Grand Canyon Rafting

Are you looking for cheap Grand Canyon white water rafting trips? Multi-day rafting trips in the Grand Canyon often cost a fortune. Expect to pay over $2,000 per person if you plan on taking a trip that lasts between 4 and 14 days. It might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it needn’t come at an outlandish cost. There are cheaper alternatives!

Here is a list of day tours and 2-day rafting trips which are much more affordable.

1 – Grand Canyon white water rafting trip from Las Vegas

Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Trip from Las Vegas

Take on the Colorado River’s assortment of rapids. This 40-mile journey through the Grand Canyon features a white water rafting trip and lets you experience the natural waterfalls hidden throughout the canyon.

The full-day excursion starts with a 2.5-hour road trip south that will see you gaze at the valleys of Arizona before reaching the Grand Canyon itself. Enjoy varied rapids on the journey through the canyon, stopping off for a hike to a travertine waterfall along the way.

2 – Black Canyon river rafting tour

Black Canyon River Rafting Tour

Put down the Vegas dice and get back to nature with the Black Canyon River Rafting Tour. Set upon the Colorado River and enjoy scenic sights that include views of Hoover Dam, which is one of the 7 engineering wonders of the world.

Learn about the area with an experienced guide, who will inform you all about the geology and history while you glide along the calm stretch of the river. As well as views of the Hoover Dam, other highlights along the way include the Black Canyon’s sheer black cliffs that plummet as far as 2,000 feet to the river below. Rafting trips in the Black Canyon are among the cheapest ones.

3 – Grand Canyon helicopter tour with Black Canyon rafting trip

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour with Black Canyon Rafting

Fly sky high and experience the wonders of the Grand Canyon in a helicopter tour, before getting into the heart of the action with a rafting experience you’ll never forget. Bask in the glory of the Hoover Dam, Fortification Hill and Lake Mead.

The sweeping scenery on offer is just the beginning, though: journey to the bottom of Hoover Dam, where you’ll enjoy a relaxing raft ride full of scenic sights. The tour ends with visits to Willow Beach and Arizona before heading back to Las Vegas.

4 – Hoover Dam and Black Canyon rafting trip

Hoover Dam and Black Canyon Rafting

Enjoy a 90-minute rafting ride down in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River while taking in the sights of Boulder City and the Hoover Dam. Your day will start with a pick-up from Las Vegas, where you will drive to the Hoover Dam to embark on your rafting journey.

A tour guide is on hand to tell you all about the iconic landmarks, and you get to see the Hoover Dam up close and personal. You’ll also have the chance to stop off at the observation deck to enjoy spectacular views and see the exhibits at the visitor centre.

Next, it’s time to head towards the bottom of the Black Canyon. Here, you will hop on a raft for a 90-minute guided tour and can even dip your toes into the crystal clear waters of the Colorado River. There are plenty of scenic natural landscapes that offer a contrasting experience to your typical Las Vegas holiday.

5 – Grand Canyon 2-Day white water rafting tour (overnight) from Las Vegas

Grand Canyon 2-Day Whitewater Rafting Tour (Overnight) from Las Vegas

Why only spend one day at the Grand Canyon when you can have an overnight experience? This 2-day tour includes whitewater rafting with a host of famous sights along the way – plus spectacular sunsets, which can only be seen with an overnight stay.

Diamond Creek, Travertine Canyon and Spencer Canyon are just some of the sights you will see on the tour. There’s also the added bonus of a hike to the Travertine Falls, where you will witness stunning waterfall trails. And let’s not forget the Hoover Dam and spectacular views of the Grand Canyon.

During your overnight stay, enjoy a camp out by the riverside and bask in the local nature, before watching the sunset and waking up early to capture the majestic sunrise.

6 – River rafting with Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell and Glen Canyon from Grand Canyon South Rim

River Rafting with Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell and Glen Canyon

Cover all your basis with an adventure that spreads across land, sea and air. This full-day sightseeing experience starts from the Grand Canyon Village and offers an extensive tour of the Grand Canyon that you’ll never forget. Start things off with a 1-hour helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon’s East Rim, where you will see Marble Canyon and the Navajo Bridge. Other scenic sights include Lake Powell, which is en-route to Page, Arizona.

Once you’re on land, it’s time for a 1.5-hour tour of Antelope Canyon – which is home to Slot Canyon, one of nature’s most wondrous creations. An American Indian guide will accompany you, pointing out important parts of the tour.

Next up is a 4.5-hour motorized rafting trip along the Colorado River, which includes a 30-minute scenic hike. The return drive back to the Grand Canyon even features a stop-off, just in case you want to shop for some crafts from the native-American Navajos.

Considering that this tour includes a helicopter flight, a rafting trip and the visit to the Antelope Canyon for about $450, it’s a cheap option for adrenaline-seeking travelers.

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