalfi and Positano, the most known towns of the Amalfi Coast, are located just 15-20 kilometers away from Salerno. Therefore, they are the best destination for a boat tour.

Sail from Salerno toward Amalfi and Positano, admiring the cliffs dotted by small towns like Vietri sul Mare, Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Atrani, Conca dei Marini, the Fjord of Furore and Praiano. The boat tour will stop in Amalfi and Positano and you will have a few hours to discover the towns by land. Most boat tours are operated in small groups of up to 12 people.

If you are looking for tours going to Amalfi by land, take a look at our page of day trips to Amalfi from Salerno.


Capri is the most popular island in the area. It is located in front of the western tip of the Amalfi Coast. Capri is a small island, but it offers a beautiful coastal landscape: cliffs, caves and blue crystalline water surround the island.

What kinds of boat tours are available in Salerno?

Group boat tours

Boat trips in groups are quite popular: you can find some options both for the Amalfi Coast and Capri. Boat tours are usually operated in small boats that can host up to 8-12 people. Therefore, even if the activity is a group activity, the number of participants is not very large, and you can relax and enjoy your boat excursion.

Private boat tours

Private boat tours from Salerno offer a premium experience. You will get a boat and a skipper available just for you and the possibility to customize the itinerary as you wish, adding stops for swimming and snorkeling. Of course, private boat tours are more expensive, but they offer a better experience. Private tours are priced fixed per group: if your group is larger, the price per person will be less.

Boat rental

If you wish an entire boat for yourself, you can choose a boat rental. Make sure that you have the right skills and experience to drive the boat. The smaller boats do not require a driving license, but they require caution anyway. If you are unsure how to drive a boat, choose a private or group boat tour.

How much do boat tours from Salerno cost?

Salerno boat tours have a different cost depending on the type:

  • Group boat tours to Amalfi Coast cost between €100 and €125 per person.
  • Group boat tours to Capri are a bit more expensive, with a price of about €150 per person.
  • Private boat tours can cost anywhere between €700 and €1300 per group of people depending on the size of the boat and the destination.
  • Boat rentals cost between €150 and €300 per day, depending on the size. The fuel is not included in the price.

Where do Salerno boat tours leave from?

Most boat tours start from the port of Salerno. Some of them include a pick-up service at your hotel or at a meeting point. Make sure to read the description of the tour that you book.

If you are staying in other cities in the area and considering taking a boat tour from there, make sure to check all the offers departing from the most popular locations.

If you are staying for a day or two in Capri and you would like to take a boat tour from there to visit the cliffs and the famous Blue Grotto, check out our page of boat tours from Capri.

What is the duration of a boat trip from Amalfi?

The boat trips from Salerno last between 6 and 8 hours. With a full day, you are sure to reach the Amalfi Coast or Capri and have some time to explore the area, eat and buy souvenirs. Most boat tours usually start in the morning.

When is the best time for a boat tour from Salerno?

The weather of Salerno is a typical Mediterranean weather with warm summer, mild Spring and Autumn and a fresh winter. The best period for a boat tour is in the summertime. However, in Spring and Autumn, temperatures can still be very pleasant (above 20 - 25 °C) and you can take a boat tour.