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Things to do in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherland, Amsterdam, also known as the Venice of the North is a cultural hub. Thanks to its artistic life and its nightlife, it is one of Europe’s favorite travel destinations. Enjoy Van Gogh Masterpiece, a delicious cheese or a walk along one of its many canals. In Holland the Renaissance architecture flourished in the 17th century, giving Amsterdam its very own unique atmosphere. Amsterdam is now a cosmopolitan city, with large communities of expat and a multi-cultural atmosphere.

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is a museum dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries. Vincent Van Gogh was a French painter who had a lot of problems with drugs and alcohol. The museum is not only about his painting but also his history. Opened in June 1973, it is the most extensive collection of Van Gogh's masterpieces in the world. In 2017, the museum registered 2.3 million entries and it was the most visited museum in the Netherlands.


The Rijksmuseum is a national museum committed to history and arts in Amsterdam. Founded in The Hague in 1800 the Rijksmuseum moved to Amsterdam in 1808, where it was located at first in the Royal Palace. The museum has on display 8,000 artefacts of art and history, from their total collection of 1 million artifacts from the years 1200–2000, among which are some masterpieces by Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Johannes Vermeer.

Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam has hundreds of kilometers of canals about 90 islands and 1,500 bridges. The three main channels dug in the 17th-century form concentric belts around the city, known as the Grachtengordel. In 2010, the Grachtengordel was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because of these canals, Amsterdam is often called "The Venice of the North".

Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Neighborhood in Amsterdam was the center of the life of the Jews of Amsterdam, before World War II. It is mostly known as the birthplace of Baruch Spinoza and the home of Rembrandt. Right in the middle of the Jewish District, you can find the House of Anne Frank, which is possible to visit since 1957.

Zaanse Schans Windmills

Zaanse Schans is being described as hidden heaven by travelers. With its past going back to the 17th century and still functioning windmills, it creates an extraordinary atmosphere in Holland. While there are almost 600 windmills that were built and used for different aims, the most renowned one among them is De Cat.

Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof, the kingdom of flowers is the largest flower garden in the world with its 32-hectare land. The enormous garden with 7 million flowers opens its gates in each spring every year. It has a total length of paths of 15 kilometers. While 87 different kinds of trees were planted by hand in the garden, this fairytale-like excursion of Keukenhof takes about 5 hours.

Red Light District

Dutch cheeses, canals passing through the city, art museums and of course, Red Light District. When it comes to “what to do”s in the Netherlands, one of the first things coming to people's mind is visiting Red Light District to explore plenty of strip clubs, erotic shops and sex workers behind the glass. While controlled prostitution combined with amusement and atmosphere of Holland, it has always been fabulous to get lost in the streets of Red Light District.

Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience is an interactive museum of Holland's renowned beer brand Heineken. Since many activities and presentations take place, it became one of the most remarkable symbols of Amsterdam. In this out-of-the-box museum, Heineken Experience, tasting bar, mini beer factory and barn excursion where the great packhorses can be seen are the most striking points.

The Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Museum of Amsterdam, which is the only branch of the famous Hermitage in St. Petersburg, holds the most important and precious masterpieces in the world. In this museum, there are many workshops, exhibitions, screening movies about Russian art taking place.

Artis Royal Zoo

Artis Zoo, the oldest zoo in Netherland is one of the main attraction points for tourists visiting Amsterdam. Natura Artis Magistra is spread over the 14-hectare land, and it is home to more than 6,000 animals. The zoo is the perfect location to enjoy a day with kids, discovering new animals.