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Free Walking Tours in Dubrovnik

Sitting pretty beside the sparkling Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is the poster child of southern Croatia. With its distinctive red roofs and towering white cliffs, this ancient walled city feels like the perfect movie set.

There are several free walking tours in Dubrovnik that show you behind the scenes of this medieval stronghold. If you like your cities to come with palaces, wine bars, and beaches, then you’re going to love Dubrovnik.

How do free walking tours in Dubrovnik work?

Free tours in Dubrovnik are a great new concept. Prices aren’t set up front, which encourages the guides to do their absolute best to impress. After your excursion it’s then up to you to decide how much to pay in the form of a tip. Each individual traveler can make their own choice.

The online reservation is free of charge too. All you need to do is take some cash with you on the day for the tip.

How much should you tip for a free walking tour in Dubrovnik?

While there isn’t a set rate for free walking tours in Dubrovnik, it’s nice to have an idea of what other people tip. That way you can be comfortable knowing that you’re being fair, as well as not overpaying.

Most visitors give between €10 and €15 per person. If you’ve had an exceptional time, do feel free to offer more – some people have been known to give up to €50.

What are the best free walking tours in Dubrovnik?

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to free walking tours in Dubrovnik. Each one takes you deep into the historical part of the city, stopping at some of the major landmarks.

Some tours have a theme, to help you decide which best floats your boat.

Historical city free walking tours

These history-based tours are a great place to start when you first arrive in Dubrovnik. They show you many of the city’s top sights, as well as a few hidden gems you may not have discovered yourself.

Listen to legendary tales and curious facts as your guide lifts the lid on this Adriatic jewel.


After a short briefing and meeting your fellow tour participants, it’s time to delve deep into the historic heart of Dubrovnik. Step through the city walls and enter a charming world that time seems to have forgotten.

These free tours in Dubrovnik swing by all the major landmarks. You’ll spend time outside the St. Blaise Church, the Stradun (main street), the Jesuit Monastery stairs, and of course the magnificent Dubrovnik Cathedral. Learn about the heritage of these gems, and if you want, you can return later for a closer look.

Other highlights include the Onofrio’s Fountain, Rector’s Palace, and Revelin Fortress which keeps watch over the port beside the harbor. Some tours also take in the Church of Little Brothers and Ivan Gundulić Square, which is dominated by a statue of the city’s famous 18th-century poet.

This is a whirlwind of a history lesson, that will leave you curious to explore further, deeper, and longer during the rest of your vacation.

Game of Thrones free walking tours

This is one of the most popular free walking tours in Dubrovnik. You’ll be following in the footsteps of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen as you walk the streets of King’s Landing.

The tours combine real history with insider secrets about the Game of Thrones filming locations.


Your first stop on this immersive Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik is the St. Lawrence Fort. You may recognize it as the Red Keep, where King Joffrey held his celebratory tournament. Also known as “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar”, this stronghold perches dramatically on top of a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea.

Next up is Kolorina Bay, which is the calm harbor beneath the city walls. It became Blackwater Bay in the drama series, and is famous for a particularly epic fighting scene.

You’ll also visit filming locations like the House of the Undying, which was shot on the walls of the city at Minčeta Tower. See if you can spot any dragons!

Maybe you will recognize scenes from the final battle as you wander past St. Blaise Church, the Assumption Cathedral, and Sponza Palace. Avid fans will love seeing the Jesuit Steps, where Cersei Lannister made her famous walk of shame.

Other highlights include the Dominican Monastery which doubled as Fleabottom Market, and the Ploče Gate which was turned into the entrance of King’s Landing.

Movie buffs will be thrilled to discover that certain scenes from Robin Hood and Star Wars: The Last Jedi were also filmed here.

Ancient city walls free walking tours

For a unique slant on the historic city tour, enjoy a stroll along the walls of Dubrovnik for exceptional views across ocean and town.

You’ll see Dubrovnik from a unique perspective on this tour, while still enjoying sights of all the major landmarks.


Your tour begins at Fortress Revelin, by the eastern gate of the city wall. Continue along the ramparts and travel back in time while being surrounded by the grandeur of this ancient city. The walls stretch for 6365 feet so wear comfy shoes!

From your lofty vantage point, you’ll enjoy views of the Old City Harbor, the Island of Lokrum, and St. John’s Fortress. See if you can spot the Stradun (main street) snaking through the old town down below.

Other highlights include Onofrio’s Fountains, the imposing Pile Gate, and the Tower of Minčeta. Your guide will regale you with stories and fascinating facts about the city as you continue your journey.

Final vistas encompass the famous St. Lawrence Fortress and the Franciscan and Dominican Monasteries. This excursion gives you a great first taste of the city, and will help you to plan your next moves.

In which languages are free walking tours in Dubrovnik operated?

Currently all Dubrovnik free walking tours are conducted in English, since this is the most common language used by visitors.

Where do free walking tours in Dubrovnik start?

Most history-themed free tours in Dubrovnik begin by the Buža Gate, or the Pile Gate, at the entrance to the old city. Alternatively, some guides ask you to meet at the Amerling fountain or in front of the Nautika restaurant.

Orlando’s Column in Luza Square is another popular starting point. A final possibility is by the stairs on Posat Street, near the Posat restaurant.

The Game of Thrones walking tours start behind the fountain at the Dubravka 1836 restaurant, just outside the city walls.

For the city walls tour, you need to make your way to the Revelin Fortress near the Ploče Gate in the east of the old town. You’ll find your guide in the middle of the square beneath the fortress.

How long do free walking tours in Dubrovnik last?

Expect free walking tours in Dubrovnik to last between 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours.

Excursions run during the morning, afternoon, and early evening so you can choose what time of day you prefer.

When is the best time to join a free walking tour in Dubrovnik?

Tours run throughout the day, giving you flexibility when it comes to arranging your schedule. There’s more choice during mornings and late afternoons, so do check the timings before booking.

We suggest arranging a walking tour for your first day in Dubrovnik, to help you get acquainted with the city and find your way around. Make a note of the sights that particularly appeal so you can revisit them at leisure after your excursion.

Should Dubrovnik free walking tours be booked online?

Definitely! Free walking tours in Dubrovnik should always be booked online in advance of your trip to make sure you don’t miss out. It’s a popular place, so excursions do fill up fast.

Booking ahead also means you won’t be wasting precious time during your vacation, trying to figure out the best things to do.

It’s free to make a reservation too, so really, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Here’s why you should book your Dubrovnik walking tour online today:

  • Reservations are free
  • Credit cards aren’t required
  • Cancellation is free
  • Your place will be reserved