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Excalibur Hotel Shows Tickets

Like stepping back in time into the Medieval era where Kings and Queens ruled, the majestic Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas transports guests to a grandiose world of castles, knights and fair maidens.

Excalibur is home to a large casino floor, multiple restaurants and bars, a spa, and a pool area. It also has a theater where you can catch shows like the infamous Tournament of Kings, to name just one.

Thanks to its variety of entertainment — comedy, magic, music, male reviews and more — whether you’re in Vegas for business or pleasure, Excalibur is sure to make your stay a memorable one. So snap up your Excalibur Hotel shows tickets before they sell out.

Here's all you need to know about the performances available at the Excalibur Hotel, where you can watch the best shows in Las Vegas.

The Australian Bee Gees Show

For decades, the Bee Gees lit up stages all over the world with their unique sound — now, a new generation of performers is paying tribute to the Gibb brothers' musical legacy.

You can see it live in action at the Thunderland Showroom in the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Australian Bee Gees Show is a spectacular production that features all of The Bee Gees’ greatest hits. These include the chart-toppers and disco classics like “How Deep Is Your Love,” “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You” and “Stayin’ Alive.”

Featuring also some of the more underrated gems, the show is a must-see for any fan of the iconic band.

With state-of-the-art sound and lighting, and a live band that brings the music of The Bee Gees to life, The Australian Bee Gees Show creates the essence of Saturday Night Fever no matter on which day of the week you visit.

Ticket prices

The price of a show ticket to see The Australian Bee Gees Show starts at around US$39 per person and goes up to US$70, depending on your seat.

Like at most Las Vegas shows, it is cheaper for seats to the rear or the sides and more expensive for those in the middle and close to the stage.

Tickets for Rear seats cost US$39, Preferred seats around US$50, VIP section US$60, and Zone seating around US$70. These prices do not include fees and taxes, which are around 15% of the total ticket price.

You can purchase your tickets to The Australian Bee Gees Show online, through one of the many box offices in Las Vegas, or at the door on the day of the show.

However, it's best to buy them online and in advance to get the best deal and avoid disappointment. In general, Excalibur shows tickets are priced slightly cheaper than those of most other Las Vegas hotels.

Event times

The Australian Bee Gees Show is performed every day of the week except for Tuesdays. On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, it starts at 7 PM. On Friday and Saturday, it starts earlier, at 5 PM.

The show runs for approximately 75 minutes without an intermission.

This iconic hotel and casino is located right in the middle of the Strip, making it accessible from other nearby casinos and hotels. However, it's still advised to allow plenty of time to reach the theater, as the show starts promptly.

Age requirement

All of the Excalibur shows, including The Australian Bee Gees Show, are suitable for audiences of all ages.

However, children under the age of 5 are not allowed in the theater. All children must have their own ticket and be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Tournament of Kings

Easily one of the most renowned shows in Las Vegas, Tournament of Kings is a live-action dinner theater performance that takes place in the Excalibur Hotel.

The show is set in medieval times and tells the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

The 900-seat audience is seated around a large arena where they watch as knights on horseback joust, fight with swords and engage in other feats of strength and skill.

The dinner consists of a three-course feast, including Cornish game hen and potatoes (with vegetarian options also available) fit for a king or queen. And there's plenty of beer, wine and pop to wash it all down.

Ticket prices

Excalibur shows tickets for the Tournament of Kings cost between US$60 and US$70, depending on your chosen seating section.

Since there are only five rows of seats, the views are fantastic regardless of section. More expensive tickets — Category B and Category A — will place you closer to the front.

This includes the price of your dinner but does not include fees and taxes, which are around 15% of the total ticket price, nor any extra drinks you want to order.

Event times

Generally, the Tournament of Kings extravaganza takes place five days a week – every day except for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Show times are 6 PM followed by 8:30 PM and each show runs for about 90 minutes, including dinner.

Make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before the starting time, as there is often a 15-minute pre-show with Merlin the magician.

Age requirement

All ages are welcome to attend the Tournament of Kings show. It is free for children aged 3 and below, but they must sit on the adult's lap and share the adult's meal.

Children aged 4 and above must have their own ticket and will receive their own seats and dinner.

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show

While Las Vegas has no shortage of comedy shows or magic shows, few can combine the two genres as successfully as The Mac King Comedy Magic Show.

This long-running show (it's been wowing audiences since 2000) is perfect for families, as it's suitable for all ages and completely kid-friendly.

The one-hour show features a mix of incredible sleight-of-hand tricks, audience participation, bear costumes, rabbits in hats and even some invisibility stunts – all fused with good old-fashioned comedy.

And, in recent shows, with pet guinea pig Colonel Sanders by his side.

Penn and Teller have described Mac as, "the greatest comedy magician at least alive today, and maybe who ever lived," — a review as glowing as any.

Ticket prices

Excalibur shows tickets for the Mac King Comedy Magic Show start at around US$45 for Category B tickets.

Category A tickets cost $55 and their seats are slightly closer to the stage. However, since the Thunderland Showroom is a relatively small space, the view is great from all areas.

These prices don't include fees and taxes, which are about an additional 15%.

Event times

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show takes place at the Thunderland Showroom in the Excalibur Hotel from Tuesday to Saturday at 3 PM. There are no shows on Sunday or Monday.

The shows run for about 70 minutes, without any intermission.

Age requirement

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show welcomes children aged 5 or older, and they must be accompanied by an adult. This show is full of laughs and illusions that the whole family can enjoy.

Thunder from Down Under

Ideal for bachelorette parties, girls' trips or anyone who wants to see some eye candy, the Thunder from Down Under show is one of the most popular attractions at Excalibur.

The 90-minute male revue involves Australian men taking to the stage to perform a series of dance routines that get progressively racier as the night goes on. Expect chiseled abs, raunchy dance routines and tearaway outfits galore.

There's also plenty of audience participation, with the men often selecting members of the audience to join them on stage.

Tickets price

Prices of Excalibur shows tickets to Thunder from Down Under show start at $49 per person. If you want a little more attention from the dancers, it's worth splurging on the VIP tickets, which get you closer to the stage.

Tickets for Rear seats are at US$49, Preferred seats around US$60, VIP section around US$70, and Zone seating around US$80.

These prices don't include fees and taxes, which are around 15% of the ticket price.

Event times

Thunder from Down Under shows at the Excalibur Hotel take place six days a week, every night except Tuesday, at 9 PM.

On Friday and Saturday nights, you have two additional showtimes to choose from, 7 PM and 11 PM.

The show lasts around 90 minutes, without an intermission.

Age requirement

This show is definitely not suitable for children or anyone who's offended by partial nudity. Visitors must be aged 18 or older and have a valid ID.

Location & Directions

Excalibur sits at the southern end of the main Las Vegas Strip, just past the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. It's on the western side of Las Vegas Boulevard, just past Mandalay Bay.

If you're arriving at Las Vegas's main airport, a taxi or rideshare to Excalibur will cost around US$15 to US$25 for a short 10-minute drive from the terminal.

You can take the CX Centennial Express Northbound bus from Terminal 1 to the WB Tropicana after Las Vegas, and then walk for about 5 minutes. The total trip would be around 25 minutes.

From the main bus terminal in Downtown Las Vegas near Fremont Street, you have two public transport options. Firstly, the Deuce bus will drop you in front of the MGM Grand. From there, it's an easy 8-minute walk to Excalibur.

Secondly, the CX Centennial Express southbound can take you to the Westbound Tropicana after Las Vegas station, which is right in front of Excalibur.

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