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The 8 Best Capri Tours


Luxury Capri Island Boat Tour

These scenic Capri tours whisk you off around the island by boat on the cruise of a lifetime. From your vantage point on board, you’ll have all the best views, and discover parts of this popular destination that are inaccessible by land. Book a private trip for a bit of extra VIP treatment. 

After enjoying the ride over from the mainland, you’ll circumnavigate Capri by water, taking in the top sights along the way. Highlights include visiting the enchanting Blue Grotto and exploring a host of colorful caves – there are White and Green Grottoes too. 

Indulge on traditional Italian aperitifs as you relax on deck, watching the world go by. Make sure you keep an eye out for the iconic Punta Carena Lighthouse, which makes for enviable vacation snaps.

Go snorkeling in the sheltered coves and discover the abundant marine life that lies beneath the waves. The towering sea stacks of Faraglioni offer one of the best spots where you can enjoy unrivaled underwater viewing. 


Blue Grotto Tour in Capri

The best part of any visit to Capri is the famous Blue Grotto. You’ll need to take a boat trip to see it, so do plan your day well in advance – it’s a popular place! 

Named after the mesmerizing light reflecting on the blue water, this mystical cave can be entered when conditions allow. It’s just 60 meters long and hidden away in the cliffs far from prying eyes. Perhaps this is why Emperor Tiberius came here for private swims back in Roman times. 

On arrival at the Blue Grotto, you’ll climb into a rowboat and head into the cave. Remember to duck your head on the way in as the entrance is less than a meter high. Once you’re safely inside, you’ll see how the sunlight dances on the water, creating an air of mystery.

These Capri tours aren’t just about the Blue Grotto. You’ll take in other natural landforms too, like caves, sea stacks and bays for an epic trip out on the water. Both group and private excursions are available.


Kayaking Tour to Capri Caves

Explore the caves of Capri under your own steam with a kayaking adventure around the island’s coastline. These trips are beginner-friendly, so you don’t need any experience. Both single and double kayaks are available so you can paddle with a companion if you prefer.

You’ll depart from the beach at the Marina Piccola in the south of the island. After a short safety briefing from your instructor, it’s time to set off. Feel a little smug as you pass motorboats, knowing that you’ll be exploring places they can’t reach. 

This experience is all about discovering hidden beaches and caves that aren’t included on the standard Capri boat trips. You’ll be immersed in the heart of nature as you slice through the waves. Take a moment to appreciate the grandeur of the cliffs looming high above. 

As you float your kayak through the majestic Green Grotto, admire the way the light illuminates the water. Then head to Cala Ventroso for a rewarding swim in the sandy bay.  


Capri Stand-Up Paddleboard Tour

Experience the Capri shoreline from a unique perspective on a stand-up paddleboarding excursion. Perfect for sports lovers and adventure seekers, these self-propelled voyages are fun for all the family. 

The pace is relaxed, giving you time to find your balance and get the hang of paddling. Your guide will be on hand with advice to help you make the most of your trip. Make sure you take time to enjoy the scenery. 

These Capri tours kick off with a visit to the Scoglio delle Sirene. Legend has it that mermaids used to lure ships onto the rocks here so be wary of any lurking sirens as you paddle by. Cala Ventroso is your next stop – enjoy a swim in this charming bay before continuing your journey. 

Your final point of call is the Green Grotto to see its famous emerald waters. You can venture into Sailor’s Cave too and discover where boats used to shelter during storms. Admire the Faraglioni rock formations before returning to the marina.


Anacapri Guided Tour from Capri

The town of Anacapri sits up on the island’s highest point. It has a more relaxed vibe than Capri itself and appeals to visitors seeking a little peace away from the crowds. Anacapri is more affordable than its counterpart, which is good news if you’re looking for cheap restaurants and budget accommodation.

You’ll be driven between Capri and Anacapri by semi-private bus, thereby avoiding the hassles of public transport. Live onboard commentary and a professional guide will keep you entertained with stories of the island and its history during the excursion. 

