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Free Walking Tours in Amsterdam

It’s always the right time to take a walk through the streets of the exciting city of Amsterdam. It’s a city brimming with rich artistic heritage, elaborate architecture, and history rooted in the Golden Age of the 17th Century so the free walking tours in Amsterdam will give you an adventure packed with information and memorable moments.

Here’s all the information you need about these tours.

How do free Walking tours in Amsterdam work?

The tours are absolutely free to book and join, but each tourist offers the tour guide a tip for their efforts once the tour ends.

The tours are organized for small groups of between 10 and 20 people at a time. For specialized groups, private tours can be booked for an exclusive experience. The tour routes are usually varied depending on the general interests of the group.

What are the best Walking tours in Amsterdam?

Free Historic Walking tour of Amsterdam

History and entertainment combine to make this one of the most popular free walking tours in Europe. You’ll learn about the historic development of the Dutch capital and how it has become one of the world’s richest, most liberal cities. Visit famous sites like Anne Frank's house, The Jewish Quarter, Dutch East India Company headquarters, canals, hidden churches, and more on this one of a kind tour.

Amsterdam Free tour

Start this activity-packed tour off at the Royal Palace and learn about the evolution of Amsterdam over the years. Pass by the oldest church in the city, the Oudkerk, before hitting the world-famous Red Light District to learn about the highly talked about Amsterdam neighborhood. Traditional and modern architecture and history combine to make up a brilliant journey through the city they call the Venice of the North.

Free Food Tour of Amsterdam

Whet your appetite with a range of Dutch cuisines from “Gouda” (Dutch cheese) to “poffertjes” (Dutch pancakes) and many more authentic delicacies on this tour. It’s the perfect blend of culture, food, and fun, so save some space so you can experience this tour and all its delicious wonder!

Free walking tour of Amsterdam

Of all the free walking tours of Amsterdam, this one brings you a unique blend of contemporary and traditional Amsterdam life. From Dam Square, head to the Canal Belt and the Jordaan before passing by Anne Frank’s house.

Indulge in famous Dutch samples while getting a glimpse of the famous coffee shops in Rembrandt Plein. You’ll even pass by the famous Red Light District before bringing this tour to an end!

Should you tip after a free walking tour in Amsterdam?

Though the walking tours of Amsterdam are free, the excellent tour guides that escort you around the city deserve a tip! It is the custom of each tourist to offer the guide an amount of their choosing for their effort and time. A good amount to give would be €10, while some tourists go as high as €50, but it’s all up to you.

In which languages are free walking tours in Amsterdam operated?

From among the variety of tours available, most are conducted in English, but many are also available in Spanish. Be sure to check the available language when booking your free tour - the tour guides are very accommodating!

From where do free walking tours in Amsterdam start?

Most of the walking tours of Amsterdam begin in the heart of the National Monument, Dam Square. This is a central meeting place for most free tours. When booking your tour, your guide will be sure to tell you what they may be wearing or what other signs to look for when converging at the meeting place.

How long do the free walking tours in Amsterdam last?

A good free walking tour is one that gives you ample time to take in all the brilliant sights of the city. Each of these tours ranges from about two to three hours depending on the route and the activities involved along the way. On average, however, each tour lasts for about two and a half hours.

What is the best time for a free walking tour in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the fifth most visited city in Europe which means it can get pretty crowded during the holidays. But this is also when you get many activities and can interact with lots of natives and fellow tourists. As for the weather, Amsterdam enjoys a favorable atmosphere year-round, but many tourists prefer to visit in April and May, just before Summer and just before the onset of Winter during September-November.

Should you book a free walking tour in Amsterdam online?

It is mandatory that you book a free walking tour in Amsterdam so that the guides can plan the group sizes ahead of time. You can book online by choosing the date and completing the reservation form on the tour page.

You’ll receive an email confirmation with your booking voucher once you’re finished. Book as early as possible as many of these tours fill up fast, especially during holidays and special festivals.