Best day trips from Dubrovnik

Headed to Croatia and looking for the best day trips from Dubrovnik? Read our guide to finding the best destinations easily reached from Dubrovnik and uncover somewhere new and amazing.

From paradise islands and stunning beaches to pilgrimage sites and breathtaking castles, enjoy a memorable excursion outside the walls of Dubrovnik.

1 – Cavtat

Cavtat day trips from Dubrovnik

About fifteen kilometres from Dubrovnik, Cavtat offers a beautiful landscape of the Adriatic Coast and a peaceful atmosphere.

Discover the contrasting colours of the old town’s red tile roofs and cobblestone streets. Relax and shop on the seafront or go for a walk by the harbour promenade.

Outdoor adventures like kayaking and paddleboarding are popular attractions there.

2 – Budva

Budva day trips from Dubrovnik

About ninety kilometres from Dubrovnik, Budva is Montenegro’s oldest coastal town and one of the most famous beach resort town in the country. 

Enjoy wandering through the narrow streets of Budva’s Old Town, a pedestrian area built on a thin peninsula surrounded by the blue Adriatic Sea.

Budva also beats to the rhythm of nightlife. When it comes to partying, it offers as many bars and nightclubs as any town around.

3 – Elaphiti Islands

Elaphiti Islands day trips from Dubrovnik

Jump aboard a ferry to the Elaphiti Islands, among the best islands in Europe and a popular destination that is easily reachable from Dubrovnik.

Among the thirteen isles, Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan are the most visited. Explore the archipelago one island at a time, or tour it all on a single cruise.

The Elaphiti Islands are the perfect spot for all water activities and especially scuba diving.

4 – Mostar

Mostar day trips from Dubrovnik

There is an oriental charm to Mostar that makes it a unique town to visit from Dubrovnik.

Make sure that you see the picturesque Stari Most bridge and visit the Ottoman quarter, where you can shop at the local Bazaar and enjoy an excellent Turkish coffee.

Less than three hours from Dubrovnik, Mostar is a must-see of Bosnian traditions and architecture.

5 – Konavle Valley

Konavle Valley day trips from Dubrovnik

Nicknamed the Garden of Croatia, Konavle Valley is probably the most scenic landscape one may find of the Croatian hinterland.

There, you can enjoy exceptional viewpoints of the green valley and its vineyards while going on a guided tour of local wineries.

Have a taste of a traditional lunch at Konavoski Dvori, near the Montenegrin border.

6 – Kotor

Kotor day trips from Dubrovnik

Probably one of the most iconic and popular day trips from Dubrovnik, the fortified city of Kotor promises to be a fascinating visit, in large part because of the site’s natural beauty.

Located in Southeastern Montenegro, the Bay of Kotor is a magnificent scenery. You should plan on touring it both from the water and on land.

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7 – Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island day trips from Dubrovnik

The most accessible destination for a day trip from Dubrovnik is Lokrum Island, situated less than a mile away from the fortified city.

Take a short ferry ride to the pine forests of Lokrum and visit the old monastery. From there, you will have the best view of Dubrovnik.

8 – Lovcen National Park

Lovcen National Park day trips from Dubrovnik

Featuring among the Dinaric Alps, the peaks of Lovcen National Park are an excellent hiking destination. But these mountains are also impregnated with Montenegrin culture.

The park is easy to reach from the coast, so you may plan to go on a one-day hike without having to rush it.

The highs are breathtaking, and the forests offer beautiful colours in the fall and summer.

9 – Hvar Island

Hvar Island day trips from Dubrovnik

Have yourself a trip to Hvar Island and get a fantastic view of the Adriatic Sea’s multitude of isles! The island of Hvar has beautiful Venetian architecture.

Hvar town is mainly known for its surreal nightlife, but you may enjoy a relaxing day trip in the picturesque villages of Jelsa, Zavala and Stari Grad.

10 – Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls day trips from Dubrovnik

Situated in Bosnia, Kravice Waterfalls are a beautiful natural site making the best day trip whether you want to be active or relax to the sound of water.

Start your tour from the nearby town of Mostar and enjoy the sight of twenty-meters high falls surrounded by luxurious vegetation.