Up in Anacapri, you’ll stroll along the pedestrian alleyways in the historic Quartiere Boffe. This atmospheric neighborhood is full of hidden squares and artisan workshops, with flower-framed white houses setting the scene. Before leaving, explore the peaceful gardens at Villa San Michele and admire the artwork inside.  

Many of these tours include a boat trip around the island to help you make the most of your day. You’ll also enjoy a guided visit around Capri town before returning to the mainland. 


Amalfi Coast Day Trip from Capri

If you’re staying on Capri and fancy a jaunt to the mainland, there are several day tours across to the Amalfi Coast. Most trips are private so you can visit the places you’d most like to see.

You’ll head off in a speedboat or motor yacht, cruising along Italy’s most famous coastline. The itinerary can be tailored to your interests, with stops at multiple destinations along the shore. You’ll begin by sailing through the Bay of Naples, admiring the landforms that loom large up ahead. 

Stop for a snorkel or a swim in a sheltered lagoon and feel at one with nature. You’ll be able to find a quiet spot away from the tourist crowds, adding a layer of luxury to this exclusive experience. Relax afterward on deck and watch the world go by.

You can jump ashore and explore the pretty village of Positano, where colorful houses line the cliffs. Here, you can enjoy a traditional local lunch, wander the narrow streets and indulge in some souvenir shopping. 


Capri Cuisine Cooking Class

Italian food is some of the best in the world, and this is your chance to learn the secrets behind your favorite dishes. These delectable Capri tours take place in restaurants and private homes across Capri, with most operating on a small group basis for a personal touch.

You’ll start by visiting the local market to shop for fresh ingredients. Your guide will spill the beans about island gastronomy and show you how to pick the best produce. Then it’s time to get down to work in the hands-on cooking class. 

The professional chef will demonstrate how to prepare the selected recipes, and you’ll follow the instructions back at your own workstation. Help is on hand throughout the class if you need it.

During the lesson, you’ll be rustling up some Italian icons like pizza, ravioli and eggplant parmesan. Finish with a flourish by making delicious Caprese lemon cake or tiramisu. You’ll get to feast on your creations at the end and enjoy a glass of wine to celebrate your newfound skills. 


Best of Capri Walking Tour with Local Guide

To get to know the authentic side of Capri, it’s best to explore the island with a guide. You’ll be treated to gems of local wisdom as well as stories that bring the past to life. By booking a private tour you can have a say in the itinerary, to focus on the places that interest you the most. 

Popular destinations include the cultural towns of Capri and Anacapri, as well as the heights of Monte Solaro and the Blue Grotto. The excursion can visit places by both land and water, according to your preferences.

In Capri, don’t miss the botanical terraces in the Gardens of Augustus and the charming Piazzetta which is a great place for people-watching. There will be plenty of photo opportunities at scenic viewpoints – your guide will know all the best places. 

If sea conditions allow, you’ll journey by boat along the coast, stopping to see some of the famous caves. Keep an eye out for the grand villas that overlook the ocean as you cruise by. 

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Planning your visit to Capri

Discover our complete guide to visiting Capri.

About Capri

The island of Capri sits in the Bay of Naples, just off the west coast of Italy. Capri is known for its eye-popping blue waters, dramatic cliffs and the pretty villages that overlook dreamy bays. You can take a day trip to Capri from the mainland or stay a few nights for a slice of island life. 

Good to know before arriving

Capri is a coveted Italian vacation destination, which means it does get busy during the height of summer. If you visit in July or August, prepare for crowds and queues. For a more peaceful experience, aim for spring or fall when the weather is still sunny and the streets are quieter. 

Places and experiences that cannot be missed

In Capri, the Piazzetta is the main focus of the old town. This is the place to come to meet friends, pass the time over a glass of wine and watch the sunset. Don’t miss the stunning Gardens of Augustus either – they’re just a few steps from the Piazzetta. 


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