Rijksmuseum tickets

Visiting Amsterdam and looking to book Rijksmuseum tickets? On this post, you will learn about Rijksmuseum tickets price, how to skip the line, last minute tickets, guided tours and some other useful tips.

The Rijksmuseum is the main national museum in Holland and displays world-famous masterworks from the Dutch Golden Age. It is a must-visit museum for every Amsterdam first-time visitors and art lovers.

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How much do Rijksmuseum tickets cost?

Standard tickets to visit the Rijksmuseum cost 20€ for adults. Children under 18 years old are allowed to enter the museum for free.


How to book Rijksmuseum tickets online? How do you skip the line?

You can book Rijksmuseum tickets going through the official website of the museum, or choose to purchase them using third-party travel agencies online.

We strongly suggest you book your tickets online so you can skip the line at the entrance of the museum and access the galleries without delay.

As the Rijksmuseum welcomes an important number of visitors at times, tickets can be sold out on the official website. If it happens, you can still purchase last-minute tickets on third-party travel agencies websites. Make the best of TourScanner search tool to compare offers from online travel agencies and find last-minute tickets matching your needs.


Are there any Rijksmuseum guided tours? Are they worth it?

Rijksmuseum guided tours

Absolutely, several guided tours of the Rijksmuseum are available and offer many advantages during your visit.

Skip the line: Guided tours provide visitors with the opportunity to ignore the queue at the entrance. Your guide will be waiting for you and your tickets will be pre-booked. Simply enter the museum and enjoy the stunning collections.

Learn more: If you want to be introduced to the history lying behind the artworks and the galleries of the Rijksmuseum, visiting with an expert tour guide by your side is just more fun. The guide will answer every question you may have and fulfill your curiosity like no self-led tour can do.

Pick your prefferred guided tour: Find the guided tour that suits you best among a large selection of group visits, semi-private visits (small groups assuring an excellent attention from the guide) and private tours. If you are looking for great private tours, we suggest you book a combined tour including another attraction in Amsterdam, as these types of circuits make for the best and longest guided experiences.


Are there any Rijksmuseum combined tickets including other attractions in Amsterdam?

Rijksmuseum combined tickets including other attractions in Amsterdam

Yes, combined tickets are a great to visit several attractions during your stay in Amsterdam. There are a lot of combos available, find below the most popular ones:

Rijksmuseum + Van Gogh Museum: From one major destination for Dutch art and culture to another, this combined visit will allow you to skip the line and access probably the two greatest and museums in Amsterdam.

Rijksmuseum + Amsterdam Canal Cruise: Enjoy the most iconic combo in Amsterdam with this combined tour including the introduction to masterpieces from Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer, and breathtaking sceneries during a cruise on the city’s canals.


Is the Rijksmuseum ticket included in any attractions passes?

The I Amsterdam Card allow its cardholders to enter the Rijksmuseum for free. This card delivers access to more than 70 attractions including Van Gogh museum, a canal cruise and A’Dam lookout. The card is available for periods of 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours.


What will I see?

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum, litterally the “State Museum”, is an absolute wonder for art passionates and is today one of the main cultural attractions in Amsterdam, if not in Europe. The spirits of world-famous masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Van Dyck or Jan Steen, among others, all materialize themselves into a genuinely exceptionnal collection.

The Rijksmuseum’s large collections of Dutch Golden Age paintings and masterpieces from some of the most famous artists ensures to the museum a broad, international audience. The museum brilliantly fulfills its mission of representation of Dutch Art, from the Middle Ages to contemporanean times. While reaching the objective to illustrate Dutch and European history and culture, it also specialized in high-quality conservation and restoration of present and historic artworks.


What are the Rijksmuseum opening hours?

The Rijksmuseum is open every day of the week between 9 am and 5 pm. The museum is also open on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The shop, Rijksmuseum café and gardens are open to the public every day of the week, between 9 am and 5 pm.


What is the best time to visit the Rijksmuseum? How to avoid the crowd?

Rijksmuseum best time to visit

The Rijksmueum usually welcomes most of its visitors during summertime. April, May and August are some of the busiest months of the year.

To avoid the crowd, we recommend you enter the museum when it opens and visit early (before 11 am), or either wait until after 3 pm. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the ideal days of the week to enjoy a calm atmosphere and a fluid visit of the Rijksmuseum.

One-time events and special exhibitions tickets are sold on a time-slot basis. It is highly recommended to book your tickets to these events online so you can skip the line at the entrance of the museum. 


Travel tips

Rijksmuseum travel tips

  • Make sure to book your tickets online in advance so you can skip the line at the entrance.
  • If you are an art passionate, one-time events and exhibitions happen ponctually. Please keep in mind that exhibition tickets bear a precise time slot. If you come late to the museum, you won’t be able to access the exhibition. Make sure to arrive on time.
  • The Rijksmuseum has all the facilities needed for visitors with disabilities. Wheelchairs are available at the entrance.
  • The museum provides free cloakroom service to the visitors. Backpacks and luggages other than small bags are not allowed in the museum
  • Photos are permitted in the museum, but flashes and the use of lights are not.

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