One of the most well-kept secrets in the area!

11 – Lake Skadar National Park

Lake Skadar National Park day trips from Dubrovnik

Leave for a refreshing walk in Lake Skadar National Park and discover the largest bird reservation area in Montenegro.

Marking the border with Albania, Lake Skadar welcomes more activities besides birdwatching. Enjoy boating and kayaking, or go cycling and hiking on the lakeshore.

Of course, nature lovers will surely be the first to check this one!

12 – Peljesac Peninsula

Peljesac Peninsula day trips from Dubrovnik

Tour the Peljesac Peninsula and have the complete Dalmatian delicacies experience! This gourmet paradise is only an hour drive from the city.

From wine tasting to the degustation of local cuisine, including cheese and seafood, a day in the wineries and green hills of the peninsula is simply a treat for the eyes and the belly.

13 – Vjetrenica Cave

Vjetrenica Cave day trips from Dubrovnik

If you are seeking for real natural curiosities, you should go to Bosnia and discover incredible subterranean formations in Vjetrenica Cave.

The most extensive cave network around, Vjetrenica hosts many stalagmites and stalactites, underground lakes, and ancient petroglyphs.

14 – Mljet Island

Mljet Island day trips from Dubrovnik

The easiest way to take a quick breather from Dubrovnik, Mljet Island is accessible by catamaran services operating twice a day from the city, or by ferry from the Peljesac Peninsula.

Go cycling around the quiet lakes of Mljet National Park, or relax on one of the many, not-so-busy beaches along the coastline.

15 – Sarajevo

Sarajevo day trips from Dubrovnik

If you leave on an exploration of Bosnian towns, Sarajevo is the ending you want. The main attraction here is the Sarajevo Tunnel, but it could take a whole day to visit.

You may prefer to walk through the bazaar in Bascarsija, visit the City Hall and stop by the Latin Bridge, one of the many monumental bridges built over River Miljacka.

16 – Trogir

Trogir day trips from Dubrovnik

For those who are curious about extra visits in Split’s area, the smaller but no less gorgeous town of Trogir is just 30 kilometres West.

A versatile mix of Renaissance and Roman architecture, Trogir’s old town is magnificent, and the restaurants serve delicious seafood.

The sea promenade leads you to the extraordinary sight of Ciovo Island.

17 – Makarska

Makarska day trips from Dubrovnik

Imagine the most picturesque Adriatic seaside town. Makarska is a paradise of sandy beaches and hidden coves located at the heart of Dalmatia.

The highs of the Biokovo Mountains dominate the authentic old town and harbour of Makarska.

The entire Riviera is an exceptional landscape.

18 – Korcula Island

Korcula day trips from Dubrovnik

On Korcula Island, discover a smaller version of Dubrovnik with fortified walls of Venitian Renaissance architecture.

Korcula’s old town offers beautiful scenery. The narrow streets and the colours of the Dalmatian Coast are spectacular.

Boating and kayaking are the favourite activities around the island. The view is even better from the sea!

19 – Krka National Park

Krka national park

Located in central Dalmatia, Krka National Park is a preservation area for various wildlife and vegetal species.

An unforgettable sight there is Skradinski Buk, a natural pool on Krka River with some of the highest waterfalls you may watch.

You can tour the park on a boat, go on a hike, or visit the Visovac island and its Roman Monastery.

20 – Neretva River Delta

Neretva River Delta day trips from Dubrovnik

The Neretva River Delta hosts a unique activity starting from the village of Vid.

Embark on a traditional wooden boat for a river safari into the peaceful scenery of the Neretva Valley. After that, taste the local speciality, freshwater eel.

Also, make sure to see the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Narona.

21 – Trebinje

Trebinje day trips from Dubrovnik

When going to Bosnia & Herzegovina, most tourists plan on visiting the picturesque city of Mostar and the holy village of Medjugorje.

Trebinje is an authentic Bosnian town with a market, a lovely old town and architectural jewels such as Arslanagic Most bridge.

Just as spectacularly beautiful as other Bosnian towns, Trebinje is kept safe from the crowds.

22 – Ston

Ston day trips from Dubrovnik

Built on the isthmus connecting the Peljesac Peninsula to the continent, Ston is a smart choice for those who seek a cultural day trip in an authentic Croatian town.

