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Boat Trips and Tours in Capri

Capri is the pearl of the Gulf of Naples, famous for its crystal clear waters, sheer cliffs, colorful caves and picturesque villages built in its bays.

The best way to visit the coast of Capri is definitely by sea. Join a boat tour around Capri and go to discover the Blue, Green and White Caves and snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Faraglioni. It will be the best day of your vacation!

What are the best boat tours on Capri?

Capri Island: boat ride and visit to the Blue Grotto

Join this boat tour around Anacapri (Capri Island) to discover its natural wonders, caves, cliffs, and sea stacks.

The boat trip starts from the port of Marina Grande and circumnavigates the entire island, passing through the lighthouse of Punta Carena, the White and Green Grottoes and the Faraglioni. You will also visit the Blue Cave entering inside. The Blue Grotto takes its name from the blue reflection of the light in the water when viewed from inside the cave.

A skipper will escort you throughout the boat ride, providing information in Italian and English on the places you will see. It is important to note that the entrance price to the Blue Grotto, equal to € 14, is not included in the tour price and must be paid in cash at the entrance.

Boat trip to the island of Capri with swimming, spectacular views and aperitif

Set sail from Marina Grande on this boat tour to sail around the entire coast of Capri. The itinerary covers all the points of interest on the coast of Capri. The boat tour passes through the White Grotto and the Green Grotto, the Faraglioni and the lighthouse of Punta Carena.

This tour does not include a visit to the Blue Grotto, but there will be a stop for swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Capri. You can also try a typical Italian aperitif included in the tour price, with a tasting of various types of limoncello (a liqueur made from lemon extract).

Capri tour by private boat

If you are looking for privacy and tranquility, a private boat tour is the one for you. Private boat tours offer you the ability to customize your itinerary, visiting some places over others, as well as making more stops for swimming and snorkeling.

Set sail from Marina Grande with a boat all to yourself and an experienced captain of the Capri coast. Avoid getting on the boat with many people and take advantage of the boat deck for sunbathing and taking photos along the way. The itinerary can include all the points of interest of Capri's coast, such as the Faraglioni or the Blue, Green and White Caves. Snorkeling equipment and beach towels are included in the tour price.

Private boat tour from Capri to Positano and Amalfi

If Capri is your starting point for visiting other tourist destinations on the Campania coast, this boat tour to the Amalfi Coast is perfect for you. The boat trip is private, and therefore you will have the whole boat and the captain available for you, your friends or your family.

You will sail from Marina Grande towards the Sorrento Peninsula and then skirt the entire coast towards Amalfi. Along the coast, you will be able to see Nerano and Laurito's beaches and there will be several stops for snorkeling and swimming. Afterward, the boat will land in Positano and Amalfi, where you will be able to explore the villages by land and have lunch. The tour includes snorkeling equipment, drinks and snacks on board.

What are the best places to visit on a boat excursion from Capri?

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is certainly the most famous cave in Capri. The Blue Grotto is large enough to allow boats to enter inside. It is visited by small rowing boats that transport visitors from the larger boats outside to inside the cave.

The Blue Grotto has become famous worldwide for the blue color of the water inside the cave. The color is due to the reflection of the light that penetrates from the entrance to the cave. The entrance cavity is partially submerged: the light penetrates the water before entering the cave. The water acts as a chromatic filter, absorbing the warm colors and letting the blue color penetrate. In this way, the light reflected from the water takes on the color blue.

Over 250,000 tourists visit the Blue Grotto every year. The cost of the ticket is 14 €. The summer months are the busiest periods; we recommend that you book the boat tour to the Blue Grotto as soon as possible, as places sell out quickly.

Green Grotto

The Green Grotto is another semi-submerged cave that can be entered with a small boat. As with the Blue Grotto, the Green Grotto takes its name from the emerald green color of the water inside. The effect is due to the same play of light that occurs in the Blue Grotto, but in this case, the green color predominates over blue.

Entrance to the Green Grotto is free. Almost all Capri boat tours include a visit to the Green Grotto.

White Grotto

The White Grotto is another fascinating cave on the coast of Capri. This cave is more open than the Blue and Green Grotto, in the sense that it is almost an inlet in the rock.

The name of the White Grotto does not derive from the color of the water but from the stone's color that surrounds the cave. Entrance to the White Grotto is free, and the cave is included in all boat tours around Capri.

The Faraglioni

The Faraglioni of Capri are very high rocky cliffs located in the south-east of the island. There are 3 sea stacks, called Farglione Stella, di Mezzo and di Fuori. The tallest reaches 109 meters (358 feet). Many boat tours pass in the middle of the Faraglioni. Furthermore, the Faraglioni are visible from the beach of Marina Piccola.

Positano and Amalfi

The Amalfi Coast is located a few kilometers by boat from Capri. Therefore, it can be reached by full-day boat trips. The Amalfi Coast is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its scenic beauty and cultural value.

Positano and Amalfi are the two best-known villages on the Amalfi Coast. Boat tours from Capri that take you to the Amalfi Coast will stop at both villages to give you time to visit them.

What types of boat tours are available on Capri?

Group boat tour

Being a small island, Capri lends itself very well to boat tours. Most of the tours are group boat rides lasting a few hours. With a group boat tour, you can get a beautiful experience at an incredibly competitive price.

Private boat tours

Private boat tours on Capri offer an excellent experience for those looking for privacy and personalization. You can decide your itinerary with private boat trips and have a captain available to guide you throughout the tour. Private boat tours are an excellent choice for groups of friends, large families or couples looking for privacy.

How much do Capri boat tours cost?

The price of boat trips from Capri depends on the duration and type:

  • Group boat tours visiting the Blue Grotto cost € 18 (the € 14 entrance ticket to the Blue Grotto is excluded). This is the simplest type of boat tour and lasts 1 hour.
  • Other group boat tours last from 2 to 8 hours and cost from € 50 to € 120. These tours include a visit to the caves and various stops for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Private boat tours to Capri cost between € 250 and € 1,500 for a whole group.
  • Private tours to the Amalfi Coast cost between € 800 and € 1,700 for a group and a full day.

Is it possible to take a boat trip to Capri from other locations?

If you are still deciding how and when to visit Capri, it may be helpful to know that many full-day boat excursions visit Capri from mainland tourist locations, such as Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Salerno.

Check out our specific pages to find all Capri boat tours from these locations.

Where do boat trips leave from Capri?

Virtually all boat tours to Capri depart from the port of Marina Grande.

What is the duration of a Capri boat tour?

Capri boat tours last from 1 hour to 8 - 9 hours. The shorter boat tours point to the visit of the Blue Grotto and do not stop at other places.

Longer boat trips include stops and visits to multiple natural spots along the way.

What is the best time to go on a Capri boat tour?

Capri has a mild Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm but not extremely hot, while spring and autumn are mild. In the winter months, the climate is colder.

The best time for a boat tour to Capri is definitely the summer, from June to September. In April, May and October, it is possible to enjoy a boat tour if the day is sunny and the sea is not rough.

Travel tips

  • Please note that the boat tour is subject to favorable weather conditions. In case of bad weather, the tour is canceled and the reservation refunded.
  • If you want to visit the Blue Grotto, it is best to book a tour in advance as there are many requests.
  • If the visit to the Blue Grotto cannot be done due to bad weather, the boat tour may take less than expected.
  • Wear comfortable shoes so that you can move easily on the boat.
  • Remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a camera.
  • You must also bring a valid document.