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Kotor: Day Trips and Tours from Dubrovnik

Experience a Kotor day trip from Dubrovnik and discover the best of the Montenegro coastline. Visit the Bay of Kotor and see some of the most picturesque sights along the way, including the town of Perast and the tiny island of Our Lady of the Rocks.

Explore the town of Kotor, located on the beautiful Boka Kotorska bay. See the Venetian town walls which date from the 16th and 17th centuries, and the well-preserved and historic Old Town.

How to get to Kotor from Dubrovnik?

The town of Kotor in Montenegro is located on the Bay of Kotor along the country’s short stretch of coastline. It is around 90 kilometers southeast of the seaside Croatian city of Dubrovnik and can be reached by land or sea in just a couple of hours.

From Dubrovnik to Kotor by car

The journey from Dubrovnik to the town of Kotor is straightforward and scenic when traveling by car. It takes around two hours and crosses a country border, so make sure your rental car insurance covers this.

Simply follow the Jadranska Cesta south out of Dubrovnik and continue onto the D8. Follow the D8 until the Croatia/Montenegro border where it will change to the E65/E80. Simply follow this road along the coastline until you reach Kotor.

From Dubrovnik to Kotor by bus

There are public buses that run a few times per day from Dubrovnik Bus Terminal to Kotor. The journey takes between two and 2.5 hours, and costs around €20 per person.

Guided tour to Kotor from Dubrovnik

Alternatively, you can join one of the guided tours to Kotor and leave the transportation to someone else. Most of these Kotor day trips are by minivan and boat, and include hotel pickup and drop-off, a local guide, and all transportation for the day.

What is the typical itinerary of a day tour to Kotor from Dubrovnik?

A typical Kotor day tour begins with pickup at your hotel or accommodation where you will meet your guide and begin the journey to the Montenegro border by road. After crossing the border, you will then board a boat and take a cruise down the coastline, stopping at some of the best attractions along the way.

See the attractive coastal town of Perast and its famous chapel islet known as Our Lady of the Rocks. Take a stroll around the town’s streets before boarding the boat to the next location. Travel the short distance across the beautiful Bay of Kotor and enjoy the stunning scenery, as you approach the town of Kotor.

Here you will have time to explore the historic Old Town of Kotor and see the Venetian town walls and fortifications. Take a swim in the turquoise waters of Kotor Bay or enjoy lunch in a local restaurant before boarding the bus for the return trip to Dubrovnik.

What kinds of tours are available to go to Kotor?

There are a few different tours to choose from when selecting a Kotor day trip from Dubrovnik. These include small group guided tours, private tours and tours that visit additional places such as the historic walled town of Budva.

Guided Kotor tours from Dubrovnik

These are usually small group guided tours that include a local guide and all transportation for the excursion in the price. As well as Kotor, many of the tours also visit the town of Perast along the way, which is located nearby on the Bay of Kotor and is very picturesque.

The tours often include transport by minivan or bus from Dubrovnik to Montenegro where passengers will board a boat and continue the journey by sea into the famous Bay of Kotor.

Private tour to Kotor from Dubrovnik

Take a private guided Kotor day tour which includes all transport and a local guide to show you around the area. Visit all the highlights of the Montenegro coast and stop when and where you please.

These private tours offer the most flexibility as it will only be yourself and your group on the trip. Travel at your own pace and visit only the sights that interest you.

Day trip to Kotor plus Budva from Dubrovnik

Visit the Bay of Kotor and all its most important sites and landmarks before heading down the coast to the historic city of Budva. Explore the Medieval towns of Kotor and Budva which are surrounded by fortifications that date back to the Venetian period.

Enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic coastline along the way and see Kotor Bay and a few of the area's most important towns. These Kotor day trips include all transport and a local guide.

How much does a tour to Kotor from Dubrovnik cost?

The price of Kotor day tours can vary a bit depending on the length of the trip and the number of participants. Generally speaking, private tours are the most expensive and cost around €100 per person for a half-day tour and from €250 to €400 for a full day tour.

The guided group tours are considerably cheaper and cost in the region of €50 to €80 per person.

What will you see and do in Kotor?

The attraction of Kotor for most visitors is the stunning natural scenery that surrounds the town. The Bay of Kotor is circled by dramatic mountains that give it the appearance of a  fjord. The towering rugged cliffs contrast with the calm turquoise waters in a really unique landscape.

There are many reasons to embark on a Kotor day tour from Dubrovnik. The journey itself along the Adriatic coast highway is a pleasant and picturesque drive. Cruising the serene turquoise waters of the Bay of Kotor on a boat is an absolute must-do while in the region.

Kotor walled town

There are historic and picturesque settlements to explore right beside the bay including the popular towns of Kotor and Perast. Kotor is a historic walled town and a UNESCO World Heritage site that draws many visitors each year to discover its charming streets and squares.


The idyllic town of Perast is just a stone’s throw away from Kotor on the shores of the bay and features equally dramatic and enchanting scenery. The islets of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks, which have small chapels and are very popular tourist attractions in the area.


The lively town of Budva is a little further down the coast away from the Bay of Kotor. Like Kotor, it is also a very old walled town that has some interesting historic sites. Visitors can explore the Old Town and visit its citadel and museum. Budva is also one of the most vibrant beach towns in Montenegro and has some fantastic places to take a dip such as Jaz Beach and Becici Beach.

When is the best time to visit Kotor?

From May to September is probably the best time to visit Kotor. This is when you are most likely to enjoy warm and sunny weather, and can experience the region at its best. This is also the prime tourist season and some tours will only run through these months.

Travel tips

  • Book your Kotor day trips in plenty of time to be sure you don’t miss out during your visit to the area.
  • Don’t forget to bring some euros (€) to spend, as Montenegro businesses may not accept Croatian Kunas.
  • Pack a hat and sunscreen, as you may be outside for much of the day.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
  • Don’t forget to charge your camera! You are sure to want to snap plenty of photos in these beautiful locations.