Amsterdam: Sightseeing Tours

Amsterdam: Sightseeing Tours

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a blend of the past and the present. This contrast is what makes this vibrant city the perfect destination for sightseeing.

The city thrives on contrasts, from the Red Light District to world-class museums. Sightseeing tours in Amsterdam are a chance to immerse yourself in the many aspects of this popular destination.

Amsterdam Canals tours

One of the most iconic features of Amsterdam are its canals which, in total, exceed 100 kilometers in distance. The canal ring gives Amsterdam its unique character, and from the water, you get to experience Amsterdam from a different perspective.

From pedal boat rentals to organized Amsterdam Canals tours, there are several ways to navigate the tranquil waterways. If you prefer to remain on land, you can join a walking tour or bike tour, or simply enjoy independent sightseeing along the Amsterdam Canals.

Walking tours in Amsterdam

With its flat landscape, Amsterdam is ideal for walking tours, a popular option for visitors wanting to explore the city closely. If you prefer independence, self-guided audio tours are available.

Walking tours help you get oriented and are excellent for planning future sightseeing, covering major or historically significant sites. Food and alternative tours can also be booked, either privately or in small groups.

Amsterdam free walking tours

Walking tours are also one of the most budget-friendly organized tour options, and on a free walking tour you can be introduced to Amsterdam without the need to pay any administration or booking fees.

Free walking tours typically exclude all expenses such as entrance fees, and you will tip your tour guide at the end of your excursion. This type of walking tour often has a specific theme or itinerary, allowing you to choose your preferred experience.

Anne Frank tours in Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House, once the secret refuge of Anne Frank and her family during WWII, is now a museum. Anne Frank tours often explore the historic Jewish Quarter and other significant sites, providing a glimpse into the life of Amsterdam’s Jewish community during this period of time.

Tickets for the Anne Frank House must be booked in advance from the official website and may not be included in the price of an Anne Frank tour.

Amsterdam Red Light District tours

The Red Light District is known for erotic entertainment, but it is also one of Amsterdam's oldest areas with multiple stories to tell. On a Red Light District tour, you will be able to learn more about the law that permits sex work in this area, and can visit other attractions that might challenge your preconceived ideas such as the Hash Marijuana and Hemp Museum and the Red Light Secrets Museum.

Tours in the Red Light District are offered in groups or privately and often include many of the Netherland’s finest traditional foods, and visits to the area’s coffee shops and cafés.

Amsterdam Jewish Quarter tours

The Jewish community significantly contributed to Amsterdam's prosperity for over 350 years. A Jewish Quarter tour reveals their role in the city's growth and the devastating impact of Nazi occupation.

These tours offer a respectful look at the persecution endured, while also highlighting the community's enduring contributions, past and present.

Amsterdam City Card

The I Amsterdam City Card is a money-saving sightseeing pass that offers discounted access to many of Amsterdam’s top attractions as well as several less well-known sites in the city. Along with discounted access to over 70 museums and other attractions and experiences, canal cruises and unlimited public transport by metro, tram and bus are also included.

Passes can be booked for anywhere from 1 to 5 days, and the more you see, the better value for money the pass will be.

City tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers various ways to explore its landmarks and attractions on city tours. Popular options include guided bike tours — available in group, private, or rickshaw formats — and walking tours, either self-guided or guided.

These tours cover the city's history, geography, culture, and cuisine, from museums to monuments and culinary delights. A city tour is the quickest way to orient and familiarize yourself with Amsterdam and all it has to offer.

Amsterdam Jordaan District tours

The Jordaan District is located between Amsterdam’s four main canals and is one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. If you only have time to visit one area of Amsterdam, then a Jordaan District tour should be top of your list.

The historical district offers Renaissance churches, lively markets, quaint canals and several historically significant sites, including the Anne Frank House.
Walking tours, boat cruises and food tours are just some of your options to choose between.

Scavenger games in Amsterdam

Whether you are a fun-loving adult or traveling with your family, a scavenger game is a great way to explore Amsterdam in an interactive and immersive way. Most scavenger games are centered around Amsterdam’s Old Town and make use of either a downloadable app or a backpack filled with physical clues to lead you along in your adventure.

Amsterdam hop-on hop-off bus tours

An Amsterdam hop-on hop-off bus tour combines the best of independent sightseeing and a guided experience, with buses and trams that travel a scheduled multi-stop route. On this type of tour, you can start at any of the bus stops and hop on and off as you please for a 24-hour period. Audio commentary in a number of languages is available to listen to as you make your way along the route.

With all the main attractions either directly along the route or only a short walk away, a hop-on hop-off bus tour is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to travel in Amsterdam.

Segway tours in Amsterdam

On a segway tour in Amsterdam, you can zip through the streets and alongside the canals of Amsterdam in the company of a local guide. You will have time to get the hang of operating the self-balancing segway before leaving on your tour in a small group.

Live commentary is relayed as you pass attractions such as the Rijksmuseum, Dam Square and Jordaan district. A segway tour is a fantastic alternative to a walking or bike tour and is great fun as well as being informative.

Amsterdam scooter tours

For visitors looking to explore beyond the city limits, scooter tours should definitely be a consideration. You can choose to travel by an electric scooter or hop into the sidecar of a motorcycle in the company of a professional driver-guide.

Scooter tours take in the sights of Amsterdam before venturing into the surrounding countryside for views of lush pastures, wooden houses and fishing villages.

Street art tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam and art are synonymous with one another and many of the city’s museums pay tribute to the Masters and their artistic creations. There is more to Amsterdam’s art scene than just its historical artworks and on a street art tour, you have the chance to see many styles and techniques of creative expression that communicate in their own modern and unique way.

Street art tours can be booked privately or you can join a small group. Apart from the art visible in the city, the STRAAT Street Art Museum can be enjoyed in the company of your knowledgeable guide.