Visiting the fortified town of Ston is also a unique opportunity to have a taste of local delicacies. Have an oyster lunch with a cup of Dalmatian wine!

23 – Trsteno Arboretum

Trsteno Arboretum day trips from Dubrovnik

It takes less than a half-hour drive to reach the romantic Trsteno Arboretum, a fifteenth-century botanical garden that makes the pride of this Dalmatian town.

In the Arboretum, Renaissance sculptures meet an extensive collection of exotic plants. Among the oldest monuments around, the Arboretum is a genuinely fascinating place!

Trsteno famously served as a filming location for the HBO show Game of Thrones. If you are a fan, check out the Games of Thrones tours.

24 – Tara River Canyon

Tara River Canyon day trips from Dubrovnik

In Montenegro, Tara River Canyon is part of Durmitor National Park’s beautiful scenery.

More than 1,300 meters deep, it is Europe’s most profound of its kind and one of the most spectacular canyons in the world!

The gorges are an excellent spot for kayaking and rafting trips. Remain on an active mode in the Tara River rapids!

25 – Neum

Neum day trips from Dubrovnik

The only part of the Bosnian territory with access to the Adriatic Sea, Neum is a trendy summer destination.

Explore the beautiful Klek Peninsula if you need a break from the crowd.

Neum is conveniently situated a few miles from other mentions like Peljesac, Ston, Mostar, and the Makarska Riviera.

26 – Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park day trips from Dubrovnik

While Plitvice Lakes National Park might prove a bit far when one is having a day trip, it remains an absolute wonder.

The park situation is between Zagreb and Zadar, and it is composed of sixteen lakes connected by a multitude of torrents and waterfalls.

A world-class attraction, the Plitvice Lakes are the most visited natural site in Croatia.

27 – Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan day trips from Dubrovnik

Just a few miles south from the Montenegrin town of Budva, discover the unique scenery and confidential atmosphere of Sveti Stefan.

Far from the crowds and the noise of the biggest cities in the Adriatic, the town is a long-time summer destination for celebrities.

The fortified island is a private resort and therefore closed to the public. But there is plenty of things to do and see on the continent, before heading to Perast and Kotor.

28 – Split

Split day trips from Dubrovnik

The second-largest Croatian city is well-connected to Dubrovnik. What about walking the narrow lanes of Split‘s old town up to the Diocletian Palace?

For fans, don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a Game of Thrones tour, including city monuments and nearby Klis fortress.

The city shows so many points of historical and cultural interest one could easily forget it has a vibrant life, shops and restaurants. Things to do and see await in every corner!

29 – Pocitelj Castle

Pocitelj Castle day trips from Dubrovnik

In the exceptional landscape of the Bosnian countryside, climb up the stairs of an ancient Ottoman town to Pocitelj Castle.

Visit the fourteenth-century fortress dominating the Neretva River from a hilltop.

Exceptional viewpoints and genuine historical appeal of the place are guaranteed.

30 – Blagaj

Blagaj day trips from Dubrovnik

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, Blagaj possesses much attraction for a small town. The reasons are natural wonders and long spiritual traditions.

Buna springs are purely fascinating with their turquoise blue waters coming from an impressive cave network.

The Dervish house of Tekija is a one-of-a-kind building with mystical influence, and the fortress of Blagaj dominates the area while offering a historical visit.

31 – Medjugorje


The Bosnian town of Medjugorje is a sacred place according to Catholicism, and home to the world’s second-largest pilgrimage of this religious community.

Millions of people are welcomed in Medjugorje every year. The holiness and spiritual influence of this once-a-time small Bosnian village is spectacular.

32 – Perast

Perast day trips from Dubrovnik

The Bay of Kotor is full of sensational visits but one of the most unforgettable sights there is Perast and the island church of Our Lady of the Rocks.

Also hosting a museum, this human-made island is situated next to a natural one, Sveti Dorde (or St George) which is a monastery closed to the public.

The island is connected to Perast by boats and offers a stunning view of the whole bay.


Hope you enjoyed our selection of the best day trips from Dubrovnik. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. Enjoy your stay!

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